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Trn.tv Portal Point News- Summer 2012

Trn.tv Portal Point News- Summer 2012



Trn.tv Portal Point News- Summer 2012 ...

Trn.tv Portal Point News- Summer 2012
AJ Comes to America http://ajactionteam.org
A voluntary committee of activists, artists and executives committed to the creation of a universal goodwill mascot named "AJ the Little Gombey" who represents "Unity in the Community World Vibe, Fighting With Peace and Not For It".



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    Trn.tv Portal Point News- Summer 2012 Trn.tv Portal Point News- Summer 2012 Document Transcript

    • The Revelation Network Portal News & IP Channel GuideHGM PublicationsVOL 7: SPECIAL SUMMER ISSUE: JUN-AUG 2012 Cover by Lady Hamilton Genesis 1: 9-13
    • The Revelation Network Portal News & IP Channel Guide HGM Publications VOL 7: SUMMER 2012 This Issue Summer Cover P -1 REVELATION SPOTLIGHT: NOW PLAYING ON PORTAL #306 Revelation Spotlight P -2 From Lady Hamilton P -2 Focal Point P -2 Channel Guide P - 3 Featured Programs & New Releases P - 4 Power Through the People P - 5 MDG-Environmental Sustainability P - 6 Qui’s Corner P - 7 Green Food for Thought P - 8 AJ In America P - 9 End Time Checklist P-10 Featured Programs P - 6 Network Promotions P-11 Network Notes P-11 Special Offers & Promotions P-12 SUMMER FOCAL POINT An excerpt from “Eternal Green” by Lady A The focal point for June through August is thinking & “living green”. People all over our world today are experiencing the consequences from choices made unconscientiously in the past that are now effecting our environment thru global AJ Gombey is now in America for the 1st time, and is taking his “Unity in the Community” movement warming, severe weather, diminished International through The Revelation Network. Shown above (left to right) with TJ Gibson, producer of “The Lite” theme song, Pastor Alexander Hamilton, AJ, and Lady Alicia. Story on Page 9. natural resources and food supplies. I contend that similarly, there will be direct consequences from unconscientiously choosing what effects the environment within our minds. Just like the food we eat feeds our body, what we see and hear feeds our minds. What we view with our eyes, and hear withHappy Summer! As always I hope this letter finds you happy and well. our ears, contributes to the “environment” ofThis summer issue is a special publication introducing several new programs images and references that we have withinon The Revelation Network. Due to the great response we received from the our minds to formulate decision making.End Time Preparation article, we have embarked on a journey to preparedness for our Network and Shouldn’t we then ask the question, whatmembers. There is a clear need for communities nationwide to be aware, equipped, sustainable, and self- will be the long term consequences to our society, especially to youth, who are raisedreliant in the event of an emergency or disaster. Let’s face it, emergency resources may very likely be on viewing excessive graphic violence anddrained or unavailable to everyone who needs them during catastrophic events. Emergency preparedness explicit sex?improves community sustainability, and ultimate recovery from disasters.The Revelation Network is working with the Emergency Management for the City of Compton, California, Media has a greater impact on pop culture today more than ever before in historyEmergency Network Los Angeles, The American Red Cross, and other organizations to provide because technology makes it possible forinformation and training through Faith Based Organizations community partnership. Visit TRN Channel music, television, and film to be accessibleCH #911: DAPP (Disaster, Awareness, Preparedness and Planning) for more information and please read more quickly, to more people, in so manythe article on Page 5, “Power Through the People” about the great works being done by Compton, unprecedented ways. We have yet to seeCalifornia’s Emergency Management Coordinator, Ms. Stacy Barnes. the effect and influence that modern music,Our quest to attain community resiliency led to providing more programming in the areas of “Green / Eco film and television will have on peoplesLiving” concepts including; urban farming, energy conservation, solar and other green energy systems. behavior and our society.July debuts the TRN Living Green Channel featuring the new show, “The Eco Doctor,” Dr. Sherridan Ross. TRN curates media with positive imageryThese things and more are TRN’s contribution to ensure our member’s have access to pertinent that represents a methodology of “thinkinginformation and programming that promotes personal and community resiliency. green” from the inside out and ultimately XOA achieve an inner balance between our mind, body and spirit. 2
