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Variety Interactive Magazine.June 2010
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Variety Interactive Magazine.June 2010


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Variety Interactive Magazine.June 2010

Variety Interactive Magazine.June 2010

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  • 1. VOLUME 3 • JUNE 2010 Aging Gracefully Tips on how to age gracefully by eating, exercising, being positive and beginning a $3.97 U.S. healthy vitamin regimen. TGo Interactive, Inc. (888) 222-6817 VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 1 FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 2. Features 7 Finding the Real You 12 From Where I Sit Break out of your robotic Cucumbers, like humans multi- thought pattern and find out task. Read this and find out how who you really are many things you can do with a cucumber. 30 Non-Profit Spotlight We are highlighting a non-prof- 10 Aging Gracefully 15 10 Ways to Survive a it agency that gives a helping Tips on how to age gracefully by Break-up hand by assisting families and eating, exercising, being positive Break ups are challenging, but and beginning a healthy vitamin can survive. Read this to surface individuals overcome challeng- regimen. a stronger better person.. es and attain self sufficiency. VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 2 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 3. 9 VIM and Vigor… 21 The Chair, Session 3 Social media provides meaningful Mental challenges, how do people social impact by delivering the added exist in their world of perversion, value of spinning off new media and delusions, illusions and agony? media content. Editor-At-Large Lillian McMorris 17 Why Educate? 23 Make-up Tips President Theresa Goss Read this thought provoking article Let us show you how to create that Vice President Ann Anders about education. Share your thoughts flawless look every time you apply Editor Lillian McMorris with us. your make up by using concealer, foundation and powder. Assistant Editors: Beauty Esperanza Literary Rosemarie 18 Eating Healthy 26 The Short of It, part II Good eating habits can assist with Part I led you to this point … now you Contributing Writers: lowering blood sugar and providing can know the truth, find inner peace Durline Tibbs, Debbie Hall, natural energy and good digestive and freedom and share it with others.. Kimber Bosley, MA, Ann Anders, Lu Torres, health. and Ronique Dailey Art Director Theresa Goss Production TGo Interactive, Inc. 20 White Chocolate Pecan Cake 29 VIM Calendar of Events This unique dessert is made with rich What is happening in your area? Here Phone: 888.222.6817 Email: white chocolate and toasted flavorful is a list of events in Southern Nevada.. pecans … what a treat! Copyright © 2010 Variety Insight Magazine All Rights Reserved VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 3 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 4. Letter from the Editor Reading has captivated me since I was a child. My mother saw reading, like life, as a grand ad- News and research material is available to us 24 hours a day; we are bombarded with informa- V IM is about power, guts and passion, our venture. I was never bored; I could read and the tion with less time to process it. That is where VIM publication explores various aspects of words on the pages could take me anywhere. My comes in. We have assembled a unique group of reading, education, entertainment and mother regaled me with tales from her childhood contributing writers to continue to bring you sto- opinions. We thrive on being unpredictable, excit- in Texas when there was segregation, to the world ries, narratives and information. Our magazine de- ing and eclectic. of discovery in Las Vegas Nevada in the 1940’s. She signer and art director is the best in the business Welcome to the June issue of Variety Insight and my father shared with me many stories of how she makes our words come alive! You will find Magazine, we are a monthly magazine that gives things were, what they fought for when first com- our pages vibrant and visual; they connect easily our contributing writers and you, our readers the ing to Southern Nevada and how things would by links to websites. We have developed this and opportunity to travel through time, the world and be different for me. I was introduced to the Holy other publications together with our continuously various genres that shape our thoughts and ulti- Bible, World Book Encyclopedia, the Child Craft se- updated website, to offer mately our world. Who wields the power? Ulti- ries, the Farmers Almanac and the local newspaper you the freshest look and reading mate- mately you do. Most people love the intrigue and at a very early age. My parents encouraged me to rial anytime, in the format that suits are fascinated about other people, who they are, spend hours reading and learning, this propelled you best. TGOii is an interactive digi- what they have accomplished or not; and what my curiosity and passion they think. We allow our contributing writers to for reading and writing; Lillian McMorris present their material from various angles, from even to this day. Editor politics to art, short stories, poetry, recipes and Now we are in a new Lillian also serves as Editor-At-Large for the technology to entertainment. era of instant gratification. entire TGo Interactive, Inc. publication family. VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 4 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 5. tal production company that delivers relevant tar- We also encourage our readers to break out geted information directly to our viewers, listeners if their robotic thought pattern and find out who and readers’ computer or PDA screens. Our maga- you really are; gather that strength and courage zine publications focus ranges from the business and move forward with your life - and you can of music to dream weddings, each publication is look good doing it with the make-up tips provided designed to reach specific target audiences. The by Esperanza. result, we hope, will surprise, delight, inform and Culturally speaking, we are all unique but we encourage you to continue to read with us and be- feel the same pain, anger and sadness, this can come a member when our member section opens be strength or a weakness depending on how we next month. as individuals handle situations and challenges. In this issue of VIM, I go back to my memories Sometimes talking through our anxieties and of reading