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This is a copy of an SEO training course presentation we did for Doncaster Chamber back in February.

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SEO Training Courses Presentation

  1. 1. Need More Clicks.comSEO Training Course 1st February 2012 Tel: 01302 515 335 Mobile: 07887 580 852
  2. 2. • Introductions• Why Do We Need SEO?• Natural v PPC• On Page SEO – Finding & using the right keywords• Off Page SEO – Building Links & Social Media• Blogs• Google Places• PPC (Google Adwords)• KPI‟s & Measurements• Tools• Wrap Up
  3. 3. My Background– 20 Years Sales & Marketing Experience– Glaxo, Barclays, IT Consultancy Co‟s– 9 Years online marketing experience– We spend our own money on our own campaigns– In the last 3 years one of our projects has generated £496,000 Revenue from a Google Adwords spend of £28,000– Our latest client has enjoyed an online sales increase of 566%– A recent project was position 2&3 on the first page of Google with 2 weeks, now number 1
  4. 4. June 6th 2011
  5. 5. What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), web site optimisation, online marketing, internet marketing?The process of increasing the amount ofvisitors to a web site by ranking high in the search engine results, pay per click advertising or social media followed by maximising site conversions
  6. 6. Why Do We Need SEO? But be careful chasing top spot!
  7. 7. How We View Search Results
  8. 8. Typical Search Results Page
  9. 9. Local Searches
  10. 10. What do we do?
  11. 11. The right keywords – where‟s the crowd? Pick a fight you can win
  12. 12. Keyword Factors Broad terms don‟t convert as well as “Long TailKeywords” even though they have more searches
  13. 13. How do we do Keyword Analysis?• Google Keyword Tool• Google Suggest• 3rd Party Tools e.g. Market Samurai• Customers / Suppliers / Staff• Themes & Categories
  14. 14. Keyword Evaluation• Google Free Keyword Tool• Google Insights• 3rd Party Tools - WordTracker, Market Samurai
  15. 15. The Competition – Analysing the Top 10
  16. 16. Page Title – Very ImportantPage Description sits„behind the page‟ but formspart of the search snippetHeadings (H1, H2…)The right contentImages Need Alt Tags
  17. 17. Search SnippetsPage Title – Very Important~65 CharsPage URLPage Description~165 CharsThese are all salesopportunities, makesure you have callsto action
  18. 18. What to do with Keywords•Page Titles, Page Descriptions, Headings•Website Copy, write compelling content & keep itcurrent•Keyword in the 1st & last sentence of the page, boldthe first one•Within Image Alt Tags•Within Anchor Text for internal pages•Make sure each page is different Example
  19. 19. On Page SEO – Making The Page Relevant• Remember Google likes relevancy – the more up to date the better• The link to landing page must be seamless• For Natural Results & Especially Google Adwords• Review Google Guidelines• Let‟s look at your websites
  20. 20. Keywords are just the start!
  21. 21. Off Page SEO• What does this mean• How to get links• Forums, Video, Blogs, Social Media• LinkedIn• Twitter• Facebook• Squidoo• „Keyword Cloud‟
  22. 22. Google Likes Links• One of the most important factors in getting ranked• Inbound links to your website• Incredibly Important• From „authority sites‟• The more the better• Use the right Anchor Text – keyword rather than „Click Here‟
  23. 23. • Link to „deep pages‟ within your website not just the Home Page• Use a variety of sources• How to measure your links: Majestic SEO or Yahoo Site Explorer
  24. 24. Google PlacesIf you sell locally, use Google Places – its free andgets you to the top of the local search results Example
  25. 25. Using Video
  26. 26. Social Media – What is it?
  27. 27. Social Media Facts• If Facebook was a country it would be the world‟s 3rd largest• 80% of Twitter usage is on mobile devices• 25% of search results for the top 20 brands are links to user generated content• 90% of consumers trust peer recommendationsThe consumer is now in control of your brand!
  28. 28. How to use Social Media• Remember, Google Likes Links• Use Social Media sites to generate links to your web site• To grow a community around your products and services• To allow friends to recommend you to their peers• Combine Online & Offline Strategies
  29. 29. What‟s Missing?
  30. 30. Facebook
  31. 31. LinkedIn
  32. 32. Twitter
  33. 33. • Add Social Media buttons to your email signature• Make them prominent on your website• Run competitions• Use printable vouchers• Build an email list• Don‟t spam, send them something they‟ll want to read
  34. 34. Blogs In More DetailWhy set up a blog?Stand alone, keyword based domain ( WordpressKeeping it updatedPage structurePluginsBlog Example
  35. 35. Social Media Flow WWWDifferent connection points on the web for you
  36. 36. Pay Per Click Marketing (Google Adwords)• Why Paid Search?• Set up & Structure• Ad Groups• CTR & Landing Pages• Goal Conversions• Reports
  37. 37. Website House Keeping• Google Analytics• Google Webmaster Tools• Google Sitemaps
  38. 38. KPI & SEO Measurement• Why?• What can we measure?• Google Analytics• How do we measure?• What is important your business?
  39. 39. Wrap up• Online Guides• Blog• Support• Q&A