    • P# CHANNEL & PORTAL NAMES001 TRN Vertex NETWORK002 TRN News003 TRN International CHANNELS911 DAPP100—Church & Ministry HOME Channel Series Numbers for101 Community Missionary Baptist Portal Categories Church101.7 Community MBC Live Broadcast 000 TRN BROADCAST HUB DO YOU HAVE A STORY TO102 Kingdom Glory 100 FAITH CHANNELS TELL OR A SHOW TO SHARE?103 The Gospel Institute104 Available 200 EDUCATION CHANNELS TRN accepts broadcast quality video and audio program submissions for105 Available 300 FEATURED CHANNELS publishing across our entire media106 Available network. Multi media platform107 Bishop Dwight Pate - Church 400 PREMIUM CHANNELS distribution includes; the Internet, Point Ministries [coming 2012] mobile phones, hand held devices, 500 ON DEMAND digital satellite transmissions, and200—Distance Education HOME 600 RADIO STATIONS other digital media broadcast devices.201 TRN Education Village 700 LIVE THEATRE &202 Smart Media Learning BROADCASTS Programs listed on the Network can participate in revenue sharing,300—Featured Portals HOME promotion, advertising and301 TGI: The Gospel Institute sponsorship opportunities. When THE REVELATION NETWORK you lease your own customized302 GMI: Gospel Music Institute CHANNELS, PORTALS & channel portal you own your “time303 Classic Cinema STATIONS PRESENT bank” that you can resell or use to304 F.A.M.E. PROGRAMS THAT ARE broadcast your own full length305 Saving with Vetta BROUGHT TO YOU BY shows, promotions or commercials.306 AJ Island CHURCHES, MINISTRIES,307 Phenomenon We assist with marketing and INDIVIDUALS, ARTISTS,309 The Survival Channel with promotion to help you build your PRODUCTION COMPANIES audience and garner sponsor & Jakzun Hamiter [coming 2012] AND DISTRIBUTORS. advertiser confidence in your brand.309 RefleXions TV [coming 2012] Listing services are available for Support and Crowd Funding:310 Creative Technology [coming distribution and advertising 2012] Support your favorite show, opportunities with our media311 Visions Missions portal and channel producers affiliates. and artists to accomplish their400—Premium Channels HOME projects by contributing The Revelation Network’s digital distribution platforms and IPTV financially to their efforts. solutions are available to individuals,500—TRN On Demand HOME You can also support the churches, ministries, producers, General Network with one content providers, distributors, and artists anywhere in the world that have600—Featured Radio HOME time or membership access to digital transmissions. Our601 Smooth Gospel Music contributions that will go team works diligently to improve and602 Nostalgia Radio with Tony Lopez towards developing new share our collective offering of choices603 TRN Talks [coming soon] channels and programs. with today’s growing global audiences604 Hub City Gospel that receive their media using digital HELP US, HELP YOU GET MORE technology. PROGRAMS THAT REPRESENT700—LIVE Theatre Showcase HOME YOUR CHOICE AND VOICE! For more information about content701 TRN LIVE Theatre 1 submissions and/or participating in TRN LIVE Theatre 2 the Network’s revenue and TRN LIVE Theatre 3 advertising opportunities visit: TRN.tv’s “Media Relations” page. 3
    • TRNTV & SHOW TRN.tv Featured Portal #911 DAPPAre you prepared to be self- reliant & sustainable duringan emergency or disaster for a minimum of 7 days until help arrives?The reality is that in todays economyemergency services may be overwhelmedand unable to get to you right away.The DAPP Portal #911 is bringinginformation, education, and resources tohelp families get prepared to make itthrough emergencies, disasters, andcatastrophic events. 4
    • SUMMER 2012 POWER THROUGH THE to the City to her Superior, Fire Chief Jon FEATURED PORTALS PEOPLE Thompson, who has supported her efforts to By Lady Alicia Hamilton promote citizen preparedness. She has been working on providing reverse call notificationThere is a real paradigm shift taking place systems, training classes, community LIVING GREEN, #312with how recipients receive public services. It partnerships, and was searching for a way to This new Portal on The Revelationstems from the increasing needs of the connect with Churches to help reach the people network focuses on practicalpeople and the decreasing resources of of the community when Sister Sweet contacted approaches to healthy green living.providers. This is a reality that we face and her. “One of my goals for the city’s Emergency Shows feature Eco / Green andno purpose will be served through being Management Program is to reach out to our energy conservation concepts,fearful, worrying or complaining. It can local churches, educate and train the clergy/ Urban farming, and moreactually be an exciting time because it has congregations, and build collaborative informative programs to helpcreated an opportunity for people to be partnerships among ALL of the faith-based viewers adapt to this new way of organizations in Compton, so that we can life on earth.empowered to do great works that reclaim ourability to live in harmony with our precious become a self-sufficient and resilient DAPP, #911planet earth. I say precious because we all community,” says Ms. Barnes. Disaster, Awareness, Preparednessneed our planets ability to sustain life or we Since then we have united with Ms. Barnes and & Planning: DAPP is empoweringwill surely die. founded PAC RED, (Preparedness and communities to be sustainable &The America Red Cross is forming Faith Awareness for Community Resiliency in resilient during disasters and other Emergency’s and Disasters). Community