Portal Point April 2014 Regeneration Edition Beyond Sustainability Andrew Williams Jr

Uploaded on Portal Point April 2014 Regeneration Edition Beyond Sustainability Andrew Williams Jr Portal Point April 2014 Regeneration Edition Beyond Sustainability Andrew Williams Jr

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  • 3. 3 REVELATION SPOTLIGHT: NOW PLAYING ON FAME PORTAL #304 This Issue FOCAL POINT Channel Guide P -3 Revelation Spotlight P -3 From Lady Hamilton P -3 Focal Point: “Regeneration” P -3 Featured Portals P –4 Spiritual Regeneration P -5 Article: Humans Cause Climate Change P -6 Get Involved With Earth Day P -6 Article: Building Sustainable Futures P -7 Article: Beyond Sustainability P -8 Article: Tech Tools For Life P-10 Article: Churches Save The World P -10 From Global Warming …... Featured Programs P-11 Special Offers & Promotions P-12 Regeneration Regeneration is a concept that identifies the process of creating something new from something that already exists. This is important because it moves us beyond just maintaining or "sustaining" what we have presently. Wikipedia describes the term "regenerative" as processes that restore, renew or revitalize their own sources of energy and materials, creating sustainable systems that integrate the needs of society with the integrity of nature. The basis is derived from systems ecology with a closed loop input–output model or a model in which the output is greater than or equal to the input with all outputs viable and all inputs accounted for. It parallels ecosystems in that organic and synthetic material is not just metabolized but metamorphosed into new viable materials. S e e h t t p : / / e n . w i k i p e d i a . o r g / w i k i / Regenerative_design#Regenerative_versus_ sustainable Sustaining is no longer enough when the elements necessary for sustainability are becoming depleted or destroyed. In other words, we have to make choices while there is still time to identify ways to create things anew and make changes before the elements are destroyed beyond the ability to recreate or regenerate. How are we to regenerate from dead, destroyed elements? Continued on page 4 As always, I hope this letter finds you happy and well. April 22nd, 2014 is Earth Day. There will be celebrations worldwide observing how important the balance and health of our precious planet is for sustaining mankind. Although the health of the earth is clearly valuable, it is becoming more and more apparent that man's overconsumption, neglect, and unconscientious use of resources are not only killing our planet but slowly killing the life that dwells on it. In this issue we are bringing light to natural and spiritual approaches for living more harmoniously on our planet with an emphasis on clean energies, sustainability, and regeneration. Discussions about ways to care for our world, our dwellings, and ourselves will continue on our contributors RevTalk Blog spots. We welcome new TRN Portal Point Assistant Editor, Rafika Soaries,, RevTalk Blogs by Sunni Harris, “My Sunni Disposition” and Andrew Williams, Jr. “Ambassador AWJ.” We additionally welcome Ms. Terri Adaju, Power of Green LA, who is doing awesome work with inner city youth training them on clean energy and green technology. Links to her training site, Power Of Green Academy is available on TRN Education Portal #200, and Living Green, Portal #312 is featuring videos from her Green Panthers production company that demonstrate how to build your own affordable solar powered energy sources for personal use. Join the conversation! We look forward to your thoughts. X O A VOL 11: APR 2014 The Revelation Network Portal News & IP Channel Guide HGM Publications
  • 4. 4 REGENERATION Focal Point by LadyA, continued from Page 3 Seeking new ways to look at things, new ways to do things, and finding new purposes for things can take us beyond our present challenges into new realms with new possibilities. New perspectives, methods, and/or purpose can contribute greatly toward overcoming challenges, creating a new reality, with hope for more positive outcomes. During the month of April people around the world will be observing "Earth Day" at the same time that Christians worldwide will be observing "Easter." From a natural perspective Earth Day is a time to reflect, discover, and assess best practices for keeping our planet healthy so it can sustain life. Increased understanding and respect for the earth can lead to discovering ways to restore and renew what is being depleted before it is destroyed. From a spiritual perspective, Easter is a time to reflect on the rebirth of the human heart, that through the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ, receives endless connectivity to the Holy Spirit for understanding God, His Grace and Mercy. A new understanding within, through a renewed mind and spirit, leads to restored faith with the ability to forgive, heal broken relationships, attain peace, and balance. The concept of regeneration can be approached from a natural and spiritual perspective because a dual relativity exists in both the natural and spiritual realms. From a natural perspective, regeneration brings something back in to existence again in a new and potentially better or more useful form. Just as a seed planted in the ground goes in to the ground in one form, it then sprouts up out of the ground in a totally different form of a plant. From a spiritual perspective, Christians