the Farmers Almanac. Being healthy, missed placed anger issues can be cathartic. Top growing healthy and eating healthy; all of these it all off with chocolate – in my opinion chocolate contribute to a healthy lifestyle and aging grace- is healing, so I share with you my White Chocolate fully. Perhaps some of us should make some Pecan Cake recipe! changes. As this issue comes to you via the internet, the You will find information on a non-profit or- adventure continues as we peruse numerous ar- ganization that touches the lives of many. Help ticles and a broad range of subjects for our next of Southern Nevada provides a helping hand to issue of VIM (Variety Insight Magazine). I hope you those facing the challenges of life. I am sure you will continue to be enlightened, entertained, em- as our readers can reflect on an organization in powered, educated, encouraged and excited as your community that is a ‘safety net’ for many. On you read. the other side we continue our quest to deliver Please continue to enjoy! information on how you can find peace and inner Lillian McMorris, Editor strength and freedom, thusly becoming the best person you can be. VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 5 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 7. S ociety wants to tell us who we are. My opin- nation, which it does, then our leaders have us all ion. It wants to group us into herds, and in check. Think about it. flock us like sheep. If you aren’t proactive How can we break out of robotic thought pat- about finding yourself, making yourself, and being terns and find out who we really are? yourself, beware, because there are plenty of social First, you have to want it. That means not institutions that are willing to program your fragile worrying about what other people think, and not mind, and make you a slave to its cause. Perhaps, needing anyone’s approval. You’ll never be truly they’ve already done so. happy if you’re living for someone else. How do we know if we’re being controlled by Second, consider watching less TV. The me- society? First, we should identify whether our dia is the greatest medium through which society thoughts are original, or artificial. We’re all capa- controls us. ble of original thought, but why think for ourselves Third, be proactive in your search. Place your- when there are plenty of political/corporate/reli- self in different environments, and see if you like gious leaders that do the thinking for us? it. Do things you’ve secretly wanted to. Find out They say “Worry about your belly fat, and start if you can play a guitar or paint a picture. See if planning to attain the newest technology, and there’s a genre of fiction that you like. Try sushi. let us think about Afghanistan and Iraq. Imagine The world is an ice cream parlor. Try as many fla- how comfortable your family will be in the new vors as you like. Lexus, and let us worry about fossil fuels. Consider Fourth, allow yourself to make mistakes. Don’t whether you’re going to Heaven or Hell, and let feel bad if you suck at guitar. It could be just a hob- us decide on moral standards.” Are you thinking by, or maybe try the piano. If you don’t like sushi, what they want you to? try Greek. If you’re bored with college, consider If society can control your thoughts, it controls switching majors or joining the military. they way you consume, the way you vote, and Fifth, if you find something you don’t like, most importantly, the way you raise your children. change it. Consider self-help books or counseling. Finding the Real You by Luana Torres If it has such an influence on more than half of our There’s always room for self-improvement. If you VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 7 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 8. suck at guitar, but you really want to play, just do it. Make yourself a guitar player, and play until you rock. Sixth, you might find yourself drifting from your friends. This is a sign of progress. Let them know that you’re finding yourself, and if they’re good friends, they’ll respect it. You’ll probably make new friends that you’ll have more in com- mon with. Change is good. Embrace it. Finally, don’t give up. Don’t stop searching until you love the person you find. The benefits of being the real you is health, dignity, self-respect, a sense of freedom, and happiness. Not to mention that if we all break free from social conditioning, we’d all be freethinkers, and maybe, just maybe, our nation would be a better place to live. But don’t take my word for it, think about it for your- self. “If I hadn’t made me, I would’ve been made somehow. If I hadn’t assembled myself, I’d fallen apart by now. If I hadn’t made me, I’d be more in- clined to bow. Powers that be would have swal- lowed me up, and that’s more than I can allow.” -Incubus VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 8 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 9. o VIM and VIGOR…Effecting a Sustainable Social Impact Empowering Citizen Diplomacy through Cultural Diversity By Andrew Williams, Jr. thereby enabling students to learn and earn from tatives from T he original Vegas Interactive Magazine wherever on Earth they happen to be. diverse non-prof- promised and delivered culturally di- This very Variety Insight Magazine demon- it and non-governmental verse entertaining educational, infor- strates the benefits of manifesting and sustaining organizations such as A Partnership For mative and instructive content, contributors and meaningful social impact on stakeholders whose Peace, ABC Financial Literacy Project, International articles… with vim AND vigor. Articles contributed demographics rapidly outgrew the confines of a Goodwill Ambassador Ayi Jihu, the Global Protec- to the first four issues by and about members of physically limiting “base” identity. The momentum tion Network, the Thomas Bradley Legacy Foun- our international network of CEO’s, and others in- continues, delivering added value by diversifying dation, Friends of the United Nations (Australia), cluding VIM Editor and VIM Radio Host Lillian Mc- content and spinning off new media products and and the University of California Institute of Genetic Morris, demonstrated ways social media tools and channels, empowering citizen diplomacy outreach Medicine Art Gallery to work together with CEO’s resources effect real change in the lives of people to new “corners” of the globe. representing Elearningzoom, Uronimo, Shlepp Re- representing diverse languages, cultures, beliefs As one of the first persons