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5      Editor’s Letter                           19   Community Events                                                    ...
volved in a nonprofit organization or you would
ready done and that praise is our ultimate weapon
against the enemy – wow, sounds like part of the
journey toward ‘gratitu...
Lets discuss a number of options.
money may earn) you need to set aside just under        ment, there is the risk of losing money. Steer clear
$4.81 a week ...
discovering the what, why, and how; what peo-
A life-skills program for girls 9-14. Click here for more information or email us at:

Spotlight on Entertainment
  In the Vegas Valley

                                     ow th...
Independence Day, From Where I Sit                    cannot accomplish.” All too often we forget we      places as parks,...
has the job of ensuring that your Will is properly
taken for their health in the event that they are
no longer able to make decisions due to illness or
incapacity. This docu...
You will find excellent buys on luxury items such
ed through a Governmental Affairs person.
sociated with the rise of the large grant making
foundation in the US in the early twentieth cen-
tury, and its replicatio...
Events in the Las Vegas Community                               Science of the Human Body                       munication...
lip balm every hour or two to treat dry lips and to
• When balancing unevenly shaped lips, use
lighter colored lipstick on the smaller-sized lip.
    • For lipstick to last, ...
When she takes a break from her sketching and
she finds larger projects enjoyable and gives her
the opportunity to utilize her larger than life skills.
    National Arti...
book, movie, Oprah article or Ellen guest talking
Play the Game                        are accepting the award, winning the trip. Practice       I’ll never be any good at i...
in dressed in hues of purple and gray. The 25
“Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”
No offense to Ray’s fans, but he sang Ray’s song
music; specifically the sounds that are fused by the
union of folk, country, rhythm & blues and rock &
roll. By definition, ...
VIM’s Poetry Corner
Quick Hair Maintenance Tips
             By Durline “Dee” Tibbs

• Avoid hot water when shampooing -- use
 cool water... i...
Hart is part of the successful musical Hart
was voted “Show of the Decade” by European
theater fans.   Hart directed and starred in all
productions of “Sisterella,” w...
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Lillian McMorris.Vegas Interactive Magazine Volume 2 2009


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Lillian McMorris.Vegas Interactive Magazine Volume 2 2009

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Lillian McMorris.Vegas Interactive Magazine Volume 2 2009

  1. 1. TM VE GAS I NTE R A C T I V E M AGAZ I NE VOLUME 2 • JULY / AUGUST 2009 “PRAISE” The “Hart” of Las Vegas Financial Literacy and Your Family Investments that Interest Your Child $2.95 U.S. How to Play the Game... The Secret to the Law of Attraction (800) 889-0024 VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 1 FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  3. 3. TM VE GAS I NTE R A C T I V E M AGAZ I NE Features 7 Financial Literacy & 25 How to Play the Game... Your Family The secret - wealth begins Explains investments and financ- within. Your underlying motives es that interest your child. In- and your intentions must be to cludes stocks, mutual funds and the good. other investment vehicles. How can they realistically become a part of the decisions. 30 Michael Grimm 13 Where there’s a Will, 34 “PRAISE” the Hart Be enchanted and blown away there’s a Way! of Las Vegas as you rock the house with Provide your loved ones with Enjoy a fully orchestrated non- Michael Grimm. guidelines on how to conserve secular musical from the “heart” and distribute assets. What does of Larry Hart. your ‘Will’ consist of? VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 3 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  4. 4. 5 Editor’s Letter 19 Community Events TM VIM is geared to our online and off Meet, greet and network your line readers with content to hold your business; discover the child in you. interest. VE GAS I NTE R A C T I V E M AGAZ I NE 20 Beauty -- Lip Service 9 The Science of Human Behavior Maintain soft and healthy lips; avoid Eliminate assumptions, recognize per- dry, chapped or cracked lips by Editor Lillian McMorris sonality types and understand human keeping them moisturized. President Amie Jo Greer behavior. Vice President Theresa Goss 22 Dorothy Allen, Artist 11 Entertainment News “Too Blessed to Be Stressed”, art Entertainment, like the weather, heats created with character. Assistant Editors: up in Las Vegas. 28 Las Vegas Mass Choir Business Raenel 12 Independence Day Hallowed voices blended together Entertainment Amie Jo America and Americans stand for Lib- ministering through music. Beauty Esperanza erty, Justice and Freedom. “The price Literary Rosemarie of freedom is eternal vigilance”. 29 Book Review What really makes men tick? Steve Contributing Writers: 15 America’s Paradise Harvey lets you inside the mind of Lorretta Denson, Durline Tibbs, St. Thomas is a unique blend of island most men. Debbie Hall and Kimber Bosley, MA music and American practicality. 32 Talent from the Heart 17 NP Organization: Part 1 of 5 Talent shared from the heart “Imagine”, Art Director Theresa Goss Your non profit should have a myriad the spoken words of Woody Woods. Production C4S Productions of resources to generate funds and enhance your community based 33 Quick Hair Tips Copyright © 2009 Vegas Interactive Magazine All Rights Reserved. program. Different ways to repair your hair. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 4 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  5. 5. volved in a nonprofit organization or you would like to start one, you’ll enjoy part one of a five-part series, “How to Create a High-Impact Nonprofit Or- ganization”, begins in this issue. Letter from the Editor For our literary family of readers there is an interesting but controversial book review of “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”; written by come- H ow exciting it is to be selecting mate- In this month’s issue you will find articles that dian, Steve Harvey. We also invite you to enjoy our rial for the second issue of VIM (Ve- pertain to business and financial literacy. It is special “spoken word” artist, Woody Woods. Most gas Interactive Magazine), our digital important that we begin to talk to our children people only hear him play and sing, now he is tak- interactive magazine. The popularity of e-zines is early about financial literacy, ing his feelings and lyrics to another currently escalating but downloadable content i.e., working and saving. It is our level. This particular piece he has still remains a virtually untapped growth market. responsibility as parents to make shared with us will really make you As with many new and experimental ventures sure they understand that their think, emotionally speaking. some have surpassed expectations and some financial future is in their hands. Do Music is either soothing or brings have failed miserably. We recognize that our read- you know how to find the gratitude excitement; you get both from the ers are online as well as offline; our publication is in your life? We will assist you in blended, hallowed voices of the Las geared toward people that like to communicate in your journey since gratitude is the Vegas Mass Choir, directed by James both ways. Our digital interactive