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Intra Oral X-Ray

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K 2100

  1. 1. Kodak 2100Intraoral X-ray SystemSimple and affordable high frequency x-ray unit.With the Kodak 2100 intraoral x-ray system, high frequency technologyis more affordable than ever. Designed for dental professional seekingease of use and reliability, it provides high quality results for accurateand safe diagnoses. Its flexible and smart design helps meet the needsof almost any practice.Consistent and safe diagnoses.Because the safety of your patients and your staffis a key priority, the Kodak 2100 system featuresa high frequency generator to help you obtain highimage quality while minimizing radiation exposure.Digital and conventional.Adapted to every type of imaging technology,the system operates with both film and digitalradiography, including the new Kodak CR 7400digital radiography system and KodakRVG digital radiography systems.Easy and fast settings.The very simple control of the electronic timerhelps you to quickly and easily select the correctexposure settings. Exposure times are clearlydisplayed on the timer. The Kodak 2100 system includesexposure settings for Kodak dental film and Kodak digitalradiography systems to help you optimize exposure timedepending on the type of detector used.Better patient protection.The very high frequency technology reduces the radiationexposure up to 30% in comparison with a standard generator.This system maximizes useful rays to significantly reducelevels of radiation. Conventional (AC) technology -30% Useful radiation Harmful radiation High frequency (DC) technology
  2. 2. New design and flexibilityfor greater efficiency.Accurate images, effortlessly.The 60 kV high frequency generator provides the best compromise betweencontrast and image definition. Complete with a 0.7 mm focal spot, it helps you obtainsharp and contrasted images for easy diagnosis. The new cone design facilitatesthe correct alignment of the x-ray tube head with the detector, and reduces the riskof cone-cutting images.Smart and flexible design.With its compact, lightweight and pleasing design, the Kodak 2100 system canfit into most practices. The system includes a timer, which can be mounted remotelyor directly on the unit. Four mounting positions and three arm lengths ensure thatthe system can be adapted to all active areas. The system offers an extensive rangeof accessories to help meet different diagnostic needs.Long-term piece of mind.Because Kodak is the only dental company to engineer and manufacture the entireimage chain including the x-ray tube, Kodaks dental products are truly integratedsystems with comprehensive service and support. Thats why we offer a 5 yearwarranty: the first 2 years for all the components of the Kodak 2100 systemand the remaining 3 years (calculated on its prorated value) for the x-ray tube.* * Service and support plans vary by regionTECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS and country. Please contact your local Kodak representative for more information.X-ray generator:300 kHz Very High FrequencyFocal spot: 872 mm 1 255 mm0.7 mm CEI 514 mmTube current:60 kV 19 mm R (mm)Mounting options:Wall (horizontal right and left, vertical), ceiling, mobile, floor 1 200 mm R (mm)3 arm lengths available:Short (170 cm / 67 in.), Standard (188 cm / 74 in.), Long (205 cm / 81 in.) 180˚ 135 mm2 types of timer:Dual-installation layout: remote (close to the unit A (mm) 303 mmor outside the treatment room) or integrated to the unit B (mm)Timer settings: R B R BManual time settings, film or digital mode 470 757 470 1 700 648 935 648 1 880Options and accessories: 825 1 112 825 2 050Synchronization link with RVG system,collimators (size A, B, C), long cone (30 cm / 12 in.) SM XXX - 03/03/2006 KODAK INFOLINE © Eastman Kodak Company 2006. Free phone – United Kingdom: 0800 89 51 13 - Ireland: 1800 55 49 97 Kodak, Trophy and RVG are trademarks Denmark: 800 171 49 - Norway: 800 11 167 of Eastman Kodak Company. Other countries: +49 (711) 406-3910 - Greece: (01) 689 8620 or visit: www.kodak.com/dental