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Sister Cities International Membership Directory 2013

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    Sister Cities International Membership Directory 2013 Sister Cities International Membership Directory 2013 Presentation Transcript

    • I N T E R N A T I O N A L SisterCities 2013 Membership Directory SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 3
    • Table of Contents Letter from the President .................................1 U.S. Partnerships Map ....................................2 U.S. Members and Partnerships Map..............4 2012 Annual Report ........................................6 2012 Donors .................................................14 Membership Directory ...................................15 Partnerships by U.S. State .........................16 Partnerships by Country/Region.................34 Board of Directors and Global Envoys ...........66 State Coordinators ........................................67 Honorary Board.............................................68 2012 Sister Cities International Staff ..............69 International Inaugural Gala ...........................70 Table of Contents SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 4
    • Greetings, For Sister Cities International 2012 was a year to remember. This year Sister Cities International leadership and staff focused on improving communications with our members and sister cities throughout the world, as well as developing new strategic partnerships and resources to assist our members. The response to the introduction in March of our new logo, tag line, and website at the National Press Club in Washington, DC has been fantastic. We know that in order to increase our exposure and success as an international nonprofit organization and provide a worldwide reach for our members we need to use technology to our benefit. With a vibrant new Facebook page and Twitter account and by taking advantage of new forms of communication, we have shown that if you “Connect globally” – you can “Thrive locally.” The Africa Urban Poverty Alleviation Program came to a close with 24 successful projects administered by U.S.-African sister cities. Just a few examples of the significant impact of this grant were Richmond, Virginia building new toilet facilities for two schools and a clinic with their partners in Segou, Mali; Milwaukee, Wisconsin constructing water points to bring potable water to 18,000 residents in uMhlathuze, South Africa; and St. Louis, Missouri developing a sanitation project, improving diabetes prevention, and renovating a high school with their sister city of Saint Louis, Senegal. A second grant we received for the Sino-African Initiative is building trilateral relationships among U.S. sister cities in Africa and China to address economic development and urban poverty and will continue through 2013. As we do every year, Sister Cities International held conferences for our members to network and discover new opportunities. In 2012, we met in Jacksonville, Florida for our Annual Conference and Cincinnati, Ohio for our Regional Meeting. Both events were marked by practical skills-building sessions and peer-learning among members. Sister Cities International was also selected as one of nine non-profits in the Washington, D.C. area to receive pro bono management consulting services from Compass Marketing and Booz Allen Hamilton focusing on enhancing Sister Cities International’s organizational structure to provide optimum service for our members. In 2012 we also formalized longstanding relationships with our friends in China, India, and Mexico. Memorandums of Understanding were signed with the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries in Chengdu, China; the All India Institute for Local Self Government in Jacksonville, Florida, and the Asociacion de Ciudades Hermanas de America in Cincinnati, Ohio. These partnerships will allow us to provide better assistance to members who are looking to form new sister cities in these countries and enhance existing partnerships. The work of the Sister Cities International network is at the forefront of international community engagement. Participation in youth programs such as the Young Artists and Authors Showcase, sponsored by the Frank Carvey Family Foundation and Project Earth, sponsored by Ecology and Environment, Inc. has increased since we began expanding our communications capabilities. With the improvement of our “Cities seeking Cities” services members are receiving more assistance than ever in their search for new partners. This has truly been a banner year for Sister Cities International and as we move forward into 2013 I want to thank all of our members and partners for your incredible work and support. Together, we are making a difference and creating a better, more peaceful, and more prosperous world. Mary D. Kane President & CEO 1 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 2 Connect globally. Thrive locally. I N T E R N A T I O N A L SisterCities SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 1
    • 2 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 2 1 13 11 3 112 7 1 87 9 86 39 3 9 32 9 3 36 WALES 1 10 11 NORTHERN IRELAND 8 4 2 6 1 9 31 12 1 4 2 1 4 BRAZZAV 1 4 27 182 4 5 9 18 35 2 6 11 9 8 7 9 6 2 3 27 8 1 2 16 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO 2 BARBADOS 1 ST. KITTS and NEVIS ISLANDS 1 CAYMAN ISLANDS 1 EL SALVADOR 9 2 1 M SINT MAARTEN 1PUERTO RICO 4 TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS 1 SCOTLAND U.S. Partnerships Worldwide SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 2
    • 3 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 2 1 NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS 4 1 AMERICAN SAMOA 21 6 4 12 1 1 7 3 1 1 2 2 4 40 3 19 1 149 3 3 4 4 173 34 75 13 5 11 5 2 6 1 3 112 7 14 33 12 4 1 2 17 86 1 2 43 4 81 23 1 1 4 6 5 2 11 KINSHASA 1 BRAZZAVILLE 1 3 8 3 3 1 2 10 1 1 1 PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES 6 22 10 4 CYPRUS 1 2 MONTENEGRO LEBANON2 1 MALTA 1 PALAU CHINESE TAIPEI 49 45 SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 3
    • A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 2 WASHINGTON 15____ 68 M NORTH DAKOTA SOUTH DAKOTA 3___ 4 NEBRASKA 4___ 7 KANSAS 6___ 14 MONTANA 2___ 2 IDAHO 3___ 4 UTAH 1___ 9 NEVADA 2___ 2 OREGON 11___ 28 CALIFORNIA 78___ 342 COLORADO 16___ 49 WYOMING ARIZONA 13___ 47 NEW MEXICO 5___ 22 OKLAHOMA 6___ 17 TEXAS 25___ 173 HAWAII 1___ 26 ALASKA 4___ 13 U.S. Members and Partnerships 4 SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 4
    • A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 2 MAINE 2___ 5 NEW HAMPSHIRE VERMONT 2___ 6 1___ 30 MASSACHUSETTES 7___ 28 RHODE ISLAND CONNECTICUT 4___ 28 NEW JERSEY 4___ 23 DELEWARE 2___ 8 MARYLAND 10___ 42 NEW YORK 16___ 59 PENNSYLVANIA 6___ 20 WEST VIRGINIA 2___ 3 VIRGINIA 14___ 54 OHIO 16___ 69 INDIANA 15___ 34 MICHIGAN 9___ 24 KENTUCKY 11___ 22 WISCONSIN 12___ 36 ILLINOIS 37___ 98 NORTH CAROLINA 19___ 52 SOUTH CAROLINA 7___ 18 TENNESSEE 7___ 25 FLORIDA 33___ 180 GEORGIA 11___ 42 ALABAMA 4___ 32 MISSISSIPPI 2___ 3 LOUISIANA 2___ 14 ARKANSAS 5___ 10 MISSOURI 5___ 32 MINNESOTA 18___ 35 IOWA 15___ 35 MA 6 KEY Number of Members Number of Partnerships 5 SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 5
    • Who We Are Sister Cities International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that has been working since 1956 to advance peace and prosperity through cultural, educational, humanitarian, and economic development exchanges. It serves as a hub for institutional knowledge and best practices in the field of citizen diplomacy. Since its inception Sister Cities International has played a key role in renewing and strengthening important global relationships. Sister Cities International was created at President Eisenhower’s 1956 White House conference on citizen diplomacy, where he envisioned an organization that could be a champion for peace and prosperity by fostering bonds between people from different communities around the world. By forming these relationships, President Eisenhower reasoned that people of different cultures could celebrate and appreciate their differences and build partnerships that would lessen the chance of new conflicts. Sister Cities International strives to strengthen the sister cities network through strategic institutional partnerships, grants, programs, and support for its members. Sister Cities International motivates and empowers private citizens, municipal officials, and business leaders to conduct long- term, mutually beneficial sister city, county, or state relationships. The mission of Sister Cities International is just as important today as it was when it was founded. With the advent of the internet and new technologies, the world is becoming smaller, and the relationships and interactions between the U.S. and its foreign counterparts are more complex than ever. Despite this increase in online communication, the face-to-face meetings and personal relationships developed through sister cities are still vital and irreplaceable. What is a Sister City? Asister city, county, or state relationship is a broad- based, long-term partnership between two communities in two countries. A sister city, county, or state relationship is officially recognized after the highest elected or appointed official from both communities sign off on an agreement. A city may have any number of sister cities, with community involvement ranging from a half dozen to hundreds of volunteers. In addition to volunteers, sister city organizations may include representatives from nonprofits, municipal governments, the private sector, and other civic organizations. Sister city relationships offer the flexibility to form connections between communities that are mutually beneficial and which address issues that are most relevant for partners. 6 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 2 President Barack Obama, current Honorary Chairman for Sister Cities International President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Sister Cities International founder SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 6
    • 488 621 210 144 131 129 76 53 32 Membership Membership in Sister Cities International is open to cities of all sizes, counties, states, international cities, and individuals. Members are a part of a network of citizen diplomats from over 500 communities with partnerships in over 1,900 cities and 140 countries around the globe. Sister Cities International provides members with unique support and resources for their sister city programs and empowers individual citizens to become diplomats who represent their community and their country in new and meaningful ways. 7 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 2 Sister City Partnerships by U.S. State Sister City Member Communities by U.S. State Sister City Relationships by Region Sister City Partnerships by Country Europe 33% Asia 26% North America 11% South & Central America 8% Central Asia 7% Sub‐Saharan Africa 7% Middle East/North Africa 4% Caribbean/Island 3% Oceania 2% U.S. Communities ..........................494 Global Members ................................7 Total Members ................................501 U.S. Sister Cities ..........................1884 Global Sisters Cities ..........................34 Total Sister Cities ..........................1918 Unique Sister Cities ......................1664 Countries Represented ..................144 U.S. Cities Seeking Partners ............28 Membership At-a-Glance SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 7
    • Programs Sister Cities International administers a number of grant funded programs aimed at assisting members, whether through direct funding, expertise, opportunities to promote their work, or the provision of other resources. Youth Ambassador Program: Trilateral North America In 2011 and 2012, Sister Cities International conducted the U.S. State Department-funded Youth Ambassador Program, which focused on North America and helped bring students together from Mexico, the United States, and Canada. The theme of this program was local, national, and international discussion on the environment and poverty. Through workshops, site visits to NGOs, and cultural activities, students explored these issues and gained a sense of what cities, countries, and individuals are doing to alleviate problems in these areas. The program included visits to sister cities in the U.S. and Mexico, and a week in Washington, D.C. At the end of the program, students applied their experiences in the planning and implementation of local outreach projects in their cities. The High School Home Stay The High School Home Stay exchange program is an opportunity for U.S. communities to host students for a semester or year of high school in the United States. The foreign cities choose high school students who must be between the ages of 15 and 18 ½ years old on the first day of school. Once students are in the United States, the sister city organization will provide oversight of the students, organize host families, and include the students in sister city activities. In partnership with the American Cultural Exchange Service, Sister Cities International processes the J-1 secondary school exchange visa for roughly 25 students every year. Young Artists and Authors Showcase Each year, the Young Artists and Authors Showcase (YAAS) encourages youth from around the globe to express the mission of Sister Cities International through original artwork and literature. All students must submit their work based on a designated theme that is announced each year. Artwork is sent from member cities to Washington, D.C. where a panel of judges selects the winners based on originality, composition, and theme interpretation. There are more than 100 entries for the showcase every year, representing more than twenty states and ten countries. YAAS is made possible through the generous support of The Frank Carvey Family Foundation. Project Earth Sister Cities International Challenge In 2012 Sister Cities International announced a new collaboration with Project Earth – “The Project Earth – Sister Cities International Challenge” - to engage the next generation of citizen diplomats through environmental and renewable energy projects. Utilizing Project Earth’s online resources and sharing platforms and the Sister Cities International network of students, teachers, and schools, this challenge allows youth to work with fellow students in their sister cities to implement sustainable projects focused on mutual environmental problems. Project Earth is a global environmental education network designed to connect schools, students, and teachers around the world to help solve environmental problems. Founded by Ecology and Environment, Inc. Project Earth’s mission is to generate ongoing conversation and collaboration across national boundaries that will collectively lead to positive environmental change. 8 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 2 2012 Programs At-a-Glance Non-Salary Program Funding: over $3,000,000 Flights Provided to Members: 160 Number of U.S./Foreign Communities Participating in Programs: 145 Number of Foreign Countries Participating: 26 Number of Individual Participants: over 375 SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 8