appointed as a cords , Social Traffic, Inc., Beaty Four Productions, and dreams worldwide, truly reflective of cultural Facebook Ambassador in 2009, tasked to effect Starr Merch Productions, and other stakeholders to diplomacy in action. real world change via social media, I welcome the progress the United Nations’ Millennium Develop- Many of those topics, such as the Millennium opportunity to help “spread the word” about this ment Goals 2015 with Bermuda-based S.O.U.N.D.S. Multivercity (Nina Corynne Dongkeng), have sus- ongoing evolution using new media tools and of Sanctuary demonstration projects to be repli- tained momentum, captured credibility and are resources, such as virtual conferences for, among cated throughout the Caribbean, the U.S.A., the finding “real world” evidence of manifesting multi- and about contributors, sponsors and patrons, via U.K., and globally. . . lingual educational and vocational curriculum, that, and other media channels. We all look forward to VIM’s continued growth training and certification from around the world, Facebook, in fact, helped me attract represen- with even more VIGOR! VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 9 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 10. 2. Be Positive ef ul ly A happy and positive outlook could actually extend your life. An anal- rac ysis of 30 follow-up studies in the Journal of Happiness Studies found ng G that being happy can protect you from becoming ill. Some research- Agi ers say that the effect of happiness on lifespan is about as strong as not smoking. 3. Be Fit Purchase or pull-out your tennis shoes. According to a study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, if you stay aerobically fit, you can delay biological aging by 10 or more years and prolong your inde- pendence. 4. Probiotics Probiotics are live microorganisms that are thought to be healthy for the host organism. These may play a role in the prevention of certain diseases. More research is needed, but they have been linked By Lillian McMorris to improved immunity and decrease the rates of colon cancer. T he choices that you make in life can affect how you will age later. 5. Vitamin B12 There are some things you can do to keep the ‘youth’ in you; it goes You can keep your brain healthy by ingesting vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is much further than just having good genes. Genes actually only ac- found in most seafood and poultry. A recent study found that people with count for a third of healthy aging, the rest is your personal responsible. Here low blood levels of this nutrient experienced a faster decline in cognitive are some tips in assisting you to age gracefully. function than those with higher levels. B12 pills will provide your brain and 1. Potassium body with the same vitamin value. Stay strong as you age by eating potassium rich vegetables, i.e. potatoes, 6. Omega 3 leafy greens and fruits, such as bananas, watermelon and papayas. Eat- Certain fatty fish contain high amounts of two omega-3s critical to healthy ing five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day is an adequate aging; they are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid amount. (DHA). Numerous studies show that these healthy fats can help lower the VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 10 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 11. risk of heart disease and heart attacks. If you do that vitamin D protects against cardiovascular lower blood pressure, ease chronic pain, relieve not like fatty fish, there are omega 3 vitamins to disease, high blood pressure, certain cancers, anxiety, and slow bone loss after menopause. take that will supplement your bodies need for and some autoimmune disorders. Sources of 10. Red meat – an occasional enjoyment fatty fish oils. vitamin D include fish, eggs, and fortified milk; Make red meat an occasional indulgence, 7. Avoid Loneliness our bodies also make vitamin D in response to no more than once a week. A recent study Research suggests that loneliness can increase our exposure to sunlight. Most of us do not get found that people who consumed the highest the risk of high blood pressure, depression, and enough sunlight, so it is suggested that every- amounts of red meat (equal to about a quarter Alzheimer’s disease, as well as lower one’s im- one take 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 a day. pound of hamburger a day) had a 20 to 60 per- munity system. Socializing appears to enhance 9. Meditation in Motion cent higher risk of developing certain cancers health, and may increase longevity. Tai Chi is “meditation in motion,” this ancient than those who ate less. It is recommended by 8. Vitamin D form of stretching and balance can help you health professionals to replace red meat with Vitamin D is one of our major defenses against age well. Numerous studies suggest that tai chi fish and/or poultry. many age-related diseases. Studies indicate may improve everyday physical functioning, VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 11 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 12. The Cucumber skin as a beauty aid as well. eliminate the caffeine and pick up a cucumber. It is thought the cucum- Cucumbers are a good source of B Vitamins and bers were discovered in In- Carbohydrates that can provide your body with a dia. However, cucumbers quick, but healthy burst of energy that can last for quickly spread throughout hours. Europe and Asia, and were Lets just say you do not have any window widely consumed through- cleaner that acts as a defogger and you are tired of out the region by the 6th your bathroom mirror fogging up after a shower? and 7th centuries A.D. They Try rubbing a cucumber slice along the mirror, it From Where I Sit... have come a long way. To- will eliminate the fog and make your bathroom By: Lillian McMorris day cucumbers are one of smell like a soothing spa. I was reading The New York Times several the world’s favorite vegetables. Are grubs (serious and destructive lawn in- weeks ago and I found this information in There are a huge number of cucumber variet- sects), and slugs, (slugs are part of the same fam- the ”Spotlight on the Home” series, which ies available. Whether you grow exotic Armenian ily as Snails), ruining your planting beds? I have an highlighted creative and fancy ways to solve com- cucumbers or smaller gherkin cucumbers, you will answer to this problem, place a few cucumber slic- mon problems. I felt it was excellent information find that growing cucumbers