The green future of the dubai jet ski experience


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Dubai is an ideal location for jet skiing. Facilities and locations are perfect for both beginners and advanced skiers. Enquire us for best jet skiing Tour Package.

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The green future of the dubai jet ski experience

  1. 1. The green future of the Dubai Jet Ski ExperienceThe well developed infrastructure and plentiful avenuesmake it a skier’s paradise. Thus, one can truly enjoy theexperience of jet skiing in Dubai, irrespective of whethertheir skills are at the beginners, intermediate or advancedlevels.The climate in the Gulf that has the sun shining down allyear round make it the ideal location to indulge in somegood old aquatic fun. The waters round the place danglejust the right amount of temptation to go skimming acrosstheir surface. The well developed infrastructure andplentiful avenues make it a skier’s paradise. Thus, one cantruly enjoy the experience of jet skiing in Dubai,irrespective of whether their skills are at the beginners,intermediate or advanced levels.Given the surging popularity for Jet Skiing, it has becomeextremely important to follow the rules. Each Jet Ski mustbe licensed for use. Riding an unlicensed jet ski is anoffence that attracts fines that increase with eachsubsequent instance. Life jackets are compulsory. Whilesome complain about the same, many have realized that ajacket can be quite handy should one take a rough and
  2. 2. tumble while skimming over the water. Even rentals of skisare governed by licenses and must be kept up-to-date at alltimes.The rules and regulations governing the Dubai jet skiexperience have been put into place with the sole intentionof ensuring that tourists and residents are kept safe at alltimes. In some extreme cases, violators may also be foundliable to have their aquatic recreation vehicles impoundedby the authorities. Given the rise in instances involving JetSki accidents, the authorities have responded byrestricting jet-ski usage to certain, selected areas aroundthe Emirate. Any violation of the ski restriction rule is metwith strict and swift action.The busy aftermarket performance parts industry has notonly contributed to the Jet-ski halo, but it has alsomanaged to slap on some notoriety of sorts onto it.Growing consciousness on emission controls too has led toa certain section of customers to become more vocal aboutthe harmful effects of the Jet Ski.It is perhaps recognition of the validity regarding some ofthese concerns that seem to have led to the creation of theJetPad – a new age vehicle that has been designed tofunction as a minimal emissions personal watercraft. Whileit may be powered by the more commonly available lithiumion batteries, its security measures are second to none. Ituses an RFID chip that allows only a pre-determined personto access the craft. Other unique features include anoption that takes the help of a Global Positioning Sensor topinpoint the exact location of the craft and bring it back tobase. The best part about this Jet Ski is that it features asystem that will restrict it to areas that have been mappedout prior to start. Should one be eager to make a quickescape, they’d find the craft slowing down and eventuallyshutting down completely.The JetPad therefore signals towards the future thatawaits us. A bright future; where tourism will have a
  3. 3. minimal impact on the environment, thereby ensuring thatwe enjoy the gifts of nature for decades to come.Author Bio :Dubai is an ideal location for jet skiing. Facilities andlocations are perfect for both beginners and advancedskiers. Enquire us for best jet skiing Tour Package.