    • Sino-African Initiative Sister Cities International’s Sino-African Initiative (SAI) is a two-year program designed to address the manner in which U.S., African, and Chinese cities can collaborate on economic development and urban poverty issues in Africa. In order to better understand U.S.-African-Chinese trilateral relations and its effect on economic development and urban poverty in Africa, SAI offered $100,000 grants for three trilateral pilot projects and exchange funding to Sister Cities International member cities, with staff support and research provided by Sister Cities International. In 2012, the focus of the program was to complete the initial research and create the application process for SAI. A call for applications was announced in August 2012 and a number of U.S.-African- Chinese trilateral sister city partnerships submitted project proposals to receive grant funding. In October, distinguished judges with backgrounds in the U.S., Africa, China, cities, and community development projects selected three project proposals. In mid-October, the trilateral partnerships of Denver-Nairobi-Kunming, Asheville/Raleigh- Osogbo-Xiangyang, and Urbana-Zomba-Haizhu district became the subgrantees of the Sino-African Initiative, and the pioneers to test this trilateral project concept. The Sino- African Initiative completed the year with detailed project proposals from the three trilateral partnerships and subgrantees are looking forward to implementing their projects in water sanitation, primary education, primary health care, and waste management in 2013. Project implementation and exchanges will continue throughout the year and projects will officially be completed by the end of January 2014. Sister Cities International will produce a feasibility report by February 2014 to expand on U.S., African, and Chinese trilateral cooperation in economic development and urban poverty issues in Africa for use by grantors and other sister city programs. Leading Asia "Leading Asia: Renewing the U.S. and Japan Sister Cities Network," is a 3 year program funded through a grant award from the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP). The overarching objective of this program is to increase the institutional knowledge of U.S.-Japan sister city partnerships by providing opportunities for current programs to become more active and for new relationships to be established. The program includes three core elements: exchange funding, research, and promotion of best practices. Exchange funding was provided to 12 US cities, including seven cities in 2012, giving members the opportunity to travel to their sister city to develop initiatives in new programming areas, namely the business, green energy and creative economy sectors. The second element focused on outreach and research to compile best practices from the sister cities network as well as to develop new methods for engaging local business communities and youth in future programming. Sister Cities International developed a booklet entitled “Incorporating Business Into Your U.S.-Japan Sister City Relationship,” which outlines the important role that US-Japan sister city partnerships play in the local economies of both countries and ways to engage local businesses in order to expand their local economic impact. Finally, a combination of webinars and conference sessions at Sister Cities International‘s national and regional conferences served as a way for Sister Cities International to communicate the impact of Leading Asia Exchanges as well as to provide the U.S.-Japan sister city network with greater access to information on best practices for exchanges and new and innovative programming models. 9 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 2 Youth Ambassadors at Sister Cities International’s Washington, D.C. headquarters SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 9
    • Sister Cities International’s Africa Urban Poverty Alleviation Program (AUPAP) was designed to address urban poverty through water, health, and sanitation projects developed collaboratively by U.S. and African sister city programs. This program included participation and support from the private sector, non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, municipal governments, and traditional leaders in Africa to provide sustained technical assistance and community development strategies. Beyond these projects, the program has developed a support network for sister cities on the continent of Africa to promote the mission of peace and prosperity through international people-to-people collaboration. Twenty-five sister city partnerships, representing 13 African countries and 16 U.S. states, completed projects in the areas of water, sanitation, and health to address local problems in these areas. Projects included the construction of toilets and showers, the renovation of health clinics and provision of medical equipment, the construction of water boreholes and hand pumps, and the implementation of a waste management system. These projects were performed across the continent, in Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Swaziland, and Tanzania. in Eastern Africa. Together they provided programmatic and informational support to existing partnerships and promoted twinning between African cities and other communities around the world. Sister Cities International provided U.S. and African sister city organizations with administrative and technical support for project design, contracting, and procurement. Throughout AUPAP, Sister Cities International was involved in the planning and implementation process, helping sister city committees whenever they needed assistance or guidance. The AUPAP projects were meaningful and worthwhile to all the U.S. and African sister cities alike, helping to strengthen relationships and create friendships. Ron Johnson, Jacksonville Sister Cities Association Board Member and Vice President of Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Committee, shared what he relished the most about AUPAP: “I really enjoyed the camaraderie and relationships with our partners, as well as seeing the kids happy and smiling. I was satisfied with the job we did—every milestone was a good moment.” AUPAP participants recognized the importance of citizen diplomacy and collaboration, and understood the essence of the projects—to improve the lives of the people living in marginalized communities and create strong bonds of friendship. “It’s not about benefactors and takers—it was about talking as friends and getting to know each other,” said William Brewer, member of the Lansing Regional Sister Cities Commission. The sister city partnerships that participated in AUPAP plan to track their respective projects and pursue new projects in the future. Making sure that sanitation facilities and health clinics are sustainable is an important concern for sister city members. Many U.S. sister city participants are in the process of taking trips back to their African sister cities, to follow up on the maintenance and management of their projects. New relationships with local schools, municipalities, and hospitals have allowed sister city members to build on their relationships and continue taking part in mutually beneficial projects and exchanges.10 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 2 “I learned about working together and really listening to each other—dialogue and communication are important to make sure things are getting done.” –Alderman Joe Davis, Chair of City of Milwaukee Sister Cities Committee Mary Kane joins members of the Milwaukee-uMhlathuze partnership in inaugurating the new piping system which will provide potable water to 18,000 residents. Africa Urban Poverty Alleviation Program Sister Cities International also worked closely with three partner organizations to promote the sister cities model and twinning in different regions of Africa: African Global Sister Cities Foundation, based in Accra, Ghana, operating in West Africa; Africa Sister Cities, based in Casablanca, Morocco, operating in North Africa and francophone countries; and Eastern Africa Sister Cities, based in Nairobi, Kenya, operating SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 10
    • 2012 Annual Conference The 56th Annual Conference in July brought together over 300 citizen diplomats from across the U.S. and the world to Jacksonville, Florida. In the opening session of the conference, Sister Cities International and the All India Institute of Local Self-Government signed an MoU to promote cooperation for the mutual benefit of local communities in the U.S. and India. Keynote speakers Amy Liu of the Brookings Institution and Goli Ameri, founder of the Center for Global Engagement also provided insight into the current state of international affairs and citizen diplomacy. Over three days, attendees participated in specialized sessions on innovation, technology, social media, grant writing, fundraising, and more. Award winning programs shared their best practices in arts and culture, youth and education, humanitarian assistance, and general program areas. A conference track on economic development also provided attendees with numerous sessions on this rapidly expanding programming area. The sessions provided sister city members with a comprehensive set of tools to grow and strengthen their programs. Sister Cities International will build on this success with its 2013 Annual Conference, to be held in San Antonio, Texas. 2012 Regional Conference The 2012 Regional Conference in October in Cincinnati, Ohio on the theme “Diversity in Action” challenged attendees to think of diversity in a new light. Sessions focused on how communities and organizations are strengthened through diversity of members, partnerships, funding, and skills training. Expert speakers included Deborah Foster from United Way Worldwide and Martin Wilhelmy, Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany. Tailored sessions included: Why & How of Crafting a Diversity Statement, Partnering with Diverse Networks, Building an International Strategy for your Community, and Protocol Training. Experts from affinity chambers in the region explored the many ways sister city members and Chambers of Commerce can partner. The sessions provided community leaders with a number of tools to increase their cities’ global appeal. Attendees also had the opportunity to attend the TEDxCincinnati “Every Citizen a Diplomat” at the historic National Underground Railroad Freedom Center a day before the Regional Conference. The featured talks showcased how citizens can influence opinions on a global scale and stimulated discussion on the importance of cultural understanding, diversity, and international relationship building in creating a strong community. 11 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 2 Best Overall Program Population Under 25,000- Fountain Hills, AZ Population 25,001-50,000- Hot Springs, AR Population 50,001-100,000- Corvallis, OR Population 100,001-500,000- Birmingham, AL Population Over 500,000- Fort Worth, TX Innovation in Arts & Culture Population Under 100,000- Brighton, CO Population 100,001-500,000- Tacoma, WA Population Over 500,000- San Antonio, TX Innovation in Humanitarian Assistance Population 100,000-500,000- Minneapolis, MN Population Over 500,000- Houston, TX Innovation in Youth & Education Population Under 100,000- Palm Desert, CA Population 100,001-500,000- Fort Lauderdale, FL Population over 500,000- Denver, CO Innovation in Energy: Duluth, MN Innovation in Sustainable Development: Long Beach, CA Volunteer of the Year: Kathleen Borland, Chicago, IL Michael A. Guido Award for Distinguished Leadership: Governor Terry Branstad, Iowa Corporate Responsibility Award: Booz Allen Hamilton The following programs were recognized at the 2012 Annual Conference for outstanding achievement in 2011 SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 11
