Tips about decorating your house


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Tips about decorating your house

  1. 1. Tips about Decorating Your HouseIt is not easy but also full of fun to decorate your house, in fact, you don’t need to spend muchmoney but just have to add your own style will be OK. Here we are going to discuss some tipsabout home decoratingIf you live in a place where you can paint the walls, adding a fresh coat of color is one of theeasiest ways to create a huge impact and make your room look like new.Though some can masterfully pull off the white wall gallery look, stark white more oftenhighlights the differences and imperfections among an eclectic array of belongings. By contrast,the right color can create a soothing, cohesive space that leaves you satisfied with the things youhave.Color can highlight interesting architectural features like sloped ceilings and ornate moldings thatmight be lost amid a more subtle palette. Color can make a room seem larger or cozier; it canblend your furnishings into the background or make them stand out.Everyone is different, but I find that if I give a lot of thought to planning my room décor, I ammuch more inclined to enjoy the end result for an extended time and avoid the urge to remodelwith every trend I read about. Even my furniture arrangement is part of the design, and Irarely want to change it.Peruse books, magazines and the internet for pictures that inspire you, and save them. Consideryour own space and look for ways that you can elicit the same feelings in your own room — youdon’t need to create an exact replica of someone else’s idea.Look at color, texture and style, then search out products that will fit both your budget and yourvision. Take your time planning so that you can look for deals on the items you need at a varietyof stores.Following are some tips about how to decorate your bedroom which is one of the important partof your house1: Select your paint color or wallpaper. Make sure it is not so bright that it gives you a headacheor so dark that it makes your room gloomy. Paint your walls.
  2. 2. 2: Put patterns to work. A tastefully printed bedspread makes a room stand out and gives it someadded flair. You can find these at almost any bedding store in the country.3: Decorate with consistency. You may have great items or pieces, but if theyre mismatched, itwill make your room look cluttered and disorganized. Stick with your theme throughout theentire decorating process.4: Add colors. There isnt a wrong way to do this, but adding color is essential in decorating yourroom. Do you want to introduce pops of different colors throughout your room, or have the roombecome saturated with a specific color?5: Add warmth with neutral tones. Soft overhead lighting or a clip-on overhead lamp is a greatway to accomplish this.6: Personalize your space. You dont want your entire room to look like you just raided the Ikeacatalog. Find a couple of offbeat pieces at a thrift store or boutique furniture shop to give yourroom an eclectic look.And there are some cool gadgets for your choice to decorate your house1: LOVE I NEED YOU Wall Decal Sticker Quote Sticker - Soft PinkTrouble-free wall decal can quickly enhance your living environment. Decorative words andphrases of this wall sticker give a very creative way to express yourself. This easy to remove wallsticker allows varied display way that decided by yourself.
  3. 3. Description: • Words and phrases wall decals with leaves accents • Transform your room into a conversation piece by saying: "I love you, I need you." • Easy to apply the wall quotes to wall, window, door, car or any smooth surface • This wall sticker provides a simply yet elegant way to express yourself in your space • PVC quote sticker, colored in soft pink • Sheet Size: Approx. 23.5 x 7.6 inch2: Sun Moon Star Tassel String Door Curtain Window Room Divider – Purple
  4. 4. Subtle door curtain with sun, moon and star design to add a certain ambiance to any room. Thisstring door curtain comes with slot top for poles or rods. Use this fabulous door curtain aspartitions between rooms or use as a screen to keep flies out. Description: • Sun, moon and star fringe door curtain for adding style to any window or doorway • Provide an attractive divider to an open doorway, help keep flies away • Can be used as a door curtain, window curtain or a background for a shop window display • Contemporary furnishing for the modern home, help form a relaxed atmosphere • Size (L x W): Approx. 78.7 x 39.4 inch / 200 x 100 cm • Material: Polyester fibre • Color: Purple