The Real Time Wine Story (so far)


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Real Time Wine was launched in South Africa in July 2012 to critical acclaim. This is the story so far... growing users, testing revenue streams and iterating the product.

It's a journey through a South African startup with a strong team and a big heart.

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Real Time Wine is the social wine discovery app for everyone who enjoys wine, not just those who understand it. Keep the wine snobs at bay! Capture, rate, review and share those amazing moments you have with a wine glass in your hand.

Available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Samsung App Store, Amazon App Store and Vodacom App Store.

> see the top 10 everyday wines, as voted by you
> rate wines with the iconic Yum / Hmm / Yuk scale
> review wines in a language everyone can understand
> check into each wine you drink
> earn points & level up as a social wine influencer
> show off your auto-populated wine library & profile

-- Winner Samsung IGNITE Best App Contest 2011

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The Real Time Wine Story (so far)

  1. 1. Friends  don’t  let  Friends  drink  bad  wine.   The  Real  Time  Wine  Story.  
  2. 2. Firstly.  Adjust  your  snob  meters.  
  3. 3. A  review  for…  methylated  spirits!  
  4. 4. The  Real  Time  Wine  Story    Wanted  free  wine.  Started  twee4ng.  People  listened.  Started  blogging.    Writers  joined.  Did  Angel  round.  Launched  startup.  Built  a  community.  
  5. 5. The  Real  Time  PlaAorm.  What  is  it?    Yelp/Foursquare  for  Retail  Products.    Available  on:  Mobi  site,  Desktop  site,  Android  App  (Play  /  Samsung  /  Amazon  /  Vodacom),  Apple  App  and  an  OpFmised  Blackberry  Version    
  6. 6. Real  Time  Wine  was  created  to  solve    3  user  problems  in  the  wine  industry.    
  7. 7. We  drink  great  wine.  Then  forget  what  it  was  –  and  never,  ever  manage  to  find  it  again!  
  8. 8. Discovering  and  choosing  wine  is  hard.  Really  hard.  80%  of  South  Africans  buy  wine  in  a  supermarket.  In  an  environment  that  looks  like  this:  
  9. 9. And  this  [pic  of  supermarket]    Conversion  rate  in  the  wine  aisle  is  the  lowest  of  all  retail  aisles.    
  10. 10. Wine  language  targets  the  top  20%  of  the   market  (and  can  be  just  plain  poncy).  
  11. 11. Also,  we  wanted  to  make  drinking  wine  fun  (well,  more  fun  than  it  already  is).    Meet:  “The  Banned  Words”,  a  collec4on  of  poncy  language  not  allowed  on  our  plaQorm.  
  12. 12. “Gush”  Are  you  sure  that  isn’t  a  word  you’d  rather  keep  between  you  and  your  Doctor?  
  13. 13. “Lanolin”  A  greasy  yellow  substance  chemically  akin  to  wax  that  is  secreted  from  wooly  animals  –  that’s  digusFng.  Get  it  out  of  your  wine,  quick!  
  14. 14. “Sweaty  Saddle”  If  you’ve  ever  tasted  a  sweaty  saddle,  please  get  hold  of  us…  Actually,  don’t.  
  15. 15. Real  Time  Wine  was  created  to  solve  many  client  challenges  as  well…  
  16. 16. Who’s  drinking  my  wine?  Where?  How  oOen?  What  do  they  think?  How  to  sell  more  wine?  How  to  improve  conversion  in  the  wine  aisle?  How  to  leverage  mobile?  How  to  link  product  consumpFon  to  loyalty?  How  to  create  alternaPve  channel  to  market?    
  17. 17. The  Market   Tradi4onal   R3.2  billion   DERIVED  DEMAND  >   alcohol   industry   adver4sing  may   (excluding     be  banned   export)   80%  of  wine  purchased   in  a  supermarket   Mass  market   4200+     untapped   producers  of   (prefer  beer/ wine   80%  of  that  consumed   spirits)   (fragmenta4on)   within  24  hours   3.6  million  South  African  adults  (10%  of  adults)  consumed  bo[led   natural  table  wine  in  the  past  7  days.  The  most  popular  brands  were   Four  Cousins  and  Autumn  Harvest.  AMPS2011B  
  18. 18. The  Basics  [trending]  Like  TwiUer,  we  highlight  the  10  most  popular  wines  in  the  community.  Think  of  it  as  a  shopping  list  for  the  passive  user.    
  19. 19. The  Basics  [read  reviews]  Rate  wines  (YUM  /  HMM  /  YUK)  or  Check  In  to  wines  to  leave  a  review  and  a  ra4ng.  Ra4ngs  and  reviews,  as  indicators,  are  useful  to  consumers,  crea4ng  a  more  empowered  wine  buyer.  
  20. 20. 2  Primary  Filters  that  help  a  supermarket  wine  buyer  to  navigate  the  wine  aisle:    >  Top  10  Trending  Wines  >  Wish  List  
  21. 21. The  Basics  [checking  in]  Checking  In  is  the  base  mechanic  of  the  system  and  saves  the  wine  and  your  comments/price  to  your  profile.  
