iOS Development - Offline Class for Jasakomer
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iOS Development - Offline Class for Jasakomer



A slide I presented yesterday on Offline Class of Jasakom - one of a biggest hacker community in Indonesia. ...

A slide I presented yesterday on Offline Class of Jasakom - one of a biggest hacker community in Indonesia.
This slide is quite similar with my previous slides of the same topic, but with more and updated content.



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iOS Development - Offline Class for Jasakomer iOS Development - Offline Class for Jasakomer Presentation Transcript

  • Introduction to iOS Development Offline Class Jasakomer (Special iOS), April 15, 2012 Andri Yadi President, ID-ObjC | CEO, DyCode @andri_yadi | a (at) dycode (dot) com
  • about me
  • ID-ObjectiveCPresidentThe first & largest iOS & OSXdeveloper community in Indonesia
  • 4 years in a row
  • 2011 - now
  • start a company & code for food9 years in mobile development
  • a movie freak
  • iOS Devices
  • Start developing iOS apps Today! 21
  • Xcode iOS Simulator iOS Developer Library
  • Required Stuffs
  • Latest iOS SDK
  • Installing Tools 27
  • Optional Stuffs
  • Actual iOS devices
  • For debugging to device & deployment to AppStore
  • Some development stuffs
  • Objective-CC + OOP ≠ C++
  • A superset of C: Objective-C Advantages:• Syntactical convention for defining • Dynamic typing: classes & method enables to determine the class of an object• Syntax for method invocation at runtime• Syntax for declaring & synthesizing • Dynamic binding: properties allows to determine the method to call at• Static & dynamic typing runtime instead of at compile-time• Blocks • Dynamic loading:• Extension: protocol & categories allows to add modules of code & other resources at runtime.
  • Classes & Objects
  • Methods & Messaging [aMutableArray insertObject:anObject atIndex:0];[[self aMutableArray] insertObject:anObject atIndex:0]; [self.aMutableArray insertObject:anObject atIndex:0];
  • Blocksint result = myBlock(4);
  • Protocols & CategoriesProtocol == Interface in other OOP language (Java, C#)@interface NowPlayingController :UIViewController<UIScrollViewDelegate, ProfileViewDelegate> {}@end@protocol ProfileViewDelegate- (void)profileView:(ProfileView *)profileView doSignInWith:(AuthProviderType)signInType sender:(id)sender;@optional- (void)profileView:(ProfileView *)profileView doSignOut:(id)sender;@endCategory, enables to extend a class without subclassing it@interface NSDate (Additions)+ (NSDate *)dateFromTimeString:(NSString*)timeString;+ (NSDate *)dateWithJSONString:(NSString *)json;- (NSDate *)dateByAddingDays:(NSInteger)numDays;- (NSDate *)dateByAddingHours:(NSInteger)numHours;@end
  • More details:
  • Design Pattern
  • Model-View-Controller design pattern
  • NowPlayingControllerNowPlaying NowPlayingView Model-View-Controller design pattern
  • Memory Management Reference countingNo garbage collector support (yet) Autorelease Pool
  • iOS frameworks
  • Enable apps to store user documents and key value data Push changes to all user’s computers and devicesStorage
  • Easily integrate Tweet SheetAccess system-wide Twitter accountfrom within appWrap OAuth request & response
  • Memory management becomes compiler’s job No need to deal with retain & release by yourself Manually enabled in Xcode It’s NOT a garbage collector!Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)
  • Layout the app’s workflow & design user interfaces Specify transitions & segues between views Can be loaded dynamicallyStoryboard
  • Image processing framework finally comes to iOS Provides built-in filters: color effect, distortions, transitions Advanced features: red-eye reduction, face recognitionCoreImage
  • Take advantage of the latest hardwareGLKit: new high-level frameworkApple-developed OpenGL ES extensions
  • Cocoa TouchFoundation, UIKit, Multi-Touch Gestures
  • GraphicsCore Graphics, Core Animation, Core Image, Core Text, OpenGL ES
  • CoreDataDatabase, Object-Relational Mapping, optimized for mobile - > 1 million objects store
  • Audio & VideoMedia player, Core Audio & OpenAL, iPod library, HTTP Live Streaming
  • NetworkingBonjour, Peer to peer, WebKit framework, BSD socket
  • Core Location & MapKit
  • MultitaskingNew kind of multitasking
  • External display support
  • AirPrintWireless printing to AirPrint-enabled printers. Hack available
  • Push & Local Notification
  • Game CenterSocial gaming platform
  • iAdIntegrated advertising platform
  • In-App PurchasePayment inside applications
  • Human Interface Design
  • GUI Elements
  • Storyboard
  • The app will look like these
  • App Store Submission
  • Finally, on the App Store
  • you app can use this badge!
  • Everything is here:
  • Let’s see some code
  • If you think you’reawesome, either mobiledeveloper guru or stillearly learner, send yourawesome CV