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The Android Platform / Business Perspective
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The Android Platform / Business Perspective


Android fragmentation, platforms, business models and more, by Petteri Vainikka (at Android Aalto Community)

Android fragmentation, platforms, business models and more, by Petteri Vainikka (at Android Aalto Community)

Published in Technology
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  • 1. The Android Platform // Business Perspective For the attention of attendees on 8.2.2011© 2011 LEIKI LTD. ALL TRADEMARKS, IMAGES, AND OTHER REFERENCED MATERIALS ARE THE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS.
  • 2. In just 14 months... Android and Other Open Source Platforms Will Drive Innovation in the Smartphone Market (23 November 2009)Already adopted by HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericssonand LG, Android will become the second-largest smartphoneOS by 2012, capturing 18% of global smartphone sales. Canalys Smart Phone Analysis, Quarterly Shipment Data (31 January 2011)Android overtakes Symbian as world’s best-sellingsmartphone platform in Q4 2010 (with 32,9 % share.)
  • 3. Who am I,* and what is Android? open closed openclosed *my contact details are on the last page
  • 4. Some words about Leiki“At Leiki, our passion is to make automatic discovery of personally relevant content a reality.” >> Contextual >> Behavioral >> Social
  • 5. Agenda for today1 Everyone needs applications!2 The application ecosystem?3 Trends and forward-looking statements...
  • 6. Agenda for today1 Everyone needs applications!
  • 7. Untilthere wasone killermobileapplication
  • 8. July, 2008
  • 9. April, 2009
  • 10. January, 2011
  • 11. Mobile application store: An age old conceptEXPECTATIONS 2011 ‘2nd proliferation’ 2002-2005 ‘Proliferation of AppStores’ E.g., Late 1990’s ‘Birth of the smartphone’ (Acquired by in 2005) Post 2005 ‘Application industry hangover’ TIME
  • 12. Why not ( )or
  • 13. Whyand ( was acquired by Google in 2005.)
  • 14. Askyourselves,what haschanged?
  • 15. Timing.User experience.Distribution.
  • 16. Right 5%.Awareness.WOW.(I deliberately left out Pricing and Payment.)
  • 17. Next 50%.Scalable.Open.
  • 18. Agenda for today2 The application ecosystem?
  • 19. Morecompetitionthanever.(Yes, I do mean more than ever before.)
  • 20. Fragmentation, fragmentation, fragmentation(But nowhere near as bad as it was during the first application market proliferation.)
  • 21. ...with seemingly unlimited growth potential e . siz r een os ts. c nt c w ss e follo opm tial e vel ten od t po so d a rke telyM a tun for Un E.g., (Widget Bazaar since July 2009)
  • 22. Price ofappsapproachingzero.(Ad funding only works when you have millions of users)
  • 23. Hits arerandom andveryinfrequent.(And no one has a formulae for developing a hit.)
  • 24. Decide todevelop orpublish.
  • 25. Know whoyou aredevelopingfor.
  • 26. Track andanalyze yourusers.
  • 27. Agenda for today3 Trends and forward-looking statements...
  • 28. My application store ecosystem prediction > > > > > + X < < < < <............................................................................ X X X
  • 29. My contact information Questions? Be in touch! Mr. Petteri Vainikka, VP Business Development email: petteri.vainikka@leiki.com skype: petteri.vainikka mobile: +358 50 5845350