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5      Editor’s Letter                            18   Community Events                                                   ...
magazine designers and photographers to tell
Wow! I am getting excited to read the final version
of our first issue just by writing to invite you to read fur-
ther… let’...
above is the final product in this CD record-
(ie. outreach and medical providers), have all been
care outreach advocates). Much has been laid
down in EOLC for our Nevada families: accessible
resources in the form of wor...
Pre-Paid Emergency Travel
  Your RESOURCE in Your Time of Need.

By Lillian McMorris. Your RESOURCE                   even...
A life-skills program for girls 9-14. Click here for more information or email us at:

sociation. If you like R&B music, Darcus will knock
The “Golden Temple” is one of Kyoto’s best-known attractions.

enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast and
Spend a few days to explore all that our beauti-    v   ”Beating The Odds in
ful beachside town has to offer. The Beachside...
• Play a round of golf on world-class golf courses
Events in the Las Vegas                                   Las Vegas Farmers Market                                stitute’...
eyelid and the brow bone. To accomplish this one
eyes appear more open. This illusion is created by
special eye makeup techniques, use eyeliner on
both the top and bottom ...
New Mexico.
driven. In other words, the distributor has no
and watch videos then you can be your own boss!         has passed the ‘momentum’ point, step back and           you are p...
nonverbally     by    their   DISC (4   temperament
showing their results. Those insights are for the        KEB Training provides private consultation,             Whether o...
Musical hit “DreamStreet”.
This conference is going to bring people to-
and cultures, which can and should participate          Selected universities must have a good reputation,      employers ...
grams, loans and scholarships as well as access to
an electronic library with a wide range of books
companies in the chemical industry. Theories

                      The Amie Jo Show                          NeXtStep Teen Talk                      ...
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Lillian McMorris Vegas Interactive Magazine Volume 1 2009


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Lillian McMorris Vegas Interactive Magazine, Volume 1

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Lillian McMorris Vegas Interactive Magazine Volume 1 2009

  1. 1. TM VE GAS I NTE R A C T I V E M AGAZ I NE VOLUME I • JUNE 2009 VIM and VIGOR Sister Cities International changes lives Beauty Bytes Make-up for your eye type and style The Millennium University Limitless education with E-learning $2.95 U.S. $2.95 U.S. (800) 889-0024 VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 1 FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  3. 3. TM VE GAS I NTE R A C T I V E M AGAZ I NE Features 19 Beauty Bytes 21 VIM & VIGOR Your eyes frame your face, what Sister Cities International is is the correct eye make-up for sharing information, helping, your eye type and style? Create supporting and changing lives the ultimate illusion with special worldwide. eye make-up techniques. 28 Diva in the Desert 30 Millennium University Darcus’ sexy voice seduces listen- With E-learning through the 17 Bermuda ers into her world; she was born Internet there is no limit to 600 nautical miles off the coast with a gift, with a tremendous learning; one can receive a is one of the most peaceful talent. Darcus is a true Diva, a universal education with an islands on earth. celebrated singer. excellent knowledge base without leaving home. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 3 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  4. 4. 5 Editor’s Letter 18 Community Events TM Welcome to VIM, where interactive Things to do in Las Vegas from stroll- technology meets traditional media. ing through the Farmers Market to business mixers or even the Lion King. VE GAS I NTE R A C T I V E M AGAZ I NE 7 Musical Journey “The Men of Assurance” affecting the 23 Smart Marketing Tools world through music. Reinventing your business and transi- Editor Lillian McMorris tioning to the Internet market place. President Amie Jo Greer 8 One Grassroots Perspective Vice President Theresa Goss “End of Life” Care is diversifying 24 Quick Hair Tips and addressing the emotional and Discover the secrets behind deep spiritual issues that affect patients. cleaning and hydrating your hair. Assistant Editors: 10 Pre-Paid Emergency Travel 26 Solving People’s Problems Business Raenel Preparing to travel in a moments Learn more about training assess- Entertainment Amie Jo notice in case of an emergency. ments designed to improve people Beauty Esperanza skills. Literary Rosemarie 12 Spotlight on Entertainment Shining a light on local entertainment 32 Poetry Corner Contributing Writers: from R&B to Country. The effects of growing up without a Lorretta Denson, Durline Tibbs, “father figure”. Debbie Hall 14 Santa Barbara Meets the Sea The centerpiece of California’s Riviera 34 Sick Cell is shaped by its Spanish past. Awareness and education about the Art Director Theresa Goss stigmas of Sickle Cell Anemia; it’s no Production C4S Productions 15 Beating the Odds in Las Vegas longer a cultural disease. The book that chronicles the life of an Copyright © 2009 Vegas Interactive Magazine All Rights Reserved. early 70s Las Vegas icon. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 4 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  5. 5. magazine designers and photographers to tell stories in a vibrant and visual way. We have de- veloped VIM as an interactive magazine with Welcome to VIM the freshest news you can use and that suits you best. The result, we hope, will surprise, de- Editor’s Letter light, inform—and intrigue you, the reader. In this premier issue, we will highlight the B usiness is about Power, Networking beauty, education and entertainment. importance of networking and how to net- and Passion… Exposure is a large Business has always captivated work. Get your business in a part of the success of your business, me and networking is my special- business by using smart mar- so expose your business to everyone. ity. I have much curiosity about a keting tools, we will tell you Welcome to the first issue of VIM (Vegas myriad of subjects and a passion how. Health … be aware and Interactive Magazine), a monthly for writing and talking. educated about certain stig- interactive magazine that will talk to you We live and work in a new era mas and be prepared for fam- straight forward about business, organizations of technology. Most people read ily emergencies by utilizing and communities as a whole. Your business their news on the internet via pre-paid emergency travel can help shape the world, but first you must let computer or cellular phone … so assurance. the world know about your business. Through we bring you VIM (Vegas Interac- On a lighter note, in The VIM we will strive to let you know who the tive Magazine). Today’s 24/7 news Literary Corner, enjoy poetry players are and how you can fit in. You do not cycle bombards us with information but gives filled with emotion and preview a new book have to wear a suit or sit behind a desk to love us less time to process it, we are an immedi- about a media icon. Future issues will include the intrigue or be fascinated by people in our ate gratification society . That is where VIM more poetry, short stories and book reviews. communities and how we can all help each will come in. We have assembled an awesome In this issue you will also get the opportunity other through our business connections. We pool of writers to bring you richly prepared to meet Darcus, the Diva in the Desert and en- will try to show the business angle in every and reported narratives, fun stories and ‘tips’. joy the singing Pastor and Deacons from San story, from politics to art, technology, health, We have joined them with the best internet Diego, The Men of Assurance. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 5 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  6. 6. Wow! I am getting excited to read the final version of our first issue just by writing to invite you to read fur- ther… let’s travel… from your private balcony at the Beachside Inn in Santa Barbara to the beautiful desti- nation of Bermuda brought to you by an accomplished travel agent based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Education… one does not have to leave home to pursue higher edu- cation or specific training; through E-Learning one can take classes from a Professor on the other side of the world … Universal Education from The Millennium Uni- versity, a huge challenge coming to fruition. Putting it all in perspective, VIM (Vegas Interactive Magazine), is full of VIM and Vigor; with the ability to change and shape the lives of millions of people and function as a lightening rod for everyone launching, supporting and sutaining a business. You will find breaking news, thoughtful analysis—and humor too, because business does not have to be boring. Enjoy, and let us know what you’re thinking, write an article, purchase ad space—you can email me at As this issue is going to “press”… oops, as you are reading this issue… we are already working on the next one, so email your ideas and stories to us now! Lillian M cM orris VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 6 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  7. 7. above is the final product in this CD record- ing, ”Men of Assurance”. Prayerfully many will be blessed, as these songs will take you on a wonder- Musical Journey ful musical journey while giving hope, strength, peace, and joy to all who will allow the Holy Spirit The Men of Assurance Gospel from the Heart to minister to them through the Men of Assur- ance. Pearl Records is proud and excited to pres- T he Men of Assurance Gospel group tive Producer, and Micah Whitley taking on the ent to you The Men of Assurance with their New members consist of Pastor Rickey T. job of Producer for the project. The smooth anointed CD entitled Men of Assurance. Laster, Deacon Robert Turner, Deacon vocal harmonies of the group and the proj- For distribution and booking information visit Preston Kilbourne, Deacon Gregory Castill, and ect has been led by the Holy Spirit, a gift from Brother Claude Bell. Singing at their church home, New Assurance Baptist Church in San Diego, Cali- fornia they are able to work on their musical skills and minister to their church family through song. On any given Sunday you can hear these men singing praises to God. Soon they began receiv- ing invitations to open concerts for gospel greats like John P. Kee, Willie Neal, Shirley Caesar, Neal Roberson and many renowned recording artists in the gospel industry. After many years of sharing God’s message through song locally, now is the time for their ministry to be shared with the world. A collabo- rating partnership has been formed, with Pastor Rickey T. Laster serving as the projects Execu- VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 7 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  8. 8. (ie. outreach and medical providers), have all been made a part of standard curriculum among pub- lic and private sectors. Seven years ago, many of One Grassroots Perspective us in the “biz” can recall times when this was not readily acceptable dialogue and so “bravo” to the The State of “End of Life Care” in Southern Nevada national agencies that have produced necessary changes and published standards (ie. National by: Elisabet “Lizzie” Romero (Las Vegas) complementary and alternative medicine (i.e. mu- Institute of Medicine, National Minority Health Or- A s we close Spring Semester 2009, let’s sic therapy) is also evolving rapidly as are other tra- ganization, The Joint Commission, National Cen- take a brief account of information ditional services: long term care agencies, home ter for Cultural Competence, etc ). Out of these gained and earned from esteemed col- health, counseling, nursing home care, and others have come the “6 Dimensions of Care” and various leagues and events for the state of End of Life Care too numerous for this brief article. As regards pre- training frameworks such as “L-E-A-R-N”. On a lo- (EOLC) in Southern Nevada. planning for our medical needs, Nevada can boast cal level, many have championed these topics and As regards the increase in EOLC services, we of its newly launched brought leaders together to help families benefit have been witness to a rise in hospice agencies as well as for free advance from this education. This phenomenon alone has and palliative care units in hospitals. Consumers directives or living wills for healthcare. As com- already helped to bridge the communication gaps will now have greater medical options as well as munity coalitions are concerned, NMELC (Nevada between our professionals and the ever-growing greater resources at their disposal. The inherent Multicultural End-of-Life CARE Coalition, www.nv- multicultural populations. Our next generation beauty of this EOLC health industry has served has focused on bringing of care providers will more certainly incorporate as a medical model that addresses not only the together respected multicultural community lead- these seeds into its everyday practice. patient’s physical symptoms but also the emo- ers to help sort out the respective issues in health And yet for the present, we have entered tional and spiritual issues which affects a patient’s care needs, access, education, and the overall a time of tremendous change where indirect pa- overall well-being. In this generation, we are also “healthcare disparities” which they feel continue tient resources, once hailed as necessary, are now witnessing a lessening of the gap between West- to plague our communities. viewed as luxuries. So for now, let us thank and ern and Eastern Medicine and greater acceptance As regards training in EOLC, Cultural Sensitiv- recall the gifts provided by our diminishing sec- of other time-honored medical practices. In fact, ity and Competency for Health Care Professions tors of grassroots efforts (ie. patient and health VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 8 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  9. 