emergencies through awareness,Based Community Partnerships to help equip Baptist Church is now a member of; PAC RED, preparedness, education andChurches to better serve their members and training. DAPP provides newcommunity during an emergency or crisis. It The American Red Cross Faith Based media and technical support formakes such great sense because ministries Community Partnership, The Emergency collaborations betweenare already serving the needs of their Network Los Angeles, and is scheduling training government, faith based, andmembers. Equipping ministries with the for preparedness, CPR, Map Your media organizations as theyresources necessary to be resilient in a crisis Neighborhood, and more. prepare their communities forjust expands the capacity for emergency responding during emergencies or During an emergency or disaster citizens may disasters.service deployment. need to be self-reliant and sustainable untilWe have been truly blessed by the vision and more help becomes available. PAC RED is a AJ ISLAND, #301actions of the City of Compton, California’s model for a successful collaboration between AJ the Gombey is now in Americapolitical leadership and Emergency Government, Faith Based, and Media to bring his “Unity in theManagement. Our Church, the Community Organizations to build strong resilient Community” world peace vibe toMissionary Baptist Church of Compton, communities. PAC RED’s mission is to educate everyone he meets. AJ featuresCalifornia, started investigating what residents and stakeholders within the City of the song by TJ Gipson “The Lite,” Compton on the importance of disaster and shares his message of love andemergency resources were available for our healing, with everyone he meets.members when we were made aware of the awareness and preparedness by ensuringissues presented in the End Time Preparation emergency, planning, training and resources HUB CITY GOSPEL, #604Checklist article by Bishop Clarence Harris. are assessable to the entire community. The A new radio broadcast comingOur Sister Debra Sweet reached out to Ms. Revelation Network provides the on line from the music ministry atStacy Barnes, Emergency Management communications component for this Community Baptist Church inCoordinator for the City of Compton, and we collaboration through the DAPP (Disaster Compton, California, USA. Theirwere so pleased to find that the City of Awareness Preparedness and Planning), broadcast features up and comingCompton Office of Emergency Management Channel #911 on TRN.tv. artist original and new releases,had an action plan in place. many heard for the first time on For more information about PAC RED or how The Revelation Network.Ms. Stacy Barnes, an educated, skilled, sharp you can start a Chapter for your City; contactand resourceful leader, began the application Ms. Stacy Barnes at 310-605-6280. SMART MEDIA LEARNING, #202 Continuing education, improvingprocess for FEMA’s Community-Specific All- skills, or just taking the time toHazards Integrated Emergency Management learn something is made fun andCourse (IEMC) over two years ago. Compton easy through “Smart Media”. TRNwas one of 12 jurisdictions selected for this Do you have an article to share? is an advocate for Distanceprogram out of a pool of over 40 other Learning and provides this greatapplicants from all over the country. The Feel free to submit for widget for accessing a hugecourse will be held in July, and Compton is publication in an upcoming catalog of learning videos. Incomethe FIRST city in the State of California to TRN Portal Point Issue. opportunities are available.host an All-Hazards IEMC. Ms. Barnes Contact us for details.credits the success in bringing this resource 5
    • TRNTV & SHOW continued expanding applications throughout the world including IndiaThe MDGs & You: By Andrew Williams, Jr. where he has been recently consulting with the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute to employ environmentally sustainable elementsTarget #7, Environmental Sustainability / Rio to the proposed model village championed by Arum Gandhi,+20 Earth Summit 2012 grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.Several months ago I asked Chris Shawe, CEO of the International The introductory videos on this months TRN International (http://Institute for Multicultural Studies and Ethics (IMSE) whether it was trnintl.trn.tv) discusses Collaborative Journalism. According toethical for commercial activities to support humanitarian projects. Her Wikipedia that is “a mode of journalism where multiple reporters orreply: its not only ethical and practical, but necessary for social news organizations, without affiliation to a common parentimpact projects to thrive and grow. organization, report on and contribute news items to a news story together. It is practiced by both professional and amateur reporters.”That means all of us have the power and responsibility to advocateand impact the United Nations Millennium Development Goals 2015 It is also how you and all of us, can impact the United Nationssocial impact projects in order to improve the quality of life on Earth Millennium Development Goals 2015 and other causes important toand of Earth. our