magazine is de- greatest determining factor to your R. Smith with special guest Pastor signed with content that holds the interest of our obtaining a life filled with love, joy and prosperity; Beverly Crawford. Pastor Crawford is an Evange- readers with an attracitve format and interesting other words for Success. list, Stellar Gospel Music Award winner and JDI information that keeps them engaged and coming No one wants to think about the end of life, but Recording Artist. Between moving performances back for more. we must. We are sharing with you, our readers, ed- of “Victory Comes” and her number one hit “He’s Due to the overwhelming response we re- ucational information referencing the importance Done Enough”, Crawford ministered on the im- ceived from both our readers and contributing of estate planning and the legal aspect of doing portance of balancing our lives, loving you, giv- writers, we seem to be doing something right! just that. We also have information if you are in- ing your higher power thanks for what he has al- VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 5 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  6. 6. ready done and that praise is our ultimate weapon against the enemy – wow, sounds like part of the journey toward ‘gratitude’. We do our best to make sure we have fun and provide thought provoking articles in VIM, i.e., en- tertainment information, places to travel, commu- nity highlights, beauty tips and hair tips – speaking of which, we have always been advised to drink water to hydrate and cleanse our bodies – tip of the day, we should increase our water intake espe- cially during the summer to keep our hair moistur- ized and lips looking fresh. There is so much hidden talent in Las Vegas! National artist Dorothy Allen, “Too Blessed to Be Stressed”, has lived in Las Vegas since 1942; paint- ing, drawing and creating. We are delighted to share her story with you. We will also revisit the true meaning of Independence Day, also known as the Fourth of July; we’ll consider how immigrant families have prospered, how fireworks were first formulated in China and remember what it truly means to be an American. So what are you waiting for? Read on to be en- lightened, entertained and empowered . For more information feel free to contact me at or call 800-889-0024. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 6 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  7. 7. Lets discuss a number of options. * Develop a system for you and your child to put money aside on a regular basis. For example, your child has a job and has set a goal to have Financial Literacy & Your Family $500 for a new ___ (you fill in the blank) two years from today. That means (ignoring interest your By Andrew Williams, Jr. week, 50 weeks a year, for an average of 30 or 40 T alking to your kids about money re- years. Money at work is when a portion of every quires that you explain the concepts in dollar you have earned or received is saved or put ways that young minds can understand. aside. If you invest it wisely, this money can make When our young people realize that money deci- money for you. sions determine 90% of the decisions they make Our students can start learning about stocks, in life, such as whether or not they can afford to mutual funds and other investment vehicles, from spend time with their friends; where they buy their the following sources: clothes; whether they can purchase one music CD * Parents. this week or two, the concept of saving and having * Talk to your school about setting up an money will become very clear and important. investment club. Here is a simple overview of how to * Visit web sites about investing for minors begin the conversation with your kids. * Have a goal; perhaps it is to retire at age 30 to Start the conversation by explaining that there take the pressure off your folks and pay a por- are two ways to make money; people at work and tion of your own college education, or to save money at work. People at work is when one actu- enough money for your first car. ally works a part-time job, i.e., cutting the lawn, * Decide the amount you need and the date cleaning the garage or doing dishes to earn mon- you want the money to be available. ey. Most adults work full-time, about 40 hours a * Include your children in saving for the future. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 7 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  8. 8. money may earn) you need to set aside just under ment, there is the risk of losing money. Steer clear $4.81 a week (4.81 x 104 weeks = $500.24). of hunches or companies that simply have names * Figure out where the money will come from. that sound intriguing. Some minors take a percentage of everything they As Managing Director of ABC Financial Lit- earn or receive (such as 20%) and put it toward eracy (, I am honored their wealth-building goal. Others talk to their par- to introduce a Financial Literacy DVD in support ents or grandparents about “seed” money (an ini- of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial tial amount of money invested to build wealth). Literacy MoneyMath curriculum (http://www.trea- * Select investments that interest your child, whether nance/financial-institution/ it is shares of their favorite fin-education/council/les- apparel store at the mall, sonsforlife.shtml), the FDIC electronic game manufac- MoneySmart program for turer, computer, etc. When Young Adults (http://www. an individual buys ten shares of, for example, Dell sumer/moneysmart/young. Computers, explain that this html), and the U.S. Treasury makes your child a part own- Department (http://www. er in the company. That is also why some minors mymoney initiatives. put companies such as Disney, Nike, The Gap and For more information email Andrew at AWillia McDonald’s on their stocks-to-study list. * Stick with quality. That goes back to doing (Acknowledging the support of X2-USA your homework as a parent. Remember, the goal (, for helping to promote is to make money, not lose it. Find a company you financial literacy through ABC Financial Literacy and your child like and that looks to be a quality and http://www. investment. Keep in mind that with any invest- VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 8 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  9. 9. discovering the what, why, and how; what peo- ple do, why they do it and how are they doing it. Although human behavior is compiled of many The Science of Human Behavior: different behaviors, we tend to deal with the most frequent components on a daily basis, i.e., Reading People Like a Book our emotions, body language, attitudes, opin- ions, and personality. In essence, we encounter By Kimber Bosley, Author & Consultant can help eliminate the countless assumptions one people who are dominant, inspiring, shy, and S uppose you are at a party and an attrac- typically makes during communication by allowing competent. tive person catches your eye? You walk up one to receive and process information efficiently. Recognizing one’s personality type is the to that individual and introduce yourself For instance, most of us could easily think that a stepping-stone to understanding human behav- but that person does not shake your hand firmly loud and dramatic person may have consumed an ior. So how can one achieve this? Completing a and barely makes eye contact. However, the facial excessive amount of alcohol, unaware that this is DISC Personality profile or assessment can assist expression of the individual appears to be caring the person’s normal behavior. Secondly, it acts as a others with this