9. care outreach advocates). Much has been laid down in EOLC for our Nevada families: accessible resources in the form of workshops, articles, vid- eos, technological databases, and media formats as “YouTube”. We hope that new formats for com- munity dialogue, sans funding resources, will be generated in the years to come. We realize that discussion on EOLC is still in- credibly difficult and in fact, inappropriate for certain multicultural communities, be they for religious, cultural, or spiritual traditions. As we become more culturally competent, we learn to grow and seek the riches in each other’s ways of thinking, traditions, and human values; we will continuously evolve through all of life cycles, and in particular that of End of Life Care. Elisabet “Lizzie” Romero is “Co-founder of NMELC, Ad- ministrative Faculty/Multicultural Education Coordina- tor of the Nevada Center for Ethics and Health Policy- Division of Health Sciences for University of Nevada Reno.” VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 9 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  10. 10. Pre-Paid Emergency Travel Your RESOURCE in Your Time of Need. By Lillian McMorris. Your RESOURCE event of a life threatening accident or Illness for I t is 3 o’clock in the morning and you receive up to ten (10) loved ones! a long distance call; a family member has Emergency Travel Assurance, Inc. provides com- passed or has been hospitalized with a life- plete coverage with no out-of-pocket cost for threatening condition. In today’s economy, do round trip transportation and will make all travel you have the funds to travel in the next confirmations for you. 24 hours? Most of us do not; I have a so- So with family and friends in far-away plac- lution to your dilemma. es, in these uncertain times, Pre-Paid Emergency Travel Assurance, Inc. Emergency Travel is a must for all of provides you the peace of mind in us. This unique service I am offering times of need that you will always be assures last-minute air travel to be with able to travel free when necessary! It is our loved ones in times of medical emergency mission to treat everyone with compassion dur- and bereavement at NO out-of-pocket expense. ing this important time in his or her life. Emer- For a complete explanation of services visit my gency Travel Assurance, Inc. is devoted to pro- website. You could be covered for as little as $9.95 viding bereavement and free emergency travel, per month. There are several plans to choose which is easy, dependable and convenient to all from. Visit of our members. mslillian or give me a call at (702) 443-9193. Re- Enjoy free air travel for bereavement or In the member I am Your RESOURCE. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 10 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  11. 11. A life-skills program for girls 9-14. Click here for more information or email us at: VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 11 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  12. 12. sociation. If you like R&B music, Darcus will knock your socks off! On the tip, the Gordon Biersch Brewery Sun- Spotlight on Entertainment day Brunch on Flamingo and Paradise spotlights Las Vegas’ best Jazz musicians and singers, In the Vegas Valley every Sunday from 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. On the first Sunday you can catch Paris Red, L as Vegas is known der, Kool and the Gang, voted Best Jazz Vocalist by the Las Vegas as the Entertain- and Jeffrey Osborne BMA backed by a line-up ment Capital of just to name a of quality musicians like the World and tourists few. This abun- Vince Preister on Sax. flock here for the glitz and dance of talent Lake Las Vegas glamour of the Las Vegas prompted me to has kicked off its Strip. But while the strip start the weekly email Jazz by the Lake By Loretta offers headliners and ma- newsletter “Jazz & R&B This series and features jor productions shows, the entertainment contin- Week”, which spotlights the local various local jazz acts. ues on another level in the neighborhood casinos talent and the many venues across the Great setting for jazz, bring your blanket, low back and bars. I moved to Las Vegas in 1995 and being city. Currently, you must be a subscriber to receive chair, picnic basket and enjoy jazz under the stars! an avid music lover, found myself overwhelmed the weekly newsletter and daily e-blasts, but com- with the level of talent both musically and vocally ing soon….. “Jazz & R&B This Week the Website!” that was available free of charge! On any given My picks for June are Darcus, appearing every Loretta is a contributing writer for Vegas Interac- tive Magazine and Producer / Distributor of Jazz night you can enjoy Jazz, R&B and even Blues while Friday and Saturday at Bugsy’s Supper Club, 6145 and R&B This Week. For more entertainment loca- having drinks, dinner or gaming in a warm friend- S. Sahara Ave., from 9:00 p.m.- 1:00 a.m. Darcus tions or to subscribe to Jazz and R&B This Week, ly environment. This local talent, however, is not has been performing in Las Vegas for over 30 years send an email to: home grown. These musicians and singers have and was recently awarded the “Las Vegas Lady of played with the likes of Gladys Knight, Stevie Won- Soul Award” by the local American Black Music As- VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 12 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  13. 13. The “Golden Temple” is one of Kyoto’s best-known attractions. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 13 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  14. 14. enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast and grab some maps from our 24hr front desk staff. The Beachside Inn Hotel is ideally located on Where Santa Barbara Meets the Sea Cabrillo Blvd. across from the Harbor Yacht Mari- na. When you stay here at the Beachside Inn you Best Western Beachside Inn Hotel can take a short stroll to the beach, look out over the ocean and enjoy the sunset over the Channel perfect postcard views and exquisite locale, Santa Islands. We are truly a great value on the beach. Barbara is the epitome of relaxation with its excel- There is so much to see and do in Santa Barbara. lent year-round weather. A low ridge of hills sur- Not only does the Beachside Inn offer excellent rounds this gorgeous city punctuated with palm scenery and accommodations, we are convenient- trees, sandy beaches and a sheltered, warm sea, ly located a short distance away from an abundant making Santa Barbara one of the most popular amount of shops, eateries, and activities. Santa and sought-after vacation spots in California. Barbara’s trolley stops across the street from the The Beachside Inn accentuates this breath- hotel to take you to a number of sights that are taking scenery by offering beautifully appointed historically and culturally significant making Santa By Luz Estrada guest rooms with Harbor or Park side views. Check- Barbara the perfect place for both families and in- “ Chick here to see the – Virtual Tour in, relax, and unwind on your private balcony, a dividuals of all ages. I “ n 1542 when Juan Cabrillo first laid eyes on private patio or on our open sun deck. From a few what he thought was a very large island; of our balconies scenes of Santa Barbara’s bustling this later came to be what we now know as Wharf and the beach beyond will delight you. We Your staff is great! Santa Barbara. This city was shaped by its Spanish also offer poolside rooms that overlook our lovely What a great location. Our room past and reflects that in its architecture making it courtyard and outdoor heated swimming pool. All is always pristine clean with a very easy on the eyes. Known as the centerpiece rooms feature refrigerators, microwaves, in-room wonderful water view. EVERYONE on of California’s Riviera, Santa Barbara beckons visi- coffee, HBO®, and free high-speed Internet. Before your staff is so customer focused. tors from all corners of the globe. With its picture you head out on your exploration of Santa Barbara, By a Yahoo! Contributor, 06/21/08 VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 14 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  15. 