passions, lives and future because “Collaborative journalism involves the aggregation of information from numerous individuals orTRN International provides tools and resources to help us all do that, organizations into a single news story.”through collaborative journalism, citizen journalism, and culturaljournalism by sharing and reporting about ways we see activities For example, you can choose any one or more of the Millenniumimpact MDG initiatives and vice versa, to a local and global audience, Development Goals and do a brief video from your mobile phone orparticularly during and after the Rio +20 Earth Summit in June 2012. high definition camera with your example, story or shout-out showing how it impacts you, your family, your community, or vice-versa, howWhen what you contribute and share is about something happening you your family or community activities positively impactsright now” you step into the role of citizen journalism, which, environmental sustainability.according to Wikipedia, “(also known as "public", "participatory","democratic" "guerrilla"or "street" journalism) is based upon public Yes, trn.tv does use and has tools and resources for individuals,citizens "playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, groups, businesses, associations, non-profits, non-governmentalanalyzing, and disseminating news and information." organizations, quasi- and governmental agencies to bridge the digital divide progressing United Nations Millennium Development Goal #8,"New media technology, such as social networking and media- Global Partnerships for Development, in compliance with the Globalsharing websites, in addition to the increasing prevalence of cellular Compact.phones, have made citizen journalism more accessible to peopleworldwide. Due to the availability of technology, citizens can often That includes affordable technology such as Dennis Matthews LCEreport breaking news more quickly than traditional media reporters. Black Box that livestreams content directly to TRN Stage #003,Notable examples of citizen journalism reporting from major world Ronald Stewarts Indamixx portable studio enabling you to pre-events are the Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street movement.” produce and upload content to our satellite radio network and various cheap and open source tools provided by Cornelius Butler to engageFor example, a few years ago, Nina Corynne Dongkeng, then a the handicapped and physically challenged.student in Tunisia now studying at the University of California, LosAngeles (UCLA), read about the eco-tourism initiative that Les One of the most exciting recent developments within our TRNHamasaki, Program Director for the Tom Bradley Legacy Foundation International family is the work performed by Reverend Williamand the International Green Technology Institute (I-GTI) had Alexanders Eco-Ministry, which developed a permaculture grantdeveloped for the Millennium Development Goals, but modified for proposal for UK Aid delivering Ecotricity model for Haiti that isHaiti following the 2010 Earthquake and then for the island nation of adaptable to any community on Earth, which we will be discussing inBermuda. upcoming articles, to fully engage our virtual audience with hands-on ways to improve environmental sustainability.It included a distance learning component developed by Matt Fok,CEO of Elearningzoom. She wrote an article about the Millennium Celebrity Humanitarians also play a vital role in advocating socialMultiVersity that was subsequently published by Lillian McMorris, impact causes like the Millennium Development Goals, Rio +20 EarthEditor of Vegas Interactive Magazine that reached millions of readers Summit through appearances, tweets, public service announcements.worldwide. Shlepp Records R&B artist and Goodwill Ambassador Ayi Jihu has been doing for years, as has Flat Land Music’s T.J. Gibson, on behalfAnother key component of the I-GTI War on Hunger Ignorance and of the United Nations.Poverty (WHIP), Synergy International Incs CEO Reinhold Zeiglerdesigned first ever ecovillage in the United States (Hawaii) and has Con’t , Page 7 6
    • TRNTV & SHOW Target #7, Environmental Sustainability / Rio +20 Earth Summit 2012, Con’t , from Page 6Many individual members of the AJ Ambassadors, like Donna J.Bennett (A Partnership for Peace) Duvall Spencer (Bermuda),Yolantha Harrison Pace (Kentucky), Gideon Hodge (New Orleans),Meriam Stamina Artemis (Tunisia) perform volunteer work on behalfof causes they care about, from wherever they are in the world, thatimpact peoples all over the world while others like William Byerstravel around the world advocating cultural appreciation throughtravel , trade and tourism. Qui’s CornerRight now, this month, whether you are in Brazil or any country onEarth, you can upload content about environmental sustainabilityexamples in your own area. “Sustainable development meets the “small faith? Big God!”needs of the present without compromising the ability of futuregenerations to meet their own needs. Seen as the guiding principle Do you ever feel like life’s challenges are more than you can handle?for long-term global development, sustainable development consists Have