can be a fun, exciting es in an aluminum pie tin and put it in your garden, and well worth sharing. and easy hobby. Now let me share some ways you it will be free of pests all season long. The chemi- One would ask what a cucumber is really. Can can utilize the cucumber. cals in the cucumber react with the aluminum to I grow it myself? Cucumbers are a wonderfully You are taking all of those extra vitamin pills, give off a scent undetectable to humans but drive rewarding crop and easily sgrown in your home how about simply eating a cucumber. Cucumbers garden pests crazy and make them flee the area. garden. You can use cucumbers to pickle or to contain most of the vitamins you need every day, If you are looking for a fast and easy way to eat raw in salads. Cucumbers are highly nutritious just one cucumber contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin remove cellulite before going out to the pool, and are a good source of sulfur, silicon, chlorine B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, try rubbing a slice or two of cucumbers along your potassium, sodium, magnesium, and fluorine. Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, problem area for a few minute. The phytochemicals They are also said to help aid digestion and Potassium and Zinc. in the cucumber cause the collagen in your skin to constipation. Many people use cucumbers on the In the afternoon when you are feeling tired, tighten, firming up the outer layer and reducing VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 12 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 13. the visibility of cellulite. This also works great on When you are feeling stressed out and you do wrinkles. not have time for massage, facial or visit to your fa- If you want to avoid a hangover or terrible vorite spa, cut up an entire cucumber and place it headache after a wonderful night out, eat a few in a pot of boiling water. The chemicals and nutri- cucumber slices before going to bed, you will ents from the cucumber will react with the boiling wake up refreshed and headache free. This is be- water and be released in the steam. This creates cause cucumbers contain enough sugar, B vitamins a soothing, relaxing aroma that will reduce your and electrolytes to replenish essential nutrients stress. the body lost during the drinking episode there- Cucumber can also eliminate bad breath, you fore keeping everything in equilibrium, avoiding really do not need gum or breath mints. Take a both a hangover and headache. slice of cucumber and press it to the roof of your We all have snacking binges that we regret mouth with your tongue for approximately 30 sec- later. Here is a way to fight off that afternoon or onds to eliminate bad breath. The phytochemicals evening snacking binge, eat some cucumber slic- will kill the bacteria in your mouth that cause bad es. Cucumbers have been used for centuries and breath. often used by European trappers, traders and ex- When cleaning faucets, sinks or stainless steel plorers for quick meals to keep from starving. the magic trick is cucumber. Take a slice of cucum- If you have an important meeting or job inter- ber and rub it on the surface you want to clean, view and you realize that you do not have enough not only will it remove years of tarnish and bring time to polish your shoes simply rub a freshly cut back the shine, but it will not leave streaks and cucumber over your shoes. The chemicals provide won’t harm your fingernails while you clean. a quick and durable shine that not only looks great When writing with pen ordinarily you cannot but also repels water. correct mistakes, take the outside of the cucumber If you have a squeaky hinge and you are out of and slowly use it to erase the pen writing. This also WD 40, take a cucumber slice and rub it along the works great on crayons and markers on walls … irritating noisy hinge; surprise, no more squeak. now that is a magic natural eraser. VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 13 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 15. 10 Ways to Survive a Break-up without Rebounding By Luanna Torres will be accompanied by a hangover from hell. 5. If you don’t have a pet, get one, they are the best S o you are going through a break up. It does Don’t do it. listeners! They will listen and listen, and listen, not matter who was the breaker and who 3. Don’t let your friends hook you up with any- and listen. They won’t make you feel weak, and was the breakee, it really hurts. You want one. They mean well, and that person might they cannot give you bad advice. Take care of to avoid depression, and you realize that rebound be cool, but as long as you still have feelings your pet, and your pet will take care of you. relationships are a waste of time. Ultimately they for your ex, it is simply a rebound. You will hurt But don’t let them eat the chocolate with you, do not work and you involve using someone just the other person, hurt yourself, and hurt your it might be the last thing they do! to distract you from your loneliness. So since you ex. Revenge might feel good, but it will not 6. Steer away from casual sex, it is a good way to don’t know what to do, here are a few tips. heal your heart. score a disgusting STD. Plus, it might lead to a 1. Chocolate is your best friend. It contains a chem- 4. Send yourself flowers. Why not? rebound. Besides, you do not ical that releases endorphins in your brain. If You deserve a beautiful need anyone to validate you don’t like chocolate, ice cream will work. If array of your favorite you or make you feel you don’t like ice cream, what planet are you bloom, and you don’t good, remember? You from? need someone else to can do it yourself. 2. Avoid alcohol. Alcohol makes you feel good, but send it to you. It will 7. Avoid listening to love it makes you do dumb things, like drunken dial- make you feel better, in a songs; they are a form of ing. The last thing you want to do is call your positive way. If you don’t like self-torture. Regret is your en- ex and beg them to take you back. Your sad- flowers, treat yourself to something emy. It is a waste of energy and it ness will not disappear; on the contrary, it will you like. It is not about being materialistic; accomplishes nothing except add to your be amplified. Alcohol is a depressant. Not to it is about realizing that you don’t need anyone grief. Stop it. Download songs that make you mention that the next day your broken heart to make you happy. You can do it for yourself. strong, like “Shake it off” by Mariah Carey, and VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 15 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 16. “I’m a Survivor” by Destiny’s Child. “Faith” by Limp Bizkit is one of my favorites. 