How document shredding companies help the environment


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We are the leaders in safe and secure storage; document and records management solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We fulfil our clients requirements by providing a secure platform for the storage and indexing of paper records, digital media and other business-critical information including financial documents, post dated cheques, insurance policies, computer disks and tapes, optical disks, microfilm, audio and video tapes, medical records, and blueprints.

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How document shredding companies help the environment

  1. 1. Document shredding companies and secure document destruction companies contribute greatly torecycled paper manufacturing because they provide a more readily available feedstock formanufacturing process.Paper as we all know it, has its pros and cons. The pros being that it is still one of the most flexible andeasy ways of storing information in a physical form (i.e. until mind reading comes as an application oncomputers) Which is why most people who find typing a hassle simply refuse to move from theirscratchpads, diaries and notebooks. Apart from being a medium of input, paper also helps displayinformation, from paper pamphlets to periodicals to paper money and text books; but have you everstopped and wondered as to what happens to all of them when they cannot be used anymore?Virgin paper today is made from shedding trees which are then converted to a pulp and then into largerolls of paper. Now although this may sound pretty ok knowing that some trees are felled for paper (andthat lumber companies always plant new ones), one must remember that the worldwide consumptionof paper is more than 300 million tonnes. Now, all of these numbers may not completely include virginpaper only, but it is still a substantial amount.Recycling paper is a great way to reduce the impact of cutting trees to create virgin paper. But on theother hand, producing recycled paper leads to greater emissions as compared to virgin paperproduction. Why this saves the environment, is simply because the number of trees felled to make virginpaper gets reduced. One question that does arise is where does all of this paper come from?A large chunk of materials for making recycled paper surprisingly comes from landfills meaning thatrecovery rates here are important. Another source of materials comes from document shreddingcompanies worldwide that contribute greatly to the manufacturing of recycled paper.
  2. 2. Document shredding companies and secure document destruction companies contribute greatly torecycled paper manufacturing because they provide a more readily available feedstock for themanufacturing process. Such paper is less contaminated when compared to other sources of materialswhich may contain, staples, paper clips, plastic and wire which means lesser impurities to sort outleading to fewer emissions.Moreover, document shredding companies will always offer an image scanning service which is a newway to get rid of age old paper documentation and well as the current ones and makes them available ina digital form. Apart from helping companies get rid of paper documents, they offer more flexibility tothe company or the corporation; promoting better visibility of documents online to other branchesworldwide."Blackbox" is one of the world’s leading document shredding companies established in UnitedArab Emirates. We are a specialist in safe & secure document shredding and secure documentdestruction services.