you ever found yourself feeling like “it”, whatever “it” is, is just tooof three pillars: economic development, social development and much, more than you can bear?environmental protection.” Well, know that you are not alone.References: I’ve heard it said that in life, you are either coming out of, going AJ Ambassadors: http://ajactionteam.org/?page_id=102 through, or on your way to, a storm. Some of those storms are small, Ayi Jihu: http://ayijihu.com and we sail right through them. But, then there are those times that Bermuda Televillages: http://www.slideshare.net/andrewwilliamsjr/project-green- come, when we are in the midst of that struggle and we lose focus. We bermuda-eco-tourism-initiative-united-nations-millennium-development-goals-2015- project-war-against-hunger-ignorance-and-poverty-green-technology-institute get so engulfed in the struggle, that we get lost and don’t know where Citizen journalism: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizen_journalism to turn. We forget to look to the source of our strength. Collaborative journalism: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collaborative_journalism These are the moments that I call “small faith” moments. In these Cornelius Butler: http://www.butlernewmedia.com moments, our faith may feel small in comparison to our problem. But, Dennis Matthew: http://www.livestreamers.com that is a part of the problem! Often, in those “small faith” moments, it Donna J. Bennett: https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Partnership-For-Peace- p4p/370956940218 may be helpful to change our perspective. Instead of focusing on the Gideon Hodge: https://www.facebook.com/gideon.hodge size of our problem, we need to be focused on the size of our God. International Green Technology Institute (I-GTI) Haiti Initiative: http://www.i-gti.org Remember that if God had a reason to bring us to it, he also has the International Institute for Multicultural Studies and Ethics: http://www.imseonline.org power to bring us through it (Proverbs 3:5-6). Lillian McMorris: http://lillianmcmorris.com In those moments when your faith is small, just remember… You serve Matt Fok: http://elearningzoom.com a BIG GOD! Meriam Stamina Artemis: https://www.facebook.com/MeriamCat MDG 2015 War on Hunger, Ignorance and Poverty (WHIP): http:// We welcome Ms. Qui to our journalism team. “small faith? BIG GOD!” is her first www.slideshare.net/andrewwilliamsjr/united-nations-millennium-development-goals- contribution. Ms. Qui is the Producer of the “Women Rule The World” show coming initiative-war-on-hunger-ignorance-poverty-initiative. soon on The Revelation Network and Phenomenon Radio. Millennium Development Goal #7 Environmental Sustainability: http:// www.slideshare.net/andrewwilliamsjr/united-nations-millennium-development-goal- 2015fact-sheet-7-ensure-environmental-sustainability Nina Corynne Dongkeng, Millennium MultiVersity: http://www.slideshare.net/ andrewwilliamsjr/vim-vol1millennium-multi-ver-citynina-corynne-dongkeng2009 Rio+20: http://www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/about.html Ronald Stewart: http://www.indamixx.com Shlepp Records: http://www.shlepp-entertainments.com/ Synergyii: http://www.synergyii.com/ UK Aid Ecotricity Proposal: https://docs.google.com/document/ The best prices for movie tickets on the web. Get your d/1b3wOTLFqwVbRG6fqamOWUzwqkQAC_oSf8Ny8hXi_ZpM/edit tickets now and go the movies anytime. Don’t wait in line— William Byers: http://williamnbyersjr.com Buy tickets to upcoming movie releases in advance. Yolantha Harrison-Pace: https://www.facebook.com/yolantha http://superlowtix.com 7
    • TRNTV & SHOW Canada, Romania, and Hungary export $500 Million in Hemp to U.S. Green Food for Thought! each year. Canada’s Hemp export has grown from $50 Million Radical thinking on the commercial use of Hemp. (2005) to $286 Million (2009). Canada will send $ 1 Billion in hemp Submitted by Ricky Lofton to U.S. in 2013. Mr. Lofton is encouraging citizens of South Carolina to grow Hemp to boost their local economy. On an InternationalLofton is starting an Environmental Green Industrial Revolution to level products needed to rebuild Haiti, Japan and Tornado Ravishedimprove today’s products while taking pollution away from our planet. STATES could be grown and manufactured right here in the United States. The Port of Charleston, South Carolina, Schools, Elderly and HEMP FOR MOTHER EARTH Medical could be paid for with new taxes off Hemp produced COMMON SENSE, INSIGHT & IMAGINATION TOO production. will help produce Billions of Dollars using closed factories with COMMERCIAL / MEDICAL HEMP PRODUCTION. This was to show a concept for what could and should be done in Haiti! The jobs and potential of Hemp being used as NaturalHemp has the most usages of any plant on this planet and God’s Resource in reconstruction of Haiti with: Milk, Vitamins, Food,Gift for environmentally sound biodegradable products: food, Lumber, Bio Fuel, paper, and shows where Billions couldbeverages, fiberboard, composites, textiles, carpets, animal bedding be obtained for exporting Hemp to United States. Nothing Ive seen& feed, cosmetic, body-care, soaps, paints, fuels, medicine, and or