8. Do not make excuses to call your ex, for real. Call them only for legitimate reasons, and reframe from saying things you don’t mean. It will only reopen the wound and drive your ex away. 9. Let yourself cry. Scream into a pillow. Talk to friends that you trust. Feeling is healing. Sti- fling your feelings will hurt you in the long run. Not to mention, they will damage your next re- lationship when you realize you still have hard feelings toward your ex. Do not; I repeat do not do that to you. Let your feelings out. 10. There is something to be learned here; this is the best thing you can get out of any break up. Reflect on what happened, where things went wrong, and what you can do to prevent it from happening again in the future. ‘Blog’ about it, so you will remember later. If you have followed the above steps or will in the future, smile. You are on your way to recov- ery. It is your time to prove to yourself that you are strong and beautiful, and most of all, you are worthy of self-love. VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 16 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 17. Why Educate? plies and teachers needed to excel. We’re still one of the worse school systems in the country! What would happen if businesses decided to By Andrea A. Woods adopt a school in a low-income area? By adopting the school, this makes sure that the students have the best of everything needed for a top rate edu- A n education allows the child to grow up at a third grade level. Who dropped the ball? We cation. This can also be a tool for their future em- and be whatever he or she desires, as can point fingers at the parents, the teachers and ployees. The company would be investing into the well as the freedom to explore all of the his/her environment, but blame is not helping the community, as well as making a difference in the possibilities based on ability. The ability to read child learn to read. lives of these children. All children will not take ad- then comprehend what you have read, add or sub- As a community, we must embrace our chil- vantage of this opportunity, but, at least one child tract, and vocalize your thoughts intelligently is dren and give them what is needed for a produc- could possibly dream to be the CEO and achieve very important in all cultures. tive adult. Can we count on you to join the cause that dream with the assistance of the business. As our State continues to grow in population, to empower our children and make Nevada one We have to show our children that we do be- these are topics that we must address as a com- of, if not the best educational system? This can be lieve in them, and want to help with their dreams munity. We cannot allow income levels to deter- achieved through belief and actions of wanting to and aspirations by investing in their education. mine what type of education the children receive make a difference in the lives of our children. The knowledge learned cannot be taken away; in our public school system. When income levels The children are our future. At this rate, our fu- knowledge is power. We have to want more for become the main factor, who suffers? Some may ture, (State of Nevada) is in dire straits. Not only our children in order for them to be able to provide say the child, but, the whole community suffers! can the mass majority of our low-income children for their children. The effort must be made to ensure the best is pro- not able to compete internationally, but, they can- This is our technical age, which is only going vided for all children in the public school system not compete state-to-state. Is this fair to these to enhance our future; life by touching buttons regardless of family income. children? No. There is a federal program that was and/or applications! What happens to the child I do not have a child within the public school established to make sure that more money went that still can’t read? What happens to us if the system in Nevada, but I live here. My concern is to Title I schools (low-income area schools) sup- child still can’t read? Let’s educate as a commu- for the child that is in the sixth grade, but reading posedly to provide these children with the sup- nity. Let’s help our children! VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 17 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 18. Healthy Eating “Food Inc.” She also inter- sential and non-essential amino acids, as long as viewed Alicia Silverstone sources of dietary protein are varied and caloric who advised that since intake is high enough to meet energy needs. By Rosemarie McMorris she had stopped eating Whole grains, legumes, vegetables, seeds meat, she lost weight, her and nuts all contain both essential and non-es- skin was more vibrant and sential amino acids. Soy protein has been shown her digestive system was to be equal to proteins of animal origin. It can be healthier. This encour- your sole protein source if you choose.” aged me to delve further. The intent of the documentary was not to make In reading/research- one stop eating meat or in promotion of a vegetar- ing about my diabetic ian or vegan diet, it was more of educating the health, I found that: “Stud- viewer on making more positive food choices and ies show that vegetarian recognizing what is being fed to the animals that diet which has an empha- we choose to eat. If one is going to have a carnivo- I n an effort to continue to lose weight and sis on low fat, high carbohydrate and high fiber rous diet, we should be aware of how the animals become healthier, I began researching natu- foods has a beneficial effect on carbohydrate me- were raised, if they are antibiotic and hormone fed ral/healthy weight-loss options. Let me pref- tabolism, lowering blood sugar levels. Therefore it and the manner in which they were slaughtered. ace this article by stating that I am not in any way can substantially lower risk of type II diabetes and ( endorsing a carnivorous or vegetarian diet. What other health problems like obesity, coronary heart Personally, I have chosen to eat what I consider I am promoting is healthy eating and asking you disease, high blood pressure and some forms of “safe meat” in that I prefer to know that I am eat- to think about your health on a deeper level. If cancer than non-vegetarians.” ing non-hormone/antibiotic/pesticide free meat. I what you eat can