accomplishment. Furthermore, and friendly. You are enjoying the warmth, which remedy when it comes to poor judgment. Take for such books as, Communicating Silence: What Our this person exudes and continue to chat but still example a student sitting in the back of the class. Wordless Messages Reveal, discusses how DISC observe the lack of eye contact from this person Someone can immediately conclude that sitting in Personality types communicate nonverbally, act of interest. Eye contact is very important to you so the back of a room is a sign of disinterest. as a guide to help people gain insight into com- you begin to take offense or presume the worst by So what does basic Human Behavior Sci- mon human behavior, thereby making it easier for telling yourself, “maybe this person is not being ence mean? Thanks to popular TV shows such as people to read others. honest” or “perhaps I am not charming enough” or “Lie To Me”, viewers are not only entertained by “I am not going to waste my time, I am leaving!” Dr. Lightman’s character and his team of experts Kimber Bosley is the Author of“Communicating Si- Many of us may have experienced or can re- but they observe how these detectives find out if lence: What Our Wordless Messages Reveal” and is in late to this particular scenario, which is why gain- someone is being truthful or dishonest. But that is the process of writing a second book, entitled “All ing insight into basic Human Behavior Science is just one aspect of Human Behavior. It implies more Things To All People”. useful and essential in our everyday lives. First, it than just uncovering deceit or honesty; it means VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 9 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  10. 10. A life-skills program for girls 9-14. Click here for more information or email us at: VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 10 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  11. 11. Spotlight on Entertainment In the Vegas Valley N ow that the 3rd, followed by Ghalib Ghallab July 10th, Bobby weather C and the Windy City Band July17th. On July 24th has started Free Jazz Friday moves to Aliante Station Casino to heat up, so has the featuring the Brother’s Ali and then back to Red entertainment in Las Rock Station on the 31st with Knights of Monte Vegas. Unique to most Carlo. And if that’s not enough Jazz for you, check cities, Las Vegas hotels out Kenny G at the Orleans Hotel & Casino July 10th, By Loretta have one of the most Ottmar Liebert at Boulder Station on July 17th and beautiful pool areas. This year, the place to be for Brian McKnight will be playing with Brandy at the live local Jazz is Poolside at Red Rock Casino & Star of The Desert Arena at Primm Valley Resorts in Hotel in Summerlin. Red Rock Casino and Smooth Primm! And that’s just what’s going on in the Jazz Jazz 105.7 The Oasis have teamed up to offer ‘Free Community!!! Jazz Fridays”. Every Friday you can relax by the pool and listen to live Smooth Jazz music from 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. absolutely free! Arrive early Loretta is a contributing writer for Vegas Interac- tive Magazine and Producer / Distributor of Jazz to grab your spot because the word is out and and R&B This Week. For more entertainment loca- the party is on. The month of July has a line-up of tions or to subscribe to Jazz and R&B This Week, fabulous performers. Will Thurmond and Friends send an email to: will kick off your 4 of July weekend on Friday July th VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 11 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  12. 12. Independence Day, From Where I Sit cannot accomplish.” All too often we forget we places as parks, arenas and back yards. By Lillian McMorris are a nation of immigrants; America has opened Fourth of July or Independence Day Celebra- its doors when others closed. We brought in the tions are not complete without the fireworks dis- “Where liberty dwells, there is my country” tired, and the sick. We have helped an undeter- plays. The documentation of fireworks date back Benjamin Franklin mined amount of people around the world. We, to 12th century China, where they were first used F or most Americans Independence Day the American people, stand for liberty, freedom to frighten away evil spirits with their loud sound is a day of memories and celebrations. and democracy. and also to pray for happiness and prosperity. Each year a very close friend of mine of The “Fourth of July” is a federal holiday com- Pyrotechnicians were and are well-respected for Swiss heritage tells the story of his father coming memorating the adoption of the Declaration of their knowledge and skill in mounting dazzling to America to pursue the American Dream. The Independence, which was signed on July 4, 1776. displays of light and sound. These displays are American Dream to him was to become a farmer. This declaration is the documentation of the cel- now an intricate part of the Fourth of July cel- His father was a Swiss Immigrant who was natu- ebration of the colonies’ separation from Great ebrations across the country. America’s earliest ralized as an American after he was drafted into Britain; therefore we honor the birthday of the settlers brought their enthusiasm for fireworks WWII and was forced to return to Europe and United States of America. A myriad of celebra- to the United States. Fireworks were used to cel- become part of a routed Army. On many occa- tions are commonplace across our nation on ebrate important events long before the Ameri- sions, more soldiers were killed in the rout than this date. Many public and private events occur, can Revolutionary War. The very first celebration in actual battle. Being a blessed individual, this political appearances and speeches as well as of Independence Day was in 1777. soldier survived and returned to America and ceremonies are planned and executed. Fami- We must remember that the 4th of July is more married his Iowa sweetheart, started a fam- lies attend parades, community fairs, picnics than fireworks, parades, cookouts and an oppor- ily and became a successful farmer. He lived to and barbeques celebrating the birthday, history tunity to display the American Flag. America and the ripe old age of 92. Most of us do not have and traditions of the United States. Decorations Americans stand for liberty, justice and freedom. such a story to tell and realize the real history which include streamers, balloons, and clothing We as Americans have paid and continue to pay of Independence Day also known as the Fourth are generally colored red, white, and blue, the the price of and for freedom over and over again, of July. Thus the truth in the statement of Ger- colors of the American Flag. Parades are often and will continue to do so. Freedom is not free; aldine Ferraro, “If you take advantage of every- in the morning, barbeques in the afternoon and it comes with a price tag. Jefferson said it best, thing America has to offer, there is nothing you fireworks displays occur in the evening at such “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 12 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  13. 