believe that they receive a new heart when they are "born again" that gives them the Holy Spirit and eternal salvation. The old heart that is desperately wicked is beyond repair. Therefore a Christian Believers new “born again” heart brings the light along with new perspectives about life, new ways to approach situations and people, as well as new reasons for choosing do things with peace and balance. …Once the word "regenerative" gains wide usage, it may become a non- specialized word and thus be applicable to all fields, much like the term "sustainable" has experienced. Regenerative root words are "re" and "generate" respectively meaning "again" and "to bring into existence." Thus the base meaning of regenerative means the "capacity to bring into existence again." From Beyond Sustainability: Regenerative Design through Resilience and Community Empowerment: Regenerative_design#Regenerative_versus_ sustainable. Comparatively, from a Christian perspective, a "regenerate" person is one who chooses to "walk in the spirit" and have a spiritually based life instead of "walking in the flesh" and having a carnally based life (Galatians 5:16). The key is that we have a free will to choose. A person with a regenerate spirit approaches situations with humility and makes a conscious effort to make fair decisions that considers the highest good for everyone. Their conscientious choices are not centered on self or drawn to the carnal nature of the flesh. A regenerate spirit enables us to reach beyond where we are and embrace where we need to be that is best for all. The condition of our world today requires that everyone become more aware of how mankind’s unconscientious choices of the past have damaged the earth and is contributing to what is causing the changes that are happening all over our precious planet. These changes include climate change, diminishing food supplies, and toxic environments. It is time to heal, while we still have time. The current state of our natural resources brings light to the fact that there is a real need to go beyond just sustaining what we have to look at how we can regenerate what we have left into new realms and possibilities. Regenerated forms, perspectives, and methods based on conservation and sustainability will likely be less harmful to the planet. Therefore, natural and spiritual regeneration is essential for healing our planet and ourselves. For Comments or Submissions Contact: FEATURED PORTALS FAME MEDIA, #304 Adrienne Lillette, National Celebrity Publicist and FAME Media provider, along with her daughter Gospel Recording Artist Toni Stargell are hosts of the show weekly Radio Web Series called, "Sharing Our Blessings." Join them as they “Play It Forward” by helping aspiring musical artists realize their dreams through educational scholarships in honor of their family matriarch Lillette Jenkins. DAPP, #911 (Disaster Awareness Preparedness & Planning): DAPP is empowering communities to be sustainable & resilient during disasters and other emergencies through awareness, preparedness, education and training. Get and spread information about building your personal first aid and emergency kits, making emergency plans for your family, getting trained, and where to get help and assistance. Subscribers receive periodic updates and alerts. AJ ACTION TEAM, #306 AJ Action Team in conjunction with TRN International discusses the progress of the 2015 UN Millennium Development Goals in countries around the world, human rights issues, and more through conversations with brilliant, insightful; scholars, technologists, celebrity humanitarians, educators, and activists. This dialog is featured on the Conversations with Andrew Williams, Jr. show and blog. REV SHOP, #305 The RevSave Portal features videos on saving with coupons. The channel links through to the Coupon Download page with printable brand name coupons. Just download the printer and you are ready to shop and save. Get the Lazy Man’s Guide to Weight Loss
  • 5. 5 TRNTV & SHOW continued from page 7 Spiritual Regeneration ...For we ourselves were also once foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving various lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful and hating one another. But when the kindness and the love of God our Savior toward man appeared, not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit, whom He poured out on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior, that having been justified by His grace we should become heirs according to the hope of eternal life. Titus 3: 3-7 NEW: RevTalk Blogs, featuring Blog Spots from our Network Contributors. The Revelation Network Portal News & IP Channel Guide