contribute to making you sick, However, it should be noted that if one is not stray away from pork and red meat as pork is high couldn’t the opposite be true in that what you eat ingesting meat, other forms of protein are essen- in sodium and red meat has not benefit to heart can contribute to making you well? tial. “Almost all foods except for alcohol, sugar, health and is harsh on the digestive system. I watched an Oprah episode where she was and fats are good sources of protein. Proteins As I do eat very little meat, I supplement my talking about a movie/documentary entitled from plant alone can provide sufficient of the es- diet with Biotin which is high in vitamin B-12, a B VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 18 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 19. complex vitamin and Omega 3-6-9 fish oil pills and have incorporated Zrii into my daily regime due to its all natural ingredients and the amazing benefits it provides in regard to energy, digestive health and lowering blood sugar. What is important here is to realize that we must pay attention to what we choose to put into our bodies and realize that by ingesting preservative filled, processed foods our bodies will succumb to that in the form of illness to include diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 19 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 20. VIM Recipes Bake 25 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool completely, about 1 hour. 4 eggs In small microwaveable bowl mix 3 oz white 1 T. Vanilla chocolate and 3 tablespoons cream, micro- White Chocolate Frosting wave uncovered on High for 1 minute, stir- 3 oz white chocolate baking bars or squares, ring every 30 seconds, until smooth. Cool 10 chopped to 15 minutes. 3 T whipping cream In medium bowl, beat softened butter and 2 ½ cup butter, softened cups of the powdered sugar with electric 3 cups powdered sugar mixer on medium speed until blended. 1 cup of chopped or halved Pecans Add white chocolate mixture; blend well. Pre-heat your oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or Add remaining powdered sugar, beat until nonstick pan.) smooth. White Chocolate Spray bottom and sides of 15x10x1-inch pan Spread frosting over cake, sprinkle with pecans. Pecan Cake with baking spray with flour. From the Kitchen of Lillian McMorris In small microwaveable bowl mix 3 oz white NOTE: White chocolate is made from cocoa but- Looking for a unique dessert? Here is one of my chocolate and 2 tablespoons cream, micro- ter and adds a wonderful rich flavor to this cake. favorites. This flavorful sheet cake is made with wave uncovered on High 1 minute, stirring Find white chocolate in the baking section of the white chocolate and topped with toasted pecans. every 30 seconds, until smooth. Cool 10 to grocery store and use half of the 6 oz package (3 3 oz white chocolate baking bars or squares, 15 minutes. squares, 1-oz each) for the cake and half of the chopped In large bowl, beat cake mix, sour cream, oil, package (3 squares, 1-oz each) for the frosting. 2 T. whipping cream eggs and chocolate mixture with electric Melting the white chocolate in the microwave 1 box of white cake mix mixer on low speed 30 seconds. Beat on me- oven is quick and easy, but if you melt it in a pan 1 cup sour cream dium speed 2 minutes, scraping bowl occa- on the stove, be sure to use very low heat or in a ½ cup vegetable oil sionally. Pour into the prepared pan. double boiler to avoid scorching it. VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 20 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 21. that could turn a rainy day into sunshine. Why experiences is very intriguing to me. is she here, is the question. I am lured into her world of torture and I find Her mind has taken her to a place where myself pondering some disturbing thoughts of most people never attempt to go; she has the my own. “Snap out of it!” I say aggressively to need to embrace a unique sense of pain. She myself. “You are here to help, not concur!” calmly asks my counterpart, “am I crazy for I muster up some words of comfort and reas- The Chair - Session #3 wanting to take a straight edge razor and open a surance and advise her that this is merely a phase By Ronique Dailey persons spine revealing the nerves, bones, disks and the thoughts will pass. This woman has no I t is eight o’clock in the morning and I sit qui- and blood?” past drug history, psychotic episodes or acts of etly merely co-existing in this world of perver- She continues, “I just want to see the nerve severe violence … damn … this is so strange. sion, delusions, illusions and agony. I wonder endings sever and how the body reacts to the She is as professional as they come. Her calm- what mental challenges lie ahead for today. separation.” To myself I say, “She is two french ness is disturbing. “What are you feeling at this I am reeking of coffee, smoke and various fries short of a happy meal!” Why doesn’t she moment?” I say with a slight quiver in my voice. perfume fragrances; these combined scents are just say it … is it okay to commit not only pre- She leans back, crosses her legs and smiles at me all resonating from my delicate fibers. It makes meditated murder, but add cruel and unusual before uttering in almost a seductive whisper, one question the fact that we go through so punishment? “may I have a cup of green tea?” much to achieve some form of completeness, This beaming ray of sunshine is serious in her Tea! I am thinking to myself. Yes, I will get you closure, or victory to their lives! quest! It makes me nervous as hell! What does some tea and a cat scan along with some Prozac, The subject enters the office unsure of what one say to such a nauseating suggestion? I stop, you lunatic! I stumble past her hurriedly to go lies ahead for this session. What is she thinking think and recompose myself and continue our get her a cup of green tea; she softly and sweetly at this very moment in her quest for healing? conversation. looks at me with those piercing eyes and says, She has been hurt, ridiculed and knocked down I take her back to times in her life that caused “by the way doc, I absolutely love this chair.” Un- merely for being who God intended her to be. her so much anger, resentment, self-pity and believable! This session has turned into a cheer- This is a very special case. This woman is as hurt. Hurt and pain is mostly all she has known, ful banter for her, and I, the professional … I am mighty as a lion, but as gentle as a blue bird. She she identifies with it all