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Exchange cloud tco analysis (Quantix)

Exchange cloud tco analysis (Quantix)






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    Exchange cloud tco analysis (Quantix) Exchange cloud tco analysis (Quantix) Document Transcript

    • TCO Analysis of Internal vs Cloud Email Delivery Service Business Analysis of Quantix Exchange Cloud Platforms Internal Exchange Server vs Exchange Cloud On behalf of Acme Gizmo PLC, Quantix has performed an analysis of available Email delivery methods. Based on the specific details of the business, this document serves to demonstrate the financial and service benefits available by leveraging advances in technology since the last Email system investment. Key considerations in this analysis are Total Cost of Ownership, Service Availability, flexibility and Information Security. Internal Exchange Infrastructure Exchange Cloud A traditional approach retaining ownership, management and support of internal systems. Requires puchase, install and management of hardware, vs A flexible 24x7 Private Cloud platform enabling SaaS with 99.9% SLA massively reducing the support overhead on the internal IT team. No associated internal infrastructure to 3yr Total Cost of Ownership Analysis CAPEX + OPEX* 3yr Total £180 Cost Category Servers, storage, DR, licensing, filtering, £160 Internal Implementation install = £115,775 £ 167,551 £140 Backup & DR Systems support, power, and HW/SW Power & Cooling maintenance = £17,258 £120 Exchange licensing £100 Server licensing Cloud Exchange Cloud setup = £1,790 £80 Server Antivirus £ 50,072 Annual 24x7 Managed Service = £16,094 £60 Mail filtering Systems Support £40 * CAPEX includes annual cost of money at 5. %. All costs based on appropriate Downtime best of breed technology & management. £20 Storage Cost Thousands £- HW Maintenance "The Exchange Cloud platform could Exchange Cloud Server Hardware Internal Exchange save Acme Gizmo PLC £117k, or 70%, in TCO over 3 years." Service Availability Flexibility Scalability Flexibility Information Security Need to add users? Check compliance, investigate options, Internal Internal An Email outage on the Purchase storage, replace servers, manage 3rd party software, complete proposed DR platform carries cable rack, install software, config audit survey, meet governance, spam a potential business cost of £125k. systems, add to DR platform, etc... filters, etc... 99.9% Availability SLA. Archiving, PCI Controls, Cloud Cloud Unlimited Cloud resource. 24x7 Support. Encryption, Business Scalable on-demand. Max uptime, minimal cost. Continuity ...all included. IBM survey reveals 75% chance of outage on internal infrastructure. A 2005 IBM survey of businesses delivering internal infrastructure based email found that in any 12 SAN failure Natural Disaster 16% 14% month period, there was a 75% likelihood of an unplanned outage, with the average outage being Database 16% 32.1 hours. Corruption 35% 19% Server Hardware Connectivity Failure Most of these outages were due to technological failures. The ExchangeCloud service is delivered with no Single Point of Failure and UK based 24x7 Managed Support. This enables us to deliver a 99.98% SLA and that you don't have to worry about email outages. Telephone: 0115 9836 200 E-mail: enquiries@quantix-uk.com Website: www.exchangecloud.co.uk Private & Confidential – Intellectual Property and Copyright owned by Quantix Limited
    • Service Details Summary Pricing Schedule for Acme Gizmo PLC The below is based on a 3 year agreement with an annual payment profile. No. Users 100 Total Storage 50 GB 3yr TCO Saving £ 117k or 70% QTY Description RRP Each (£) Discount (£) Total Buy (£) 100 Exchange Cloud Premium Service per user £214.59 -£53.65 £16,094.00 1 Contract Set up and Exchange Data Migration £2,386.67 -£596.67 £1,790.00 (subject to technical qualification) TOTAL COST (exc. VAT) £17,884.00 The above pricing equates a cost per user/month of £13.41 Easily add additional Cloud storage for £0.33 per GB / month. What is included in the price? 