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Designing The User Experience Curve 2.0

Designing The User Experience Curve 2.0



An updated version of my UX talk

An updated version of my UX talk



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Designing The User Experience Curve 2.0 Designing The User Experience Curve 2.0 Presentation Transcript

  • Designing the User Experience Curve
  • The Perfect Hotel Experience
  • The User Experience Curve
  • Hierarchy of Needs SUBJECTIVE / QUALITATIVE Focused on “It is not enough that we build Have a believable story Experiences products that function, that are Co-create value with customers (People, Activities, Context) understandable and usable - Connect people in community we also need to build products Are part of a bigger system that bring joy and excitement, Prioritize Aesthetics (no, not Graphic Design) Appeal to emotional, spiritual, and (visual, behaviors, sounds, psychology) pleasure and fun, and yes, social values Design for FLOW (boredom vs anxiety) beauty, to people’s lives.” Create a tolerance for faults at lower levels Leverage Game Mechanics/Learning Theory -Donald Norman (completeness) Are tied to a person’s self-image, highly personal Have a Personality Empower people to do things Meaningful Create conversational and context aware previously not possible Has personal significance interactions (“Adaptive Interfaces”; narrative IA structures) Pleasurable Elicit Desire Memorable experience worth sharing (Limited availability, limited access, curious and Simplify, organize, and clarify seductive experiences) information Convenient THIS IS THE “CHASM” THAT IS REALLY, REALLY HARD FOR ORGANIZATIONS TO CROSS Display information visually Super easy to use, works like I think Reduce features and complexity Are easier to understand Usable Use language for more natural Can be used without difficulty Creating Pleasurable Interfaces: interactions Add features that support desired Reliable Is available and accurate Getting from Tasks to Experiences behaviors (offline browsing) created by Stephen P. Anderson | poetpainter.com Functional (Useful) Works as programmed Focused on Tasks (Products, Features) OBJECTIVE / QUANTIFIABLE © 2006 Stephen P. Anderson | poetpainter.com
  • The Kano Model
  • 1 First impressions count 1.
  • People do judge a book (or any product) by it’s cover
  • The hotel check-in experience
  • Unboxing your iPod
  • Computer Game Training Level
  • Create a landing page that communicates
  • Make the first experience fun
  • Interactive tours...
  • In situ tours...
  • Create a first use scenario
  • Video tours make experts quickly
  • 2 Attentive service 2.
  • The doorman hailing a cab...
  • The waiter refilling your glass...
  • Opening a new line at the checkout...
  • Help people solve their problems
  • Avoid problems in the first place
  • Manages expectations
  • Get people back on track
  • Help systems
  • Add value
  • 3 Personalisation and customisation 3.
  • The barmaid remembering your favourite drink...
  • Customise your drink at Starbucks...
  • Customise your game characters...
  • Welcome people back
  • Allow them to customise their own experience
  • Avatars
  • Provide value through recommendations
  • 4 Attention to detail 4.
  • Car doors
  • At Disney even the trash cans are themed
  • Create delightful experiences
  • Delighters
  • Zurich Airport
  • Easter eggs
  • Delicious Library
  • Dopplr toys
  • 5 Make it fun 6.
  • We love collecting...
  • Particularly if there is payback...
  • What do points make...
  • Leaderboards...
  • We’re programmed to enjoy exploring
  • You find play in the strangest places!
  • Google maps are fun...
  • Collecting photos...
  • Collecting friends...
  • Collecting badges...
  • Points and Leaderboards...
  • 5 Create the perfect environment
  • The Starbucks Experience
  • The Virgin Lounge
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Vegas baby, yeah
  • The User Experience Curve Complete Profile Explore Site Invite Friends First Purchase Register Personalise Recommendation Customise Site Take Tour Add to Favourites Visit Home Page Add a Comment Add to Basket Day-to-day Use Day-to-day Use Day-to-day Use
  • www.andybudd.com www.clearleft.com info@andybudd.com
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  • So where are the web examples?