too well. Her cries for totally clueless. greets me with the voice of an angel and a smile something, wanting to compensate for her past What am I to do? VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 21 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 23. dation to downplay dark, blue-toned, under-eye for winter when skin is lighter. Also, selecting the Makeup Tips circles and make skin appear brighter. The other should match your foundation to right formula for your skin type is key. For oily skin, go for a matte foundation. Dry By Esperanza help hide reddish blemishes or broken capillar- skin? Try a hydrating formula. Once you’ve nailed ies. When applying concealer, use a thin makeup down the best foundation makeup shade, sweep brush and apply it to the inner-eye corners first (by along your forehead, nose, chin, and cheekbones, the tear ducts, where circles tend to appear dark- and then blend outward to help it disappear into 1. Concealer est) and feather it outward. your skin. Makeup tip 2: Foundation Blend foundation correctly: Always start in 2. Foundation Foundation is one of the first things women the center of your face then blend foundation out- skip; yet it is key to looking flawless. That’s be- ward. Blend foundation from face to neck well, oth- 3. Brighten cause this “base layer” helps makeup last longer, erwise people will see the line where you stopped and blush really stand out. giving you a “mask face.” 4. Touch Up To pick the best foundation makeup for your skin tone, hold bottles next to your face and narrow down the options. Then swipe Makeup tip 1: Concealer each where skin is Concealer is every woman’s favorite tool for most uneven which creating that flawless look. It can be used to hide is along your jaw under-eye circles and blemishes. Apply concealer line; if it blends in, BEFORE foundation; once you apply concealer, you are set. you won’t need as much foundation. It is advisable to Use concealer under eyes, along the nose and consider two shades of on the chin. For best results you will need two con- foundation: One for summer cealers; one that is a shade lighter than your foun- when skin is naturally darker, and one VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 23 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 24. Makeup tips # 3: Brighten How about luminizing? This secret weapon comes in liquid or powder form and is made with opalescent, pearl-like particles that give skin a sheer finish and a subtle, sexy sheen. Choose the shade closest to your skin tone: Pink and white luminizers complement fair skin, while gold and bronze suit medium to deep color- ing. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way. Use a clean fingertip to dab a pea-size drop onto your brow bones, along the tops of your cheekbones, and at the innermost corners of your eyes. Be sure to blend well to achieve a barely- there radiance. Makeup tips # 4: Touch Up Face powder keeps foundation in place longer by blotting away excess oil. Use loose powder (it offers an airy, light finish) or use your favorite com- pact powder and sweep it on with a brush. Apply along your T-zone, under your eyes, and across your lids (to give eye-shadow color staying pow- er). Remember to choose a shade of face powder that matches your skin. When in doubt, go a touch darker. VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 24 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 26. The Short of it inner peace, happiness. We must begin to think of things as impermanent and accept that they are ever changing. This is actually quite comforting if “The Pursuit of Happiness” - Part II you have current situations that are unfavorable. Let go and let Buddha (LOL). Among other studies, I have been very drawn By: Jennifer Short art of living. He did not teach sectarian religion; to Taoism and Buddhism for some time now. Tak- Buddha literally means only dharma. In Pali, “dharma” translates to mean ing it to the next level, I actually found “the man “awake.” He was born a prince “Truth or Law”. The teachings are universally ap- on the mountain”; or at least one of them (LOL). by the name of Siddhartha Gau- plicable to all religions and people from all back- During one of my recent “Grasshopper” sessions it tama. His father was king and grounds. was brought to my attention that we must all not head of the Shakya clan. Upon It is a teaching which transcends cultural ritu- only study but be practitioners of what we know his birth, it was prophesied that als, blind faith and intolerance. Buddha himself and believe. This resonated highly with me as, not Siddhartha would either be a taught, “Do not believe in something because it unlike many people, even I am guilty of not doing very powerful king or a fully en- is reported…accept as completely true only that everything which I know to be the best and high- lightened one. which you test for yourself and know to be good est practice. Sometimes the shoemaker has no At the age of 29, he chose for yourself and others.” shoes. to become ascetic monk so he Suffering is a core focus in Buddhism. It teach- How many among us have work out DVD’s could understand suffering, know truth, and find es that all suffering is caused by attachment. Think and juicer gadgets we do not use; yet complain inner peace and freedom so that he might teach it food, drugs, sex, materialism, and the basics. You about being out of shape, tired and unhealthy? to others to ultimately end all suffering. In walking get the point. Thus if we are to be “happy” or con- How many among us have books at home that we away from his current life, The Buddha left behind tent, we must strive to not feel attached to any- have never read? What if we actually utilized our his wife, his infant son, his home, his royal status thing. It is a very different concept for westerners. own resources? They are right under our noses; in and luxurious lifestyle. Many among us have already or will have to our own backyards or, in some cases, in our own Buddha is credited as the original source for face losing a job, a home, a relationship etc. Think houses literally. the technique, philosophy and teaching of the about it. No attachment, no feelings of suffering, My Mr. Miyagi also discussed living a “purpose- VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 26 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 27. ful life” with me. This is something I have been ** In-keeping with living a purposeful life, I increasingly aware of. Think Stephen Covey, “The have chosen to combine