    • Member Services Over the past year Sister Cities International added or enhanced a number of its services for members. Whether it is developing new skills, recognizing milestones, providing much needed information, or connecting members to the world, Sister Cities International is committed to boosting the impact of its membership. Be sure to visit Sister Cities International’s website to see an up to date list of all member benefits and more information on taking advantage of these valuable services. Cities Seeking Cities This year Sister Cities International greatly expanded its Cities Seeking Cities program to help members find and connect with new communities abroad. Cities can not only advertise their search on their profile page, but also receive support and guidance from Sister Cities International staff to identify and contact potential matches abroad. Through Sister Cities International’s global network of city-twinning organizations, embassies, municipal associations, and other partners, members have more support than ever to develop links to foreign cities. Webinars In 2012 Sister Cities International hosted seven interactive webinars for members, with topics such as online fundraising, incorporating alumni into programs, accounting for sister city programs, and environmental innovations in programming. Best of all, these webinars were recorded and are available to members at any time through Sister Cities International’s website. Visa Assistance Sister Cities International offers members valuable information on visa types and advice on navigating the visa process for international delegations. In 2013 Sister Cities International partnered with a number of experts in immigration law and visas to provide members with pro bono advice on specific visa questions they might have. To request visa assistance members can visit the “Requests” section of the “Member Area” on Sister Cities International’s website. Insurance Sister Cities International continues to offer members access to affordable travel insurance and special events insurance. With members participating in thousands of delegation visits and hundreds of events every year, insurance is a much needed benefit which Sister Cities International is proud to offer through its partner. For up to date information on available insurance and to access these special rates, members can visit the “Insurance” section of the “Member Area” on Sister Cities International’s website. Certificates Sister Cities International wants to make sure that whether a sister city is new or 50 years old it is recognized as a step forward for citizen diplomacy and peacebuilding. All members can now request complimentary certificates for their communities as well as their international partners that recognize new partnerships or milestone anniversaries. These commemorative certificates are available to Sister Cities International members and can be requested in the “Member Area” of Sister Cities International’s website. Sharing Your Stories and Events Calendar Whether on Sister Cities International’s website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, or direct press releases, every day Sister Cities International showcases what makes it a globally recognized organization—its members. Sister Cities International has a dedicated "Submit Your Member Story" page that allows members to submit details on what is happening in their sister city organization. Members are encouraged to send Sister Cities International details of their organization's accomplishments, including upcoming exchanges, events, sister city anniversaries, board meetings, testimonials, pictures, and other activities. Once members submit their story, Sister Cities International staff will be in touch to find the best way to share it with the sister cities network and the public. Sister Cities International also maintains a publicly available calendar of events for all members. Conferences, meetings, fundraisers, trade delegations, student exchanges, cultural festivals, or any other event, large or small, can be submitted to Sister Cities International for posting. 12 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 2 SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 12
    • Member Badge Sister Cities International members can now use Sister Cities International’s Member Badge, as well as the tagline “Connect globally. Thrive locally.” to proudly display their membership in one of the world’s largest networks of citizen diplomats. The Member Badge is a reminder of the network’s shared mission of promoting peace and understanding, and is appropriate for use in any communications or in conjunction with a member’s own logo. Members can download the Member Badge from the “Toolkits and Templates” section of the “Member Area” of Sister Cities International’s website. Member Profiles In May 2012 Sister Cities International launched a new website in conjunction with its new logo and tagline. In addition to a sleek new design and easier access to member resources, this new website offers each member the opportunity to profile its partnerships, contact information, social media, and information about the community itself to the world in a user-friendly and eye-catching new format. Members can customize their information directly through the site, ensuring that changes take effect immediately. And through search engine optimization, these pages are often the first search result when anyone looks for information about sister city organizations. 13 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 2 Contact information and social media fields allow the public to get in touch with members and learn more about their program Members can customize a brief description about their sister city program Sister City, Friendship City, and Emeritus relationships are listed and conveniently displayed on the map Members can advertise when they are looking for new partners, including specific regions or program areas where they have an interest SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 13
    • 14 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 2 Thanks to Sister Cities International’s 2012 Donors & Supporters $500,000+ Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation $400,000+ United States Department of State $75,000+ The Japan Foundation's Center for Global Partnership $50,000+ Sister Cities Foundation $10,000+ Amazon Web Services LLC Michael Hyatt Mary Ellen and Michael Fox $5,000+ Robert & Martha Atherton Foundation Mary Palko Thelma Press Sharon Receveur Cincinnati-Liuzhou Sister City Committee $2,500+ The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region Washington Examiner Norris Hermsmeyer $1,000+ Louis and Thelma Press Trust The McGraw-Hill Companies Leroy Allala Mimi Barker Carolyn Bishop Fred Blanton William T. Boerum Carol Burdette Neal Burnham Brad Cole Chris Dufour Gil Garcia Angie Gomez Jeanne Goodvin Ron Gossett James Hromas Nancy Huppert Joseph Kressaty Tom LaBonge Tom Lisk Dr. William Lites Carol Robertson Lopez Frances Lorenz David Miller Tim Quigley Darrell Smith Frank Tripicchio Steve Yoshida Carla Walker Mark Walton Paula West $500+ United Way of Greater Cincinnati World Services of La Crosse Mary D. Kane Carol Pristoop $100-$499 Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex CFC/Community Health Charities of Texas Garcia Architects Global Impact Jean van Buskirk Mary Stokes Cort Alexander Durtka Sharon Durtka Gerald and Nancy Eidam Stephen A. Fulling Susan Herlin Judy Hinkle Georgianna McLeod Doug Rider Shirley Rivens Smith Gayle Stallings Lawrence Uebner Johann Vielberth Up to $100 Lexington Sister Cities Niagara Frontier Combined Federal Campaign Northern Lights Combined Federal Campaign Principal Combined Federal Campaign South Jersey Combined Federal Campaign Mary Aldrich Hicham Amaaou W. Fontaine Bell Scott Colson Carl Daiker Nilesh Dasondi Gokay Dikman Sharon Dunn Dennis Fong Elizabeth Forte Jacob Horhoruw Neil Isbell Sheryl James David Kane Frank Lin Thomas Loeve Susan McCormick Bruce McDowell Georges Miessi Frederic Morton Wallace Munden Neal Peirce In Memory of Lou Press Nicole Rautama Jeffrey Reiss Carol Seidberg Mary Strawinski Robert Swart Janis Torrey Richard Vanden heuvel In-Kind Donors Booz Allen Hamilton Cincinnati USA Sister City Association Covington & Burling LLP City of Jacksonville Brad Cole Greg Berk, Carothers DiSante & Freudenberger LLP Ginger Partee, Baker & McKenzie LLP Yi Song, Mona Shah & Associates Media Partners Diplomatic Courier The Washington Examiner SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 14
    • 2013 Membership Directory Sister Cities International recognizes three categories for partnerships: Sister Cities: Permanent relationships formalized when the mayors or highest elected/appointed officials from two communities sign a partnership agreement to establish a sister city relationship. Friendship Cities: Less formal relationships which nonetheless are initiated by a partnership agreement between two cities. The nature of friendship city agreements varies from city to city depending on tradition and/or city policy. Although they are less formal, many friendship cities are as active as sister city relationships. Emeritus Cities: Sister city relationships which have been put into Emeritus status by a mayor or highest elected official, usually due to dormancy. Emeritus relationships are sometimes returned to full sister city status by citizens who revitalize the partnership. Although Sister Cities International is primarily an association for U.S. sister city organizations, some international communities join as “Global Members” to take advantage of Sister Cities International resources and to have their international partnerships listed in Sister Cities International’s Membership Directory. Note: All country names are short form according to the U.S. Department of State. SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 15
    • Alabama / 32 Birmingham Al-Karak, Jordan Anshan, China Chao Yang District, China Coban, Guatemala u Guediawaye, Senegal Gweru, Zimbabwe Hitachi, Japan u Huangshi, China u Maebashi City, Japan Plzen, Czech Republic Pomigliano d’Arco, Italy Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel Szekesfehervar, Hungary Vinnytsya, Ukraine Winneba, Ghana Mobile Bolinao, Philippines Cockburn, Australia Constanta, Romania Gianjin, China Havana, Cuba Heze, China Ichihara, Japan Katowice, Poland King Shaka District Municipality, South Africa Kosice, Slovakia Pyongtaek, South Korea Veracruz/Boca del Rio, Mexico Worms, Germany Montevallo Echizen, Japan u Tuscaloosa Narashino, Japan Schorndorf, Germany Sunyani-Techiman, Ghana Alaska / 13 Anchorage Chitose, Japan Darwin, Australia Inchon, South Korea Magadan, Russia Tromso, Norway Whitby, United Kingdom Juneau Camiling, Philippines Mishan City, China Vladivostok, Russia Whitehorse, Canada Ketchikan Gero, Japan Prince Rupert, Canada Palmer Saroma, Japan Arizona / 47 Chandler Tullamore, Ireland Flagstaff Barnaul, Russia Blue Mountains, Australia Hsin Tien, Chinese Taipei Manzanillo, Mexico Fountain Hills Ataco, El Salvador Dierdorf, Germany Kasterlee, Belgium Gila Bend Seeking Partners Gilbert Leshan, China Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland Glendale Seeking Partners Mesa Burnaby, Canada Caraz, Peru Guaymas, Mexico Kaiping, China Upper Hutt, New Zealand Peoria Borough of Ards, Northern Ireland Phoenix Calgary, Canada Catania, Italy Chengdu, China Ennis, Ireland Grenoble, France Hermosillo, Mexico Himeji, Japan Prague, Czech Republic Ramat-Gan, Israel Taipei City, Chinese Taipei Prescott Caborca, Mexico Suchitoto, El Salvador Zeitz, Germany Scottsdale Alamos, Mexico Cairns, Australia Haikou City, China Interlaken, Switzerland Kingston, Canada Marrakech, Morocco Sierra Vista Cananea, Mexico Radebeul, Germany Tempe Al-Hilla, Iraq Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France Carlow, Ireland Cuenca, Ecuador Cusco, Peru Lower Hutt, New Zealand Regensburg, Germany Skopje, Macedonia Timbuktu, Mali Zhenjiang, China Arkansas / 11 Fayetteville Seeking Partners Heber Springs Omoa, Honduras Hot Springs Hanamaki, Japan Little Rock Changchun, China Hanam City, South Korea Kaohsiung Municipality, Chinese Taipei La Petite Roche, France l Mons, Belgium l Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom u Pachuca, Mexico Ragusa, Italy l North Little Rock Uiwang City, South Korea California / 342 Alameda Arita-Machi, Japan Lidingo, Sweden Anaheim Mito, Japan Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain Bakersfield Amritsar, India Bucheon, South Korea Cixi, China Minsk Partizan District, Belarus Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico Wakayama, Japan 16 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 16
    • 17 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e Benicia Tula, Mexico Beverly Hills Acapulco, Mexico Cannes, France Herzliya, Israel u Pudong District (Shanghai), China u Big Bear Lake Abtenau, Austria Burbank Gaborone, Botswana Incheon, South Korea Ota, Japan Solna, Sweden Carlsbad Futtsu, Japan Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic Carson La Carlota, Philippines Soka, Japan Wanju-Gu County, South Korea Chula Vista Cebu City, Philippines Odawara, Japan Compton Apia, American Samoa Onitsha, Nigeria Corona Fuxin City, China Gotsu, Japan Ocotlan, Mexico Silkeborg, Denmark Culver City Iksan City, South Korea Kaizuka, Japan Lethbridge, Canada Uruapan, Mexico Cupertino Bhubaneswar, India Hsinchu, Chinese Taipei Ivrea, Italy Toyokawa, Japan Encinitas Hondo, Japan Eureka Kamisu, Japan Fontana Seeking Partners Fresno Afula-Gilboa, Israel Etchmiadzin, Armenia Kochi, Japan Muenster, Germany Taishan, China Torreon, Mexico Verona, Italy u Gardena Huatabampo, Mexico Ichikawa, Japan Rosarito Beach, Mexico Gilroy Angra Do Heroismo, Portugal Koror, Palau l Monticelli d’Ongina, Italy l Saint-Clar, France Tacco-Machi, Japan Tecate, Mexico Glendale Ghapan, Armenia Gimpo, South Korea Goseong, South Korea Higashiosaka, Japan Hiroshima, Japan Rosarito Beach, Mexico Tlaquepaque, Mexico Greenfield Apaseo El Alto, Mexico Santiago Pinotepa Nacional, Mexico Gridley Gbarnga, Liberia Hayward Faro, Portugal Funabashi, Japan Ghazni, Afghanistan San Felipe, Mexico Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 17