  • 6. 6 TRNTV & SHOW Excerpts from . -climate-change-already-affecting-all-continents#sthash.KVjgvWzb.NvcLf6qS.dpuf ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ According to a new a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), climate change is already affecting people throughout the world. “In recent decades, changes in climate have caused impacts on natural and human systems on all continents and across the oceans,” says the IPCC report. We have already experienced many of the negative effects of climate change such as damaged food crops, more extreme weather, melting glaciers, the spread of disease, and rising sea levels that threaten lowland communities. The report also warns that any future increase of temperature could lead to “abrupt and irreversible changes.” The report is the second in a series of three, the first of which was released in September 2013 and attributed conclusively that humans were the dominant cause of climate change. This second report, however, seeks to address the effects of climate change as a series of risks that will ultimately increase exponentially as temperatures warm. The report found that the greatest risks of climate change are those faced by people living in low-lying regions, such as coastal areas and islands, who are particularly susceptible to storms, flooding, and sea-level rise. Unfortunately, it found that people living in urban areas are also at risk of inland flooding and extreme heatwaves that could potentially lead to other disasters stemming from the destruction of power plants and water treatment centers. Food production is also at risk due to flooding, drought, and changing rainfall patterns. Although it may seem obvious to some, the consequences of climate change will be felt disproportionately by the young and elderly, and especially by the poor. In fact, climate change itself is expected to increase wealth disparity worldwide and slow down economic growth all together. The report does say, however, that the consequences of climate change can be reduced with ambitious efforts by governments around the world to cut back greenhouse gas emissions. The researchers behind the report hope that by reframing the issue as a series of risks and potential consequences, governments will feel more pressure to act sooner, rather than later. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the first part of its highly-anticipated Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) on climate change in April 2014. This report—considered the world’s most authoritative scientific assessment of climate change—confirmed and built upon what many of us already knew: climate change is real, it’s happening right now, and we are virtually certain that humans are the primary cause. In this case, “virtually certain” means 95% certainty or more, equivalent to the scientific certainty that smoking cigarettes is harmful to human health. Aside from this heightened certainty, one thing stands out about the report. The impacts of human-caused climate change are incredibly pervasive. The report shows that global temperatures are rising, sea level rise is accelerating, the rate of arctic sea ice melting has doubled, and the ocean is acidifying. Climate change affects everyone, and it demands collective action. On a larger scale, many of us are aware of the changes that need to be made: an immediate shift towards clean, renewable energy, an end to fossil fuel subsidies, and government investment in energy efficient technologies. Climate change demands something of us as individuals, too. It demands that we contact our elected officials, urging them to act on this threat. It demands that reduce our personal dependence on fossil fuels by consuming only the energy that we need. And it demands that we educate others about climate change and what can be done to stop it. That’s what Earth Day has always been about—individuals coming together to take action on behalf of the environment. The threat of climate change—made very clear in the new IPCC report—will require that the collective action that defines Earth Day be replicated on every other day of the year. Let’s all get to work. Earth Day Network mobilizes over one billion people in 192 countries through year-round advocacy, education, public policy and consumer campaigns to protect the environment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get Involved with Earth Day! Every year on April 22, over a billion people in 190 countries take action for Earth Day. From San Francisco to San Juan, Beijing to Brussels, Moscow to Marrakesh, people plant trees, clean up their communities, contact their elected officials, and more— all on behalf of the environment. Like Earth Days of the past, Earth Day 2014 will focus on the unique environmental challenges of our time. As the world’s population migrates to cities, and as the bleak reality of climate change becomes increasingly clear, the need to create sustainable communities is more important than ever. Earth Day 2014 will seek to do just that through its global theme: Green Cities. With smart investments in sustainable technology, forward- thinking public policy, and an educated and active public, we can transform our cities and forge a sustainable future. Nothing is more powerful than the collective action of a billion people. As the global organizer behind Earth Day, Earth Day Network creates tools and resources for you to get involved with Earth Day in your community. For More Information Please Visit: HUMANS: The Dominant Cause of Climate Change NOW in the RevShop Get Everything You Need To Know To Get Started With Helping The Earth & Conserve Energy CLICK HERE
