Andrew Williams, Jr., Managing Director
1820 West Florence Avenue, Unit 148, Los Angeles, California 90047 USA

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Wilcomnetllc.Fee Protection Agreement.Generic


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Wilcomnetllc.Fee Protection Agreement.Generic
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Wilcomnetllc.Fee Protection Agreement.Generic

  1. 1. Andrew Williams, Jr., Managing Director 1820 West Florence Avenue, Unit 148, Los Angeles, California 90047 USA Phone/Fax: 888-802-8599 * Mobile: 424-222-1997 * FEE PROTECTION AGREEMENT This Agreement is made this ____ day of ______________ 20____ between _______ , (hereinafter, “PARTY A”) and Andrew Williams Jr., doing business as Wilcomnet, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company (hereinafter, “PARTY B”), The undersigned parties hereby irrevocable guarantee with full individual and company responsibility and authority under penalty of perjury to provide Fee Protection by sharing of the money, commission, fee and payment to be received from business connection and contacts generated from transactions initiated or completed within twelve (12) months from the date this fee protection agreement is executed. PARTY A and PARTY B hereby agree to abide by the Non disclosure and Non–circumvention rules as set forth by the International Chamber of Commerce of the United States. PARTY A hereby agrees to pay PARTY B, upon completion of any transaction introduced by Party B an amount to be determined and identified by schedules(s) exhibit(s) and amendment(s) attached to and incorporated within this fee protection agreement. PARTY A will pay PARTY B an agreed upon percentage to be determined on a case-by-case basis (TBD) of any and all net funds generated pursuant to the schedule attached hereto and made a part hereof. This Fee Protection Agreement will cover the above-listed parties and their affiliated members in their groups at least for the term of the contract for the entire action plus roll-overs and extensions through the same parties. The undersigned agree to provide the beneficiaries with all necessary information in respect of conclusion concerning this and in all further transactions following this transaction and disclosure of the involved parties. This Fee Protection Agreement is assignable and transferable by the beneficiary, designates or heirs, and shall not be amended without express written consent of both parties. With respect to any individual outside the jurisdictions of the State of California to resolve any discrepancies, a mediator will be signed to determine where any legal matters is to be resolved, it is further understood that the party at fault as so determined by a court of law, will also pay all legal expenses incurred by the offended party(ies) in recovering the funds and/or commissions as agreed upon. ARBITRATION: All disputes in connection with this contract, or the execution thereof, shall be settled by amicable negotiation; venue to be California USA, and in the English Language. In the event where no settlement can be reach, the case under dispute shall be finally settled under the rules of reconciliation and arbitration of the Jury Court in California, United States of America, by one or more arbitrators in accordance with said rules. The decision of arbitration board shall be accepted as final and binding. The prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable cost and attorney’s fees. PARTY A: PARTY B: Wilcomnet, LLC _______________________________________ . _______________________________________ Andrew Williams Jr.