    • Irvine Hermosillo, Mexico Nowon-gu, South Korea u Seocho-gu, South Korea u Taoyuan City, Chinese Taipei Tsukuba, Japan Laguna Beach Menton, France San Jose del Cabo, Mexico Laguna Niguel Al Qaim, Iraq Livermore Quezaltenango, Guatemala Snezhinsk, Russia Yotsukaido, Japan Lodi Kofu, Japan Lodi, Italy Long Beach Bacolod, Philippines u Izmir, Turkey u Mombasa, Kenya Phnom Penh, Cambodia u Qingdao, China San Pablo de Manta, Ecuador Sochi, Russia Yokkaichi, Japan Los Altos Greater Bendigo, Australia Rustington, United Kingdom Shih-Lin, Chinese Taipei Syktyvkar, Russia Los Angeles Athens, Greece Auckland, New Zealand Beirut, Lebanon Berlin, Germany Bordeaux, France Giza, Egypt Guangzhou, China Ischia, Italy Jakarta, Indonesia Kaunas, Lithuania Lusaka, Zambia Makati, Philippines Mexico City, Mexico Mumbai, India Nagoya, Japan Salvador, Brazil St. Petersburg, Russia Taipei Municipality, Chinese Taipei Tehran, Iran Vancouver, Canada Yerevan, Armenia Malibu Lijiang, China Martinez Dunbar, Scotland Hanchuan, China Milazzo, Italy Stresa, Italy Mendocino Miasa-Omachi, Japan Merced Albury, Australia Somoto, Nicaragua Millbrae La Serena, Chile Mosta, Malta Milpitas Dagupan, Philippines Figline Valdarno, Italy Huizhou, China Tsukuba, Japan Modesto Aguascalientes, Mexico Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine Kurume, Japan Laval, France Mengzi City, China Vernon, Canada q Vijayawada, India Morgan Hill Headford, Ireland Mizuho, Japan San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Italy San Martin de Hidalgo, Mexico Seferihisar, Turkey Mountain View Hasselt, Belgium Iwata, Japan Newport Beach Antibes, France Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Okazaki, Japan Vung Tau Ba Ria City, Vietnam u Oakland Agadir, Morocco u Bahir Dar, Ethiopia u Benin City, Nigeria Changping District, China u Chengdu, China u Dalian, China Foshan, China Fukuoka, Japan Guangzhou, China u Haikou City, China u Jingan District, China u Jinzhou, China u Jurong, China u Livorno, Italy Maoming, China u Mianyang, China u Nakhodka, Russia Nanning, China u Ocho Rios, Jamaica Port-de-Paix, Haiti Pudong, China u Qingdao, China u Santiago de Cuba, Cuba Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana Orinda Lanphun, Thailand Tabor, Czech Republic Palm Desert Gisborne, New Zealand Ixtapa, Mexico Palo Alto Albi, France Enschede, Netherlands Linkoping, Sweden Oaxaca, Mexico Palo, Philippines Tsuchiura, Japan Parlier Ensenada, Mexico Pasadena Ludwigshafen, Germany Järvenpää, Finland Mishima, Japan Paju, South Korea u Vanadzor, Armenia Xicheng District, China Rancho Cordova Turrialba, Costa Rica Redlands Hino, Japan Linli, China San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Redondo Beach Ensenada, Mexico Itoman City, Japan u La Paz, Mexico Zhangjiagang, China Riverbank Fuyang City, China Tamazula de Gordiano, Mexico 18 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 18
    • 19 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e Riverside Cuautla, Mexico Ensenada, Mexico Erlangen, Germany Gangnam-Gu, South Korea Hyderabad, India Jiangmen, China Obuasi, Ghana Sendai, Japan Sacramento Ashkelon, Israel Bethlehem, Palestinian Territories Chisinau, Moldova Hamilton, New Zealand Jinan, China Liestal, Switzerland Manila, Philippines Matsuyama, Japan San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua Yongsan-Gu, South Korea San Bernardino Herzliya, Israel Ile-Ife, Nigeria Kigali, Rwanda Mexicali, Mexico Roxas, Philippines Tachikawa, Japan Tauranga, New Zealand Villahermosa, Mexico Yushu, China Zavolzhie, Russia San Diego Alcala de Henares, Spain Campinas, Brazil Cavite City, Philippines Edinburgh, Scotland Jalalabad, Afghanistan Jeonju, South Korea Leon, Mexico Perth, Australia q Taichung City, Chinese Taipei Tema, Ghana Tijuana, Mexico Vladivostok, Russia Warsaw Province, Poland Yantai, China Yokohama, Japan San Francisco Abidjan, Ivory Coast Amman, Jordan u Assisi, Italy Bangalore, India u Barcelona, Spain u Cork, Ireland Haifa, Israel Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Krakow, Poland u Manila, Philippines Osaka, Japan Seoul, South Korea Shanghai, China Sydney, Australia Taipei Municipality, Chinese Taipei Thessaloniki, Greece Zurich, Switzerland San Jose Dublin, Ireland Ekaterinburg, Russia Okayama, Japan Pune, India San Jose, Costa Rica Tainan City, Chinese Taipei Veracruz, Mexico San Pablo Manzanillo, Mexico Santa Barbara Dingle, Ireland Kotor, Montenegro Patras, Greece Puerto Vallarta, Mexico San Juan, Philippines Toba, Japan Weihai, China Santa Clara Coimbra, Portugal Izumo, Japan Santa Clara County Florence Province, Italy Hsinchu, Chinese Taipei Moscow, Russia Santa Clarita Sariaya, Philippines Tena, Ecuador Santa Cruz Alushta, Ukraine County Roscommon, Ireland u Galway, Ireland Jinotepe, Nicaragua Kasese, Uganda u Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela Sestri Levante, Italy Shingu, Japan Santa Monica Cassino/San’t Elia, Italy Fujinomiya, Japan Hamm, Germany Mazatlan, Mexico Sausalito Cascais, Portugal Sakaide, Japan Viña del Mar, Chile Sebastopol Chyhyryn, Ukraine Takeo, Japan Sonoma Aswan, Egypt Chambolle-Musigny, France Greve-in-Chianti, Italy Kaniv, Ukraine Patzcuaro, Mexico Penglai, China Tokaj, Hungary South San Francisco Atotonilco, Mexico Kishiwada, Japan Lucca, Italy Pasig City, Philippines St. Jean Pied de Port, France Stockton Asaba, Nigeria Battambang, Cambodia Empalme, Mexico Foshan, China Iloilo, Philippines Parma, Italy Shimizu (Shizuoka), Japan Temecula Daisen (Nakayama), Japan Leidschendam-Voorburg, Netherlands Temple City Hawkesbury, Australia Magdelena, Mexico Union City Asadabad, Afghanistan Chiang Rai, Thailand Jalandhar, India Liyang, China Pasay City, Philippines Santa Rosalia, Mexico Upland Caborca, Mexico Mildura, Australia Vallejo Akashi, Japan Bagamoyo, Tanzania Baguio, Philippines Jincheon, South Korea La Spezia, Italy Trondheim, Norway Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 19
    • Walnut Shin Lin District, Chinese Taipei Walnut Creek Noceto, Italy Siofok, Hungary Whittier Changshu, China Colorado / 49 Arvada Jinzhou, China Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan Aspen Chamonix, France Davos, Switzerland Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany Queenstown, New Zealand San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina Shimukappu, Japan Aurora Seeking Partners Boulder Ciudad Mante, Mexico Dushanbe, Tajikistan Jalapa, Nicaragua u Kisumu, Kenya Lhasa, China Yamagata, Japan Yateras, Cuba Brighton Ziebice, Poland Colorado Springs Bankstown, Australia Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Fujiyoshida, Japan Kaohsiung Municipality, Chinese Taipei Nuevo Casas Grandes, Mexico Smolensk, Russia Denver Akureyri, Iceland u Axum, Ethiopia Brest, France Chennai, India Cuernavaca, Mexico Karmiel, Israel Kunming, China Nairobi, Kenya Potenza, Italy Takayama, Japan Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Denver Regional Council of Governments Baghdad, Iraq Erie Seeking Partners Estes Park Monteverde, Costa Rica Firestone Seeking Partners Lakewood Chester, United Kingdom Portsmouth, United Kingdom Stade, Germany Sutherland Shire, Australia Longmont Chino, Japan Ciudad Guzmán, Mexico Parker Seeking Partners Pueblo Bergamo, Italy Chihuahua, Mexico Lucca Sicula, Italy Maribor, Slovenia Puebla, Mexico Weifang, China Steamboat Springs Saasfee, Switzerland San Martin de los Andes, Argentina Connecticut / 28 Essex Deschapelles, Haiti Hartford Caguas, Puerto Rico l Cape Coast, Ghana l Couva, Trinidad and Tobago l Dongguan, China l Floridia, Italy Hertford, United Kingdom Mangualde, Portugal l Mao Velverde, Dominican Republic l Masindi, Uganda u Morant Bay, Jamaica New Ross, Ireland Ocotal, Nicaragua Quetzaltenango, Guatemala u Sogakope, Ghana u Thessaloniki, Greece l 20 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 20
    • 21 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e New Britain Atsugi, Japan Gianittsa, Greece Priolo and Solorino, Italy Pultusk, Poland Rastatt, Germany New Haven Afula-Gilboa, Israel Amalfi, Italy Avignon, France Freetown, Sierra Leone Huế, Vietnam León, Nicaragua Tetlanohcan, Mexico Delaware / 8 Rehoboth Beach Greve-in-Chianti, Italy Wilmington Fulda, Germany Kalmar, Sweden Nemours, France Ningbo, China u Olevano sul Tusciano, Italy Osogbo, Nigeria Watford, United Kingdom District Of Columbia / 13 Washington Brussels, Belgium Accra, Ghana Ankara, Turkey Athens, Greece Bangkok, Thailand Beijing, China Brasilia, Brazil Dakar, Senegal Paris, France Rome, Italy Seoul, South Korea Sunderland, United Kingdom Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, South Africa Florida / 181 Boynton Beach Les Cayes, Haiti Qufu, China Cocoa Beit Shemesh, Israel Coral Gables Aix-en-Provence, France Cartagena, Colombia El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain Granada, Spain La Antigua, Guatemala Pisa, Italy Quito, Ecuador Crestview Noirmoutier, France Daytona Beach Bayonne, France Campeche, Mexico Diamantina, Brazil Delray Beach Miyazu, Japan Moshi, Tanzania Doral Seeking Partners Fort Lauderdale Agogo, Ghana Belo Horizonte, Brazil Cap-Haitien, Haiti Gold Coast, Australia Haifa, Israel Kaohsiung City, Chinese Taipei La Romana, Dominican Republic Mar del Plata, Argentina Margarita Island, Venezuela Medellin, Colombia Mugla, Turkey Panama City, Panama Quepos, Costa Rica Rimini, Italy Sao Sebastiao, Brazil Venice, Italy Gainesville Duhok, Iraq Jacmel, Haiti Kfar Saba, Israel Manizales, Colombia Matagalpa, Nicaragua Novorossiisk, Russia Qalqilya, Palestinian Territories Rzeszow, Poland u Tegucigalpa, Honduras Jacksonville Bahia Blanca, Argentina Changwon City, South Korea Curitiba, Brazil Murmansk, Russia Nantes, France Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Bay Municipality, South Africa Ningbo, China u San Juan, Puerto Rico Shaoxing, China u Suzhou, China l Yingkou, China Lakeland Balti, Moldova Chongming County, China Fengxian District (Shanghai), China u Imabari, Japan Jiaxing, China u Portmore St. Catherine, Jamaica Richmond Hill, Canada Rybnitsa, Moldova u Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom San Isidro, Peru Suzano, Brazil Miami Agadir, Morocco l Amman, Jordan l Buenos Aires, Argentina Cochabamba, Bolivia l Kagoshima, Japan Kaohsiung Municipality, Chinese Taipei l Lima, Peru Managua, Nicaragua l Montes de Oca, Costa Rica l Murcia, Spain l Nice, France l Palermo, Italy l Panama City, Panama l Port-au-Prince, Haiti Qingdao, China u Ramat-Hasharon, Israel l Santiago, Chile Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Varna, Bulgaria l Miami Beach Almonte, Spain Basel, Switzerland Brampton, Canada Cozumel, Mexico Fortaleza, Brazil Fujisawa, Japan Ica, Peru Nahariya, Israel Pescara, Italy Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Santa Marta, Colombia Miami Dade Asti, Italy Asuncion, Paraguay Cayman Islands l Dakar, Senegal Iquique, Chile l Kingston, Jamaica Lamentin (Guadeloupe), France l Maldonado, Uruguay Monagas, Venezuela l Mondoza, Argentina Pereira, Colombia Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 21
    • Petit Goave, Haiti Prague, Czech Republic Pucallpa, Peru l San Jose, Costa Rica Santa Cruz, Bolivia l Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Sao Paolo, Brazil St. Kitts and Nevis Islands l Stockholm County, Sweden Taipei County, Chinese Taipei Tenerife (Canary Islands), Spain The Bahamas Turks and Caicos Islands l Veracruz, Spain Miramar Santa Ana, El Salvador Mount Dora Forres, Scotland New Port Richey Cavalaire-sur-Mer, France Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France North Miami Delmas, Haiti Ocala Pisa, Italy Sincelejo, Colombia Orlando Curitiba, Brazil Guilin, China Monterrey, Mexico Orenburg, Russia Reykjanesbaer, Iceland Seine-et-Marne Region, France Tainan, Chinese Taipei Urayasu, Japan Valladolid, Spain Palm Bay Seeking Partners Pensacola Chimbote, Peru Escazu, Costa Rica Gero, Japan Gorlovka, Ukraine Kaohsiung City, Chinese Taipei Macharaviaya, Spain Miraflores, Peru Pinecrest Cognac, France Sarasota Dunfermline, Scotland Hamilton, Canada Merida, Mexico Perpignan, France Siming District (Xiamen City), China Tel Mond, Israel Treviso, Italy Vladimir, Russia St. Augustine Aviles, Spain Cartagena, Colombia Ciudadella de Menorca, Spain George-Town Great Exuma, The Bahamas San Miguel de Allende, Mexico St. Petersberg Figueres, Spain u St. Petersburg, Russia u Takamatsu, Japan Sunny Isles Beach Netanya, Israel Taormina, Italy Tallahassee Konongo-Odumasi, Ghana Krasnodar, Russia Ramat-Hasharon, Israel Rugao, China Sligo, Ireland Sint Maarten Tampa Agrigento, Italy Ashdod, Israel Barranquilla, Colombia q Boca del Rio, Mexico Izmir, Turkey Le Havre, France Oviedo, Spain Veracruz, Mexico Tarpon Springs Kalymnos, Greece Halki, Greece Symi, Greece Larnaca, Cyprus Tavares Xindian, Chinese Taipei West Palm Beach Budva, Montenegro Georgia / 42 Athens Athens, Greece Cortona, Italy Iaşi, Romania Atlanta Ancient Olympia, Greece Brussels, Belgium Bucharest, Romania Cotonou, Benin Daegu, South Korea Fukuoka, Japan Lagos, Nigeria Montego Bay, Jamaica Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom Nuremberg, Germany Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Ra’anana, Israel Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Salcedo, Dominican Republic Salzburg, Austria Taipei, Chinese Taipei Tbilisi, Georgia Toulouse, France Brunswick Ganzhou, China Ilan, Chinese Taipei Columbus Bistrita, Romania Kiryu, Japan Zugdidi, Georgia Decatur Bousse, Burkina Faso Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso Trujillo, Peru Elberton Mure, Japan Hinesville Marsabit, Kenya LaGrange Craigavon, Northern Ireland q Macon Elmina, Ghana Kaohsiung Municipality, Chinese Taipei Kurobe, Japan Macon, France Marietta Seongdong-Gu, South Korea Savannah Bat’umi, Georgia 22 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 22
    • 23 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e Halle, Germany Jiujiang, China Kaya, Burkina Faso Patras, Greece Hawaii / 26 Maui County Albi, France American Samoa Arequipa, Peru Bacarra City, Philippines Badoc, Philippines Cabugao, Philippines Embo, Scotland Fukuyama, Japan Funchal, Portugal Goyang, South Korea Hachijo Island, Japan Hainan Province, China Hirara City, Japan Madrid, Spain Manila, Philippines Pingtung, Chinese Taipei Puerto Princesa, Philippines Quezon City, Philippines Rapa Nui, Chile Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands San Cristobal Island (Galapogos), Ecuador u San Nicholas, Philippines Santa & San Juan, Philippines Sao Miguel Island, Portugal Sarrat, Philippines Zambales Province, Philippines Idaho / 4 Idaho Falls Tokai-Mura, Japan Moscow Villa Carlos Fonseca, Nicaragua Pocatello Iwamizawa, Japan Kwaremanguel, Burkina Faso Illinois / 98 Addison Triggiano, Italy Bartlett Miaoli, Chinese Taipei Belleville Paderborn, Germany Belvidere Schwieberdingen, Germany Vaux-le-Pénil, France Berwyn Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic Bloomington / Normal Asahikawa, Japan Caibarien, Cuba Canterbury, United Kingdom Remedios, Cuba Vladimir, Russia Carbondale Nakajo-Niigata, Japan Shimla, India Tainan City, Chinese Taipei Taipei, Chinese Taipei Chicago Accra, Ghana Amman, Jordan Athens, Greece Belgrade, Serbia Birmingham, United Kingdom Bogota, Colombia Busan, South Korea Casablanca, Morocco Delhi, India Durban, South Africa Galway, Ireland Gothenburg, Sweden Hamburg, Germany Kyiv, Ukraine Lahore, Pakistan Lucerne, Switzerland Mexico City, Mexico Milan, Italy Moscow, Russia Osaka, Japan Paris, France Petach Tikva, Israel Prague, Czech Republic Shanghai, China Shenyang, China Toronto, Canada q Vilnius, Lithuania Warsaw, Poland Chicago Heights Asuogyaman District, Ghana Cedral, Mexico San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy Wadowice, Poland Columbia Gedern, Germany Decatur Seevetal, Germany Dixon Castlebar, Ireland Dikson, Russia Herzberg, Germany Thika, Kenya Elk Grove Village Termini Imerese, Italy Hanover Park Cape Coast, Ghana Valparaiso, Mexico Hawthorn Woods Seeking Partners Highland Sursee, Switzerland Highland Park Ferrara, Italy Kiryat Gat, Israel u Lagos, Nigeria u Modena, Italy Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Hoffman Estates Angoulême, France Lake Zurich Nittenau, Germany Millstadt Gross-Bieberau, Germany Mount Prospect Sevres, France Naperville Nitra, Slovakia Patzcuaro, Mexico Palatine Fontenay-le-Comte, France Park Ridge Kinver, United Kingdom Peoria Benxi, China Clonmel, Ireland Friedrichshafen, Germany Quincy Herford, Germany Richton Park Seeking Partners Rockford Borgholm, Sweden Brovary, Ukraine Changzhou, China Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 23
