Blog Search Engine Optimization Basics
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  • 1. Blog SEO Basics View screencast at
  • 2. What We’re Talking ‘Bout • What SEO means • A brief history of search engines • How search engines work • What search engines look for • What words to use • How to measure • Where to learn more
  • 3. What is SEO? Being polite to the search engines The 2 Types of Traffic Reading Minds
  • 4. A Brief History of Search Directories (Yahoo c1996) Spiders (HotBot!), Contextual (Google), Local, Social
  • 5. How Search Engines Work TYPEPADLIVE1 Links = votes What are keywords?
  • 6. What Search Engines Look For TITLE tags Linked text META tags Images Lots of other stuff…
  • 7. Freak Yourself Out
  • 8. What Words to Use Brainstorm Keyword Tools Headlines ‘Write Good Stuff’ The 3 Reasons We Go Online + Brown Teeth
  • 9. How to Measure In-App Stats, Google Analytics What is a hit? What is a unique? What is a pageview? What is an impression?
  • 10. Where to Learn More • TypePad Guide • Great SEO blogs – Andy Beale: – SEOMoz (free tools!) – Search Engine Watch • Lots more (from – optimization-seo-blogs/ – engine-blogs/
  • 11. You’re in the right place! • If you can see this you are viewing the screencast successfully • Join the teleconference: 1-866-699-3239 and event number is 664 654 553 • We’ll be getting started in just a bit – I’ve got the call on mute to keep noise down • If you have questions during the call – pop ‘em into the Q/A Chat area and we’ll answer them • If you have trouble with the teleconference or screensharing, restart your browser and re-join the conference