13. has the job of ensuring that your Will is properly followed. It may also include provisions for your children and naming a Guardian. Be warned that you nominate this person(s), but a court may Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way! make the ultimate decision in some cases. While this is an unpleasant thought, your will can also include specific instructions for your funeral. This By Bonnie Rivera, Esquire attorney does not prepare them. can actually help your loved ones by providing P lan for your future!! This is one piece of A typical estate plan can contain explicit instructions based on your final wishes. advice that is actually true…planning for one document or many; it These carefully prepared documents along with when we are no longer around or are in- depends on your wealth, your a healthy life insurance policy can capable of speaking for ourselves, is necessary to family and your financial make a big difference in protect your loved ones, but it does not have to be needs. An estate plan can ensuring that your expensive or intimidating. Estate planning can be include many different family and possessions a complex and daunting task, which is why most documents - Wills, are maintained and people never do it. However, you don’t have to Codicils,Trusts, Durable distributed in accordance be rich or own property, an estate plan will sim- Power ofAttorney, a with your wishes. ply provide your loved ones with guidelines on Health Care Power Another important how to conserve and distribute your assets, even if of Attorney or document to have is a they are only a book and some clothes. Be warned Living Will, etc. Also, LIving Will also known as an that in many states where people die without a many states accept a holographic Advanced Directive or Health Care Will, the state is allowed to make these decisions - or non-written Will as legal. A basic Will Directive. This document provides would you want the state making these important covers the disposition of your personal property instructions for health care providers and very personal decisions? Also, keep in mind (bequeaths) to whomever you name and can also and your family in the event that you become that because these are personal documents, they have favorable tax consequences for your heirs. incapacitated or unable to speak for yourself. It will be deemed as valid in all 50 states even if an You can also name someone as the Executor, who can outline specifically what actions should be VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 13 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  14. 14. taken for their health in the event that they are no longer able to make decisions due to illness or incapacity. This document can be very basic and can be prepared without an attorney. Preparing estate-planning documents has be- come easier these days, as you do not need an at- torney!! There are many great online Will prepara- tion programs, books, computer software, which are all effective in creating this legal document. These programs also include other estate plan- ning documents so they are a valuable invest- ment in your future. Websites such as legalzoom. com, and, to name a few, have estate planning software available that is very simple to follow; just pay careful attention to the instructions regarding witnesses, signatures and notarizing. Should you have any questions or other legal concerns, please feel free to email Bonnie Rivera, Esquire, at VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 14 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  15. 15. You will find excellent buys on luxury items such as fine jewelry, watches, leather, island rums and perfumes. Visitors also enjoy authentic St. Thomas America’s Paradise wares such as local Cruzan Rums, fine wines, tropical resort wear, coffee and coffee liquors, all Travel duty free. The beaches in St Thomas are beautiful and By: Christy Cason, ACC a dangerous base for German forces. The US plentiful. Magens Bay Beach was listed as one of Owner Cason Travel & Tours purchased the Virgin Islands for $25 million in the world’s ten most beautiful beaches by National St. Thomas is one of three islands that com- gold. Prosperity showered the island. In the 1950’s Geographic, Morning Star Beach has an open air prise the US Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. the island became a tourist mecca and enjoys that restaurant and bar with windsurfing available and John). Affectionately known as “America’s Para- status today. More than one million cruise ship Sapphire Beach is great for snorkeling, parasailing dise”, St. Thomas is a unique blend of island music guests visit St. Thomas every year to enjoy the duty and other great water sports. and American practicality. As Capital of the island free shops, historic attractions, pristine beaches Visit St Thomas with Cason Travel & Tours, LLC group, the green mountainous St. Thomas offers and friendly locals. on a 7 night Southern Caribbean Cruise November every sport imaginable – snorkeling, flight seeing, The capital of St. Thomas is Charlotte Amalie; 8 – 15, 2009. Ports of call are: St Thomas, Dominica, golfing, hiking and sailing to name a few. From the the island covers an area of 32 square miles with Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua and St. Kitts. The ship beautiful scenery to the unsurpassed sunsets, St. a population of approximately 56,000. English will depart from San Juan Puerto Rico. Call 702- Thomas is as inviting as a cool, Caribbean breeze. is the official language and the U.S. dollar is the 642-2628 or 800-899-7690 for more information or During the First World War, US forces feared official currency of the Virgin Islands. St. Thomas visit . St. Thomas’ perfect port area might provide is the bargain shopping bazaar of the Caribbean. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 15 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  17. 17. ed through a Governmental Affairs person. The generation of a high impact nonprofit or- ganization will possess the tools needed to ensure How to... its target market receives the goods and/or servic- es that are required for success. Create a High-Impact Non-Profit Organization (Part 1 of 5) The Need for Nonprofits The need for nonprofits has been proven to By Andrea A. Woods, MA the organization continuously. be very beneficial to those in need of community M any people have attempted to There should also be a Development Director based services. People that are in the nonprofit establish a nonprofit organization that can provide the necessary programs to gener- sector have the desire to provide for those less that can provide a service that is ate funding (other than grants). The ideal fortunate. They have a selflessness that not being filled based on community needs. As donor database should list donors that is very honorable; something many defined by a demand-side stakeholder, these are have pledged a specific amount of people do not have. people that feel so strongly about the quality of money to the organization for a There are several specific the service provided and protection from moral minimum of five years. A Finan- types of nonprofit organizations: hazard that they decide to exercise control over cial Planner could also voluntary associa- the delivery of service themselves (Achier, 2005). help the De- tions, foun- Once the mission of the organization is estab- velopment dations, lished and warranted, the next most important as- Director and faith- pect in the creation of a high impact nonprofit or- implement based orga- ganization is the Board of Directors. Most people ongoing rev- nizations. do not realize that being a board member is more enue streams Vo lu nt a r y than sitting at a table and providing idle discussion for the organiza- associations are about the relevant cause. When choosing a Board tion. Any government rules private, membership-based member, the idea is to find someone that can pro- and regulations pertaining to the nonprofit organizations in which membership is non- vide a myriad of resources that can be utilized by should be researched, abided by and implement- compulsory. The modern foundation is often as- VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 17 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  18. 