all my professional expe- 8th Habit.” What is it that we are doing here and rience, spiritual studies and holistic practices into where are we going? If you do a road trip, don’t business, life and wellness coaching; launching my you plan ahead and msap out your destination? new website and writing Why don’t we make more of a conscious effort to these columns. Simply, I enjoy learning and teach- do this in our own lives? Even on a road trip, if we ing anything that betters your life and keeps you don’t plan, we have no idea where we will end up. in forward motion; mind, body and spirit. So, in It could end okay and full of adventure and stories. these troubling times, I will be here; offering in- It could also go sideways. sight, advice and rooting for you. But, if we planned, we would have a definite Feel free to drop me a note and let me know idea of the final destination and a better roadmap what it is that is on your mind and most challeng- in case we need to make adjustments. I encourage ing for you. I will continue to keep my finger on you to begin creating your own journey by map- the universal pulse; bringing you real solutions ping your course. If you feel you have veered off to you can integrate into your lifestyle to empower the side of the road, there is no time like the pres- and improve your existence. ent to change your route. Bring it back! Jennifer Short Jennifer is a contributing writer for VIM and also a Business, Life & Wellness Coach. For more information please visit her website at VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 27 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 29. June 7-July 30: The Arts Conservatory Time Warp The parade features more than 60 entries includ- — Arts through the Ages camp at the Reed Whip- ing traditional floats, Macy’s-style giant helium bal- Southern Nevada ple Center for ages 7 to16 will be offered Monday loons, exciting bands and performing groups and through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. teaching a a variety of kids’ favorite storybook characters. The Calendar of Events variety of arts disciplines including visual and lan- guage arts, dance, drama and music. Call 229-6211 parade is coordinated by The Summerlin Council, the non-profit arm of the Summerlin Community By Debbie Hall for more information. For more information, call 341-5500. June 9, 5:30-9:30 July 4-10: Aid p.m.: First Friday Las For AIDS of Vegas/Whirlygig will Nevada, the hold a fundraiser at oldest and the downtown Fire- largest AIDS fly in the Plaza with organization passed food and drinks (including a cocktail creat- in the state, ed for event), silent and live auction and entertain- is hosting Camp Courage, a week-long camp ment to benefit the monthly First Friday art event. experience for children affected/infected by HIV/ June 3: Opening Exhibition for fine art printer Call 678-6278. AIDS. For more information or to make a donation, John Bell will feature Bell’s ongoing exploration July 3, 9-11 a.m.: visit of time, contemporary culture, and symbolism The Summerlin July 6-30: The Charleston Heights Arts Center of- through abstract expressionism. Council Patriotic fers the Summer Youth Dance Camp 2010, a pro- Chamber Music Series is held every third Thurs- Parade gram designed for intermediate to advanced danc- day at the Brett Wesley Gallery from 7 to 8:30 The entire Las Vegas valley is invited to celebrate ers ages 11 to 18. Instruction will include Pilates; p.m. Enjoy classical, jazz and inspirational music Independence Day at the 16th annual Summerlin ballet technique; modern, lyrical, jazz, contempo- in the casual, intimate surrounds of the gallery. Re- Council Patriotic Parade, beginning at the corner rary jazz dance and a performance for friends and serve seats early by calling 433-4433 or visit www. of Hillpointe Road and Hills Center Drive in The family. Call 229-6383 to register. Trails village of Summerlin. VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 29 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE
  • 30. Help of Southern Nevada Non-Profit Spotlight T his year HELP of Southern Nevada cele- four cornerstones there are a myriad of services brates 40 years of serving Southern Ne- and programs designed to assist those seeking vada. Junior League of Las Vegas started self-sufficiency in our community. a volunteer action committee and founded HELP Services provided by HELP of Southern Nevada of Southern Nevada in 1970. It is a 501 (c) (3) or- include; Community Alternative Sentencing, Holi- ganization that has grown exponentially since the day Programs, Nevada 211 call center, Social Servic- inception, from an organization that served fewer es, Homeless Services, Family Services, Emergency for individuals and families. HELP Street will raise than three hundred people a year, to one that will Resource Services, Weatherization and the Shan- the public’s awareness of the important work be- serve over 100,000 unduplicated people in a fiscal non West Homeless Youth Center and Work Op- ing done to assist the most vulnerable in Southern year. portunities Readiness Center (W.O.R.C). For more Nevada. HELP of Southern Nevada responds to the information on the services provided by HELP visit The agency is 100% local and 100% account- changing needs of our growing community. We for more information. able and is committed to engaging other orga- strategically expand our programs and refine our As we move towards the future for HELP of nizations through collaboration to achieve maxi- service delivery systems to better serve the poor, Southern Nevada it is through collaboration that mum impact with the services we provide and the the homeless and those in crisis that come to us as we as a community will move forward. HELP clients we serve. a place of last resort. Street is the future of HELP of Southern Nevada. HELP is located at 1640 E. Flamingo Road #100 HELP focuses on the core foundation of the HELP Street is a one-stop shop social service and Las Vegas, NV 89119 Phone (702) 369-4357, Fax agency and its mission. The four cornerstones for community campus which will dramatically in- (702) 369-4089 or Email For HELP of Southern Nevada: Housing, Emergency crease the access to critical services, delivery of more information about the organization and the Services, Life Skills and Prevention. Within these services, efficiency and community engagement services they provide visit WWW.HELPSONV.ORG. VARIETY INSIGHT MAGAZINE : 30 COVER INDEX FULL SCREEN PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE