How to put a app on a ipod:)

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  • 1. How To Put An App On An Ipod by, Andy                           Dempsey
  • 2. Materials
      • An Ipod Touch
      • The App Store 
      • possibly money 
      • Wifi 
  • 3. Introduction
      • Have you ever just got an ipod touch and you wanted to put an app on it but didn't know how.  All you have to do is follow these simple steps.
  • 4. Step 1
      • If you are going to buy an app that costs money, put the money on the  itunes store .  To get to the itunes store go on your computer and search for the itunes store or you might already have it as an icon.
  • 5. Step 2
      • Push down on the little button on the top of the ipod to turn it on.
  • 6. Step 3
      • Go to the app store.  The app store is blue and it has an A in the middle of it also, the A is circled.
  • 7. Step 4
      •   Click on the button that says search.
      •   Once you click the search button,
    •         look for the app you want.
  • 8. Step 5
      • Once you find the app you want click the button that says "free" or if it costs money it will show you how much it costs and you would click that.
  • 9. Step 6
      • Once you click the button, the app will start to download.  It might take a long time or it might take hardly any time depending on how many KB it needs. 
  • 10. Step 7
      • Once it is done downloading click on the app to start playing it.
  • 11. Step 8
    • HAVE  FUN!!!!!!!!!!
  • 12. Conclusion
    • Now you know how to put an app on an ipod.  Hopefully you enjoyed my presentation and now you can download has many apps you want.