    • Cluj-Napoca, Romania Ferentino, Italy Schwieberdingen, Germany Taszár, Hungary Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan Vaux-le-Pénil, France Roselle Bochnia, Poland Schaumburg Hyderabad, India u Namerikawa, Japan Schaumburg, Germany Springfield Ashikaga, Japan Killarney, Ireland u San Pedro de las Colonias, Mexico Tinley Park Budingen, Germany Mallow, Ireland Urbana Haizhu District (Guangzhou), China Zomba, Malawi Waterloo Porta Westfalica, Germany West Chicago Taufkirchen (Vils), Germany Wilmette Mona Vale, Australia Wood Dale Cefalu’, Italy Indiana / 34 Bloomington LuChou Province, Chinese Taipei Posoltega, Nicaragua Santa Clara, Cuba Carmel Kawachinagano, Japan Elkhart Burton upon Trent, United Kingdom Kurdjali, Bulgaria Evansville Osnabrück, Germany Tizimin, Mexico Tochigi-Shi, Japan Fishers Billericay, United Kingdom Fort Wayne Gera, Germany Plock, Poland Taizhou, China Takaoka, Japan Goshen Numazu, Japan Greenfield Kakuda, Japan Indianapolis Campinas, Brazil Cologne, Germany Hangzhou, China Hyderabad, India Monza, Italy Northhamptonshire County, United Kingdom Piran, Slovenia Taipei, Chinese Taipei Jasper Pfaffenweiler, Germany Lafayette Longkou, China Ota, Japan Madison Seeking Partners Newburgh Newburgh, Scotland Noblesville Cittadella, Italy Nova Prata, Brazil Richmond Daito-Cho, Japan Serpukhov, Russia Zweibrucken, Germany u Iowa / 35 Clarinda Tamana, Japan Council Bluffs El Hajeb, Morocco Karadah (Baghdad), Iraq Tobolsk, Russia Davenport Carlow County, Ireland Ilheus, Brazil Kaiserslautern, Germany Des Moines Kofu, Japan Provincia di Catanzaro, Italy Saint-Etienne, France Shijiazhuang, China Stavropol, Russia 24 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 24
    • 25 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e Dubuque Dornbirn, Austria Handan, China Pyatigorsk, Russia Elkader Mascara, Algeria Fort Madison Prum, Germany Grinnell Zheleznovodsk, Russia Johnston Peja, Kosovo Laurens Laurens, France Muscatine Crespo, Argentina Drohobych, Ukraine Ichikawadaimon, Japan Kislovodsk, Russia Lomza, Poland Ludwigslust, Germany Parana, Argentina Paysandu, Uruguay l Ramallah, Palestinian Territories Zhengding, China Newton Smila, Ukraine Wuchi Town, Chinese Taipei Osage Lermontov, Russia Shenandoah Tisovec, Slovakia Waverly Eisenach, Germany Kansas / 14 Hays Neustadt an der Waldnaab, Germany Santa Maria, Paraguay Xinzheng, China Lawrence Eutin, Germany Hiratsuka, Japan Iniades, Greece Olathe Chur, Switzerland Ocotlan, Mexico Prairie Village Dolyna, Ukraine Victoria Kubelstein Stadt Schesslitz, Germany Wichita Cancun, Mexico Kaifeng, China Orleans, France Tlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico Kentucky / 22 Bowling Green Kawanishi, Japan Danville Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland Georgetown Tahara, Japan Lexington County Kildare, Ireland Deauville, France Newmarket, United Kingdom Shinhidaka, Japan Louisville Adapazari, Turkey Jiujiang, China La Plata, Argentina Leeds, United Kingdom Mainz, Germany Montpellier, France Perm, Russia Quito, Ecuador Tamale, Ghana q Madisonville Seeking Partners Midway Seeking Partners Morehead Ballymena, Northern Ireland Yangshuo County, China Owensboro Nisshin, Japan Olomouc, Czech Republic Olomouc Kraj, Czech Republic Paris Seeking Partners Pikeville Ankang, China Louisiana / 14 New Orleans Caracas, Venezuela Durban, South Africa Innsbruck, Austria Juan-les-Pins, France Maracaibo, Venezuela Matsue, Japan Merida, Mexico Pointe Noire, Congo (Brazzaville) San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina Tegucigalpa, Honduras St. Martinville Bouctouche, Canada Chaudfontaine, Belgium Goree Island, Senegal Nova Scotia, Canada Maine / 5 Portland Arkhangelsk, Russia Cap-Haitien, Haiti Mytilene, Greece Shinagawa, Japan Waterville Kotlas, Russia Maryland / 42 Baltimore Alexandria, Egypt Ashkelon, Israel Bremerhaven, Germany u Ely O’Carroll, Ireland u Gbarnga, Liberia Genoa, Italy Kawasaki, Japan Luxor, Egypt Odessa, Ukraine Piraeus, Greece Rotterdam, Netherlands Xiamen, China Charles County Jogeva, Estonia Waldorf, Germany Columbia Cergy-Pontoise, France Tema, Ghana u Tres Cantos, Spain District Heights Mbuji-Mayi, Congo (Kinshasa) Thomonde, Haiti Maryland State Anhui Province, China Bong County, Liberia County Cork, Ireland Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 25
    • Gyeongsangnam, South Korea Harju County, Estonia Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan Leningrad Region, Russia Lodz, Poland Maryland County, Liberia Nord-Pas de Calais, France Rio de Janeiro, Brazil State of Jalisco, Mexico Walloon Region, Belgium Montgomery County Gondar, Ethiopia Morazan, El Salvador Oakland Torva, Estonia u Valga, Estonia u Riverdale Park Ipala, Guatemala Rockville Jiaxing, China u Pinneberg, Germany Salisbury Dalian, China Salisbury, United Kingdom Tartu, Estonia Massachusetts / 28 Amesbury Esabalu, Kenya Nagaokakyo, Japan Port Arlington, Ireland Teosinte, El Salvador Boston Barcelona, Spain Hangzhou, China Kyoto, Japan Melbourne, Australia Padua, Italy Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana Strasbourg, France Taipei Municipality, Chinese Taipei Cambridge Cienfuegos, Cuba Coimbra, Portugal Gaeta, Italy Galway, Ireland San Jose Las Flores, El Salvador Tsukuba Science City (Yatabe), Japan Yerevan, Armenia Newburyport Bura, Kenya Zelengorsk, Russia Pittsfield Ballina, Ireland Cava di Tirreni, Italy Chung Ju, South Korea Malpaisillo, Nicaragua Somerville Gaeta, Italy Tiznit, Morocco Yucuaiquin, El Salvador Michigan / 24 Chelsea Shimizu (Hokkaido), Japan Coldwater Soltau, Germany Frankenmuth Gunzenhausen, Germany Grand Rapids Bielsko-Biala, Poland Ga East and West, Ghana Omihachiman, Japan Perugia, Italy Zapopan, Mexico Hancock Porvoo, Finland Lansing Akuapem South District, Ghana Asan, South Korea Dar es Salaam, Tanzania u Guadalajara, Mexico Lanzhou, China u Nsawam Adwojiri Municipality, Ghana Otsu, Japan Saltillo, Mexico Sanming, China Tipitapa, Nicaragua u Muskegon Antalya Kepez, Turkey Omuta, Japan Saline Brecon, Wales Lindenberg, Germany South Haven Quilali, Nicaragua Minnesota / 35 Bloomington Izumi City, Japan Columbia Heights Lomianki, Poland Duluth Isumi-shi, Japan Petrozavodsk, Russia Thunder Bay, Canada q Växjö, Sweden Elbow Lake Flekkefjord, Norway Fergus Falls Nordhordland Region, Norway Hibbing Waldsrode, Germany Melrose Buhl, Germany Legden, Germany Minneapolis Cuernavaca, Mexico Eldoret, Kenya Harbin, China Ibaraki City, Japan Kuopio, Finland Najaf, Iraq Novosibirsk, Russia Santiago, Chile Tours, France Uppsala, Sweden Moorhead Druskininkai, Lithuania Vimmerby, Sweden New Ulm Neu-Ulm, Germany Ulm, Germany Northfield Seeking Partners Paynesville Paynesville, Liberia Red Wing Ikata, Japan Kongsberg, Norway Quzhou, China Saint Peter Petatlan, Mexico Shoreview Einhausen, Germany 26 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 26
    • 27 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e St. Anthony Salo, Finland Winona Bytow, Poland Misato, Japan Worthington Crailsheim, Germany Mississippi / 3 Greenville Greenville, Liberia Kronach, Germany Jackson Kahramanmara, Turkey Missouri / 32 Joplin Bethlehem, Palestinian Territories Kansas City Arusha, Tanzania Freetown, Sierra Leone Guadalajara, Mexico Hannover, Germany Kurashiki, Japan Metz, France Morelia, Mexico Port Harcourt, Nigeria Ramla, Israel San Nicolas de los Garza, Mexico Seville, Spain Tainan, Chinese Taipei Xi’an, China Springfield Isesaki, Japan Tlaquepaque, Mexico St. Charles Ludwigsburg, Germany St. Louis Bogor, Indonesia Bologna, Italy Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina Donegal County, Ireland Galway, Ireland Georgetown, Guyana Lyon, France Nanjing, China Samara, Russia San Luis Potosi, Mexico Saint-Louis, Senegal Stuttgart, Germany Suwa, Japan Szczecin, Poland Wuhan, China Montana / 2 Livingston Naganohara, Japan Missoula Palmerston North, New Zealand Nebraska / 7 Kearney Seeking Partners Omaha Braunschweig, Germany Naas, Ireland Shizuoka, Japan Siauliai, Lithuania Xalapa, Mexico Yantai, China Papillion Seeking Partners Scottsbluff - Gering Bamiyan, Afghanistan Nevada / 2 Fallon Vani Municipality, Georgia Tonopah Nana Kenieba, Mali New Hampshire / 7 Portsmouth Aburi, Ghana Kitase, Ghana Nichinan, Japan Parnu, Estonia Portsmouth, United Kingdom u Severodvinsk, Russia Szolnok, Hungary New Jersey / 23 Montclair Barnet, United Kingdom Cherepovets, Russia Graz, Austria Laguna de Perlas, Nicaragua New Brunswick County Limerick, Ireland Debrecen, Hungary Fukui City, Japan Tsuruoka, Japan Newark Aveiro, Portugal Banjul, The Gambia Belo Horizonte, Brazil Douala, Cameroon Freeport, The Bahamas Ganja, Azerbaijan Governador Valadares, Brazil Kumasi, Ghana Monrovia, Liberia Porto Alegre, Brazil Reserva, Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Xuzhou, China Princeton Colmar, France Pettoranello, Italy New Mexico / 22 Albuquerque Alburquerque, Spain Ashgabat, Turkmenistan Chihuahua, Mexico Guadalajara, Mexico Helmstedt, Germany Hua Lien City, Chinese Taipei Lanzhou, China Rehovot, Israel Sasebo, Japan Clovis Kasama, Zambia Las Cruces Ciudad Lerdo, Mexico Nienburg, Germany Los Alamos Sarov, Russia Santa Fe Bukhara, Uzbekistan Holguin, Cuba Livingston, Zambia Nevsehir, Turkey u Parral, Mexico Santa Fe de la Vega (Granada), Spain Sorrento, Italy Tsuyama, Japan Zhangjiajie City, China New York / 59 Albany Erthamadura, Spain Ghent, Belgium Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas Nijmegen, Netherlands Quebec City, Canada Tula, Russia Verona, Italy Astoria Seeking Partners Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 27
    • Binghamton Borovichi, Russia La Teste, France Buffalo Aboadze, Ghana Bani, Dominican Republic Bursa, Turkey Cape Coast, Ghana Changzhou, China u Dortmund, Germany Drohobych, Ukraine Horlivka, Ukraine Kanazawa, Japan Kiryat Gat, Israel Lille, France Muhanga, Rwanda Rzeszow, Poland Siena, Italy St. Ann, Jamaica Torremaggiore, Italy Tver, Russia Canisteo Wauchope, Australia Corning Kakegawa (Osuka), Japan Lviv, Ukraine San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy Great Neck Plaza Tiberias, Israel Honeoye Falls Borgne, Haiti Horseheads Bato-Machi, Japan Irondequoit Pescara, Italy Poltava, Ukraine Lackawanna Seeking Partners New York City Beijing, China Budapest, Hungary u Cairo, Egypt Jerusalem, Israel Johannesburg, South Africa London, United Kingdom Madrid, Spain Rome, Italy Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Tokyo, Japan Niagara Falls Seeking Partners Northport Sochi, Russia Red Hook Mas’ha, Palestinian Territories Rochester Alytus, Lithuania Bamako, Mali Caltanissetta, Italy Hamamatsu, Japan Kraków, Poland Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Rehovot, Israel Rennes, France Velikiy Novgorod, Russia Waterford, Ireland Würzburg, Germany Xianyang, China North Carolina / 52 Asheville Karpenisi, Greece Osogbo, Nigeria San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico Saumur, France u Valladolid, Mexico Vladikavkaz, Russia Boone Collingwood, Canada Brevard Pietroasa, Romania Burlington-Alamance Gwacheon City, South Korea Soledad, Mexico Cary Le Touquet, France County Meath, Ireland Hsinchu, Chinese Taipei Markham, Canada Charlotte Arequipa, Peru Baoding, China Hadera, Israel Krefeld, Germany Kumasi, Ghana Limoges, France Voronezh, Russia Wroclaw, Poland Concord Killarney, Ireland Durham Arusha, Tanzania Durham, United Kingdom Kostroma, Russia Kunshan, China u Toyama, Japan Zhuzhou, China Fayetteville Saint-Avold, France Gastonia Gotha, Germany Santiago de Surco, Peru Hendersonville Almuñécar, Spain Laurinburg San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua Lenoir Seeking Partners Mooresville Hockenheim, Germany Raleigh Compiegne, France Kingston-upon-Hull, United Kingdom Nairobi, Kenya u Rostock, Germany Xiangyang, China Southern Pines Newry and Mourne, Northern Ireland Western Piedmont Altenburg County, Germany Torre Pellice, Italy Wilmington Bridgetown, Barbados Dandong, China Doncaster, United Kingdom San Pedro, Belize Winston-Salem Buchanan, Liberia Kumasi, Ghana Nassau, The Bahamas Ungheni City, Moldova Yangpu District, China Ohio / 69 Akron Chemnitz, Germany Kiryat Ekron, Israel Centerville Bad Zwishenahn, Germany Waterloo, Canada 28 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 28
    • 29 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e Cincinnati Gifu, Japan Harare, Zimbabwe Kharkiv, Ukraine Liuzhou, China Munich, Germany Mysore, India Nancy, France New Taipei City, Chinese Taipei Cleveland Alexandria, Egypt Bahir Dar, Ethiopia Bangalore, India Brasov, Romania Bratislava, Slovakia Cleveland, United Kingdom Conakry, Guinea Fier, Albania Gdansk, Poland Heidenheim, Germany Holon, Israel Ibadan, Nigeria Klaipeda, Lithuania Lima, Peru Ljubljana, Slovenia Miskolc, Hungary Rouen, France Segundo Montes, El Salvador Taipei City, Chinese Taipei Volgograd, Russia Columbus Ahmedabad, India Dresden, Germany Genoa, Italy Hefei, China Herzliya, Israel Odense, Denmark Seville, Spain Tainan City, Chinese Taipei Dayton Augsburg, Germany Holon, Israel Monrovia, Liberia Oiso, Japan Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Delaware Baumholder, Germany Huber Heights Dover, United Kingdom Rheinsberg, Germany Kettering Steyr, Austria Lima Harima, Japan Montgomery Neuilly-Plaisance, France Oberlin Ile-Ife, Nigeria Portsmouth Zittau, Germany Toledo Bekaa Valley, Lebanon Coimbatore, India Csongrad County, Hungary Delmenhorst, Germany Hyderabad, Pakistan Londrina, Brazil Poznan, Poland Qinhuangdao, China Szeged, Hungary Tanga, Tanzania Toledo, Spain Toyohashi, Japan Vandalia Lichtenfels, Germany Prestwick, Scotland Westlake Kingsville, Canada Tralee, Ireland Oklahoma / 17 Ada Seeking Partners Edmond Engels, Russia Oklahoma City Haikou City, China Kigali, Rwanda Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Tainan, Chinese Taipei Taipei, Chinese Taipei Ulyanovsk, Russia Stillwater Kameoka, Japan Tulsa Amiens, France Beihai, China Celle, Germany Kaohsiung Municipality, Chinese Taipei San Luis Potosi, Mexico Tiberias, Israel Utsunomiya, Japan Zelenograd, Russia Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 29