heard coming out of Haiti addresses the needs of the Citizens inplastic. positive light for the future. The Billions sitting in Banks do nothing for the Citizens. This building of Lake in ravine between twoHemp seeds contain about 25% protein, 30% carbs, & 15% mountains answers the clean water that Haiti desperatelyinsoluble fiber. Hemp has more digestible protein than soybeans needs....Reforesting Haiti with Hemp would be giving the people alland seeds contain all 8 amino acids & Vitamins A, E, C, B1, B2, B3 the cooking, heating substance needed while protecting young treesand B6. and stopping erosion. Doing homework on Hemp Production wouldHemp fiberboard is two-half times stronger than Wood MDF show you that Hemp products come with resistance that would helpcomposites and three times more elastic.Hemp Plastics are in earthquake zones.stronger, stiffer, more impact resistant, and less pollution thanfiberglass. Additional recommendations for Hemp use include: (1) Reforest coal slag heaps and other mining disasters along withIn 1916, The U.S. Government predicted by 1940 all paper would running coal power smoke stacks into ground to grow hemp.come from hemp and that no more trees would be cut down (One (2) Take radiation out of ground, air and water in Japan while reacre of hemp equals 4.1 acres of trees). Hemp grows every year fertilizing earth with topsoil and plant protection.where trees take 6 to 10 years to grow on same acreage. (3) Reducing eyesores and stink at landfills throughout U.S. controlling waste with biodegradable products using Hemp plant forHenry Ford’s Motel T was built and run off Hemp. Popular Mechanic every purpose!1941 “The car,’ grown from the soil, had hemp plastic panels whoseimpact strength was 10 times stronger than steel’. Ford, Mercedes The first step for Haiti is to build a fresh water lake in ravine betweenBenz, Lotus and Kestrel Electric ( All Hemp) Cars use hemp in 2011 two mountains to have unlimited fresh water. Hemp gives Haiti thevehicles. means of paying for damn construction of a fresh water lake in ravine between two mountains to have unlimited fresh water and creatingPLEASE READ: South African Hemp Feasibility Report by James Wynn (July natural resource products to restore the Nation. Hemp cultivation1998) Doug Yurchey “The Marijuana Word Trick” and Rense.com“Ford and should addressed on a World Wide basics to create Trillions in everyDiesel Never Intended Cars to use Gasoline” Nation. Haiti could have three to four growing seasons per yearPopular Mechanics (Feb . 1938) Hemp: "First Billion Dollar Crop” where Canada only has one and exports a billion in Hemp each yearMechanical Engineering Magazine (Feb. 1938) Hemp: “The Most Profitable andDesirable Crop that can be grown.” to United States.Hemp cultivation and production do not harm environment. The There are two factories in U.S. that could be utilized to create HempUSDA Bulletin #404 concluded Hemp that Hemp produces 4 times Plastic (replace all fiberglass), wallboard (reduce China poisons) andas much pulp as wood with at least 4 to 7 times less pollution. bio fuel which I believe will be 100’s of Billions. Just replacing dirtyCheck out the INDUSTRIAL HEMP FARMING ACT 2011. This one fiberglass for boat building in U.S. would be billions; then add hempplant would create Trillions of Dollars in environmentally sound panels for Ford, Lotus, Ficker, Telsa, Proterra Bus, Mercedesproducts. CLOSED factories could be reopened with Benz…..moves on up to Trillions quick!!! Put Hemp Plastic in KevlarCOMMERCIAL /MEDICAL HEMP PRODUCTION. The products Vest for our troops since hemp plastic is 10 times stronger thanmade today would be cheaper with less pollution. Yes! All wood steel!!!! We send billions to Sweden for the production of bodies forproducts, plastic, cloth, packaging and paper products would be our electric cars (Ficker & Tesla) so why not build them here fromenvironmentally sound made from Mother Earth. Hemp Plastic! Con’t , Page 9 8
    • TRNTV & SHOW Green Food for Thought! Con’t from Page 8 AJ In AmericaIn a recent article from the Colorado News Agency: Planting fields of The AJ Action Team (AJAX) officiallyhemp to absorb toxins in contaminated soil is a concept worth looking unveiled its newest mascotat, said two rural lawmakers at the Capitol today. Rep. Wes McKinley, “Ambassador AJ” in Los Angeles onD-Walsh, and Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg, D-Sterling, are having a bill July 29, 2012 as part of the globaldrafted that would create a pilot program, funded by gifts, grants and campaign for “Unity in the Communitydonations, to research the crop’s potential. World Vibe, fighting with peace and not for it”.Areas that may benefit, says McKinley, are Rocky Flats, once the siteof a nuclear weapons plant, and the Cotter Corporation’s uranium Ambassador AJ is the brainchild of LAmine near Golden, as well as numerous abandoned mining properties Futurist Andrew Williams Jr,around the state. (Ambassador Andrew) in his capacity as the local representative for KatKingThe hemp plants, which have been shown to absorb toxins from soil, Entertainment (Bermuda),would also provide benefits to both farmers and consumers, says Ambassador -Delegate for theMcKinley. “It would be nice to clean up these contaminated areas,” International Academy of Humanitariansaid McKinley. “Hemp can be a very beneficial crop providing food, Works (Italy) and Goodwillfuel and fiber.” Ambassador, Developing Undeveloped Countries for theSonnenberg says if the study proves right, the plant could address International Human Rightsagricultural problems with contaminated soil, too. Commission (Dubai).