Why pet dog need apparel and how to choose them


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Why pet dog need apparel and how to choose them

  1. 1. Why Pet Dog Need Apparel and How to Choose ThemYou will see there are more and more pet dogs are wearing all kinds of cute andfashion pet dog apparel on the street, in fact, pet dog apparel has lots of function andeven become a necessary on some occasions.1. Pet clothing can protect your pet from the hot rays of the sun during the summerthat can cause cancer in pets as well as humans.2. Some dogs have very short hair and they get cold easily. A small breed dog withlittle or no fur will shake and be uncomfortable when the temperature drops below acertain level, even when he is at home. During the winter, dog clothes can help keephim warm.3. There are a number of medical reasons to dress your pet in clothing. For example,if you dog has a cut, a rash, or recently had surgery, covering the area will discouragelicking and biting, which will allow the wounds to heal faster.Since we all know that importance of pet dog apparel now, then we should know thetips about how to select the right pet dog apparel for them.
  2. 2. Dog Apparel Safety is KeyBecause of the danger of getting snagged, or the tendency of other dogs to want toplay ‘tug of war with the dog apparel your dog may wear, you should never allowyour pet to wear dog apparel unsupervised. To avoid potential problems, keep yourdog on a leash when wearing dog apparel, or confined in your home, or fenced-inyard, under your direct supervision.For further safety, avoid dog apparel that has ties or straps that might constrict yourdogs breathing, or interfere with bowel or bladder function. And make sure that thedog apparel you choose can be pulled off easily in an emergency.“Does This Dog Apparel Make Me Look Fat?”The ideal dog apparel is lightweight and comfortable, with easy fastening snaps orstraps. It is attractive, inoffensive, and designed with your dogs comfort and safety inmind. Its washable, durable, and wont easily show dirt. Well-fitted dog apparel isloose at the neck, and stops at the elbow, and at the rib cage, to allow your dogmaximum freedom of movement. Dog apparel should allow your dog to ‘do hisbusiness without getting soiled.
  3. 3. Have FunWhen choosing and using dog apparel, have fun. And let your dog be in on the fun,not the butt of the joke. Dressing alike, or in complimentary costumes on specialoccasions can be a great way to share good times with your best friend.