    • Yukon Krnov, Czech Republic Oregon / 28 Astoria Walldorf, Germany Beaverton Birobidjan, Russia Cheonan, South Korea Cluses, France Gotemba, Japan Hsin Chu, Chinese Taipei Trossingen, Germany Corvallis Gondar, Ethiopia Uzhgorod, Ukraine Eugene Chinju, South Korea Irkutsk, Russia Kakegawa, Japan Kathmandu, Nepal Grants Pass/Josephine County Rubtsovsk, Russia Hood River Tsuruta, Japan Jacksonville San Juan, Puerto Rico Medford Alba, Italy Ontario Osakasayma City, Japan Portland Bologna, Italy Guadalajara, Mexico Kaohsiung Municipality, Chinese Taipei Khabarovsk, Russia Mutare, Zimbabwe Sapporo, Japan Suzhou, China Ulsan, South Korea Roseburg Aranda de Duero, Spain Kuki, Japan Pennsylvania / 20 Boyertown Bohodukhiv, Ukraine Erie Dungarvan, Ireland Lublin, Poland Merida, Mexico Zibo, China Hazleton Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland Lambro and Mingardo, Italy Northampton Stegersbach, Austria Philadelphia Abruzzo, Italy Aix-en-Provence, France Douala, Cameroon Florence, Italy Incheon, South Korea Kobe, Japan Mosul, Iraq Nizhny Novgorod, Russia Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel Tianjin, China Torun, Poland Saxonburg Muehlhausen, Germany South Carolina / 18 Anderson Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland Western Isles, Scotland Charleston Spoleto, Italy Clover Larne, Northern Ireland Columbia Accra, Ghana Chelyabinsk, Russia Cluj-Napoca, Romania Kaiserslautern, Germany Plovdiv, Bulgaria Yibin City, China Greenville Bergamo, Italy Kortrijk, Belgium Tianjin, China Myrtle Beach Burlington, Canada Keighley, United Kingdom Killarney, Ireland Pinamar, Argentina Newberry Hamm/Sieg, Germany South Dakota / 4 Britton Seeking Partners Rapid City Apolda, Germany Nikko, Japan Sioux Falls Newry and Mourne, Northern Ireland Potsdam, Germany Tennessee / 25 Blount County Zheleznogorsk, Russia Chattanooga Gangneung, South Korea Givatayim, Israel Hamm, Germany Nizhnii Tagil, Russia Wolfsburg, Germany Wuxi, China Franklin & Willamson County Carleton Place, Canada County Laois, Ireland Germantown Königs Wusterhausen, Germany Greater Tri-Cities Guaranda, Ecuador Ronneby, Sweden Rybinsk, Russia Teterow, Germany Memphis Kanifing, The Gambia Kaolack, Senegal Nashville Belfast, Northern Ireland Caen, France Crouy, France u Edmonton, Canada Magdeburg, Germany Mendoza, Argentina Port de la Selva, Spain u Taiyuan, China Tamworth, Australia Texas / 171 Arlington Bad Königshofen, Germany Austin Adelaide, Australia Angers, France 30 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 30
    • 31 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e Antalya Kepez, Turkey Gwangmyeong, South Korea Koblenz, Germany Lima, Peru London Borough of Hackney, United Kingdom u Maseru, Lesotho Oita City, Japan Orlu, Nigeria Saltillo, Mexico Siem Reap, Cambodia u Taichung City, Chinese Taipei Tehuacan, Mexico u Villefranche Sur Mer, France u Xishuangbanna, China Bandera Strzelce Opolskie County, Poland Tysmenytsia, Ukraine Bryan / College Station Greifswald, Germany Kazan, Russia Salamanca, Mexico Zuazua, Mexico u l Dallas Brno, Czech Republic Dijon, France Monterrey, Mexico Riga, Latvia Saratov, Russia Sendai, Japan u Tianjin, China u Valencia, Spain Fate Seeking Partners Fort Worth Bandung, Indonesia Budapest, Hungary Guiyang, China Mbabane, Swaziland Nagaoka, Japan Reggio Emilia, Italy Toluca, Mexico Trier, Germany Frisco Seeking Partners Goliad Hidalgo, Mexico Grand Prairie Charlesbourg, Canada Gueishan, China Kalush, Ukraine Houston Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Baku, Azerbaijan Chiba City, Japan Grampian Region, Scotland Guayaquil, Ecuador Huelva, Spain Istanbul, Turkey Karachi, Pakistan Leipzig, Germany Luanda, Angola Nice, France Perth, Australia q Shenzhen, China Stavanger, Norway Taipei, Chinese Taipei Tampico, Mexico Tyumen, Russia Irving Boulogne-Billancourt, France Darkhan, Mongolia Espoo, Finland Marino, Italy Merton, United Kingdom Karnes City Lesnica, Poland Killeen Osan City, South Korea San Juan, Puerto Rico La Grange Frenstat, Czech Republic Olfen, Germany Laredo Acambaro, Mexico Campeche, Mexico Cerralvo, Mexico Chenzhou, China Cienega de Flores, Mexico Ciudad Valles, Mexico Cuernavaca, Mexico u Escobedo, Mexico General Teran, Mexico Guadalajara, Mexico u Guadalupe, Mexico Jerez de Garcia Salinas, Mexico La Cruz, Costa Rica Lampazos, Mexico Laredo, Spain Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico u Leon, Mexico u Los Herreras, Mexico Lower Hutt, New Zealand Mexiticacan, Mexico Mexticacan, Mexico Moncolva, Mexico Montemorelos, Mexico Murray Bridge, Australia Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Papantla, Mexico San Antonio de Areco, Argentina San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Tainan Hsien, Chinese Taipei Tepatitlan, Mexico Tlahuailo, Mexico Tonala, Mexico Torreon, Mexico Veracruz, Mexico u Zixing City, China McAllen Acapulco, Mexico Belize City, Belize Cadereyta, Mexico Ciudad Guadalupe, Mexico Ciudad Victoria, Mexico Ganzhou, China Garcia, Mexico Irapuato, Mexico Ixtapa, Mexico Monterrey, Mexico Reynosa, Mexico San Jose, Costa Rica Tampico, Mexico Taxco, Mexico Ville Saint Laurent, Canada Zihuatanejo, Mexico Nassau Bay Star City, Russia Pasadena Hadano, Japan Pharr Abasolo, Mexico Aguascalientes, Mexico Burgos, Mexico Cancun, Mexico Ciudad Valles, Mexico Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico General Escobedo, Mexico Hualahuises, Mexico Matehuala, Mexico Mazatlan, Mexico Metepec, Mexico Ocuituco, Mexico Port of Brownsville, United States Ramos Arizpe, Mexico Reynosa, Mexico Rio Bravo, Mexico San Andres Tuxtla, Mexico San Jose Iturbide, Mexico San Luis de la Paz, Mexico San Luis Potosi, Mexico Santa Maria del Rio, Mexico Tetela Del Volcan, Mexico Teziutlan, Mexico Tierra Blanca, Mexico Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 31
    • Veracruz, Mexico Yecapixtla, Mexico Zacualpan de Amilpas, Mexico Prairie View Belize City, Belize Pabellón de Arteaga, Mexico San Antonio Chennai, India Guadalajara, Mexico Gwangju, South Korea Kaohsiung Municipality, Chinese Taipei Kumamoto, Japan Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain Monterrey, Mexico Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain Suzhou, China u Tel Aviv, Israel u Wuxi, China Southlake El Fuerte Sinaloa, Mexico Suzhou Wuzhong District, China u Tome (Toyoma), Japan Tomball Telgte, Germany Tyler Jelenia Gora, Poland Lo Barnechea, Chile San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Yachiyo City, Japan Utah / 9 Salt Lake City Chernivtsi, Ukraine Izhevsk, Russia Keelung City, Chinese Taipei Matsumoto, Japan Oruro, Bolivia Quezon City, Philippines Thurles Town, Ireland Torino, Italy Trujillo, Peru u Vermont / 6 Burlington Arad, Israel Bethlehem, Palestinian Territories Honfleur, France Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua Yaroslavl, Russia Hartford Kratovo, Macedonia Virginia / 54 Alexandria Caen, France Dundee, Scotland Gyumri, Armenia Helsingborg, Sweden Arlington Aachen, Germany Coyoacan, Mexico Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine Reims, France San Miguel, El Salvador Charlottesville Besancon, France Pleven, Bulgaria Poggio a Caiano, Italy Winneba, Ghana Chesapeake Joinville, Brazil Hampton Anyang, South Korea Pietermaritzburg, South Africa Southampton, United Kingdom Vendome, France Henrico County Essex County, United Kingdom Saarpfalz-Kreis, Germany Yangju City, South Korea Lynchburg Glauchau, Germany Rueil Malmaison, France Newport News Neyagawa, Japan Taizhou, China Norfolk Cagayan de Oro, Philippines Halifax, Canada Kaliningrad, Russia Kitakyushu, Japan Kochi, India Ningbo, China u Norfolk County, United Kingdom Tema, Ghana Toulon, France Wilhelmshaven, Germany Richmond Olsztyn, Poland Richmond upon Thames, United Kingdom Saitama City (Urawa), Japan Segou, Mali Uijongbu, South Korea Windhoek, Namibia Zhengzhou, China Roanoke Florianopolis, Brazil Kisumu, Kenya Lijiang, China Opole, Poland Pskov, Russia Saint-Lo, France Wonju, South Korea Suffolk Oderzo, Italy Suffolk, United Kingdom Virginia Beach Moss, Norway North Down Borough, Northern Ireland Yorktown Port Vendres, France Washington / 68 Anacortes Lomonosov, Russia Nikaho, Japan Sidney, Canada Vela Luka, Croatia Auburn Guanghan, China Moda di Bari, Italy Pyeongchang, South Korea Tamba (Kasuga), Japan Bellevue Hua Lien City, Chinese Taipei Kladno, Czech Republic 32 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 32
    • 33 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y U . S . S t a t e Liepaja, Latvia Yao, Japan Bellingham Nakhodka, Russia Port Stephens, Australia Punta Arenas, Chile Tateyama, Japan Tsetserleg, Mongolia Chehalis Inasa-Cho, Japan Issaquah Chaouen, Morocco Sunndal, Norway Kirkland Emmerich, Germany Lakewood Bauang, Philippines Danzhou, China u Gimhae, South Korea u Okinawa City, Japan Mercer Island Thonon-les-Bains, France Olympia Kato, Japan Samarkand, Uzbekistan Othello Wulensi, Ghana Port Townsend Ichikawa, Japan Seattle Beer Sheva, Israel Bergen, Norway Cebu City, Philippines Chongqing, China Christchurch, New Zealand Daejeon, South Korea Galway, Ireland Gdynia, Poland Haiphong, Vietnam Kaohsiung Municipality, Chinese Taipei Kobe, Japan Limbe, Cameroon Mazatlán, Mexico Mombasa, Kenya Nantes, France Pécs, Hungary Perugia, Italy Reykjavik, Iceland Sihanoukville, Cambodia Surabaya, Indonesia Tashkent, Uzbekistan Spokane Jecheon, South Korea Jilin, China Limerick, Ireland Nishinomiya, Japan Tacoma Alesund, Norway Biot, France Cienfuegos, Cuba Davao, Philippines El Jadida, Morocco Fuzhou, China George, South Africa Gunsan, South Korea Kiryat Motzkin, Israel Kitakyushu, Japan Puerto Vallarta, Mexico u Taichung City, Chinese Taipei Vladivostok, Russia West Virginia / 3 Morgantown Guanajuato, Mexico Xuzhou, China u Nitro Alfreton, United Kingdom Wisconsin / 36 De Pere Åmål, Sweden Eau Claire Lismore, Australia Kenosha Cosenza, Italy Douai, France Moshi, Tanzania Quezon City, Philippines Wolfenbuttel, Germany La Crosse Bantry, Ireland Dubna, Russia Epinal, France Førde, Norway Friedberg, Germany Kumbo, Cameroon Luoyang, China Lublin Lublin, Poland Menomonie Konakovo, Russia Nasukarasuyama, Japan Milwaukee Carora, Venezuela Galway, Ireland Morogoro, Tanzania Schwerin, Germany uMhlathuze, South Africa Milwaukee County Bialystok, Poland Buffalo City Municipality, South Africa Racine Aalborg, Denmark Bluefields, Nicaragua u Fortaleza, Brazil u Montélimar, France Oiso, Japan Zapotlanejo, Mexico Rice Lake Miharu-Machi, Japan Zamberk, Czech Republic Spooner Ami-Machi, Japan Stevens Point Esteli, Nicaragua Gulcz, Poland Rostov Veliky, Russia U.S. Territories and Protectorates American Samoa / 2 Apia Compton, California Maui County, Hawaii Northern Mariana Islands / 1 Saipan Maui County, Hawaii Puerto Rico / 4 Caguas Hartford, Connecticut l San Juan Jacksonville, Florida Jacksonville, Oregon Killeen, Texas Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 33
    • 34 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Afghanistan / 4 Asadabad Union City, California Bamiyan Scottsbluff - Gering, Nebraska Ghazni Hayward, California Jalalabad San Diego, California Albania / 1 Fier Cleveland, Ohio Algeria / 1 Mascara Elkader, Iowa Angola / 1 Luanda Houston, Texas Argentina / 14 Bahia Blanca Jacksonville, Florida Buenos Aires Barranquilla, Colombia q Miami, Florida Crespo Muscatine, Iowa La Plata Louisville, Kentucky Mar del Plata Fort Lauderdale, Florida Mendoza Miami Dade, Florida Nashville, Tennessee Parana Muscatine, Iowa Pinamar Myrtle Beach, South Carolina San Antonio de Areco Laredo, Texas San Carlos de Bariloche Aspen, Colorado San Martin de los Andes Steamboat Springs, Colorado San Miguel de Tucuman New Orleans, Louisiana Armenia / 6 Etchmiadzin Fresno, California Ghapan Glendale, California Gyumri Alexandria, Virginia Vanadzor Pasadena, California Yerevan Cambridge, Massachusetts Los Angeles, California Australia / 31 Adelaide Austin, Texas Albury Merced, California Bankstown Colorado Springs, Colorado Blue Mountains Flagstaff, Arizona Cairns Scottsdale, Arizona Cockburn Mobile, Alabama Darwin Anchorage, Alaska Gold Coast Fort Lauderdale, Florida Greater Bendigo Los Altos, California Hawkesbury Temple City, California Lismore Eau Claire, Wisconsin Melbourne Boston, Massachusetts Mildura Upland, California Mona Vale Wilmette, Illinois Murray Bridge Laredo, Texas Perth q Chengdu, China Houston, Texas Kagoshima, Japan Megisti, Greece Nanjing, China Perth, Scotland Rhodes, Greece San Diego, California Seocho City, South Korea Taipei, Chinese Taipei Vasto, Italy Port Stephens Bellingham, Washington Sutherland Shire Lakewood, Colorado Sydney San Francisco, California Tamworth Nashville, Tennessee Wauchope Canisteo, New York Austria / 8 Abtenau Big Bear Lake, California Dornbirn Dubuque, Iowa Frankenburg Vernon, Canada q Graz Montclair, New Jersey Innsbruck New Orleans, Louisiana Salzburg Atlanta, Georgia Stegersbach Northampton, Pennsylvania Steyr Kettering, Ohio Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 34
