Hybrid Cloud Case Study (Interoute)


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Hybrid Cloud Case Study (Interoute)

  1. 1. Microsoft SQL Server Customer Solution Case Study Currency Trading Database Hits Maximum Uptime with Hybrid Cloud SolutionCustomer: Caxton FX “The AlwaysOn feature in Microsoft SQL Server 2012Website: www.caxtonfx.comCustomer Size: 65 Enterprise manages high availability and disasterCountry or Region: United Kingdom recovery needs for Caxton FX through a single solution.Industry: Financial servicesPartner: Interoute The system is up all the time.” Mark Faithfull, Chief Technology Officer, Caxton FXCustomer ProfileCaxton FX is a privately owned foreignexchange and international payments Foreign exchange specialist Caxton FX wanted a secure databaseprovider based in London in the UnitedKingdom. It focuses on foreign exchange platform for its trading system, combining real-time replication,deals, online currency transfers, and reporting services, and data warehouse capabilities. It choseprepaid currency cards. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise data managementSoftware and Services software in a hybrid cloud configuration. It uses a cloud-based Microsoft Server Product Portfolio − Microsoft SQL Server 2012 data centre managed by Microsoft Gold Partner Interoute, with Enterprise replication to a second physical database at Caxton FX. − Windows Server 2008 R2 Business Needs Kingdom Financial Services Authority— Founded in 2001 and with an annual earn a reputation for excellence in turnover of £700 million, Caxton FX customer care. In this competitive industry, specialises in foreign exchange and technology is a key driver for both the international payments transactions, as trading and analytical sides of the well as analysis and reports on foreign business, which need support systems with currency markets. It deals in both large high levels of performance, availability, and small transactions—from its prepaid and security. currency cards that offer fee-free travel money to robust hedging strategies for Mark Faithfull, Chief Technology Officer, multimillion pound deals. Caxton FX, says: “We wanted to run all our reports and foreign exchange transactions In a fast-moving business such as foreign on a single trading platform, which is upFor more information about other exchange, price and service have been the around the clock. For that to workMicrosoft customer successes, please visit: guiding principles that have helped Caxton effectively, we needed a database platformwww.microsoft.com/casestudies FX—which is regulated by the United for our replacement settlements and a
  2. 2. trading system that combined real-time availability and disaster recovery needs for application licences by deploying themreplication, reporting services, and data Caxton FX through a single solution. The on-premises or in the cloud.”warehouse capabilities.” system is up all the time.”  Real-time replication keeps analytics relevant. The real-time replicationTo support its highly experienced foreign In addition, Interoute is designing the new feature of SQL Server 2012 meansexchange analysts, Caxton FX needed a infrastructure to ensure that Caxton FX can Caxton FX can run complex queries andreliable platform through which analysts deliver the highest levels of security for its reports on the local reporting instancecould create their own self-service business currency trading and prepaid currency of the database. It is always up to dateintelligence reports. They needed to use card clients. and operates without compromising thereal-time financial data while having the online transaction processingauthority to query the data to discover Benefits performance of the trading platform.business trends. Faithfull says: “Our aim was Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is providing  Cloud-based service delivers simplerto build a solid platform for the future of Caxton FX with a reliable, cost-effective, systems management. Running thethe organisation.” low-maintenance database framework, trading platform in the private cloud at supporting both process-intensive trades the Interoute data centre withSolution as well as self-service reports for analysts, replication to Caxton FX has dramaticallyCaxton FX decided to take advice from without experiencing any dip in improved the resilience of the solution.Microsoft Gold Partner Interoute—formerly performance. With reduced licensing, In addition, there is no increase in ITQuantix, which is now part of Interoute, the hardware and administration costs, Caxton costs compared to the previousowner of Europe’s largest cloud services FX is building a strong business for the architecture.platform. future.Interoute proposed using Microsoft SQL  Hybrid configuration extends lifeServer 2012 Enterprise with Windows Server cycle of IT assets. Caxton FX is2008 R2 Service Pack 2 to support both the benefiting from the additional securitytrading side of the business and the of running the trading platform in theanalysts. It includes features that will help private cloud at the Interoute dataCaxton FX scale and maintain performance centre, with real-time replication to aas its business continues to grow and second database hosted within thefinancial markets globalise. SQL Server 2012 Caxton FX internal cloud infrastructure.runs on standard commodity hardware, As a result, it has avoided the costsproviding a low total cost of ownership, and associated with a major infrastructurehas the capacity to capture and process an project, while extending the life cycle ofincreasing number of complex trades. the IT systems already in place.  Licensing model cuts total cost ofJulian Boneham, Sales Director, Interoute, ownership. Caxton FX has a Microsoftsays: “We proposed a hybrid solution, Services Enterprise Agreement for low-running the trading platform in the private cost volume licensing of software, whichcloud at the Interoute data centre. This also includes the Licence Mobilityinvolved real-time replication to a second feature of Software Assurance. Faithfulldatabase hosted within the Caxton FX says: “We wanted to take advantage ofinternal cloud infrastructure, which is part of the new era of cloud computing, whilea data warehouse and real-time reporting continuing to extract value from ourservice. The AlwaysOn feature in Microsoft existing IT assets. Licence Mobility helpsSQL Server 2012 Enterprise manages high us extend the value of our serverThis case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THISSUMMARY.Document published October 2012