18. sociated with the rise of the large grant making foundation in the US in the early twentieth cen- tury, and its replication in other parts of the world, particularly in Europe after World War II. The faith- based organizations are specialized organizations formed by church clergy to help meet the human service needs in its congregation. They tend to be multi-purpose organizations that perform a wide range of functions, from operating homeless shel- ters, food banks, and neighborhood centers, to running job training and transportation programs (Achier, 2005). We have many nonprofits in our country. As citizens we believe in helping our communities in times of despair. Due to the need to help, the focus on the organization has to be the mission, as well as the target audience. The overall community necessities will remain the same, but the organizational type will help in determining the needs. Andrea A. Woods is the Community Relations Represen- tative for ‘Positively Kids’ VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 18 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  19. 19. Events in the Las Vegas Community Science of the Human Body munication mask and answers questions during By Debbie Hall of Collaborative Media Lied Discovery Children’s Museum, 833 North Las the feeding. Vegas Blvd., is a great place to take your children, For more information call the Silverton Casino Women in Construction grandchildren or discover the child in you. On Sat- Lodge at 702-263-7777 or visit their website www. The National Associa- urday, June 6, Grossology: The (Impolite) Science . tion of Women in Con- of the Human Body will open in the Cultural Gal- struction Las Vegas lery. Grossology is collaboration between Science Southern Nevada Zoological Botanical Park chapter’s general mem- World, Advanced Exhibits, and author Sylvia Bran- The Las Vegas Zoo is more than just a zoo, it is bership meeting is the zei, a teacher, microbiologist and curriculum de- a three-acre park that exhibits over 150 species of third Wednesday of each month at the Hampton signer who created the Grossology concept. Gros- plants and animals. The natural living campus is a Inn Tropicana. Networking begins at 5:30 p.m. sology uses animatronics and imaginative exhibits wonderful educational facility where students of with the program commencing at 6 p.m. For more to teach about runny noses, body odor and other any age actively participate in an exciting learning information, visit . unmentionables. Grossology will be on display experience about the environment. The menag- from June 6 through September 7. erie of animals include the last family of Barbary “Image is Everything” For information, visit . Adults $8, apes in the United States, endangered cats, eagles, ECCOCI/Boca Park’s Business and Fashion will pres- children 1-17/seniors $7 and children under 1 Free. emus, exotic reptiles, talking parrots and wallabies. ent “Image is Everything” networking events ev- The Southern Nevada Zoological Botanical Park is ery last Wednesday of the month from 5p.m. to 9 Travel to the Deep Blue Sea open daily from 9:00am –5:00pm and is located at p.m. at 750 S. Rampart, Suite 8. This monthly event The Silverton Casino Lodge is home to over 1775 N. Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada. gives Boca Park vendors and businesses the op- 4,000 tropical fish and three species of sharks and For more information visit their website www. portunity to meet, greet and network their busi- stingrays, they all live in a 117,000-gallon salt-wa- or call 702-647-4685. $8 adults,$6 ness. These events will also give Eccoci/Boca Park ter aquarium. This is an exciting free adventure for seniors and children ages 2-12, free for children 1 the opportunity to introduce Las Vegas women to the entire family. The aquarium and fish are visible and under. a new prospective in fashion. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Three times a day, For more information, call 702-949-5999, or visit (1:30, 4:30 and 7:30pm) there are interactive feed- . ings, a submerged marine biologist wears a com- VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 19 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  20. 20. lip balm every hour or two to treat dry lips and to keep them healthy. Using a lip balm with SPF of at least 15 will save lips from sun damage. ”Lip Service” • Licking your lips; it will cause more chapping. • Lip lickers also tend to be lip biters. Biting lips Healthy Lips removes their protective covering which causes further drying. Smooches !!! • Use lip balm to promote healing and preven- • Use a soft toothbrush to softly buff your lips Our lips are made for smiling, tion of chapped lips. to remove the deposit of dead cells that will cause talking, eating and sometimes • Ensure your body is not deficient in more drying and flaking. biting when nervous; but I be- B vitamins, iron or essential fatty acids. • Creamy lipsticks can act like balms and lieve they were made for kiss- Deficiencies can cause scaling of lips and prevent your lips from chapping. ing…now ask yourself do I want cracking of lip corners. You may want to Avoid using lipsticks that to look at, feel, touch or kiss dry/ consult with a physician or consider can dry out your lips. cracked/chapped lips? taking a multivitamin/mineral • Ordinary Vaseline By Esperanza In the summer it is very supplement. prevents sun blisters if important to maintain healthy lips since one may • Hydrate your body by drink- applied before venturing encounter increased burning. During the summer ing plenty of water. Dehydra- into the sun. one may have dry, chapped or cracked lips. Dry lips tion can cause dryness of While keeping lips moistur- may split and bleed causing immense discomfort. lips. Increase your water in- ized is vital for lip health, fashion Be reminded that our lips do not have the layers of take during the summer to is still a must! protection that the rest of our bodies do, they are keep your lips looking fresh. Below you will find some helpful lip- more sensitive and require specific care. • Rule out allergy to lipstick dyes. stick tips: Moisture and proper care is necessary for soft • If in spite of water intake your lips seem dehy- • If you’re wearing heavy eye make- and healthy lips. This care can be achieved by uti- drated, apply cool wet cloth to hydrate lips. Also up, do not wear dark lipstick; wear a light gloss or lizing some of tips below: try to seal in the moisture with a lip balm. Apply lip color. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 20 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  21. 21. • When balancing unevenly shaped lips, use lighter colored lipstick on the smaller-sized lip. • For lipstick to last, fill your lips in with liner. • To keep lipstick on while eating, do not put your lips on the utensils; allow your lower teeth and tongue to do the work. • If your lips are full, do not use lip color that is glossy or shiny. • If your lips are thin, do not use lip colors of a very dark shade as it makes your lips smaller. Esperanza is a contributing writer for Vegas Interactive Magazine and a Celebrity Make-up Artist. She can be reached at VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 21 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  22. 