    • 35 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Azerbaijan / 2 Baku Houston, Texas Ganja Newark, New Jersey The Bahamas / 5 The Bahamas Miami Dade, Florida Freeport Newark, New Jersey George-Town Great Exuma St. Augustine, Florida Grand Bahama Island Albany, New York Nassau Winston-Salem, North Carolina Barbados / 1 Bridgetown Wilmington, North Carolina Belarus / 1 Minsk Partizan District Bakersfield, California Belgium / 9 Brussels Washington, District Of Columbia Brussels Atlanta, Georgia Chaudfontaine St. Martinville, Louisiana Ghent Albany, New York Hasselt Mountain View, California Kasterlee Fountain Hills, Arizona Kortrijk Greenville, South Carolina Mons Little Rock, Arkansas l Walloon Region Maryland State, Maryland Belize / 3 Belize City McAllen, Texas Prairie View, Texas San Pedro Wilmington, North Carolina Benin / 1 Cotonou Atlanta, Georgia Bolivia / 3 Cochabamba Miami, Florida l Oruro Salt Lake City, Utah Santa Cruz Miami Dade, Florida l Bosnia and Herzegovina / 2 Brčko St. Louis, Missouri Sarajevo Dayton, Ohio Botswana / 1 Gaborone Burbank, California Brazil / 27 Belo Horizonte Fort Lauderdale, Florida Belo Horizonte Newark, New Jersey Brasilia Washington, District Of Columbia Campinas Indianapolis, Indiana San Diego, California Curitiba Jacksonville, Florida Orlando, Florida Diamantina Daytona Beach, Florida Florianopolis Roanoke, Virginia Fortaleza Miami Beach, Florida Fortaleza Racine, Wisconsin u Governador Valadares Newark, New Jersey Ilheus Davenport, Iowa Joinville Chesapeake, Virginia Londrina Toledo, Ohio Nova Prata Noblesville, Indiana Porto Alegre Newark, New Jersey Reserva Newark, New Jersey Rio de Janeiro Atlanta, Georgia Maryland State, Maryland Miami Beach, Florida Newark, New Jersey Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Salvador Los Angeles, California Sao Paolo Miami Dade, Florida Sao Sebastiao Fort Lauderdale, Florida Suzano Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida Bulgaria / 4 Kurdjali Elkhart, Indiana Pleven Charlottesville, Virginia Plovdiv Columbia, South Carolina Varna Miami, Florida l Burkina Faso / 5 Bousse Decatur, Georgia Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 35
    • 36 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Fada N’gourma Tamale, Ghana q Kaya Savannah, Georgia Kwaremanguel Pocatello, Idaho Ouahigouya Decatur, Georgia Cambodia / 4 Battambang Stockton, California Phnom Penh Long Beach, California u Siem Reap Austin, Texas u Sihanoukville Seattle, Washington Cameroon / 4 Douala Newark, New Jersey Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Kumbo La Crosse, Wisconsin Limbe Seattle, Washington Canada / 38 Bouctouche St. Martinville, Louisiana Brampton Miami Beach, Florida Burlington Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Burnaby Mesa, Arizona Calgary Phoenix, Arizona Carleton Place Franklin & Willamson County, Tennessee Charlesbourg Grand Prairie, Texas Collingwood Boone, North Carolina Edmonton Nashville, Tennessee Halifax Norfolk, Virginia Hamilton Sarasota, Florida Kingston Scottsdale, Arizona Kingsville Westlake, Ohio Lethbridge Culver City, California Markham Cary, North Carolina Nova Scotia St. Martinville, Louisiana Prince Rupert Ketchikan, Alaska Quebec City Albany, New York Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 36
    • 37 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Richmond Hill Lakeland, Florida Sidney Anacortes, Washington St. Lambert Vernon, Canada q Thunder Bay q Duluth, Minnesota Gifu, Japan Little Canada, Minnesota Seinäjoki, Finland Toronto q Chicago, Illinois Chongqing, China Frankfurt, Germany Milan, Italy Vancouver Los Angeles, California Vernon q Frankenburg, Austria Modesto, California Sri Anandpur Sahib, India St. Lambert (Quebec), Canada Tavullia, Italy Tome, Japan Ville Saint Laurent McAllen, Texas Waterloo Centerville, Ohio Whitehorse Juneau, Alaska Cayman Islands / 1 Miami Dade, Florida l Chile / 8 Iquique Miami Dade, Florida l La Serena Millbrae, California Lo Barnechea Tyler, Texas Punta Arenas Bellingham, Washington Rapa Nui Maui County, Hawaii Santiago Miami, Florida Minneapolis, Minnesota Viña del Mar Sausalito, California China / 152 Anhui Province Maryland State, Maryland Ankang Pikeville, Kentucky Anshan Birmingham, Alabama Baoding Charlotte, North Carolina Beihai Tulsa, Oklahoma Beijing New York City, New York Washington, District Of Columbia Benxi Peoria, Illinois Changchun Little Rock, Arkansas Changping District Oakland, California u Changshu Whittier, California Changzhou Buffalo, New York u Rockford, Illinois Chao Yang District Birmingham, Alabama Chengdu Oakland, California u Perth, Australia q Phoenix, Arizona Chenzhou Laredo, Texas Chongming County Lakeland, Florida Chongqing Seattle, Washington Toronto, Canada q Cixi Bakersfield, California Dalian Oakland, California Salisbury, Maryland Dandong Wilmington, North Carolina Danzhou Lakewood, Washington u Dongguan Hartford, Connecticut l Fengxian District (Shanghai) Lakeland, Florida u Foshan Oakland, California Stockton, California Fuxin City Corona, California Fuyang City Riverbank, California Fuzhou Tacoma, Washington Ganzhou Brunswick, Georgia McAllen, Texas Gianjin Mobile, Alabama Guanghan Auburn, Washington Guangzhou Los Angeles, California Oakland, California u Gueishan Grand Prairie, Texas Guilin Orlando, Florida Guiyang Fort Worth, Texas Haikou City Oakland, California u Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Scottsdale, Arizona Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 37
    • 38 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Hainan Province Maui County, Hawaii Haizhu District (Guangzhou) Urbana, Illinois Hanchuan Martinez, California Handan Dubuque, Iowa Hangzhou Boston, Massachusetts Indianapolis, Indiana u Harbin Minneapolis, Minnesota Hefei Columbus, Ohio Heze Mobile, Alabama Huangshi Birmingham, Alabama u Huizhou Milpitas, California Jiangmen Riverside, California Jiaxing Lakeland, Florida u Rockville, Maryland u Jilin Spokane, Washington Jinan Sacramento, California Jingan District Oakland, California u Jinzhou Arvada, Colorado Oakland, California u Jiujiang Louisville, Kentucky Savannah, Georgia Jurong Oakland, California u Kaifeng Wichita, Kansas Kaiping Mesa, Arizona Kunming Denver, Colorado Kunshan Durham, North Carolina u Lanzhou Albuquerque, New Mexico Lansing, Michigan u Leshan Gilbert, Arizona Lhasa Boulder, Colorado Lijiang Malibu, California Roanoke, Virginia Linli Redlands, California Liuzhou Cincinnati, Ohio Liyang Union City, California Longkou Lafayette, Indiana Luoyang La Crosse, Wisconsin Maoming Oakland, California u Mengzi City Modesto, California Mianyang Oakland, California u Mishan City Juneau, Alaska Nanjing Barranquilla, Colombia q Perth, Australia q St. Louis, Missouri Nanning Oakland, California u Ningbo Jacksonville, Florida u Norfolk, Virginia u Wilmington, Delaware u Penglai Sonoma, California Pudong Oakland, California u Pudong District (Shanghai) Beverly Hills, California u Qingdao Long Beach, California Miami, Florida u Oakland, California u Qinhuangdao Toledo, Ohio Qufu Boynton Beach, Florida Quzhou Red Wing, Minnesota Rugao Tallahassee, Florida Sanming Lansing, Michigan Shanghai Chicago, Illinois San Francisco, California Shaoxing Jacksonville, Florida u Shenyang Chicago, Illinois Shenzhen Houston, Texas Shijiazhuang Des Moines, Iowa Siming District (Xiamen City) Sarasota, Florida Suzhou Jacksonville, Florida l u Portland, Oregon San Antonio, Texas u Suzhou Wuzhong District Southlake, Texas u Taishan Fresno, California Taiyuan Nashville, Tennessee Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 38
    • 39 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Taizhou Fort Wayne, Indiana Newport News, Virginia Tianjin Dallas, Texas u Greenville, South Carolina Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Weifang Pueblo, Colorado Weihai Santa Barbara, California Wuhan St. Louis, Missouri Wuxi Chattanooga, Tennessee San Antonio, Texas Xi’an Kansas City, Missouri Xiamen Baltimore, Maryland Xiangyang Raleigh, North Carolina Xianyang Rochester, New York Xicheng District Pasadena, California Xinzheng Hays, Kansas Xishuangbanna Austin, Texas Xuzhou Morgantown, West Virginia u Newark, New Jersey Yangpu District Winston-Salem, North Carolina Yangshuo County Morehead, Kentucky Yantai Omaha, Nebraska San Diego, California Yibin City Columbia, South Carolina Yingkou Jacksonville, Florida Yushu San Bernardino, California Zhangjiagang Redondo Beach, California Zhangjiajie City Santa Fe, New Mexico Zhengding Muscatine, Iowa Zhengzhou Richmond, Virginia Zhenjiang Tempe, Arizona Zhuzhou Durham, North Carolina Zibo Erie, Pennsylvania Zixing City Laredo, Texas Chinese Taipei / 51 Hsin Chu Beaverton, Oregon Hsin Tien Flagstaff, Arizona Hsinchu Cary, North Carolina Cupertino, California Santa Clara County, California Hua Lien City Albuquerque, New Mexico Bellevue, Washington Ilan Brunswick, Georgia Kaohsiung Barranquilla, Colombia q Kaohsiung City Fort Lauderdale, Florida Pensacola, Florida Kaohsiung Municipality Colorado Springs, Colorado Little Rock, Arkansas Macon, Georgia Miami, Florida l Portland, Oregon San Antonio, Texas Seattle, Washington Tulsa, Oklahoma Keelung City Salt Lake City, Utah LuChou Province Bloomington, Indiana Miaoli Bartlett, Illinois New Taipei City Cincinnati, Ohio Pingtung Maui County, Hawaii Shih-Lin Los Altos, California Shin Lin District Walnut, California Taichung City Austin, Texas Tacoma, Washington San Diego, California Tainan Carbondale, Illinois Columbus, Ohio Kansas City, Missouri Orlando, Florida Oklahoma City, Oklahoma San Jose, California Tainan Hsien Laredo, Texas Taipei Atlanta, Georgia Carbondale, Illinois Houston, Texas Indianapolis, Indiana Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Perth, Australia q Taipei City Cleveland, Ohio Phoenix, Arizona Taipei County Miami Dade, Florida Taipei Municipality Boston, Massachusetts Los Angeles, California San Francisco, California Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 39
    • 40 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Taoyuan City Irvine, California Wuchi Town Newton, Iowa Xindian Tavares, Florida Colombia / 12 Barranquilla q Buenos Aires, Argentina Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei Nanjing, China Tampa, Florida Bogota Chicago, Illinois Cartagena Coral Gables, Florida St. Augustine, Florida Manizales Gainesville, Florida Medellin Fort Lauderdale, Florida Pereira Miami Dade, Florida Santa Marta Miami Beach, Florida Sincelejo Ocala, Florida Congo (Brazzaville) / 1 Pointe Noire New Orleans, Louisiana Congo (Kinshasa) / 1 Mbuji-Mayi District Heights, Maryland Costa Rica / 9 Escazu Pensacola, Florida La Cruz Laredo, Texas Montes de Oca Miami, Florida l Monteverde Estes Park, Colorado Quepos Fort Lauderdale, Florida San Jose McAllen, Texas Miami Dade, Florida San Jose, California Turrialba Rancho Cordova, California Croatia / 1 Vela Luka Anacortes, Washington Cuba / 9 Caibarien Bloomington / Normal, Illinois Cienfuegos Cambridge, Massachusetts Tacoma, Washington Havana Mobile, Alabama Holguin Santa Fe, New Mexico Remedios Bloomington / Normal, Illinois Santa Clara Bloomington, Indiana Santiago de Cuba Oakland, California Yateras Boulder, Colorado Cyprus / 1 Larnaca Tarpon Springs Czech Republic / 14 Brno Dallas, Texas Frenstat La Grange, Texas Hradec Kralove Berwyn, Illinois Karlovy Vary Carlsbad, California Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 40
    • 41 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Kladno Bellevue, Washington Krnov Yukon , Oklahoma Olomouc Owensboro, Kentucky Olomouc Kraj Owensboro, Kentucky Plzen Birmingham, Alabama Prague Chicago, Illinois Miami Dade, Florida Phoenix, Arizona Tabor Orinda, California Zamberk Rice Lake, Wisconsin Denmark / 3 Aalborg Racine, Wisconsin Odense Columbus, Ohio Silkeborg Corona, California Dominican Republic / 8 Bani Buffalo, New York La Romana Fort Lauderdale, Florida Mao Velverde Hartford, Connecticut l Puerto Plata Rochester, New York Salcedo Atlanta, Georgia Santo Domingo Miami, Florida Miami Dade, Florida New York City, New York Ecuador / 8 Cuenca Tempe, Arizona Guaranda Greater Tri-Cities, Tennessee Guayaquil Houston, Texas Quito Louisville, Kentucky Coral Gables, Florida San Cristobal Island (Galapogos) Maui County, Hawaii u San Pablo de Manta Long Beach, California Tena Santa Clarita, California Egypt / 6 Alexandria Baltimore, Maryland Cleveland, Ohio Aswan Sonoma, California Cairo New York City, New York Giza Los Angeles, California Luxor Baltimore, Maryland El Salvador / 9 Ataco Fountain Hills, Arizona Morazan Montgomery County, Maryland San Jose Las Flores Cambridge, Massachusetts San Miguel Arlington, Virginia Santa Ana Miramar, Florida Segundo Montes Cleveland, Ohio Suchitoto Prescott, Arizona Teosinte Arlington, Massachusetts Yucuaiquin Somerville, Massachusetts Estonia / 6 Harju County Maryland State, Maryland Jogeva Charles County, Maryland Parnu Portsmouth, New Hampshire Tartu Salisbury, Maryland Torva Oakland, Maryland u Valga Oakland, Maryland u Ethiopia / 5 Axum Denver, Colorado Bahir Dar Cleveland, Ohio Oakland, California u Gondar Corvallis, Oregon Montgomery County, Maryland Finland / 6 Espoo Irving, Texas Järvenpää Pasadena, California Kuopio Minneapolis, Minnesota Porvoo Hancock, Michigan Salo St. Anthony, Minnesota Seinäjoki Thunder Bay, Canada q France / 87 Le Touquet Cary, North Carolina Aix-en-Provence Coral Gables, Florida Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 41
    • 42 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Albi Maui County, Hawaii Palo Alto, California Amiens Tulsa, Oklahoma Angers Austin, Texas Angoulême Hoffman Estates, Illinois Antibes Newport Beach, California Avignon New Haven, Connecticut Bayonne Daytona Beach, Florida Beaulieu-sur-Mer Tempe, Arizona Besancon Charlottesville, Virginia Biot Tacoma, Washington Bordeaux Los Angeles, California Boulogne-Billancourt Irving, Texas Brest Denver, Colorado Caen Alexandria, Virginia Nashville, Tennessee Cannes Beverly Hills, California Cavalaire-sur-Mer New Port Richey, Florida Cergy-Pontoise Columbia, Maryland Chambolle-Musigny Sonoma, California Chamonix Aspen, Colorado Cluses Beaverton, Oregon Cognac Pinecrest, Florida Colmar Princeton, New Jersey Compiegne Raleigh, North Carolina Crouy Nashville, Tennessee u Deauville Lexington, Kentucky Dijon Dallas, Texas Douai Kenosha, Wisconsin Epinal La Crosse, Wisconsin Fontenay-le-Comte Palatine, Illinois Grenoble Phoenix, Arizona Honfleur Burlington, Vermont Juan-les-Pins New Orleans, Louisiana La Petite Roche Little Rock, Arkansas l La Teste Binghamton, New York Lamentin (Guadeloupe) Miami Dade, Florida l Laurens Laurens, Iowa Laval Modesto, California Le Havre Tampa, Florida Lille Buffalo, New York Limoges Charlotte, North Carolina Lyon St. Louis, Missouri Macon Macon, Georgia Menton Laguna Beach, California Metz Kansas City, Missouri Montélimar Racine, Wisconsin Montpellier Louisville, Kentucky Nancy Cincinnati, Ohio Nantes Jacksonville, Florida Seattle, Washington Nemours Wilmington, Delaware Neuilly-Plaisance Montgomery, Ohio Nice Houston, Texas Miami, Florida l Noirmoutier Crestview, Florida Nord-Pas de Calais Maryland State, Maryland Orleans Wichita, Kansas Paris Chicago, Illinois Washington, District Of Columbia Perpignan Sarasota, Florida Port Vendres Yorktown, Virginia Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur New Port Richey, Florida Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 42
