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Smiley Solutions

  1. 1. THE PROPOSAL Introduction Promotion is not just advertising it is in instead a planned series of activities used to send out consistent positive messages to existing and potential customer’s .Associating with Smiley rewards program just ensures your product/brand to be in a perfect platform. As our market surveys are convincing enough to conclude that ‘below-the-line’ promotion is far effective, can be made target specific and also measured. Our program combines the best of the methodology and these include:  General and targeted Events  Flyers & Brochures  Direct mailing  SMS campaigning  Online Banners And in track we have come up with the concept of creating a pool of privileged customers through Smiley Rewards program. Now why do you need the Smiley reward program? Your brand + Smiley = increased brand awareness + Maintaining customer-brand relationship + Unlock the potential untapped customers + Increase market share by widening customer base We have two Three modes of solutions for your brand Solution 1: Smiley Platinum Edition  Prized at Rs.2499, the platinum edition focuses at the creamy layer of the society and is primarily a dine in and beverage oriented product.
  2. 2.  The features include up to 50% discount on dining at the best restaurants in India.  It will also give the customer reward points based on the purchase.  3 star and above rated cuisines will be featured in the booklet given to the customers.  Customers will be encouraged to use the outlets featured in the booklet as their platinum membership entitles them up to 50 % on their food billing.  The booklet given to the customers will have all features and specialties of the cuisine giving the participating outlets greater reach.  The outlet/cuisine is thus is listed on our website and all our print materials given to customers giving your band more visibility.  Our exclusive membership brings the most sociable clientele together with the finest restaurants and bars.  Overall you'll get - Increased visibility, footfalls and revenue. Solution 2: Smiley Gold Edition  Prized at Rs.800, it’s made for all sections of society and offers privileges in all segments.  The brand will be a part of print materials, websites etc.  Branding will be a part of events and promotional activities. Solution 3: Smiley Co-Branded Edition  The above two solutions can be passed onto your customers by providing them a co-branded Smiley card.  Give your customers added privileges of availing special offers from
  3. 3. more than 102 outlets in Kerala from the best brands.  Improve your customer relation by implementing and encouraging rewards system for customers using your products/services.  Build a strong relationship with your customers by giving them more than life offers.  Co-branding will unlock your brand potential and since this card alone offers multiple benefits ensuring that the card is effectively used by the customers. Proposed Services: Common  Your logo will be a part of : o the website ””, o print materials given to customers, o print properties at events such as flux, tickets, posters etc  Cost sharing for Specific client promotional activities: Your branding will be a standard feature for all our events, but however at instances where a client requires a lead generation or aggressive marketing tools or events the client shall bare or share the event expenses based on the type of activity.  Confirmed consolidated sales through Cash vouchers purchased by us at discounted rates which will be given to customers as incentives for their reward points.  Access to all events conducted every month to ensure an increased customer interaction and that the brand reaches out to all sections. Your brand will be a part in the branding space available. The type of events conducted are: o Customer interactive events at shopping malls o DJ party o Dine-in corporate networking party o Competitions and shows for all age groups
  4. 4.  Concept Events: Other than regular promotional event mega concept events shall be conceived and executed by Smiley Concepts which will be a mass endorsement campaign with both high frenzy media publicity and on ground publicity stunts. The two concepts currently being worked are:  Style Icon Awards  Walkathon Kochi  Rock Carnival Kochi  Client services information can be sent to the card holders during dispatch of cards/newsletters  Within four months we plan to launch in 4 more cities:-Calicut, Thrissur, Trivandrum, Kottayam and plan to launch across major metros across India within one year.  Our marketing system helps us in adding 20,000 members every month.  Gift Vouchers of various denominations to be provided for free every month for promotional activity Summary  Exclusive branding across India by means of:  Website  Brochures and other print materials  Event banners and tickets  Promotional SMS  Promotional events and campaigns at all touch points.  Measurable increase in sales and foot falls through cash vouchers circulated to customers.  Increase in brand awareness among customers.  Market penetration by widening customer base.  Encouraging new customers through privileged offers.  Fee applicable for clients based on choice of solution.
  5. 5. This is what we can do to your brand Chart Title 4.5 4.2 4 3.5 3 3.5 3 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 Before Smiley 0.5 After Smiley 0 Brand Awareness Consolidated Sales Promotional events Market Development Ad campaign touch point report Press Online Banner Radio 30-50 age group Television 23-30 age group Posters 15-23 age group Flyers & brochures At general event 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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