15. Spend a few days to explore all that our beauti- v ”Beating The Odds in ful beachside town has to offer. The Beachside Inn is situated in the heart of Santa Barbara Harbor. Las VEGAS...and in Life.” From the harbor you can rent kayaks, sailboats, go An Autobiograpy by Roosevelt Toston on a whale-watching cruise, fish on a fishing char- ter, or take a boat excursion to the nearby Chan- nel Islands Nature Preserve. The Beachside Inn is “Beating the Odds in Las Vegas, and in Life.” This book chron- also just a few blocks from State Street, which is icles the life of an early 70’s Las Vegas icon that came into our adorned with shops, restaurants, bars, clubs and homes each evening reporting the top news stories of the day. weekend entertainment, offering tourists a lively He was the first full-time television news reporter, and the first local experience. Whether you’re looking for a African-American TV news Anchorman in Nevada. From his beautiful view of the Santa Barbara Harbor, a re- humble beginnings in North East Louisiana, the segregated laxing weekend at the beach, an unforgettable school system he endured there, his shocking arrival in Las sailing experience, or a peaceful California Riviera Vegas, and the many obstacles he faced on the way to mak- getaway, we hope that you find the Best Western ing media history in our state is detailed in the first half of his Beachside Inn your choice in Santa Barbara. autobiography. You will meet Toston, a humble and kind per- son with a ferocious zeal for the good things in life and the te- nacious resilient spirit to try some things thought impossible. The second part of the book gives a no-holds-barred account of his 28-year career at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. Does what happens inside the halls of the LVCVA remain there? We shall see. The book will be available for pur- chase by the end of June 2009. Visit Toston’s website www. Book your online reservation with Beachside to order this exciting publication. Inn or call 1-800-971-6912 and speak to a reserva- tion specialist today. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 15 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  17. 17. • Play a round of golf on world-class golf courses • Swim with the dolphins 600 Nautical Miles off the Coast... Visit the beautiful island of Bermuda with Cason Travel & Tours, April 10 – 15, 2010 on the Green Jazz Visiting the island of Bermuda Cruise, hosted by Marion Meadows and Friends; Produced by Brotha Love Productions. The cruise By: Christy Cason, ACC Highlights of Bermuda: ship will dock overnight in Bermuda affording two Owner Cason Travel & Tours • Shop for bargains days to explore this beautiful island paradise. For • Sample local cuisine in King’s Warf more information visit Nearly 600 nautical miles off the coast of North • Kayak through the Paradise Lakes or or call 702-642- Carolina, the island of Bermuda is known for its • Fish for blue marlin on a deep sea adventure 2628 or 800-899-7690 and ask for Christy. pastel painted homes, brilliantly colored gardens and cricket matches. The country is actually made up of 181 small islands, the largest of which are connected by bridges and causeways. Relax sur- rounded by beautiful pink-sand beaches and spar- kling turquoise waters on one of the most relaxing and peaceful islands on earth. Winters and summers are more clearly defined in Bermuda than in the Caribbean. The highs in the summer hover around 70s – 80s, its hottest July – September. King’s Warf Bermuda is a warm and wonderful seaside spot that has it all; fabulous island fare, a museum, specialty shops and a snorkel park. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 17 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  18. 18. Events in the Las Vegas Las Vegas Farmers Market stitute’s auditorium located at One Breakthrough Community Buy fresh regionally grown food at the Las Vegas Way, from 12noon-1 p.m. Lunch is provided. RSVP June - 2009 Farmers Market located in downtown Las Vegas. to Lisa Emrich at 702-821-0071 or via email at By Debbie Hall of Collaborative Media This is part of the Downtown Fremont East Enter- Space is limited. tainment District, sponsored in part by the El Cor- Business 2 Business Mixer Disney’s Lion King tez Hotel and Casino. The weekly farmers market Networking is vital to both personal growth and One of the biggest shows to come to Las Vegas is will feature more than 20 vendors bringing fruits, business endeavors. Be certain to plan on attend- Disney’s Lion King, the first Disney production in vegetables, breads, pastries, pasta, salad mix and ing the Business 2 Business Mixer, hosted by The Las Vegas. Kissy Simmons will reprise her role as more for purchase. Best Restaurant Guide of Las Vegas. Nala, jumping from six years on Broadway to the The market will be held every Friday from 4 to 8 These events are great opportunities to bring stage at Mandalay Bay. Born outside of Floral City p.m. between Las Vegas Blvd. and Sixth Street. For your business cards for networking, food, Florida, Simmons received her musical training in more details on the Las Vegas Farmers Market, visit and drinks. Events are held monthly and are church. The El Cortez hosted by a new restaurant. Check out www. Although she has traveled throughout the coun- Hotel and Casino, constructed in 1941, has recently and click on try, she never performed in Las Vegas but she is been remodeled, and is located at 600 East Fre- “Restaurant Parties & Mixers” for the next event, or excited. “When you think of Las Vegas, you think mont Street. call 702-792-2389. of glamour, the big luxurious hotels and the strip Nevada Cancer Institute Cancer Conversations EWomen Network and people really dressing up. People dress up in The Nevada Cancer Institute Cancer Conversations EWomen Network will be holding their Accelerat- New York but it is just different here and I feel more is offering an ongoing free series of educational ed Networking Event on Wednesday, June 10 from glamorous,” she said. “I think it is going to be really lectures open to the public about cancer, preven- 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm at Emerald at Queensridge, great here because it (the show) is something that tion, detection and survivorship issues. 891 S. Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89145. everyone can take something from, it is not just a On Wednesday, June 24, Dr. Karen Milligan will EWomen Networks connects women through the kid’s show. … Just come and expect to be blown present “Survivorship: Making It Through the Can- Internet with their own pages, coaching, confer- away.” For more information, visit www.mandalay- cer Journey.” ences and a radio show. For more information, visit All lectures will be held at in Nevada Cancer In- VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 18 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  19. 