“There are so many possibilities for industrial hemp than it only makessense to create win-win situations for agriculture,” said Sonnenberg. Although Ambassador AJ is “new” to the United States, Bermudian Duvall Spencer created the character as a cultural historian for his sonThe reason the United States does not grow Hemp is because of the over 20 years ago. Duvall is a self-taught, visionary artist who uses hisrepresentation made by William Randolph Hearst (Hearst Paper passion for woodcarving and storytelling to inspire excellence in teamManufacturing Division of Kimberly Clark) and DuPont because Hemp based environments.would have destroyed 80% of their Billion Dollar Corporations in 1937! Ambassador AJ is the diplomatic form of the original fantasy characterAndrew Mellon, Hoover’s Secretary of State and DuPont’s primary named AJ the Little Gombey who is distinguished by his traditionalinvestor, met with Financial Tycoons; an appointed Mellon’s nephew- dance costume of a peacock crown, apron and cape. The new formin-law, Harry J. Anslinger, head of Federal Bureau of Narcotics and for Ambassador AJ, shows how AJ the Little Gombey adapts to theDangerous Drugs to make HEMP into MARIJUANA. However, this is conventional attire of the business suit as he learns to succeed in thenot the only use for Hemp. Other countries are making billions and corporate world.shipping their products to the United States. No matter what outer form he takes, AJ represents an ancient mascotYes! Mother Earth has been polluted and abused ever since Hemp tradition that is thousands of years old. AJ was inspired by the 400was criminalized by Politicians in Washington, D.C. It’s time to year legacy of human settlement in Bermuda and was created toreconsider the use for Earth Friendly Products that become fertilizer serve as the universal curator of an intercultural dialog aboutafter their usages is up. No more poison plastic for our Children. reconciliation. AJ wears an infectious smile and encourages us all to look at life through the innocent eyes of our inner African child. Article and References by: Ricky Loftin 2404 Holmes Street Tupelo, Ms. 38801 You can follow the journey on The Revelation Networks AJ Island (803) 771-4308 ricky.loftin@yahoo.com hempformotherearth@yahoo.com channel (http://ajisland.trn.tv) AJ Island is named after a cultural icon named AJ the Little Gombey. AJ the Little Gombey represents worldwide unity and peace using storytelling, music, fashion and dance. AJ the Little Gombey combines traditional arts from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas to achieve harmony and balance. AJ Island is an ecofriendly destination that is co-created in “zero-time” to promote “unity in the community worldvibe, fighting with peace and not for it”. The destination is designed to accommodate a variety of technologies and artforms connected with the environmentalist Visit: http://trntv.funeasycomputer.com movement. 9
    • TRNTV & SHOWEND TIME PREPARATION CHECK LIST By Bishop Clarence B. Harris This END TIME PREPARATION CHECK LIST (Update) will briefly give both natural and spiritual methods and paradigms for ESSENTIAL END TIME NATURAL & SPIRITUAL PREPARATION. By Bishop Clarence B. Harris, Apostle to the End Time Church US Government Resource sites for disaster preparation: http://www.ready.gov/ http://www.fema.gov/areyouready/ (These sites also provide check lists)Natural and Spiritual Preparation is a matter of life and death ... The contemporary affluent, pleasure seeking, self-willed American experience makes most Christiansspiritually shallow and weak in the face of oppression and injustice. All religious theories, beliefs and philosophies are about to be put to the test and judged in these lastdays and few have made themselves ready (II Thes 2:7-14, II Cor 10:4,5).Ever since September 11, 2001 and in the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the US government has been warning its citizens to make emergency preparations fortheir own families in the event of another major natural disaster, a disease pandemic breakout, or a third major terrorist attack on America’s soil. The History Channel,Learning Channel, and National Geographic have all been showing documentaries for survival, the past six years, in the event of martial law and anarchy in the US.To find out why and receive the unabridged article on Essential Spiritual & Natural Preparation by Bishop Clarence B. Harris, request your copy today byemailing us at: portalpoint@trn.tv. We are looking forward to the informative and thought provoking programs from Bishop Clarence Harris on his new ministry channelcoming soon to The Revelation Network. PLEASE NOTE: This excerpt has been condensed and adapted for our newsletter