  • 7. 7 TRNTV & SHOW 5 Point Youth Foundation & Power of Green LA Bring Light To Green and Sustainable Clean Energy Systems 5 Point Youth Foundation The Five Points Youth Foundation, Inc. mission is to sustain, cultivate and self-empower our children, youth, adults and serve those with the greatest need in an effort to inspire and transform change for a collective better future. We have formed, and are constantly growing regenerative relationships with agencies, organizations, groups and peoples throughout the global community to preserve cultures, promote education and encourage wealth creation models at the local level to impact neighborhoods, tribes, villages, towns and cities. For More Information Visit: Power of Green LA Located the nation’s entertainment capital Power of Green LA, a US subdivision o f p o w e r o f G r e e n International, supplies LA County with free Green curriculum for its schools, private education centers and non-profits along with providing free education on renewable technology and job training. With a central focus on inner city development, Power of Green is currently working in Leimert Park, a neighborhood in South Los Angeles, CA, to apply its “village by village” methodology to the urban western world. Due to the irrefutable negligence in the management of its natural resources, the earth is in a dire state. It is unfortunately the communities with the most limited financial access to this already vastly limited supply of resources, which are the most impacted by this strain. As a result, in the post-industrial era, sustainable development has evolved from being a progressive concept within the green movement to an irrefutable universal necessity. For More Information Visit:, Teri Adaju, Founder/Director EMERGENCY RESPONSE/ ENTERTAINMENT RELATED/ COMMUNITY GREEN TECHNOLOGIES from Power Of Green LA 1. Using Green Power for Electricity, Heat, Cooling, Food Distribution, Water mgmt, Waste mgmt, shelter, clothing, medical/health and “psychological/emotional” support during emergency and to create good spaces for entertainment are almost on in the same. 2. A stand alone unit that delivers all of the above has been designed by using Light Tower conversion, portable personal boxes on wheels, RV’s and trailers. 3. Heat/Light produces Electricity: Light Tower specs: A. Used light towers for construction can be used even if 10 years old as long as the frame and diesel generator already on them is ok for moving and using. Inside a used Light Tower is already: 2 to 4 high powered Industrial Lights on a “mast” from trailer portion, min. 6k Diesel Generator, Electric Panel, starter battery (we replace with deep cycle). B. CONVERSION: We install more deep cycle or Lithium battery for energy storage, We solar panels, we attach micro wind turbine (24lbs, 900 watts) to top of mast, re wire electrical while still utilizing already installed electrical panel, create bio diesel to power diesel generator. BIO DIESEL (storage for 6 months, is not combustible under 300 degrees, easy to make from just about any oil, out of one used water heater can make 30 gallons a night for example, although there are many ways of manufacturing fuel from oil). 4.HOW DO THESE UNITS PROVIDE: WATER, FOOD, SHELTER, CLOTHING, ENTERTAINMENT? A. WATER: will run any electrical water purification system or Desalination unit for turning sea water to usable drinking, well pumps and growing water. B. FOOD: will run any electrical device for creating food via pumps, as in hydro or aqua ponics, localized irrigation, green house (all can be made into portable). Will also run any electrical device required to cook and distribute food. C. SHELTER: will run any electrical device for use in building with any material, including wood, metal, clay (natural cement mixer), power tools, lights, hot water units, etc. Also can be used to produce building materials and tools from scratch in extreme emergency. D. CLOTHING: any electrical device that is used in manufacturing material or clothing from material. OTHER RELATED “GREEN” SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGIES 1. COMPOST either temp or long term: Provides instant “alternative soil” if ground soil is unsuitable for growing or in the long term, revitalize or change soil to be suitable for growing on waster sites. COMPOST IS A POWERFUL AND UNDERRATED TECHNOLOGY BOTH FOR TEMP SITES AND LONG TERM. Enhances already existing soil used for food production, used for organic waste recycle and in some forms can be used to create BIO MASS driven heat and electric. 2. COMPOST TOILET: Takes 10 min to create for temp use or 1 hour for long term use. BENEFITS: Is 70% more sanitary than standard water toilet systems. DOES NOT REQUIRE WATER. A basic dry mixture used in toilets can be comprised of many common ground and farming or food growing material. 3. GREY WATER/BLACK WATER SYSTEMS: reuse water either just below drinking value or contaminated, by using a serious of hoses, pump and filters for washing everything, growing food, etc. – pretty much everything except drinking. You can re purify it using a more sophisticated water purifier and use once again for drinking. BUILDING SUSTAINABLE FUTURES