22. When she takes a break from her sketching and painting she is tending her garden, (where she grows fruits and vegetables) or playing with her “Too Blessed to Be Stressed” over active miniature Chihuahua. Ideas for her art manifest themselves in all Artist ~ Dorothy Allen situations. One might see Mrs. Allen at a local restaurant or at church sketching her next By Lillian McMorris She can be described as sweet, quiet, very spiri- character; that simple sketch will soon turn into a N ational Artist, Dorothy Allen resides tual, calm spirited, funny and extremely artistic; all beautiful, positive humorous painting. in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has lived of these adjectives are a part of her artwork. Believing in the simple life, she often quietly in both Las Vegas and North Allen loves to create; most draws on past experiences for her Las Vegas since 1942. Allen is known for her days you settings. Family, friends and people “Too Blessed to Be Stressed” characters that are on the street shopping, eating whimsical portraits exuding purpose and singing and dancing are models. meaning. Each year published and sold To her painting is not ‘working’, it nationally are her 16 month calendars, is relaxing and enjoyable. address books, journals, prints, original Most of her original paint- watercolor paintings and figurines. ings, calendars, journals, ad- Mrs. Allen, 75 years young never looked at dress books and figurines painting or being an artist as a career, she simply are on display in her home. enjoys sketching and painting. Allen has a special Mrs. Allen is still actively way of transforming the colors of life into the art creating and is interested of living. She calls her art “humor art”, Allen states in displaying and selling her products, she likes to make people laugh. “Too Blessed to Be will specifically her original paintings. In the past Allen Stressed” characters make people think and smile, find her lying across has been commissioned to do murals and various they are real characters in humorous situations. her bed sketching and painting. window decorations, although time consuming, VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 22 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  23. 23. she finds larger projects enjoyable and gives her the opportunity to utilize her larger than life skills. National Artist Dorothy Allen can be contacted through Your RESOURCE, 702-752-7385 or email your query to Mrs. Allen is available for interviews and showings; she also has “Too Blessed to Be Stressed” original art, address books, calendars, journals and figurines for purchase. Lillian McMorris is the Editor, a contributing writer for Vegas Interactive Magazine and the future host of VIM iMedia. She can be reached at VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 23 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  25. 25. book, movie, Oprah article or Ellen guest talking about your relationship with you. Once you act on these first steps you’re in How to Play the Game... the game and what you might consider miracles will begin to take place in your life. Keep a The Secret to the Law of Attarction journal for, what in the beginning, may seem like coincidences. Remind yourself that success leaves W ealth begins with- to play the game of life. clues. Watch for these clues, record them, and give in—yes, regard- Gratitude is the greatest determining factor thanks. By tracking these clues you are stockpiling less of all the tips to your obtaining a life filled with love, joy and ammunition for the internal and external chattering and tricks out there you’ll be hard prosperity; in other words, for Success. If you are that would undermine your success. Misery loves pressed to find a successful person not living in gratitude, how can good things come company. Disregard negativity, without regard of to disagree. Whether you believe your way? It’s like this; who wants to give gifts to its origin. in your Self or a Higher Power, someone who is ungrateful? No one! Observe your underlying motives-your inten- By Raenel Breucop wealth doesn’t depend on Web Secondly, knowing that gratitude is the tions must be to the good of you and everyone else 2.0, SEO, PPC, Adwords, or CPA. secret to the law of attraction, how do you get involved for your path to be unobstructed. Make Wealth comes from the inside out! Real wealth is it? Start by stating you are willing to lead a life of changes in your actions, be conscious of even the what’s left over when all the money is gone. And gratitude. Then, just be grateful for anything and little things that make a difference even if no one to top it all off-it’s a game – the game of life! everything. ever knows the good you’ve done. Live in this State, and I don’t mean Nevada! Being Open This is all part of your Eternal Guidance System. First, realize that the secret to the law of Most of all, take it easy on yourself. Quit beating Never resist or get mad at thoughts or situations. attraction is being in a state of gratitude. It’s yourself up, quit judging yourself and others. Tell Think of a pesky fly, brush it away and say, “I am the fuel for the fire. Gratitude IS the secret, it is yourself ’I am enough, I approve of myself.’ We are grateful. I trust, expect and allow the greatest good everything. It is your attitude that attracts people what we think about and what we feel about most for me and everyone involved in this situation.” in every aspect of life, from business to your soul- of the time. It is spiritual law, scientific reality; all Responding this way in itself is success. Remind mate, and it is the winning attitude you must have you have to do is open your eyes to find another yourself that all things work together for good… VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 25 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  26. 26. Play the Game are accepting the award, winning the trip. Practice I’ll never be any good at it either” one cares Win by visualizing that you already won. You this technique to get those feelings with your vi- what a complainer says. Never complain, just stop are already a success, already dining at the best sualization. it today. restaurants, helping your favorite charity, visiting “Master your thoughts and your feelings and Your subconscious is your servant, your wish is that foreign land, building homes for the home- you will become a deliberate creator of your life. its command. Become a student of yourself and less. See that award hanging on your wall for En- That’s when miracles begin.” learn how to steer your life directly toward your trepreneur of the Year, or Top Franchise of 2009. goals instead of hoping it’s going to be okay. See yourself accepting the awards, the trophies. Write the success story of your life, read it over, Hear the voice over the phone saying you won rewrite it without negatives, until it’s just the way the trip to Belize for top sales. Practice until the you want it. Keep writing it every day and your sto- feeling of success buzzes throughout your being. ry will come to life. This is what winners do. They Soon you will recall that success feeling without rehearse successes of what they want their life to recalling a specific incident. The goal is to recall be and then they believe it before they see it. past successes so often that the success feeling be- Decide today to drop all judgmental and comes an auto-response habit and a way of life. criticism habits. Quit throwing obstacles on your Having a hard time conjuring up a feeling of pathway. Pay attention to your life. Change your success? Switch to thankfulness, a sincere lump in mind, ask for help, learn to be grateful and you the throat type gratitude that you got