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DJ Radio Market Analyse


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  • 1. DJ Radio Live Session BroadcastingMarket Analysis
  • 2. Industry Overview Every so often, the tectonic plates of mainstreammusical taste shift. In the 1960s, there was the BritishInvasion, followed by disco in the 1970s and the rise ofglam metal in the 1980s. The 1990s saw the advent ofgrunge and the resurgence of boy bands, followed by hip-hop‟s hegemony in the 2000s. Now, the tables are turningagain. Electronic dance music, better known as EDM, hasfinally surged from its underground roots and intomainstream consciousness. DJs are the creators of new music, and they need newtools to supply their products and services. The lack ofsuch kind of tools is a problem for new marketdevelopment.
  • 3. DJ Radio: LIVE DJs session broadcasting DJ Radio is the LIVE Session broadcastingservice that allows clubbers, electronic musiclovers and DJ`s fans to listen and locate theirfavorite sessions world wide. It allows end-users to listen real DJ‟s “mixed” music, notjust tracks from a playlist. It doesn‟t allow to downloadtracks, only listen the streaming sound.
  • 4. Customer survey: DJs•Do you use Internet to promote your service? How doyou promote it now?•Would you like to broadcast your live session troughInternet?•What is the most important problems for you now inpromotion and selling of your service?
  • 5. Customer survey: music fans•How often do you visit disco clubs or DJs shows? Doyou have any favorite DJ?•Do you use social networks platforms such as Facebookand Twitter?•Would you like listen DJs live broadcasting sessionsand how much you are ready to pay for such service?
  • 6. Customer feedback summeryDuring the survey we questioned more that forty potential customers (face-to-facand trough Facebook inquiry).- Our customers (DJs) have 1 big problem – great competition on a DJ market. Sproblem is relevant for young and independent DJs.- They are interested in a new ways of promotion that could be add difference anunique features/attributes to their style and image.- Some independent DJs don‟t want to share their secrets in such way. But a lothem believes that such openness is the only way for the promotion and maybe fsales. Because internet and web at all made Music very cheap, and mostly for fr- Some of them are still interested in places and platforms where they could shartheir ideas and music for collaboration with other independent Creators, for examdirectors or people from movie or advertising industry (social advertising).
  • 7. Customer feedback summery••DJ‟s needs more promoters and talent agencies who can bring them into biggenightclubs and shows, i.e, they need PROMOTION SUPPORT.•They will like a platform, such as „fiverr‟, to connect different artists: vocalists,DJ‟s, producers, musicians...•Not all the DJ‟s use computers and software like Traktor to mix. There are a lo“old school” DJ‟s who just use vinyl, CD‟s or USB pens.•For small and independent DJ‟s, it‟s hard people follow their personal Twitteraccount, so it can be even harder to make them follow two different accounts.Fans are using social network platforms, many visits clubs and shows more oftethan one time per week ready to subscribe for DJ Radio service and pay from $to $20 per year.
  • 8. Improvement DJ Radio functionality based on customer feedbackDevelop functionality that will help to connect different artists: vocalists, DJ‟s,producers, musicians on the DJ Radio platformMake able to use DJ Radio for DJ‟s who doesn‟t use computers and software likTraktor to mix, who are “old school” DJ‟s and use just vinyl, CD‟s or USB pens.Provide integration with Facebook and Twitter account for DJ Radio users
  • 9. Market Overview Based on results of our survey and fact thatDJs mostly use social platforms to promote theircreativity to audience, we decide to useFacebook data for potential market estimation.• Facebook Users 901,000,000• 18-24 year (29%) 261,290,000• 24-35 year (23%) 207,230,000• % who likes Live Electronic Music (15%)• 18-24 year (29%) 39,193,500• 24-35 year (23%) 31,084,500 Available Market 70,278,000• % who´ll by the service (20%)• 18-24 year (29%) 7,838,700• 24-35 year (23%) 6,216,900 Served Available Market 14,055,600
  • 10. Conclusion- Feedback from potential customers supports our idea of DJ Radio- Market analysis shows the big potential of EDM (electronic dancemusic) market- EDM market continue to grow quickly- Based on the assumption that our market share will be at least10% of total served market with price of yearly subscription $5 theannual revenue of DJ Radio can reach more than $7 millions
  • 11. Thank you forattention! DJ Radio Live Broadcasting