  • 8. 8 TRNTV & SHOW Local and Global Regenerative Design Development to address the Post-2015 Millennium Development Goals. The United Nations Millennium Development Goals 2015 (MDGs) got derailed by the looming crises of global warming, melting ice caps and increasingly severe cycles of natural disasters (plus the Fukushima nuclear meltdown) The MDGs are eight international development targets, consisting of: Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger; Achieving universal primary education; Promoting gender equality and empowering women; Reducing child mortality; Improving maternal health; Combating HIV; Ensuring environmental sustainability; and Developing a global partnership for development. They were established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000, following the adoption of the United Nations Millennium Declaration. All 189 United Nations member states at the time (there currently are 193) and at least 23 international organizations made a commitment to help achieve the MDGs by 2015. (Source: However, as the target date of the MDGs, 2015, is approaching, a debate on the framework of international development beyond 2015 has started. In this vein, 192 UN member states agreed at the Rio+20 summit to start a process of designing sustainable development goals, which are “action-oriented, concise and easy to communicate, limited in number, aspirational, global in nature and universally applicable to all countries while taking into account different national realities, capacities and levels of development and respecting national policies and priorities. The Rio+20 outcome document, “The Future We Want”, also calls for the goals to be integrated into the UN’s post-2015 Development Agenda. (Source: Regenerative Design Regenerative design is a process-oriented systems theory based approach to design. The term "regenerative" describes processes that restore, renew or revitalize their own sources of energy and materials, creating sustainable systems that integrate the needs of society with the integrity of nature. Ecosystems and Regeneratively designed systems are holistic frameworks that seeks to create systems that are absolutely waste free. The model is meant to be applied to many different aspects of human habitation such as urban environments, buildings, economics, industry and social systems. Simply put, it is the design of ecosystems and human behavior, or culture that function as human habitats. Whereas the highest aim of sustainable development is to satisfy fundamental human needs today without compromising the possibility of future generations to satisfy theirs, the end-goal of regenerative design is to redevelop systems with absolute effectiveness, that allows for the co- evolution of the human species along with other thriving species. (Source: Regenerative versus Sustainable Regenerative and sustainable are essentially the same thing except for one key point: in a sustainable system, lost ecological systems are not returned to existence. In a regenerative system, those lost systems can ultimately begin "regenerating" back into existence. Put more simply, regenerative systems create a better world than we (humans) found it, now and into the future. There is also a linguistic problem with the word "sustainable." The use of the word "sustainable," by experts in the field, is meant to mean "self-sustaining". However, an attempt to change this definition to mean self-sustaining is not faring well with the general public. Because the root word "sustain" means only "last" or "endure," the general public and even many non-experts in the industry define the word only as "able to last" or "the capacity to endure." In popular usage by designers and product manufacturers, "sustainable" has become a relative term referring to any material, process or product (including a building) which is less toxic or environmental harmful than those conventionally used. A product that contains 75% recycled material is often considered "sustainable", but is in fact merely MORE sustainable than a comparable product that contains no recycled material. A truly sustainable material would be one made of 100% recycled material that can, in turn, be completely recycled into a comparable new material or product. However, this is rarely the case. (Source: Time to rethink our environments People need places in which to live, work and play; they need places to learn, worship, meet, govern, shop and eat. These places may be private or public, indoors or outdoors, rooms, buildings or complexes. Together, they make up neighborhoods, towns, suburbs and cities. Architecture and environmental design professionals are trained in both the art and the science of creating such spaces: They take these basic and universal needs and create innovative designs and then transform them into reality. The “built environment” is a social mechanism that stimulates the sensory system, affecting the intellect and the desire to create using spatial languages and computer technologies. In addition to the current budget crisis, current needs demand that educational facilities use the most efficient systems for energy, water and land. It is important to understand that ensuring that buildings, campuses, and cities save energy, use recycled materials, purchase renewable products, and harvest rainwater is only one step toward a sustainable living environment. STAR Community Index™ (a pioneering strategic planning and performance management Corporation) has pointed out that sustainable solutions must address interconnected economic, environmental and social concerns. Current solutions do not focus on multiple variables, do not transform, do not self-organize, and do not sustain. There is an urgency to implement a new type of holistic environment, one that self-organizes through a loop and acts as a unit. It is time for our nation to develop such a system for managing the built environment, providing agile educational solutions for all, using our natural resources efficiently, using business enterprise solutions, and considering all these variables at the same time. continued on page 9 BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY By Andrew Williams, Jr.