when your Jack Canfield will see the miracles in your life sooner than you baby was born, when your child first called you Our excuses, blaming, judgments, defensive- think. When you realize you have control of your mama or daddy. When someone you love lived ness, explanations, justifications are all meaningless life you’ll wonder why you waited so long. Start when they could have died. Find that thought— to a world that spins calmly by without giving you with an attitude of gratitude. make it a ‘trigger’ thought. Rush to it when oppo- the time of day. Imagine you’re watching a poker sition is strong and you want to feel better. Con- tournament and the loser of the hand tosses his Raenel Breucop is the host of the TV show Raenel ~ Right centrate on that feeling; hold onto the picture in cards and as he stomps off, he’s cursing, making Now! and a contributing writer for Vegas Interactive Magazine. She can be reached at your mind and completely immerse yourself in the excuses, “I didn’t get enough sleep last night, my scene-the SWITCH! Switch to the scene where you cat died, my parents were lousy poker players so VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 26 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  28. 28. in dressed in hues of purple and gray. The 25 blessed voices were simply ‘teamwork in sound’, loads of energy, singing, dancing and ministering Five Years of Success through music. Choir Master and Director James R. Smith The Las Vegas Mass Choir stated, “ … the LVMC sings to bless others, there is a message in every song … they give the gift of By Lillian McMorris Currently the Las Vegas Mass Choir is music.” The gift of music was also available to the T he Las Vegas Mass Choir (LVMC) began performing monthly at the House of Blues Sunday deaf, each song and all commentary was signed. in 2004 when renowned Choir Master Gospel Brunch at the Mandalay Bay Resort on the It was phenomenal to watch Victoria Gordon, James R. Smith was contracted to historic Las Vegas Strip. In May of 2009 the Choir Director of Sign Language Ministry and Interpreter, audition, select and develop a 15-voice ensemble was honored to be the opening performance Bessie Mason, sign during the event. from the Las Vegas area. They have since set the for a reelection mega-fundraiser for US Senator For the five years of blessings and successes, standard celebrating five years of faithful and Harry Reid featuring President Barack Obama. The the Las Vegas Mass Choir received Proclamations dedicated service. Mass Appeal was the choir’s fundraising event was held at the Colosseum at from Clark County Commissioner Lawrence first nationally distributed CD; this was completed Caesars Palace, the LVMC performed with the likes Weekly signed by the entire Clark County Board in April of 2005. The Las Vegas Mass Choir is of Sheryl Crow, Bette Midler and Clint Holmes. of Commissioners, Mayor Oscar Goodman and currently a common name on gospel television The 5 Anniversary Celebration of the LVMC th the City Council; both proclaiming May 23, 2009 and radio networks throughout the United States was absolutely stellar. Las Vegas Mass Choir as Las Vegas Mass Choir Day in Southern Nevada. as well as corporate conferences and conventions. presented a flawless evening of celebration with The choir also received a personal letter from The Choir has traveled to perform throughout the special guest Beverly Crawford. There was not a US Senator Harry Reid, which was presented by United States and to the Melbourne Jazz Festival bad seat in the house, due to the spacious staging Regional Representative, Ida Gaines. in Australia. Over the years the LVMC has received and big screens at Ebenezer Church of God in The outstanding performance and ministry by numerous awards and commendations for their Christ located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The evening special guest, Pastor Beverly Crawford, topped off captivating performances of inspirational music opened with a resounding prayer that touched the the evening, accompanied by the hallowed voices and ministry. hearts of all that were present. The choir marched of the LVMC and their remarkable musicians. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 28 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  29. 29. “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” Steve Harvey, Author scene. wrong and should be held accountable for their Harvey answers questions most women have actions. A friend of mine, agreed with what the asked: book was saying, but stated, “Steve is giving away • Why do men cheat? all of our secrets…that’s not fair, it’s messing up • How do men love or rather show their love? our game!” • What/how do men think? Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is a good/easy read. It was a page-turner and extremely enter- Upon my initial completion of the book, I felt a taining as Steve Harvey’s humor comes through. Book Review by Rosemarie McMorris sense of knowledge; almost as if I had been given Although humorous the reader is able to recognize Steve Harvey’s new book, Act Like a Lady, Think some clarity for the relationship I was in. There ap- when he is being serious. Even if you do not agree Like a Man advertises itself as being a book that peared to be hope and I found myself being more with what the author is saying, it does give you a will tell the reader, “WHAT MEN REALLY THINK patient and understanding of the things that had male perspective on some of the most common ABOUT LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, INTIMACY, AND once bothered me. In doing so, our relationship questions asked in relationships. I have found that COMMITMENT.” improved briefly and I could tell my partner was there is some basis of truth/fact in what is stated. Throughout the book, Mr. Harvey appeals to a lot happier. The book makes sense and at the very least can the female readers involved in every spectrum of It was not until I heard the point of view of two be placed into your arsenal of knowledge and give a relationship; from those who may have just met men who had also read the book that I started to you an alternate viewpoint and allow you to make someone, to those who have been dating for a few think differently. These men (one in his early 30’s your relationship decisions from a more informed months, to a woman who has been in a relation- and his father) did not like the book and disagreed position. ship for years. There is also advice for single wom- with what Mr. Harvey was saying. They felt that en that are thinking of getting back into the dating men still know the difference between right and VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 29 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  30. 