19. eyelid and the brow bone. To accomplish this one will need to use eyeliner to line both the upper and lower eyelids. Remember to keep the line as close ”Beauty Bytes” as you can to your eyelashes. The next step would be to use a light shade of eye shadow from your Eye Make up Techniques lashes to your brow. Then use a medium shade on your eyelid, and a darker shade of shadow on By Esperanza of your eyes does this. Put eyeliner on the outer the outer third of your eyelid. Finish your look of E ye Make up Techniques half of both your top and bottom eyelids, and then perfection by applying mascara to both the upper … what is your Eye apply a light colored eye shadow from the eyelash and lower lids. Type and Style? Your line to the eyebrow. With the darker shade of eye Deep-set eyes normally have a very promi- EYES frame your face... shadow, apply this from the outer third of the eye- nent eyebrow bone; this can cause your eyelids If you have round eyes, your lid to just beyond the edge of each eye. Put mas- to appear hidden. The trick here is to make your challenge will be to make them cara on top and bottom. appear slightly elongated. In or- The make up technique for wide set eyes is to der to achieve this you will need prepare the illusion of them being closer. In order to apply eyeliner to both the top to accomplish this you will to apply eyeliner to and bottom eyelids, remember to extend the liner both the top and bottom eyelids and apply light just beyond the outer corners of each eye. Apply- eye shadow over the entire eyelid. Utilize a darker ing eye shadow can be tricky, focus the light color shade of eye shadow in the inner corner of the on the outer section of the eyebrow bone making eyelid and blend, blend, blend. Finish by utilizing sure that it is brushed outwards. When applying mascara more prominently on the inner corner of mascara, concentrate more on the upper lashes each eye. and especially the outer corners of each eye. Almond shaped eyes, have very little natural If your eyes are close set it is necessary to create creasing in the eyelid. The eye make up style for an illusion of width, emphasizing the outer edges this is to create a contrast in color between the VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 19 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  20. 20. eyes appear more open. This illusion is created by special eye makeup techniques, use eyeliner on both the top and bottom eyelids remembering to smudge the eyeliner to soften the line. Then apply a light shade of eye shadow from the eyelash to the eyebrow line, darken it slightly above the eye- lid crease. To soften the appearance blend your eye shadow at the edges. This will help to bring the appearance of the eyelid forward. Top each eye off with a couple of coats of mascara. Remember the correct eye make up depend- ing on the circumstances (day or night/soft or in- tense) can help to add to the beauty of your eyes and face. Esperanza is a contributing writer for Vegas Interactive Magazine and a Celebrity Make-up Artist. She can be reached at VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 20 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  21. 21. New Mexico. What I suggest is that we not only launch a Las Vegas Sister Cities International branch, but to ac- VIM and VIGOR... tually video-document our efforts from the begin- ning to launch a campaign for EACH of the award By Andrew Williams, Jr. © 2009 categories... by partnering with groups represent- ing one or more of the 285 Cities Seeking Cities B everly Hills, California USA - Vegas In- Annual Awards Program highlights your sister worldwide and rallying support from the entire teractive Magazine adds both VIM and city program’s achievements and brings inter- Sister Cities International community. vigor to the shared communications national recognition to your community’s con- Each of the Cities Seeking Cities on each Continent: networks we all depend upon for fresh insights, tributions to the citizen diplomacy movement.” Africa- inspiration, encouragement, and hard facts. VIM Please contact Jim Doumas with any questions at africa.cfm (85 cities); Americas - http://www. and vigor will, in fact, with our help and support, 202.347.8630 ext. 8636 or jdoumas@sister-cit- (87 US cities change the lives of millions of people, in hundreds to find out how your city/community can plus 45 Non-US cities); Asia - http://www.sister- of cities, worldwide “overnight”... bring recognition to local efforts and participate in (45 cities); Caribbean: VIM can function as the lightning rod for any the Annual Conference workshops. and all of us interested in launching, supporting, • International Development cfm (6 cities) - Europe: http://www.sister-cities. • Humanitarian Assistance and sustaining a Sister Cities International Branch org/seeking/europe.cfm (31 cities); Middle East: • Sustainable Communities in this most international of cities... and one with • Economic Development many disenfranchised, underemployed, unem- • Cultural Exchanges cfm (7 cities); Eurasia: http://www.sister-cities. ployed and uninspired youth and adults...Sister The 2009 Sister Cities International Annual org/seeking/eurasia.cfm (24 cities) and Oceana Cities International is working hard to help... by Conference (and Youth Conference) will take place (0 cities): 285 cities/communities worldwide. recognizing and rewarding community groups in Belfast, Northern Ireland with workshops to be *. Every community, non-profit organization, NGO, that address those challenges every year through scheduled all day July 29-30, 2009; the first time business, and individual that participates in Sister its Annual Awards Program. the event has taken place outside the United Cities Annual Awards competition. According to the organization’s website, “The States. Next year’s host city will be Albuquerque, Click here for more information VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 21 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  23. 23. driven. In other words, the distributor has no interaction with the consumer! The consumer Smart Marketing Tools shops without knowing or caring that a site belongs to a licensed rep. Get Your Business in a Business Check out These days are gone… ‘May I help you?’ Re- By Raenel Breucop, host of Raenel~Right Now! Get ready for tomorrow by joining an online op- ply: ‘No thanks, I’m just looking.’ B usinesses transitioning to acquire on- portunity today. Create another Today new businesses are simply line traffic today are much more likely revenue source. business tools marketing businesses. to succeed than those dependent upon Pick a product or They generate revenue by advertising foot traffic. By following trends you increase your service that helps a primary business’ products or chances of survival, in spite of what analysts say. you or fills a need. services. Displaced sales agents, While retail brick and mortar businesses may But, beware. If there realtors, and direct sellers may find be closing at an astounding rate, were a sales quota, ask a perfect fit promoting such tools announced that their 2008 holiday season was yourself, ‘would I make to launch their new careers. **“best ever, with over 6.3 million items ordered the car payment or buy With over 84% of just the US worldwide on the peak day, Dec. 15, which is a drop-shipped products if population using cell phones for record-breaking 72.9 items per second.” That was my household’s financial everything why not convert on one day! belt got tightened?’ Most your business expenses into op, l Breuc ow! We have only begun to scratch the surface of people will have the same Raene ight N marketing tools that utilize nel ~ R ow Rae Internet marketing. Only businesses that transition answer as you. Differentiate f the T V sh your phone? Let your Host o to Internet marketing have any hope for success. your wants from your needs. monthly expenses pay you for a change! Even service-oriented businesses must diversify The best opportunity leverages Internet Newbies: Many businesses set you up and reinvent themselves and find a way to market your time and money, pays you a residual income, with a website, a back office, online training, and online to subsidize their existing business. and is consumer driven, not product, or distributor support. Internet Newbies, if you can log in, read, VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 23 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  24. 24. and watch videos then you can be your own boss! has passed the ‘momentum’ point, step back and you are prepared. The worst that could happen is Be sure you consider your strengths and weak- take a serious look. Timing is important. you may get to fire your boss! nesses though. Be objective; be open. Get ready; Stay focused – look for simple concepts Seek “Get control of your thoughts and your emo- the only constant is change. Be flexible. If you out business models you can learn to understand. tions and you will become a deliberate creator of know who you are and where you want to go, A person recently displaced by a corporate con- your life; that’s when miracles begin.” -Jack Can- people will follow you. Don’t go it alone, help is glomerate must be able to understand the busi- field, Author-Chicken Soup for the Soul. everywhere. Remember: ‘it takes teamwork to ness. It doesn’t matter if the products and services make the dream work.’ are great if you (even with training) can’t explain Quick Hair Maintenance Tips ‘…If you know who you are and where you it yourself. By Durline “Dee” Tibbs want to go, people will follow you.’ Finally, regardless of what business you choose, Consider new business models, products, and focus on filling the want, or need of the consumer. • To cure your flakes, try Pureology scalp services. Be humble. Lay aside your prejudices. Find a problem and solve it! Consider if your prod- cure conditions Listen. Be open to the new generation of Internet uct is dropped shipped, is it a luxury or a necessi- • Hydrate your hair while your sleep; use marketing, network, and online marketing compa- ty? In other words, if the customer’s family budget Frizz ease overnight repair serum nies. Many have great systems that are improving gets tighter is your product going ‘make the cut’? • Deep cleansing – use Nexxus Aloe Rid daily. Hang in there! Remember: attitude is everything. A desper- twice a month Look for ground floor opportunities. Word ate mentality, ‘have to make a buck’ attitude is • Don’t forget to sleep on a Satin Pillow Case of mouth is what causes viral growth at an expo- what most people live with everyday, dragging • Keep hair moisturized with Chi fusion nential rate. Companies that provide real value to themselves out of bed at the sound of an alarm, Silk therapy oil their customers are breaking their own records be- dreading another day, another dollar. Why do that fore the ink has had time to dry on last month’s sta- again? tistics. Take enough time to do some homework Focus on filling a need, help others, and the Ms. Dee is a contributing writer for Vegas Interac- tive Magazine and is the owner/operator of Our then, take action! money will follow. Place Ultimate Hair Care; 3665 Nellis Boulevard, Las Consider market saturation. Saturation makes If you get a regular paycheck, diversify. Begin Vegas, Nevada; (702) 644-5711. She can be reached it hard to generate an income. When a company today; follow the trend when you do not have to so at VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 24 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  26. 26. nonverbally by their DISC (4 temperament types) Personality. “People often believe that many of the Solving Peoples Problems... problems they encounter, particularly in the workplace, seem to be technical but in actuality, New Training most of the conflicts we struggle with are due to relational problems. Many people want to avoid By Kimber Bosley opportunity to choose and complete enlightening these problems with their coworker, employer, Author and Human Behavior Consultant profiles specifically designed to meet their needs or child, but they do not know how. It’s all about T here seems to be no escape from the is the missing link in results-oriented training. reading people, knowing their personality type, difficulties people encounter on a daily Kimber Bosley, author and Human Behavior and our own.” basis. Employees experience it. Married Consultant is owner One of the couples constantly struggle with it. Parents find it of KEB Training. She most common impossible to avoid. We face it even when we look graduated from and frequently at ourselves. People are experiencing some mild the University of used profiles is the or major conflicts with other people, whether they Nevada Las Vegas Uniquely You DISC are loved-ones, coworkers, or peers. with a Bachelor’s Personality Profile KEB training is a new and unique human degree in Sociology with nearly one behavior company, which offers various training and received million published. assessments to help individuals and groups her Master’s KEB Training does improve their people skills. Nearly everyone needs degree in Human Services from the Liberty not refer to their profiles as tests, but assessments. to solve their relational problems, develop effective University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Her new book, Each assessment varies in the length of time it takes communication skills, enhance good leadership co-authored with Dr. Mels Carbonell, is titled to complete, but can typically be completed in less skills, and discover their special gifts. Understanding “Communicating Silence: What Our Wordless than 45 minutes. Human Behavior Science is so important. KEB Messages Reveal.” This fascinating new book After completing an assessment, the individual Training doesn’t just stop there. Giving clients the discusses the importance of reading people will then receive a comprehensive paper report VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 26 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  27. 