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The Wonderful World of Bugs
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The Wonderful World of Bugs


Published on

The talk I gave on CSS bug hunting during @media 2006

The talk I gave on CSS bug hunting during @media 2006

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  • 1. The Wonderful World of Bugs by Andy Budd of 1
  • 2. Hacks by Andy Budd of 2
  • 3. How many people feel they use too many hacks? and how many people feel that use too few? by Andy Budd of 3
  • 4. Hacks have been given a bad name… …literally by Andy Budd of 4
  • 5. Wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for CSS hacks by Andy Budd of 5
  • 6. Sadly, hacks have become synonymous with CSS by Andy Budd of 6
  • 7. It doesn’t have to be this way… by Andy Budd of 7
  • 8. Bug Fixing by Andy Budd of 8
  • 9. Browsers are buggy… …but not as buggy as we’d like to think by Andy Budd of 9
  • 10. Bugs come from lots of places •Syntactic errors •Specificity clashes •Overly complicated code •Browser bugs •Incomplete understanding of the CSS specification by Andy Budd of 10
  • 11. Andy’s first law of bug fixing… …keep it simple (stupid) by Andy Budd of 11
  • 12. Andy’s second law of bug fixing… …always assume it’s your fault by Andy Budd of 12
  • 13. Andy’s third law of bug fixing… …prevention is better than cure by Andy Budd of 13
  • 14. Andy’s fourth law of bug fixing… …offence is the best form of defence by Andy Budd of 14
  • 15. Andy’s fifth law of bug fixing… …isolate the problem by Andy Budd of 15
  • 16. Andy’s sixth law of bug fixing… …use hacks only as a last resort by Andy Budd of 16
  • 17. Using Hacks Sensibly by Andy Budd of 17
  • 18. Types of Hack •Hacks that rely on parsing bugs •Hacks that rely on unsupported or misinterpreted CSS by Andy Budd of 18
  • 19. Good hacks… • Are valid • Only target older browsers • Are ugly? by Andy Budd of 19
  • 20. Responsible hacking • Use hacks sparingly • Only add a small number of hacks to your main CSS • Better to filter hacks into separate stylesheets • Always comment your hacks by Andy Budd of 20
  • 21. Questions? by Andy Budd of 21
  • 22. Thanks you! by Andy Budd of 22