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Meet The New TypePad
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Meet The New TypePad


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  • Pages are for content that doesn’t change as often and typically has fewer of them.
  • Pages are for content that doesn’t change as often and typically has fewer of them.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Meet the New TypePad
      Andy Wibbels, Six Apart
    • 2. Agenda
      What’s Changed
      What’s New
      Cool Stuff We Think You’ll Love
      Q & A
    • 3. Where’s My TypeLists?
    • 4. TypeLists Are Now Under Library
    • 5. Where’s My Photo Albums?
    • 6. Photo Albums Are Now Under Library
    • 7. Where’s the File Manager?
    • 8. File Manager is Now Under Library
    • 9. Where’s My Control Panel?
    • 10. Control Panel is Now Called Account
    • 11. Where’s My Blog’s Configure Tab?
    • 12. Configure is Now Called Settings
    • 13. What’s This Dashboard Thing?
    • 14. Link Always in the Upper Left
    • 15. Awesome People to Follow
    • 16. Click Follow and Their Updates Appear on Your Dashboard
    • 17. To Dismiss a Suggested Blogger, Click the X
    • 18. You Can Also Hide All Suggested Bloggers
    • 19. Further Down the Dashboard:Updates from People You Follow

    • 20. Hover Over Avatar to See Their Homepage, Profile or Follow

    • 21. Shortcuts to Blog Actions on the Right Side
    • 22. Where the Weblogs Tab?
    • 23. It’s Now Called Blogs! Easy Access to All Your Blogs and Create New Blogs
    • 24. Where’s My Blog’s Stats?
    • 25. Stats Are Now on the Blog’s Overview
    • 26. The Compose Button is Always There – Click to Start a New Post or Click the Dropdown to Choose New Post or New Page
    • 27. Manage Posts and Pages Under the Posts Tab
    • 28. Easily Change Post Status(Batch Options at the Bottom)
    • 29. Agenda
      What’s Changed
      What’s New
      Cool Stuff We Think You’ll Love
      Q & A
    • 30. New Compose
    • 31. Edit the URL for More Specific SEO
    • 32. Easier Multimedia (On the Way!)
    • 33. Insert Multiple Images, Create Galleries
    • 34. Insert Videos for Embedded Player
    • 35. Insert Audio and Get an Audio Player
    • 36. For Slower Machines and ConnectionsTurn On the Lite Editor
    • 37. Further Down the Compose Screen, Drawers Stay the Way You Want Them
    • 38. Don’t Freak Out: The Green Button Changes As Your Post Status Changes
    • 39. Comments Tab for Comments and TrackBack Management
    • 40. Dropdowns to Moderate Comments, Hover Over Avatar for Profile Details and Following
    • 41. Agenda
      What’s Changed
      What’s New
      Cool Stuff We Think You’ll Love
      Q & A
    • 42. From Compose, Share Instantly to Twitter and Facebook – Click Manage Accounts to Setup
    • 43. From Your Blog’s Overview, Shared Posts Have Real Time Stats with
    • 44. We Link You Directly to for the Detail
    • 45. Post Faster Than Ever with Blog It - Go to Your Blog’s Overview, Drag the Blog It Button to Your Browser’s Links or Bookmarks Bar
    • 46. Don’t See the Bookmarks or Links Bar?
    • 47. See Something Cool, Click Blog It, Select the Text or Photo or Video, Add Notes and Publish!
    • 48. Google Analytics Integration, Just Pop inYour UA Number and We’ll Do the Rest(signup at
    • 49. Post by Email Address for Every User on Every Blog,Go to the Overview for Your Blog
    • 50. Complete Your TypePad Profile, Click Edit Your Profile from the Dashboard
    • 51. Upload an Avatar, Claim Your Profile URL
    • 52. Add Your Other Accounts, Homepage and Share Your TypePad Blogs
    • 53. Commenters Can Now Sign In with TypePad, Twitter, Facebook, OpenID and more…
    • 54. Tweet This Added to Post FootersGo to Design > Content : Post Footer and click on the Pencil
    • 55. Add the Favorite Button and Encourage Your Readers to Spread Your Awesomeness
    • 56. Here’s How to Add Favorites to Your Blog
      Go to Design > Content
      Be sure you have Post Footer checked
      Click on the little pencil icon
      Check the checkbox for Favorite
      Click OK, Save Changes and refresh your blog!
    • 57. Blog Footer – Design > Content : Blog Footer, Click on the Pencil to Customize
    • 58. Agenda
      What’s Changed
      What’s New
      Cool Stuff We Think You’ll Love
      Q & A
      Stay up to date
      Join the beta
    • 59. We Are Always Here to Help
    • 60. Open a Help Ticket, Check Status
    • 61. Our TypePad One Support Team and Recommended Experts Can Help You Launch
    • 62. Search Our Knowledgebase for Know-How
    • 63. Get the Most Out of TypePad with Our Blog, User Forums and Videos
    • 64. Thanks!