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A collection of simple questions with not-so-simple answers!! Ideal for P4C warm up activities or tutorial sessions.

  • Another one for the list: 'How is God like marmite?'
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  • thunk science questions
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  • Good Philosophy Stimulus, Get's all the people involved in your philosophy session's brains warmed up. I tried it- and there are some interesting answers and questions in there! Try it yourself and don't thin about it, just say what comes into your head FIRST and later you'll remember the questions you struggled on and you'll maybe change your mind on what you said before! So my advice- GO THROUGH IT TWICE
    1) Without thinking
    2) Thinking

    Hope you liked the advice!
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  1. 1. Warm up THUNKS
  2. 2. What colour is Monday?
  3. 3. What colour is saturday?
  4. 4. Which is heavier – lies or promises?
  5. 5. Which is heavier – a song or a dream?
  6. 6. What colour is a zebra if you were to take away its stripes?
  7. 7. Is there more space or more objects in the world?
  8. 8. If giraffes ruled the world, what differences might we see?
  9. 9. If the world was run by terrorists, how would it be different?
  10. 10. What do binoculars and dynamite have in common?
  11. 11. What does a Frisbee and painkiller have in common?
  12. 12. THUNKS
  13. 13. If I borrow £1000,000, am I a millionaire?
  14. 14. Would you rather be a brave fool or a clever coward?
  15. 15. Which is more important, being right or being nice?
  16. 16. Can a toddler commit a crime? How about a baby? What about a dog?
  17. 17. If you could take a pill that meant you would never fail, would you?
  18. 18. If I read a comic in a shop without buying it – is it stealing?
  19. 19. If I swop your pen for one exactly the same without telling you, is that stealing?
  20. 20. If I pick up your pen by mistake and take it home – is it stealing?
  21. 21. If I borrow every single book from a library, is it at that point any less of a library than it was when it was full?
  22. 22. If I empty a school of all it’s contents, materials and students and teleport them into the middle of a large field, but the buildings remain in place, where is the school?
  23. 23. If I compose a song but never play it – is it music?
  24. 24. Is butter man-made or natural? Is plastic (made from vegetable oils) man- made or natural?
  25. 25. Are YOU man-made or natural?
  26. 26. If I changed all but one of the ‘Pussy cat Dolls’, is the band still the ‘Pussy cat Dolls’?
  27. 27. What if I changed just one of the singers?
  28. 28. What if I just changed the band’s name?
  29. 29. If I take a photo of a photo of you, do I have a photo of you or just a photo of a photo of you?
  30. 30. If both hands fall of a clock, is it still a clock?
  31. 31. If I paint over a window, is it still a window?
  32. 32. Is the cuckoo a ‘bad’ bird? Is it any ‘worse’ than an eagle?
  33. 33. Can a completely red sheet of paper still be considered to be blank?
  34. 34. Can you remember something that you haven’t done or something that hasn’t happened?
  35. 35. Is a toy car that no one has ever played with still a toy? Could you have an invisible toy?
  36. 36. If I deliberately drop a bucket full of paint onto a canvas, is it art? What if I drop the bucket accidently?
  37. 37. If we are all unique, are we all the same?
  38. 38. Are men or women more important to ensure the successful functioning of society?
  39. 39. Is love real and is it possible to measure it?
  40. 40. Is violence ever the answer?
  41. 41. Is it better to play well and lose or play badly and win?
  42. 42. If I switch a light off in a room, do the walls change colour?