27. showing their results. Those insights are for the KEB Training provides private consultation, Whether one opts for the cutting-edge online clients use only. Individuals have the option of workshops, and seminars for maximum benefits tools, private coaching, informative workshops, or receiving additional feedback from the consultant and effective results for customers. Workshops enlightening assessments, KEB Training strives to for a fee. can be designed for a few hours or several days. help solve the people puzzle. Kim states, “Customers who have taken the profiles are amazed at how accurate their report was. They not only discovered their own personality type, but they were able to see how they process information, which is crucial when communicating with others. In addition, they learned what their special gifts and motivations were. They really enjoyed their self-assessment about self!” KEB Training provides beneficial services not only to individuals, but employers, businesses, corporations, and churches. Managers and supervisors can ask applicants to complete an employee’s profile. Taking this profile will better assist employers with interviewing applicants effectively because they will have identified his or her DISC Personality type. Professionals can take advantage of a simple and short assessment, revealing their primary DISC temperament and helping them to become more effective businesspeople. KEB Training also offers church or organization leaders a variety of profiles to help them to become better leaders. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 27 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  28. 28. Musical hit “DreamStreet”. When asked what has been the key to her longevity and success; this talented artist ad- Diva in the Desert... mits, “I was born with a gift and born with the talent.” Her talent serves her well when she sings Darcus “If I Were Your Woman” made famous by Gladys Knight; her sultry, sexy voice seduces her listen- By Amie Jo early musical instincts were strongly encour- ers into her world and they feel the subtle energy W hen you want to hear some re- aged by her family, in- that she exudes. Her ally great vocals and you want to cluding piano lessons at craft is so well honed watch one of the most soulful en- the tender age of 3, fol- that she’s able to trans- tertainers in Las Vegas; head over to Bugsy’s Sup- lowed by violin, clarinet port her audience to per Club on the corner of Sahara and Jones. There and drum instruction. unknown places with you’ll find Darcus, the Diva of the Desert. She’s She launched her career warm, heartfelt bal- beautiful; she’s talented and currently perform- by singing background lads and at a moment’s ing on Fridays and Saturdays from 9 pm – 1 am. for many artists includ- notice, have them In recent years, the true meaning of the word ing Smokey Robinson, bobbing their heads to “Diva” has been lost; it has become known for the Johnny Mathis, Gladys electrifying hip-shak- most part as a talented, yet difficult woman. With Knight and Frank Sinatra, ing rhythms like Aretha the aid of the dictionary, I’ll set the record straight: among others. Franklin’s hit, “Chain, “A true Diva is: a celebrated female singer.” The She’s been an open- Chain, Chain”. Italian term is: “A woman of rare, outstanding tal- ing act for such celebrity Darcus has per- ent in the world of Opera and by extension popu- acts as: David Brenner, Whoopie Goldberg, Don formed in Las Vegas for a very long time; smiling- lar music.” Rickles, Dennis Miller, and a host of others. In ad- ly, she reminisces, “I have worked for Vegas and Darcus is a Diva in so many ways; she was born dition, she’s a member of SAG and has been for Vegas has worked for me!” For more information, in Kansas City, MO and raised in Los Angeles. Her many years. She was also the lead vocalist in the check out her website at: VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 28 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  30. 30. This conference is going to bring people to- gether who are actively engaged in education and in the implementation of learning technologies in The Millennium University Schools, Universities and corporate training as well as in education in the public sector. Participants Education in the conference are high-level decision makers such as Ministers of Education Representatives By Nina Corynne Dongkeng use the company networks to deliver training from Governments Agencies, Non-Governmen- courses to employees and to a specific mode to tal Organizations, development agencies and In- E verybody knows that education is pres- attend a course – program of study where the stu- ternational organization senior executives from ently one of the best ways to achieve dents rarely, if ever, attend face-to-face on-cam- a myriad of businesses, as well as practitioners beautiful things in life. But for some pus access to educational facilities because they from all fields of education. Although attendees countries, it is still a luxury instead of being avail- study on–line. This concept has already been come from around the world, the strong African able for all social casts. adopted by most American, European, and Asian involvements (80% of the delegates will come Since Internet creation, which is a Global Net- countries but few African countries utilize the E- from Africa) make this conference a truly pan-Afri- work of interconnected computers enabling one Learning system. can event. The high attendance indicates that Af- to share information along multiple channels, In order to globalize this concept in Africa, the ricans are now strongly aware of the importance many other concepts have also been created. 4th International Conference on ICT for Develop- of E-learning in their society and they are ready to Electronic learning (E-Learning) is a type of ment Education and Training was be held at Da- learn and utilize the Internet technology supported education /learning (TSL), kar (Senegal) from the 27th to the 29th of May and E-learning. It would where the medium of instruction is through com- 2009. This annual event for developing E-learning be a pity to limit the vi- puter technology. This is naturally suited to dis- capacity in Africa will feature nearly 300 speakers sion to the African Con- tance learning and flexible learning but can also from approximately 50 countries, 4 plenary ses- tinent because there are be used in conjunction with face-to-face learning sions, 10 parallel conference strands with 60 ses- so many other (blended learning). sions, 20 practice demonstrations, 19 pre-confer- continents, E-learning can both refer to the strategies that ence events and many other features. countries, VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 30 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  31. 31. and cultures, which can and should participate Selected universities must have a good reputation, employers and employees. Unemployed people and contribute to the worldwide concept of the many faculties in order to attract a large number looking for a diploma or special training can utilize Millennium University. According to the United of students, and interesting subjects that African the E-Learning system as well. Nations Millennium Development Goals 2015, uni- students cannot find in their countrie i.e., Interior The main goal of this project is to establish a versal education is one of the biggest actual chal- Design. This is a learning experience for students World Wide Learning Management System (LMS); lenges we are facing. that want to acquire an excellent knowledge base which is software for delivering, tracking and man- Many Africans travel in order to study abroad but cannot afford the travel and accommodations aging training. LMSs range from systems for man- in European, Asian and American Universities. But aging training records to software for distributing studying abroad definitely cost