Jack Media Group Buying Summit Sydney Presentaion


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Jack Media Group Buying Summit Sydney Presentaion

  1. 1. Who is Jack Media?Jack Media launched in April 2011A solution for deal sites to display live deals andfor publishers to integrate deals as contentTechnology and marketing partner for ourclients and publishers
  2. 2. Group Buying Summit SydneyNew York Deal Summit warp upAggregation SpaceLocalisation
  3. 3. New York Deal SummitMarket ClimateDeal Sites and MerchantsFutureHot Opportunities
  4. 4. New York Deal SummitMarket Climate What’s next? Proactive problem solving is key Stop thinking Daily Deals start thinking eCommerce Venture Capital - 95% decrease in funding to deal sites in the last 12 months
  5. 5. New York Deal SummitMerchant Interaction & Deal Sites Merchants need more support for deal sites • Delivery strategies and voucher delivery • Loyalty systems to bring users back Who owns the customer? • Does a local merchant rent or buy a customer
  6. 6. New York Deal SummitFuture Travel and product deals will grow Don’t copy Groupon, innovation is key Local commerce • $8 lunch customers • Improving customer satisfaction is key Engaging those who still have not entered the market
  7. 7. New York Deal SummitWhat’s Hot - Deals Big brands and integration with Daily Deal sites Cinemas/Movies AMF Bowling: $19 for a full summer of bowling
  8. 8. New York Deal SummitWhat’s Hot - Deals Mobile • Apps/Mobile sites • Fast/One-click check outs Rural Markets • Hungry for deals & big opportunities • First to market is key Social Logins • Higher return rates • Higher sharing
  9. 9. Aggregation1000s of Deals 100s of Deal Sites How to Choose?
  10. 10. AggregationNot unique to the deal space• Credit Cards• Health Insurance• Life & Income Insurance• Savings Accounts• Home Loans• Mobile Phones• Pay TV• Shopping Comparison Engines• Flights• Hotels• Real Estate Aggregation is not a dirty word
  11. 11. AggregationAustralian Aggregators How many? • Over 250 publishers now publishing deal content Who? • True aggregators • Buyii.com.au & AllThedeals.com.au • Content Integration • TrueLocal.com.au & GoodReceipes.com.au High quality content that is sticky and an additional way to monitise users
  12. 12. AggregationCreated to help digest the volume ofdeals and information available; compareand make the right choice. Users are more considered, shopping rather than making impulse purchases. Like deals, done this before Understand how deals work and have expectations for the delivery of them
  13. 13. Aggregation Do Aggregator users return?• Yes. Will listing on an aggregator mean I loose my brand?• No, users who have good experiences and get good deals will return to make additional purchases.• Will users who go to a restaurant at 50% off only go back for another discount?• Service and experience is key
  14. 14. AggregationWhy engage aggregators?• Growing number of consumers who want to be able to compare deals and it’s important to be in the consideration pool• Access to quality traffic at highly competitive rates• Introduce people to your brand• Bring back users and re-engage old users• Your competitors are there
  15. 15. Localisation80% of disposable income is spent within15-20km of the home$16B/Year in the US $35B by 201463% of Smart Phone users frequently useapps that require them to give locationinformation
  16. 16. LocalisationChallenge with Localisation - Local BusinessesLack of understanding of lead generation andlifetime value of a customerHow do you get Yellow Pages, Shopping Docketcustomers to run deals?Self servePut the merchant back in control
  17. 17. Localisation
  18. 18. Localisation-Facebook Offers Huon Resorts
  19. 19. LocalisationFacebook has empowered the merchantLeveraging their existing audienceSolves social sharing problemPotential to create deal sites out of any local groupCost per redemption
  20. 20. LocalisationSign Post Adsence of local business deals $3.75m in Funding
  21. 21. Contact Details• Andrew Crawley• andy@jackmedia.com.au• http://www.jackmedia.com.au• 0425 213 727