format. ESSENTIAL NATURAL PREPARATION ESSENTIAL SPIRITUAL PREPARATION ╬ An emergency communication plan should be set up for family ╬ All households must be in divine order: husbands (as head), wives, and members in the event that American communication and transportation children! Most importantly the men must be the first partakers of the fruit of systems fail, or fall under the provision of Executive Orders of the President, submission and obedience to Christ. due to a terrorist attack. A predetermined meeting place for family members should also be established and procedures rehearsed (as if a fire drill) in the ╬ We must abandon the Nicolaitane Doctrine (Rev 2:6,15), which Christ event of an emergency resulting in a separation of family members. If children hates (in the churches). This doctrine separates the CLERGY and the are in school and parents at work … what would be the plan? What if you LAYMAN, creating two classes in the church. cannot return home? 1) Terrorist Attack (Crisis Management) ╬ We must inform our congregations and challenge them to study the 2) Natural Disasters (Natural or human precipitation) scriptures in order that they may prepare themselves against the slaughter of 3) Disease Epidemic (Government and Global) those who will, without knowledge, become victims of the New World Orders 4) Martial Law and Violence (Civil unrest) final Holocaust. 5) Foreign Invasion or Nuclear Attack 6) Global Economic Collapse: food shortages and violence ╬ We must tear down carnal walls and the religious schisms of the kingdoms of men that divide the body of Christ, prohibiting it from functioning as ╬ Emergency Communication System: What if all cell phones are down and / one (I Cor 1:10, Jer 23:1-4). or all communication systems are out of commission in your area, how would you be able to communicate with family members? Each family member should ╬ We must commit ourselves to becoming students of the word and seek truth have the landline phone numbers of 3 or 4 family members (or friends) in at from the Spirit of Truth (Jn 4:23,24). least 4 different areas of the country (North, South, East, West). ╬ Secure your home against radiation contamination fallout or a pandemic ╬ We must prepare our congregations (and ourselves) in the knowledge and disease outbreak. Info on how to do this is one the government websites stated administration of the gifts of the spirit in order to: move in a prophetic at the beginning of this updated plan. anointing, receive immediate updates and instructions from the Lord, to walk in the power of the spirit, and to hear His voice (I Cor 12:1-10, Rm 8:14)). ╬ Do you have a detailed road atlas of the US that includes Canada and Mexico? It is necessary to learn map-reading skills and become familiar with ╬ Theology and private opinions will not deliver one from the flood of non-interstate roads, railroads, and highways. deception that will soon confront the inhabitants of the earth (Mt 24:5-7, Prov ╬ Have alternative sources of water, heat, and a one-month supply of non- 21:16). perishable foods available. ╬ Are you connected to the body of Christ? I am not referring to a church ╬ We must become sensitive to the voice of the Lord, obey his written word, organization or local church family? One can be a member of an institutional receive divine instructions, and be led by His spirit in order to save our families church and not be a member of the body of Christ, because they may not and ourselves (Psa 25:14, Rm 8:14). obedient to the NT Covenant, and do not even know it. ╬ One should prepare their heart for the manifestation of the greater works of ╬ What would you do in life threatening situations, concerning your family, the spirit as promised by Jesus Christ (Rev 11:2-14). or yourself? Do you know how to use various weapons for hunting and trapping food? Can you start a fire using only natural elements? Do you know CPR and ╬ One’s appetites for food, sex, materialism, peculiar habits, and food basic first aid treatment? Do you have medical supplies stored? If you’re on any preferences must be brought in check. We cannot be a friend of the world and medications, do you have extra supplies? seek the lust thereof and then expect to reign with Christ. ╬ Have your family practiced living in the outdoors for at least a weekend (roughing it). Do you have a family survival box and gear (with tents & cooking ╬ Christians must prepare their spiritual ark of safety. It consists of studying, utensils) ready and packed in the event that you have to leave your home in a fasting, and prayer. They should be skilled and knowledgeable of the scriptural hurry? Communication devices, non-battery radios, walkie-talkies, short-wave methods of spiritual warfare. radios, or flashlights? Can you start a fire without matches? ╬ Do you and your family members have a passport in the event you should have to leave the country? CLICK HERE TO VIEW US CITIES RISK AREA MAP ╬ Where are your affections? Col 3:2 Are they focused on natural, carnal, or (Map is included in the unabridged article and print version of the March spiritual things? TRN Portal Point News & IP Channel Guide) 10
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