a lot of money courses over the Internet and offering features for because of housing and living expenses… and online collaboration. The virtual learning environ- sometimes it is hard for African students to inte- ment used by universities and colleges allows in- grate into the selected community. In addition, it structors to manage their courses and exchange is known that massive and disorganized immigra- information with students for courses that in most tion is considered a terrible plague for world sta- cases will last several weeks and will meet several bility. So, without intending to entirely eradicate times during the weeks of the selected courses. In this phenomenon, it would be more interesting the corporate setting a course may be much short- to regulate it. It is time for Africans to understand er, completed in a single instructor led or online that they can fully develop their great potential session. by learning in their own country. The Millennium This interactive network will unite students, University project is a very big undertaking and vi- lecturers and professionals from all around the sion of E-Learning but as someone said: “It can be world in order to assist each of them to exchange done and should be done, just do it”. abroad or are simply interested in the E-Learning ideas, creations, and courses. In order to achieve the Millennium Universi- concept and the advantages. It is good training Important things such as a newsgroup, forum ties’ ambition, an American company, X-2, which for workers who want to upgrade their level for of discussions dealing with current events, on-line specializes in E-Business will access and make promotions and pay upgrades but have little time debates, on-line conferences, information about agreements with universities around the world. for class and study. E-Learning is available for both training programs, international internship pro- VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 31 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  32. 32. grams, loans and scholarships as well as access to an electronic library with a wide range of books VIM’s Poetry Corner will be available for all network participants. There will also be a business network for prospective Red Anger workers and/or professionals to establish and/or by: Rosemarie McMorris maintain business connections. Like a bee flying from flower to flower is like my father. A local base will be established in each coun- try. It could be the British Council, an American Planting a seed and leaving. school, or a French Cultural Center; each will as- sure good conditions of learning and examination Never loving or nurturing. as well as facilitate the relationships between the Never caring or trying. student and the university, therefore confirming the reliability of the system. Just lying and leaving. In order to achieve the above mentioned goals Red walls of anger surround the center of the beautiful flower - petals to and to build this Millennium University we require protect the heart. political, cultural, social, and financial support of this project which will have a positive impact in When the petals are gone and the center is exposed the flower dies. our society. To prevent this we have petals - walls of red anger. Electronics are actually transforming the world. Education must be available to everybody No Boys! around the world. No Guys! Together we can achieve the electronic global vision of education! No Men! No Fathers! JUST WALLS OF RED ANGER! VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 32 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  34. 34. companies in the chemical industry. Theories have been expounded for years that sickle cell Fighting the Sickle Cell trait carriers were at special risk in the chemical work place. Anemia Stigma The Dupont Company said in February 1980 that it routinely gave pre-employment blood test to all blacks to determine who might be a By J. R. Perry III changed people still have a stigma about sickle sickle cell trait carrier. Today that practice would cell anemia they think it is a “curse of the devil”. be condemned as racial profiling. The stigma T here’s quite a lot of stigma toward the whole subject of sickle cell anemia. People can feel guilty because they carry a Many physicians and scientists both black and white have complained that restrictions against blacks with the sickle cell trait was a senseless was made worse by a misunderstanding of the inheritance of the con-dition. Contrary to reports of premature deaths, car-riers of the sickle cell gene and they choose not to talk about it. stigma and it was an unscientific suggestion that gene were in almost all cases healthy. Genetic So they need to talk about it to start breaking their genes were somehow inferior; in addition of screening and public immuniza-tion programs down the barriers and the stigma. its use in barring blacks. have also raised suspicions among blacks and People are a bit sensitive about screening but From the Air Force Academy the trait has been sickle cell anemia.Screening programs of the you now can be enrolled in a program and start to cited, it was also used by the Navy in keeping 1970’s created misinformation, confusion and care for your baby with sickle cell anemia. Sickle blacks out of the submarine service and used by feared inadequate planning and preparation on cell anemia can no longer be overlooked upon as the Army; they will not allow the sickle cell trait the part of the medical profession and public a largely black disorder. There has been the cross- carriers to become aircrew members. This poli- health officials. As a result, the stigma associated ing of racial boundaries with sickle cell. cy persists in the Air Force itself despite today’s with this disease resulted in unnecessary stigma Sickle cell anemia has not been highlighted change in admissions policy it is under review. and discrimination. Of this confusion and because it has been perceived as a black disorder Blacks have also been charged more money for misinformation a great suspicion arose in the so it has not received any spotlight with interra- insurance policies when it was learned that they African American community that the sickle cell cial mixing. We are starting to see white babies had the trait. Sickle cell trait screening has not policy was another instrument of genocide. born with sickle cell anemia. Although times have been limited to the mili-tary or to the insurance Cure Every Cell-A Sickle Cell Support Group VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 34 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  36. 36. “NOW PLAYING” The Amie Jo Show NeXtStep Teen Talk Raenel ~ Right Now! Sneak Preview Sneak Preview Playing Playing June 15 - July 15 June 15 - July 15 Listen Now Watch More Info Watch More Info More Info All content is copyrighted by the respective owner. Any duplication is unlawful. VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 36 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  37. 37. Looking for more information about the C4S Charitable Foundation and the C4S G.I.R.L.S. Club? Don’t miss world renowned artist Dorothy Allen next issue! VEGAS INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE : 37 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
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