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Accenture sustainability academy_overview

  1. 1. © 2010 Accenture. All rights reservedAccentureSustainabilityAcademyEducation is the key enabler to meeting sustainabilitygoals say global CEOs. How can organizations takepractical steps to develop a sustainability mindsetamongst its current and future managers?Today’s CEOs are more committed than ever to concerns, to minimize risks and, more positively,creating a sustainable business. A recent study by to generate significant business opportunities.the United Nations Global Compact and Accentureshowed that, among 766 global CEOs, ninety-six To help address the need to educate employeespercent believed sustainability issues should be around the importance and impact of sustain-fully integrated into the strategy and operations ability, Accenture has developed an online learningof a company. The burning issue is how to better solution called the Sustainability Academy. Thisincorporate sustainability into daily practice. learning platform enables a company’s workforce to develop the knowledge foundation required toManagement on all levels needs to acknowledge “live and breathe” the company’s strategy for sus-that awareness of sustainability issues helps exec- tainability, while providing the skills to take action.utives to better understand societal needs and
  2. 2. w What makes the Sustainability Academy different? Sustainability Academy provides a unique offering to address the sustainability talent challenge: Challenges: Sustainability Academy: Keeping up with World-class instruction and research from leading academic and industry experts. best practices Online learning eliminates barriers to global training delivery, while being a moreenvironmentally friendly ap- Global and proach to training. enterprise reach Speed to Education is provided on a “right time” basis rather than as one-time events. New employees rapidly begin competence development of knowledge and skill. Continuous The Sustainability Academy’s content team develops new courses, keeping up with strategies, trends, and improvement best practice. Reduced cost Leverages technology delivery methods to significantly reduce training delivery costs, enabling access to of delivery training across the entire organization. Flexibility Access to content can be tailored to the student’s training needs and current competencies. Sustainability Achieves corporate sustainability targets by delivering low carbon personal training. in practice
  3. 3. w Through the Sustainability Academy, your people gain a better understanding of sustainability and equip themselves with the skills required to drive innovation, efficiencies and cost savings: Online Courses The Sustainability Academy offers dozens of online courses in all areas of sustainability, such as Economic Impact of Corporate Sustainability, Partnering for Optimal Sustainability, and Water: This Century’s Oil. New courses are released each month! Live Webinars Frequent live webinars are scheduled, giving you the opportunity to listen to and interact with industry experts. eKnowledge The eKnowledge contains hundreds of white papers and web articles, updated frequently to provide the latest thinking on key sustainability topics. Visit for more information.
  4. 4. w A Unique Offering Through adopting the Accenture Sustainability Academy, organizations can create a more Group in the Netherlands-enabling the Sustainability Academy to operate in a Today’s organizations need flexible, cost- proficient and more consistently trained climate neutral fashion. effective and sustainable solutions to their global workforce that is able to embrace learning challenges. The Sustainability and execute the company’s sustainability Academy addresses this need by offering strategy. This also creates added benefits in its learning fully online, while using a full terms of workforce recruitment, development Further Information range of approaches to learning delivery. Visit for and retention. more information about how this unique An extensive library of self-paced courses learning solution can best support you on Why? Because employees increasingly want enables students to learn at a time and in your journey to high performance. Or contact to work for organizations that run their busi- a place that best fits their schedules. Many Patricia Terra at patricia.b.terra@accenture. nesses in a sustainable way, and show deep programs are offered through inter-active com for online demos or to arrange a virtual commitment this by investing in their people. live webinars, and recordings of each tour. session are available for playback online at a student’s convenience. Sustainability Academy Furthermore, the eKnowledge library supports and the Environment the efforts of informal learners by providing Online learning consumes less energy and fast and easy access to the latest online produces fewer CO2 emissions per student sustainability articles and white papers. than conventional face-to-face courses. In addition, the Sustainability Academy limits The available courses cover a range of greenhouse gas emissions as much as sustainability topics and proficiency lev- possible, for example by working in a els, allowing the student to increase virtual, paperless office, working on laptops their competence in the studied subject as opposed to desktop computers and through a series of related courses. By traveling only when absolutely necessary. offering such a blended approach to Copyright © 2010 Accenture learning, the Accenture Sustainability All rights reserved. Any remaining emissions are tracked and Academy provides the optimal learning compensated for through two different Accenture, its logo, and experience for each student. organizations-The Conservation Fund in High Performance Delivered the United States and Climate Neutral are trademarks of Accenture.