30. No offense to Ray’s fans, but he sang Ray’s song almost better than Ray. That’s a bold statement, but we’re talking triple-threat here! Michael’s a There’s Nothing Grim About... great vocalist, talented guitarist and writes music as well. As talented as he is, Michael wasn’t alone. Michael Grimm He was accompanied by an outstanding 9-piece band and was backed up on vocals by Miss Nikki By Amie Jo “Bang, Bang”, and one of my all-time favorites, “You Logan, voted in 2008 by the BMA as “Best Neo Soul Most Friday and Saturday nights at 6 pm, you’ll Don’t Know Me” by the memorable Ray Charles. Performer”. In tandem working the harmonies with find one of Las Vegas’ biggest secrets perform- Nikki was 4th Season American Idol Contestant, ing in the Ovation Lounge at the Green Valley Be Soul. Together they created an awesome lis- Ranch Resort. If you’re blessed, you’ll enter into tening and dancing experience. the presence of Michael Grimm and the Delta At the break, I stopped in backstage to say Bound Band. hello and by his own admission, Michael said, Be prepared to have fun and rock the house; “I’m a simple man” but don’t let his hu- because you will be blown away and enchanted mility fool you; he’s a dynamic by the easy, soulful style of Michael Grimm per- and gifted performer with forming classic hits from several genres includ- passion and grit that’s reflect- ing, but not limited to Rock, Blues and Country. ed when he performs. He knows I entered the lounge when he was belting out, how to reach inside to grab your “I’m So Tired of Being Alone” made famous by heart and soul. Al Green. That song set the tone for me and it His repertoire is so varied; I couldn’t was uphill from there. When I heard those words put my thumb on where I thought he coming out of his mouth, I knew a man that tal- deserved to be. When asked what genre ented would never be alone! he fell into, he came back with; “Americana”. Michael went on to lavish the crowd with Simply put, Americana is an amalgam of roots VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 30 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  31. 31. music; specifically the sounds that are fused by the union of folk, country, rhythm & blues and rock & roll. By definition, it’s just the coolest music on the music scene today. I also tried to figure out who he reminded me of most; Rod Stewart, Ray Charles, Michael Bolton? I finally concluded that he reminds me most of Mi- chael Grimm: a soft-spoken, exceptional artist who gets the job done from start to finish. For a com- plete listing of his appearances and a sample of his outstanding music, check out his website at: www. Amie Jo is the host of the Amie Jo Show and President of the Board for the C4S Charitable Foundation. She can be reached at VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 31 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  32. 32. VIM’s Poetry Corner Imagine by Woody Woods Imagine there’s a person Imagine there’s a person who is beautiful and rare whose skies are painted blue And that this special person Imagine there’s a person has peace instead of care who knows just what to do Imagine every step they take Imagine there’s a person is toward the Light divine whose dreams are coming true And the rhythm of their movement Then, imagine that person is you is set in perfect time Imagine there’s a person (c) 1973 Woody Woods (All Rights Reserved) whose life is filled with joy Used by permission of the author And they’re aware of all the gifts the Master has in store “Talent from the Heart” thoroughly and And everyday distinctly describes spoken word artist Woody in every way Woods. He is a music instructor, musical director, they’re receiving more of what their heart desires writer, composer, conductor, arranger, author, and what they’re longing for featured artist, lyricist, and pianist. He has played with the likes of Bobby Womack, Eartha Kitt, Stevie Imagine that the melody Wonder, The Temptations, The Platters and the of every song they sing Drifters just to name a few. is harmonized by angels and makes the heavens ring Woody Woods has turned his time and talent toward sharing his thoughts and feelings with the Imagine, as they travel the Spirit lights their way world in the form of prose and poetry. Woods was And someone’s life is touched by theirs born and raised in Los Angeles and now resides in each and every day Las Vegas, his scope of performance is worldwide. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 32 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  33. 33. Quick Hair Maintenance Tips By Durline “Dee” Tibbs • Avoid hot water when shampooing -- use cool water... it is not drying to the hair; • Take Vitamin E, increases blood flow, helps promote healthy hair and growth opportu nities; • Trim your hair at least every six weeks to prevent split ends; • Drink at least eight glasses of water per day to nourish inside and out, this helps to keep hair moisturized; • Watch your diet; eat plenty of fruits and veggies as well as foods high in fiber. Ms. Dee is a contributing writer for Vegas Interac- tive Magazine and is the owner/operator of Our Place Ultimate Hair Care; 3665 Nellis Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada; (702) 644-5711. She can be reached at VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 33 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  34. 34. Hart is part of the successful musical Hart family that recorded 25 gospel, two country and two pop albums. As a songwriter, Hart has sold more than 30 million Gold and Platinum albums. The “Hart” Behind the ‘Praise’ He received his first Grammy Award nomination at age 16 and won the Grammy Award at age 19. Hart’s first theater musical was “Larr!Bear,” By Jackie Brett version of a future Broadway show. which starred Ozzie Osborne, Bruce Vilanche, GRAMMY WINNER LARRY HART’S IRREVER- Special guest Las Vegas legend Darcus Speed Andrea McArdle, Linda Hart and Andrae Crouch. ENTLY REVERENT GOSPEL EXPERIENCE IS AN will join the cast for this performance. The rest of His second production was “Sisterella,” which ORIGINAL UPLIFTING MUSICAL OF HOPE the over-the-top experienced singing cast, each received 12 NAACP Theater Award nominations Grammy winner Larry Hart’s Concert of “Praise” with their own stand-alone career, includes: former and won eight awards including Best Play and Best – An Irreverently Reverent GOSPEL Experience will Shirelle Diane Spann, country dynamo Jennifer Director. Highly successful in Europe, “Sisterella” return to the Showroom at the South Point Hotel Weatherly, commercial and casino Casino on Sunday, August 9th at 2 p.m. The show lounge singer Jeneane Marie, jazz stars Larry Hart, special guest: Darcus Speed, six vocalist Paris Red and Korean- sensational female singers in designer costumes American songstress Jenevi. and an appearance by Toni Hart. The ladies’ outfits are another “Praise” is inspired by the world’s 10 major show-stopping element. The religions and in a fun and entertaining way designer costumes by Lorenzo celebrates the rural roots of gospel music while Valentino and Michael Flach fusing it with the idea of higher consciousness. feature vintage Escada, Chanel, The original 90-minute, fully orchestrated non- Oscar de La Renta, Bob Mackie, secular musical was written and conceived by Givenchy, Yves St. Laurent, Dior, Larry Hart, who is a multi-platinum and Grammy St. John, Anna Nateece and Ross winning recording artist. “Praise” is a condensed Dress for Less. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 34 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  35. 35. was voted “Show of the Decade” by European theater fans. Hart directed and starred in all productions of “Sisterella,” which was produced by Michael Jackson, Robert De Niro and Miramax Films. Tickets are available by calling the South Point box office at 702-797-8055 or 1-866-796-7111. For more information on “Praise”, Larry Hart and/or cast members, Jackie Brett can be reached at 702- 460-1836 or August 9, 2009 at 2 p.m. at the South Point Hotel & Casino VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 35 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  38. 38. Looking for more information about the C4S Charitable Foundation and the C4S G.I.R.L.S. Club? Don’t miss world renowned artist Dorothy Allen next issue! VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 38 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
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