Movreak for Android with Samsung AllShare Framework Integration


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This slide about Movreak for Android, with Samsung AllShare Framework Integration. Prepared for Samsung Developer Competition in Indonesia.

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Movreak for Android with Samsung AllShare Framework Integration

  1. 1. app around movies and cinemas
  2. 2. 3 years ago #1 introduced with an iPhone app
  3. 3. since 3 years ago, we change the way users check movies’ show time *above screenshots show the first version in iOS
  4. 4. of its kind in Indonesia, at that time
  5. 5. launched in 30.03.13
  6. 6. Movreak is on all platforms
  7. 7. Stores download links id370800328?mt=8 ce0402b7-872b-40de-a030-e9a03fc331cf id=com.dycode.movreak 21792746/?countrycode=ID movreak/68b14e62-c6ff-4036-99ad-4de98daf48ee
  8. 8. 70,000 downloads* *only for Indonesia. Not included preloaded on Nokia Lumia Windows Phone
  9. 9. 8,000 registered users
  10. 10. 8,000 user-generated reviews
  11. 11. 150,000 hits per day
  12. 12. Movreak for Android
  13. 13. view now playing movies in you city view next days showtimes nearby playing movies
  14. 14. movie rating at a glance showtime in every theaters share, check seats on each showtime
  15. 15. view movie details & synopsis mark movie as “watched” view this movie’s reviews view movie trailer & movie details at IMDB
  16. 16. theater list on selected city
  17. 17. search any movies, on cinemas or not
  18. 18. view user reviews like, reply, quote a review contribute reviews filter reviews
  19. 19. let’s the discussion goes on!
  20. 20. keep track movies you’ve watched!
  21. 21. Movreak integration with Samsung’s AllShare
  22. 22. On movie detail, trailer button is visible if there’s a trailer video available
  23. 23. Tap on trailer button will start playing the video inline AllShare button can be tapped to start streaming video to AllShare devices AllShare button
  24. 24. Tapping on AllShare button will display this screen Remote video file will be download first to the device, as AllShare doesn’t support sharing video from remote URL yet
  25. 25. After video is downloaded, it will be played immediately Tap AllShare button to select AllShare device to stream the video to
  26. 26. If somehow the Android device doesn’t support AllShare, this alert will be prompted
  27. 27. If there’re AllShare compatible devices in the local network, they will be listed here. In this case, Samsung Smart TV LED 40”
  28. 28. Select a device and the video will be streamed immediately
  29. 29. | @movreak |
  30. 30. DyCode @dycode @andri_yadi