Ucla health giving redesign


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A proposed redesign of the UCLA health website's "Donation" section with an eye towards improving the user experience.

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Ucla health giving redesign

  1. 1. UCLA Health SystemGiving Section RedesignAndrew Kaufman / andy2001@gmail.com 1
  2. 2. Current Giving Experience 2
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  6. 6. User Interview Insights 6
  7. 7. • Hard to find information on giving to specific departments or causes • No clear “Call to Action” for how to donate• The online donation form is confusing, cumbersome and generic• Doesnt do a good job communicating the benefits and impact of donating to the UCLA health system• Doesnt address the needs of people who don’t feel comfortable donating online 7
  8. 8. User Personas 8
  9. 9. Walter F. Williams Age: 73 Home: Bel Air, Los Angeles Personal Wealth: $10 million Status: Married Kids: 2 Children, 3 Grandchildren Education: College Degree Occupation: Retired Computer Skills: NoviceMr. Murphy recently retired from his job as the head of a multi-national corporation. After 30+ years inthe industry he has amassed a considerable fortune and has been looking for ways to give back toorganizations that he believes are doing good work in the field of health care, due in part to a cancerscare he had a few years ago. He is happily married, with two children and three grandchildren. Sincehis focus has been primarily on business for most of his life, he doesn’t know a lot about charitablegiving or what his options are. High Level Goals: Specific Goals: • Wants to make sure that his donation goes to an • Find out which other well known people have institution that is highly regarded and has a certain donated to the UCLA health system. amount of cache among his social circle. • Learn about the different causes or departments • Wants to feel good about where his donation is that he could possibly donate to. going and make sure that it is a cause he believes in. • Talk to a UCLA rep over the phone or in person about the possibility of donating. • Wants some sort of name recognition to go along with his gift (i.e. a wing named after him or a • Learn about the various options he has for giving. plaque). 9
  10. 10. Nancy Kwan Age: 32 Home: Brentwood, California Income: $100k/year Status: Single Kids: None Education: Graduate Degree Occupation: Lawyer Computer Skills: AdvancedMs. Kwan is an associate at a law firm in Los Angeles where she works 60+ hour weeks and earns closeto $100k a year. Raised in the LA area, she got her undergraduate degree at UCLA and then went on toget her law degree from Harvard. Recently she received treatment at Jules Stein eye institute at UCLAfor an eye condition that both she and her mother share. Her positive experience while being treatedthere (as well as the knowledge that her mom is also a patient there) has motivated her to make adonation to the eye institute to help them continue to offer great care. High Level Goals: Specific Goals: • To donate money specifically to the Jules Stein • Wants to find out where she can give directly eye institute. to the Jules Stein institute online. • Being a busy professional, she doesn’t want to • Wants to be able to donate the money quickly have to spend a lot of time going through and with as little paperwork and time spent as paperwork or meeting with a representative. possible. • Wants to make sure that her mother receives the same level of care that she did. 10
  11. 11. Deborah Martinez Age: 48 Home: San Pedro, California Income: $75k/year Status: Married Kids: 1 Child Education: Graduate Degree Occupation: Middle School Principal Computer Skills: IntermediateMrs. Martinez is a Middle School Principal living and working in San Pedro, California. She recently losther brother to AIDS and is looking to set up an endowment or memorial in his name at the UCLA healthdepartment where he was treated. While she knows that she wants to make a donation in his name, sheisn’t sure whether she wants it to take the form of a physical memorial (i.e. bench with his name on it),an endowment (for continued AIDS research) or just a tribute gift. Specific Goals: High Level Goals: • Learn more about the various options UCLA • To set up a memorial or endowment in her offers for creating endowments, memorials or brother’s name. tributes. • To make sure that she is involved in the • Find contact information for someone at UCLA who can help guide her through the process of process of setting up the memorial and that it setting up the memorial. honors her brother in a way that she can feel good about. • Find examples of other memorials or endowments that have been set up at UCLA 11
  12. 12. Jim Reynolds Age: 56 Home: Encino, California Income: $150k/year Status: Married Kids: 2 Children Education: Graduate Degree Occupation: Small Business Owner Computer Skills: IntermediateMr. Reynolds is a successful small business owner who wants to make a gift to UCLA. While he caresabout helping the hospital, he is also concerned about the tax benefits that he can get by deducting theamount of his gift from his taxable income. His wife received successful cancer treatment at thehospital a few years ago which is why he’s chosen to donate to UCLA instead of another charity. High Level Goals: Specific Goals: • To make a donation to the UCLA health • To find specific information on the tax system benefits of making a donation to UCLA. • To get a tax deduction as a result of his • To figure out how what he needs to do in charitable donation order to make that donation and get the benefits •To actually make the donation 12
  13. 13. Primary Persona 13
  14. 14. Site Business Objectives Related User GoalsImprove click-through rates in Find the information he’s lookingthe “Giving” funnel for on charitable givingIncrease conversion rates of Verify that UCLA is a wellpeople visiting the “Giving” respected institution worthsection giving toIncrease the average Make sure that his money isamount of money that each going to a cause he feelsdonor gives strongly about 14
  15. 15. Initial Mockups (and basic user flows) 15
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  21. 21. Initial Designs 21
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