  • 9. 9 TRNTV & SHOW NEW: RevSavings, Portal #305 featuring savings coupons on brand products. NEW FORMAT: RevShop, featuring our cool products at hot prices. Post 2015 Regenerative Design and Development Solutions The ENCOUNTER Project founded by Architect & Professor Marcela Oliva at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College in 2011, is gathering momentum in 2013 as a “Leadership Network of Networks to Sustain our Neighborhoods Inside out”. The newly configured ENCOUNTERS program delivers grassroots regenerative design and development solutions impacting U.N. Millennium Development Goals 2015, locally and globally through collaborative arts and technology The ENCOUNTER Platform helps organize all stakeholders to transform our environments. lattcarchitecturetechnology/advisors/encounters?pli=1 The Neighborhood Economic Empowerment Development (NEED) program is a new, unique and powerful computer-based community information and planning system that allows individual stakeholders, their communities, businesses and governments to join together and create new societal and economic partnerships. It empowers the community to participate in creating new tomorrows for themselves, their families and neighbors. NEED is the result of more than 10 years of successful development and implementation Join the Regenerative Design and Development discussion. Contact Andrew Williams, Jr. ( for details and visit the AmbassadorAWJ Blog: BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY by Andrew Williams, Jr., continued from page 8 The Revelation Network Portal News & IP Channel Guide
  • 10. 10 TRNTV & SHOW Tech Tools 4Life: A digital discussion with solutions on how technology is used in our lives for productivity, management, and for socializing. Each issue offers tips and hands on strategies developed to make using technology more fun and less invasive. Is technology overwhelming & making you feel anxious? So much technology, so little time! If gadgets, gizmos, Smartphones , or just plain ole computers has taken over your life and maybe you feel a little anxious? It’s time to get a grip and begin to put technology in its place. It’s a long road to managing your time and figuring out what works best for you and what’s merely a distractive brain drain but with organization and understanding you can get a grip. When it comes to managing technology in your life there’s no easy way out. Take small steps and pace yourself. The first step is to understand how you are using technology in the categories of productivity, entertainment, and socially. Here is one strategy to help you take an honest look at technology in your life. First - “Technology Flow Inventory (TFI)”. Start from the beginning and dig deep. Your objective is to understand how you move with technology so that you can move forward. Let’s begin. Divide a piece of paper into two parts and title one column Technology and the other Task. Make a list of the things that you do with technology include tasks in your home, office, car, and socially. The Technology column may have items such as cell or mobile phone, computer, television, and iTouch. Enter in the Task column the things you do with that technology. For example: alongside cell phone the tasks might be: call and email family, friends, and work relationships. The iTouch may have in the Task column: music and photo storage and playback. Next organize your list using the PESR Chart. On a piece of paper divide the page into 4 boxes (draw a vertical and horizontal line that intersects in the middle of the page). Write the following “titles” at the top of each box: Productivity, Entertainment, Social and Reflection. Then, using the “Technology Flow list”, enter the technology you use for each of the areas (titles). For example, in the Productivity box, I would enter Calendar, To Do List, create documents, and communications (email/phone calls). Finally: Analyze your TFI: The Reflection Box. Write about your experience doing this activity. Did you struggle to match your task with the technology? Did you notice any areas where there was an overlap? Did you feel anxious or overwhelmed while developing your list (TFI)? Which areas do you have most technology? What have you learned about how you use technology? Your ability to reflect on how you use technology gets you closer to getting a grip and making technology work more effectively and productively according to your needs. In our next issue we will look at technology for productivity: tools and strategies to help you organize daily tasks. If you have any questions or want to share your experience send us an email at Sponsored by Rafika Consultants and Services CHURCHES coming to save the world from GLOBAL WARMING By Nino De Santis An agreement has been signed with the BAHAMAS CHRISTIAN COUNCEL to implement our GASOLINE ALTERNATIVE (AQUAHOL) with their members. Worldwide there are over 3,700,000 Christian Churches with an average of 500 members. This = 1,850,000,000 MEMBERS. The power of the Oil Cartel is now challenged by the Power of God. UN states that the burning of fossil fuels is the major contributor to Global Warming, but Oil Companies are refusing to become extinct and creating propaganda against Global Warming and Renewable Fuels. 97% of world scientist agree that Global Warming is happening. Let not the 3% deceive you. Enormous sums of money is being spent to deceive you, but churches are not so easy to deceive. Fuel Station Tanks will be provided for Church members, with FREE engine modification kits and engine warranties. Cost of renewable fuels will be cheaper and cleaner. For more information see: Tech Tools For Life by Rafika Soaries Photo from The Trends Journal The Revelation Network Portal News & IP Channel Guide
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