24x7x365 Exchange Server Management PCI Controls - Stop Credit Card data loss Mail Storage pool of 50 GB E-Mail Encryption Policies Software licencing for Exchange 2010 Mobile Access - iPhone, ActiveSync, BlackBerry Arching Policies available for all e-mail Replication of your Exchange across 2 data centres Archive mailbox view integrated into Outlook 2010 Managed Nightly Backups of your data Dedicated Exchange Server - no risk of sharing Your data is kept in UK Data Centres only Single Sign on for users - Active Directory Sync 3, 5 and 7 year mail retention policies 100% Protection against know viruses E-Mail Journaling - retain ALL your e-mail 99% SPAM Protection SLA Migration to Exchange Cloud handled by MCSE's Self Service mail release function View the health of servers via the admin portal Access to elastic resources that scale on demand Legal Hold - Cross mailbox search facility Site to Site VPN with AES encryption Moderation - Managers can sign off mail release OWA 2010 Server - Located in a DMZ Include Outlook 2010 from only £10 per user ISO 9001 & ITIL Accredited Service Delivery Quantix has also invested heavily in ensuring that all processes and models are of the highest standard. All services are therefore delivered to ISO9001 standards and based ITIL approved methodology. Telephone: 0115 9836 200 E-mail: enquiries@quantix-uk.com Website: www.quantix-uk.com Private & Confidential – Intellectual Property and Copyright owned by Quantix Limited
    • Frequently Asked Questions Please, explain how the Exchange Cloud service works. Delivered from an industry leading Cloud infrastructure, dedicated Enterprise Exchange 2010 systems are now available in the UK. While providing the flexibility of a physical Exchange server infrastructure securely connected to your environment, Exchange Cloud adds the scalability and reduced cost benefits that only true Cloud SaaS can bring. Best practice Cloud provision of a Domain Controller, DMZ located Front End and secured Back End Exchange servers. All systems replicated across twin UK datacentres (outside M25) for the ultimate in communications resiliency. All systems monitored, supported and managed by the UK based 24x7 Quantix support desk. Why consider Exchange Cloud over a Hosted Exchange service? Full Active Directory Synchronisation Just add users as normal in AD & use your hosted AD as a failover for extra protection Platform scalability Need to hook into your ERP, VoIP or CRM? Absolutely, you've got a dedicated server! Remote access to file shares and apps? Grow into our platform and upgrade to include SecureConnect our hosted SSl VPN Single sign on No annoying pop ups or multiple passwords; users just use! Aggregated storage Pooled storage resources allow you to allocate across Power users as you see fit. Tell me about security and compliance. PCI Controls Stop credit card leakage and help meet your own security audits. E-mail Encryption Increase security with inclusive encryption of all emails. Archival & Retention Create bespoke policies to retain and protect all business communication. User controlled SPAM 'Grey' positives can be released by your own staff, reducing impact on IT. Dedicated Servers Don't open yourself up to the risks associated with shared messaging platorms What benefits does Exchange Enterprise 2010 bring? Receive email on your mobile iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry - all supported with Exchange Cloud. Unified Messaging support Extend your business reach by hooking into Office Communications Server. Integrated Archive & Customer Policies No 3rd party integration to worry about, and policies adapted to your specific needs. Multi-mailbox search & Legal Hold Search across all email sent within the business, ever. Industry benchmark for software support Exchange is the first, and often only, platform software vendors provide support on. Reduced Cost. Increased scalability, availability and security. Easy. Assumptions used in the financials of this Management Summary Server cost £ 3,000 Failover server support/yr £ 1,000 Replication SW £ 1,800 Tape Mngmnt annual/svr £ 1,201 All numbers are based on Replication Maint. £ 400 Hosting overhead per server £ 1,500 industry averages and actual Consultancy day rate £ 800 Hosting setup per server £ 220 hardware/ software costs. # days Server Rebuild 1 Replacement Tape £ 25 # days Replication Config 0.5 Power Cost/yr (2 sckt server) £ 360 Quantix will happily # Svrs/Consultant (Rebuild) 2 No. Years between outages 5.0 customise this report further Acme Gizmo PLC Revenue £ 76m SAN/Storage cost per GB £ 4 if required. Acme Gizmo PLC hrs open/year 8,736 Annual cost of money 5.00% Telephone: 0115 9836 200 E-mail: enquiries@quantix-uk.com Website: www.exchangecloud.co.uk Private & Confidential – Intellectual Property and Copyright owned by Quantix Limited