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BNI 10 Minute Presentation Version 2   3 April 2012
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BNI 10 Minute Presentation Version 2 3 April 2012


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John James returns as a stand in 10 minutes to tell us more about renewable energy

John James returns as a stand in 10 minutes to tell us more about renewable energy

Published in: Business
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  • 1. John James of Green Solar Installation 10 Minute Presentation  Doncaster Diamonds BNI Chapter A team in which you can be proud to be a player
  • 2. The home ofIntegrated Energy Solutions
  • 3.  Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation of PV systems to Our Services convert sunlight into electricity This electricity can be used on site or exported back to the grid system Solar Thermal Installation of Solar collectors to convert the radiant heat from the sun to hot water for Space and Water heating Heat Pumps Heat pumps are used to convert latent heat stored in the ground, water or air to high temperature water for space and water heating
  • 4.  Energy Efficient Lighting Our Services Installation Lighting schemes which are designed to reduce running costs, reduce maintenance costs and reduce heat gain in buildings Improved energy control Installation of control systems to provide more effective use of the energy provision Heat Recovery Ventilation Changing the air in buildings is a major heat loss factor By installing systems which preheat the replacement air using the exhaust is a great way of making savings.
  • 5. Feed in Tariff Update Feed in tariff for PV systems Where are we going? Based on a typical 4kw peak installation Price per kWh Generated 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 40 42 44 46 48 50 12 December 2011 43.3p DECC lost their appeal 03 March 2012 21p therefore all installations between 12 Dec 11 and 3 3 April Deadline for responding March 12 will get 43.3p rate to DECC consulatation 01 July 2012 13.6p to 16.5p The level at this point depends on number of installs in March & April 01 October 2012 -5% (14p) Questions under review by DECC 10% regression on a six monthly basis - should it be 5% or a 01 April 2013 -10% (12.5p) different system? Options are: > Pre-planned reductions 01 October 2013 -10% (11p) > Contingent reductions (based on uptake) > Reviews > Quotas (so much allocated per year) 01 April 2014 -10% (10p) Should a ROI of 4.5% be maintained? Should the link to RPI be removed? 01 October 2014 -10% (8.9p) Should the 25yr contract be cut to 20yrs? What happens when we reach 8.9p per kWh?
  • 6. Renewable Heat PremiumPayment The RHPP is an incentive to encourage the uptake of renewable technologies for Space & Water Heating These include Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal, and Biomass Boilers Phase I of the RHPP ended on 31st March 2012 £4m was left in the pot due to poor uptake Phase II of the scheme has been announced and you can already pre-register for a grant if you have a scheme planned This second phase will run from 1st May 2012 to 31st March 2013 Phase II has a total pot size of £25m of which £7m will be used to extend Phase I of the scheme with £18 being made available for Social and Community based schemes
  • 7. Renewable Heat PremiumPayment The main levels of grant will be as follows:  Solar Thermal Installations £300  Air Source Heat Pumps £850  Biomass Boilers £950  Ground Source Heat Pumps £1250
  • 8. Renewable Heat Incentive The RHI is the Space and Water Heating equivalent of the Feed in Tariff The introduction of RHI for domestic installations has been delayed until mid 2013 but will be backdated for installations completed after July 2009 You will receive a payment for each kWh of Hot water you generate using renewable technologies The rate is still to be announced but are likely to be Solar Thermal 8.5p per kWh 18 year contract GSHP 4.5p per kWh 20 year contract Small Biomass 7.9p per kWh 20 year contract
  • 9. Accreditations
  • 10. Referrals Commercial and Residential Property Owners who are looking to reduce fuel costs Financial Planners who are looking to recommend investment opportunities to their clients Facilities managers who are tasked with infrastructure development and energy savings Individuals or companies who are interested in the benefits of renewable technologies
  • 11. Any Questions ?