  22. 22. “2008  Ondine  Cabernet  Franc”  1  of  the  best  happy  wines  out  there.  Well  priced,  fruity.  Goes  down  like  mothers  pants  on  fathers  day  >  Wino  Andy   FUNNY  
  23. 23. “2008  Mullineaux  Shiraz”  My  guess  is  they  made  individual  love  to  each  berry  before  vinifying  them,  and  preserving  forever  the  joy  of  their  union  >  Le  Plonk   FUNNY  
  24. 24. “2010  Zevenwacht  Pinotage”  Liquorice?  Chocolate?  Not  really.  More  like:  strawberry  sherbet.  SERIOUSLY  sweet.  Avoid,  unless  thats  your  sort  of  thing..    >  Comrade.   USEFUL  
  25. 25. “2010  Chocolate  Block”  If  you  brought  it,  Ill  happily  drink  it.  If  I  buy  it,  hit  me  over  the  head  with  it.  Waaaay  overpriced,  nice  juice.    >  LePlonk.   USEFUL  
  26. 26. “2010  Beyerskloof  Pinotage”  When  in  doubt  Beyerskloof  Pinotage  always  safe.  Great  benchmark  to  check  if  wine  list  expensive  or  not.    >  MarkLagan.   USEFUL  
  27. 27. The  Basics  [profile]  Your  Profile  is  automa4cally  populated  and  gives  you  insights  into  your  wine  behaviour.  Top  3  Farms,  Top  3  Varietals  and  whether  you  actually  prefer  red  or  white  –  buying  assistance  in  profile  format.  
  28. 28. The  Basics  [leaderboard]  The  more  you  engage  with  Real  Time  Wine,  the  more  points  you  get.  Points  separate  out  the  highly  engaged  wine  influencers  from  normal  app  users.  
  29. 29. Coming  soon  to  a  cellphone  near  you…  
  30. 30. The  Social  Graph    (what  your  friends  are  drinking)  
  31. 31. Geo-­‐AdverPsing    (your  ads,  near  your  venues,  when  Real  Time  Wine  fans  are  in  the  mood  to  buy)  
  32. 32. Post  Purchase  AdverPsing    (ads  and  content  delivered  to  customers  when  they’re  consuming  your  wine)  
  33. 33. What  are  we  learning?  
  34. 34. There  seems  to  be  a  gap.  Everyday  wine  consumers  want  deeper  product  engagement.    +-­‐4000  unique  visitors  per  month  4500  downloads  1600  registered  reviewers  7000+  ra4ngs  3000+  reviews    28  (on  average)  user  generated  reviews  per  day  32%  of  reviews  shared  to  FaceBook.    38%  of  reviews  shared  to  to  TwiUer.  1500  Facebook  Fans  /  1800  TwiUer  Followers    
  35. 35. Behaviour  can  be  influenced  and  purchase  can  be  incen4vised.  
  36. 36. AcFvity  is  showing  viral  paUerns.   Effect of making the Popular/Trending page
  37. 37. The  senPment.  User  and  brand  insight  can  be  gained  by  analysing  the  paUern  of  reviews.  
  38. 38. The  Chocolate  Block.  Sen4ment  from  HMM  and  YUK  reviews.  
  39. 39. ConsumpPon  data  can  create  interes4ng  market  intelligence  communiFes.  
  40. 40. ConsumpPon  data  can  create  interes4ng  market  intelligence  communiFes.  
  41. 41. We  can  predict  INTENT.   We  can  predict  intent.     59  users  in  50  days  added  this  wine  to  their  WISH  LIST.     More  than  1500  wines  have  been  added  to  WISH  LISTS  since  launch.  
  42. 42. We  can  predict  RETAIL  INTENT.      More  than  1500  wines  have  been  added  to  WISH  LISTS  since  launch.      
  43. 43. So  now  what?  Real  Time  Wine  is   – A  mobile  ac4va4on  /  In  Store  Engagement   – An  adverFsing/promoFon/engagement   plaQorm   – A  community  built  around  a  product  ver4cal   – An  extension  to  /  framework  for  a  loyalty   programme   – A  reason  to  engage  with  your  brand  socially   – A  market  intelligence  tool  
  44. 44. 5  Things  You  May  Be  Interested  To  Know  From  the  Journey  So  Far:    Gehng  startup  funding  actually  is  possible  Runway/Rela4onships  =  more  important  than  funding  Early  Adopter  Communi4es  are  powerful  Game  Layers  actually  work  Social  Media  Doesn’t  Convert  The  1/9/90  Rule  is  preUy  close  to  the  truth      
  45. 45. Q&A  /  Lessons  we’ve  learned  Cool  things  to  ask  Andy   Real  Time  Wine  OpportuniPes    •  Web  Apps  vs  Na4ve  Apps   •  Work  with  the  team  •  Power  of  game  layers   •  Media  placements  •  Early  adopters  =  cri4cal   –  Geo-­‐adver4sing  •  Android’s  a  Bitch   –  Post  purchase  ads  and  •  Lean  Startup  Approach   content  aUached  to  specific  •  Hire  an  agency  or  hire  a   wines   development  team   –  Email  marke4ng  •  The  Reality  of  Funding  a  South   –  Influencer  Management   African  Startup   –  Behaviour  Data  •  The  1/9/90  rule  and  the  reality   –  White  Labeling   of  1%  social  media  ac4va4on  •  Value  of  PR  and  how   •  Collabora4on  on   impossible  it  is  to  measure.   promo4ons  and  campaigns.  
  46. 46. hmp://   hUp://  
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