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Brush2 berries t4a

  1. 1. 2. Fundamental Christian“Our children” will have:! training and discipleship 1. No want for food, clothing, medical care, or shelter
  2. 2. 3. A quality education to provide a foundation for the future
  3. 3. 4. Continued love and support as they transition into adult living
  4. 4. Self Sustainability"Simply giving this person money is treating thesymptoms rather than the underlying disease and willenable him to continue with his lack of self-discipline… Micro Loans Business Ventures...a better solution would be to develop a relationshipthat says, We are here to walk with you and to help youuse your gifts and abilities to avoid being in this situationin the future" When Helping Hurts by Brian Fikkert
  5. 5. *30% of World’s Strawberries *Judy Johnson, PhDOrphanAdvocate for Lifesong
  6. 6. Lifesong Goal/Dream!  100% of OrphanCare operational costs, paid for by in-country sustainable business!  Future donations can be used for capital and start-up costs!  Create jobs for “our kids” and caregivers!
  7. 7. Team!  Women vs. Men!  Start out $2/day, pay raise each month!  Double their salary in 8 months!  Set up savings accounts for employees!  Discipleship, Devotions & doing life...
  8. 8. B-side
  9. 9. Sales/Distribution!  Tier 1: Shoprite, PickNPay, Supa Save !  Tier 2: Lusaka Fruit Depot, C-Store !  Tier 3: Market Lady Tubs
  10. 10. Key Biz Advantages!  PSI berry grower expertise!  Only commercial berry farm in Zambia (historically imported)!  uniquely suited 2 supply Grocery Chains!  Utilizing back-haul saves trans cost
  11. 11. Business/Ministry!  Run as a business, not ministry!  100% of ultimate value will be used to support Lifesong Zambia project!  Board determines $ amt gifted vs. reinvested
  12. 12. Min. 10% of net cash flow = gifted Business/Ministry! !  Goal: 30-50% of net cash flow=gifted!  % gifted based on maximizing longterm Kingdom value of business!  100% of ultimate value will be used to support Lifesong Zambia project!  Board determines $ amt gifted vs.
  13. 13. Austin Matipa!  Handicapped caregiver!  $20 loan to make gravel!  $50 loan to grow chickens!  $150 loan now, will move to $200 in Nov/Dec
  14. 14. !  Opportunities: !  Micro-Loan !  Chicken House !  CommunityLand Purchase!  35 acre Strawberry Farm Expansion
  15. 15. Lifesong Ukraine Age out System 18 Broken Orphanage at 16 to within 2 years....
  16. 16. !  Local top stores: ‘Valor’ variety: !  Mid-large size berry !  Excellent shelf life, glossy look, sweet taste!  10 orphan graduates given jobs!  sell b/t $2.00-3.20/lb
  17. 17. !  Nursery vs. Berry production!  Good fruiting (berry trial)!  Disease attacking nursery mother plants
  18. 18. Andy LehmanVice President - Lifesong for Orphans @andy_lifesong andy.lehman.78