    • 43 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Reims Arlington, Virginia Rennes Rochester, New York Rouen Cleveland, Ohio Rueil Malmaison Lynchburg, Virginia Saint-Avold Fayetteville, North Carolina Saint-Clar Gilroy, California Saint-Etienne Des Moines, Iowa Saint-Lo Roanoke, Virginia Saumur Asheville, North Carolina u Seine-et-Marne Region Orlando, Florida Sevres Mount Prospect, Illinois St. Jean Pied de Port South San Francisco, California Strasbourg Boston, Massachusetts Thonon-les-Bains Mercer Island, Washington Toulon Norfolk, Virginia Toulouse Atlanta, Georgia Tours Minneapolis, Minnesota Vaux-le-Pénil Belvidere, Illinois Rockford, Illinois Vendome Hampton, Virginia Villefranche Sur Mer Austin, Texas u The Gambia / 2 Banjul Newark, New Jersey Kanifing Memphis, Tennessee Georgia / 4 Bat’umi Savannah, Georgia Tbilisi Atlanta, Georgia Vani Municipality Fallon, Nevada Zugdidi Columbus, Georgia Germany / 112 Aachen Arlington, Virginia Altenburg County Western Piedmont, North Carolina Apolda Rapid City, South Dakota Augsburg Dayton, Ohio Bad Königshofen Arlington, Texas Bad Zwishenahn Centerville, Ohio Baumholder Delaware, Ohio Berlin Los Angeles, California Braunschweig Omaha, Nebraska Bremerhaven Baltimore, Maryland u Budingen Tinley Park, Illinois Buhl Melrose, Minnesota Celle Tulsa, Oklahoma Chemnitz Akron, Ohio Cologne Indianapolis, Indiana Crailsheim Worthington, Minnesota Delmenhorst Toledo, Ohio Dierdorf Fountain Hills, Arizona Dortmund Buffalo, New York Dresden Columbus, Ohio Einhausen Shoreview, Minnesota Eisenach Waverly, Iowa Emmerich Kirkland, Washington Erlangen Riverside, California Eutin Lawrence, Kansas Frankfurt Toronto, Canada q Friedberg La Crosse, Wisconsin Friedrichshafen Peoria, Illinois Fulda Wilmington, Delaware Garmisch-Partenkirchen Aspen, Colorado Gedern Columbia, Illinois Gera Fort Wayne, Indiana Glauchau Lynchburg, Virginia Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 43
    • 44 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Gotha Gastonia, North Carolina Greifswald Bryan / College Station, Texas Gross-Bieberau Millstadt, Illinois Gunzenhausen Frankenmuth, Michigan Halle Savannah, Georgia Hamburg Chicago, Illinois Hamm Chattanooga, Tennessee Santa Monica, California Hamm/Sieg Newberry, South Carolina Hannover Kansas City, Missouri Heidenheim Cleveland, Ohio Helmstedt Albuquerque, New Mexico Herford Quincy, Illinois Herzberg Dixon, Illinois Hockenheim Mooresville, North Carolina Kaiserslautern Columbia, South Carolina Davenport, Iowa Koblenz Austin, Texas Königs Wusterhausen Germantown, Tennessee Krefeld Charlotte, North Carolina Kronach Greenville, Mississippi Kubelstein Stadt Schesslitz Victoria, Kansas Legden Melrose, Minnesota Leipzig Houston, Texas Lichtenfels Vandalia, Ohio Lindenberg Saline, Michigan Ludwigsburg St. Charles, Missouri Ludwigshafen Pasadena, California Ludwigslust Muscatine, Iowa Magdeburg Nashville, Tennessee Mainz Louisville, Kentucky Muehlhausen Saxonburg, Pennsylvania Muenster Fresno, California Munich Cincinnati, Ohio Neu-Ulm New Ulm, Minnesota Neustadt an der Waldnaab Hays, Kansas Nienburg Las Cruces, New Mexico Nittenau Lake Zurich, Illinois Nuremberg Atlanta, Georgia Olfen La Grange, Texas Osnabrück Evansville, Indiana Paderborn Belleville, Illinois Pfaffenweiler Jasper, Indiana Pinneberg Rockville, Maryland Porta Westfalica Waterloo, Illinois Potsdam Sioux Falls, South Dakota Prum Fort Madison, Iowa Radebeul Sierra Vista, Arizona Rastatt New Britain, Connecticut Regensburg Tempe, Arizona Rheinsberg Huber Heights, Ohio Rostock Raleigh, North Carolina Saarpfalz-Kreis Henrico County, Virginia Schaumburg Schaumburg, Illinois Schorndorf Tuscaloosa, Alabama Schwerin Milwaukee, Wisconsin Schwieberdingen Belvidere, Illinois Rockford, Illinois Seevetal Decatur, Illinois Soltau Coldwater, Michigan Stade Lakewood, Colorado Stuttgart St. Louis, Missouri Taufkirchen (Vils) West Chicago, Illinois Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 44
    • 45 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Telgte Tomball, Texas Teterow Greater Tri-Cities, Tennessee Trier Fort Worth, Texas Trossingen Beaverton, Oregon Ulm New Ulm, Minnesota Waldorf Charles County, Maryland Waldsrode Hibbing, Minnesota Walldorf Astoria, Oregon Wilhelmshaven Norfolk, Virginia Wolfenbuttel Kenosha, Wisconsin Wolfsburg Chattanooga, Tennessee Worms Mobile, Alabama Würzburg Rochester, New York Zeitz Prescott, Arizona Zittau Portsmouth, Ohio Zweibrucken Richmond, Indiana u Ghana / 33 Aboadze Buffalo, New York Aburi Portsmouth, New Hampshire Accra Chicago, Illinois Columbia, South Carolina Washington, District Of Columbia Agogo Fort Lauderdale, Florida Akuapem South District Lansing, Michigan Asuogyaman District Chicago Heights, Illinois Cape Coast Buffalo, New York Hanover Park, Illinois Hartford, Connecticut l Elmina Macon, Georgia Ga East and West Grand Rapids, Michigan Kitase Portsmouth, New Hampshire Konongo-Odumasi Tallahassee, Florida Kumasi Charlotte, North Carolina Newark, New Jersey Winston-Salem, North Carolina Nsawam Adwojiri Municipality Lansing, Michigan Obuasi Riverside, California Sekondi-Takoradi Boston, Massachusetts Oakland, California Sogakope Hartford, Connecticut u Sunyani-Techiman Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tamale q Commune il Niamey, Niger Fada N’gourma, Burkina Faso Louisville, Kentucky Tema Columbia, Maryland u San Diego, California Norfolk, Virginia Winneba Birmingham, Alabama Charlottesville, Virginia Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 45
    • 46 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Wulensi Othello, Washington Greece / 19 Ancient Olympia Atlanta, Georgia Athens Athens, Georgia Chicago, Illinois Los Angeles, California Washington, District Of Columbia s Gianittsa New Britain, Connecticut Halki Tarpon Springs Iniades Lawrence, Kansas Kalymnos Tarpon Springs Karpenisi Asheville, North Carolina Megisti Perth, Australia q Mytilene Portland, Maine Patras Santa Barbara, California Patras Savannah, Georgia Piraeus Baltimore, Maryland Rhodes Perth, Australia q Symi Tarpon Springs, Florida Thessaloniki Hartford, Connecticut l San Francisco, California Guatemala / 5 Coban Birmingham, Alabama u Ipala Riverdale Park, Maryland La Antigua Coral Gables, Florida Quetzaltenango Hartford, Connecticut u Livermore, California Guinea / 1 Conakry Cleveland, Ohio Guyana / 1 Georgetown St. Louis, Missouri Haiti / 11 Borgne Honeoye Falls, New York Cap-Haitien Fort Lauderdale, Florida Portland, Maine Delmas North Miami, Florida Deschapelles Essex, Connecticut Jacmel Gainesville, Florida Les Cayes Boynton Beach, Florida Petit Goave Miami Dade, Florida Port-au-Prince Miami, Florida Port-de-Paix Oakland, California Thomonde District Heights, Maryland Honduras / 3 Omoa Heber Springs, Arkansas Tegucigalpa Gainesville, Florida New Orleans, Louisiana Hungary / 12 Budapest Fort Worth, Texas New York City, New York u Csongrad County Toledo, Ohio Debrecen New Brunswick, New Jersey Miskolc Cleveland, Ohio Pécs Seattle, Washington Siofok Walnut Creek, California Szeged Toledo, Ohio Szekesfehervar Birmingham, Alabama Szolnok Portsmouth, New Hampshire Taszár Rockford, Illinois Tokaj Sonoma, California Iceland / 3 Akureyri Denver, Colorado u Reykjanesbaer Orlando, Florida Reykjavik Seattle, Washington India / 20 Ahmedabad Columbus, Ohio Amritsar Bakersfield, California Bangalore San Francisco, California u Bangalore Cleveland, Ohio Bhubaneswar Cupertino, California Chennai Denver, Colorado San Antonio, Texas Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 46
    • 47 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Coimbatore Toledo, Ohio Delhi Chicago, Illinois Hyderabad Indianapolis, Indiana u Riverside, California Schaumburg, Illinois u Jalandhar Union City, California Kochi Norfolk, Virginia Mumbai Los Angeles, California Mysore Cincinnati, Ohio Pune San Jose, California Shimla Carbondale, Illinois Rhodes Perth, Australia q Vijayawada Modesto, California Indonesia / 4 Bandung Fort Worth, Texas Bogor St. Louis, Missouri Jakarta Los Angeles, California Surabaya Seattle, Washington Iran / 1 Tehran Los Angeles, California Iraq / 7 Al Qaim Laguna Niguel, California Al-Hilla Tempe, Arizona Baghdad Denver Regional Council of Governments, Colorado Duhok Gainesville, Florida Karadah (Baghdad) Council Bluffs, Iowa Mosul Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Najaf Minneapolis, Minnesota Ireland/ 40 Ballina Craigavon, Northern Ireland q Ballina (County Mayo) Pittsfield, Massachusetts Bantry La Crosse, Wisconsin Carlow Tempe, Arizona Carlow County Davenport, Iowa Castlebar Dixon, Illinois Clonmel Peoria, Illinois Cork San Francisco, California County Cork Maryland State, Maryland County Kildare Lexington, Kentucky County Laois Franklin & Willamson County, Tennessee County Limerick New Brunswick, New Jersey County Meath Cary, North Carolina County Roscommon Santa Cruz, California u Dingle Santa Barbara, California Donegal County St. Louis, Missouri Dublin San Jose, California Dungarvan Erie, Pennsylvania Ely O’Carroll Baltimore, Maryland u Ennis Phoenix, Arizona Galway Cambridge, Massachusetts Chicago, Illinois Milwaukee, Wisconsin Santa Cruz, California Seattle, Washington St. Louis, Missouri Headford Morgan Hill, California Killarney Concord, North Carolina Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Springfield, Illinois u Limerick Spokane, Washington Mallow Tinley Park, Illinois Naas Omaha, Nebraska New Ross Hartford, Connecticut Port Arlington Arlington, Massachusetts Sligo Tallahassee, Florida Thurles Town Salt Lake City, Utah Tralee Westlake, Ohio Tullamore Chandler, Arizona Waterford Rochester, New York Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 47
    • 48 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Israel / 40 Afula-Gilboa Fresno, California New Haven, Connecticut Arad Burlington, Vermont Ashdod Tampa, Florida Ashkelon Baltimore, Maryland Sacramento, California Beer Sheva Seattle, Washington Beit Shemesh Cocoa, Florida Givatayim Chattanooga, Tennessee Hadera Charlotte, North Carolina Haifa Fort Lauderdale, Florida San Francisco, California Herzliya Beverly Hills, California u Columbus, Ohio San Bernardino, California Holon Cleveland, Ohio Dayton, Ohio Jerusalem New York City, New York Karmiel Denver, Colorado Kfar Saba Gainesville, Florida Kiryat Ekron Akron, Ohio Kiryat Gat Buffalo, New York Highland Park, Illinois u Kiryat Motzkin Tacoma, Washington Nahariya Miami Beach, Florida Netanya Sunny Isles Beach, Florida Petach Tikva Chicago, Illinois Ra’anana Atlanta, Georgia Ramat-Gan Phoenix, Arizona Ramat-Hasharon Miami, Florida l Tallahassee, Florida Ramla Kansas City, Missouri Rehovot Albuquerque, New Mexico Rochester, New York Rosh Ha’ayin Birmingham, Alabama Tel Aviv San Antonio, Texas u Tel Aviv-Yafo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tel Mond Sarasota, Florida Tiberias Great Neck Plaza, New York Tulsa, Oklahoma Italy / 89 Abruzzo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Agrigento Tampa, Florida Alba Medford, Oregon Amalfi New Haven, Connecticut Assisi San Francisco, California Asti Miami Dade, Florida Bergamo Pueblo, Colorado Bergamo Greenville, South Carolina Bologna Portland, Oregon St. Louis, Missouri Caltanissetta Rochester, New York Cassino/San’t Elia Santa Monica, California Catania Phoenix, Arizona Cava di Tirreni Pittsfield, Massachusetts Cefalu’ Wood Dale, Illinois Cittadella Noblesville, Indiana Cortona Athens, Georgia Cosenza Kenosha, Wisconsin Ferentino Rockford, Illinois Ferrara Highland Park, Illinois Figline Valdarno Milpitas, California Florence Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Florence Province Santa Clara County, California Floridia Hartford, Connecticut Gaeta Cambridge, Massachusetts Somerville, Massachusetts Genoa Baltimore, Maryland Columbus, Ohio Greve-in-Chianti Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Sonoma, California Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 48
    • 49 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Ischia Los Angeles, California Ivrea Cupertino, California La Spezia Vallejo, California Lambro and Mingardo Hazleton, Pennsylvania Livorno Oakland, California Lodi Lodi, California Lucca South San Francisco, California Lucca Sicula Pueblo, Colorado Marino Irving, Texas Milan Chicago, Illinois Toronto, Canada q Milazzo Martinez, California Moda di Bari Auburn, Washington Modena Highland Park, Illinois Monticelli d’Ongina Gilroy, California l Monza Indianapolis, Indiana Noceto Walnut Creek, California Oderzo Suffolk, Virginia Olevano sul Tusciano Wilmington, Delaware Padua Boston, Massachusetts Palermo Miami, Florida l Parma Stockton, California Perugia Grand Rapids, Michigan Seattle, Washington Pescara Irondequoit, New York Miami Beach, Florida Pettoranello Princeton, New Jersey Pisa Coral Gables, Florida Ocala, Florida Poggio a Caiano Charlottesville, Virginia Pomigliano d’Arco Birmingham, Alabama Potenza Denver, Colorado Priolo and Solorino New Britain, Connecticut Provincia di Catanzaro Des Moines, Iowa Ragusa Little Rock, Arkansas l Reggio Emilia Fort Worth, Texas Rimini Fort Lauderdale, Florida Rome New York City, New York Washington, District Of Columbia San Benedetto del Tronto Chicago Heights, Illinois San Casciano in Val di Pesa Morgan Hill, California San Giovanni Valdarno Corning, New York Sestri Levante Santa Cruz, California Siena Buffalo, New York Sorrento Santa Fe, New Mexico Spoleto Charleston, South Carolina Stresa Martinez, California Taormina Sunny Isles Beach, Florida Tavullia Vernon, Canada q Termini Imerese Elk Grove Village, Illinois Torino Salt Lake City, Utah Torre Pellice Western Piedmont, North Carolina Torremaggiore Buffalo, New York Treviso Sarasota, Florida Triggiano Addison, Illinois Vasto Perth, Australia q Venice Fort Lauderdale, Florida Verona Albany, New York Fresno, California u Ivory Coast / 1 Abidjan San Francisco, California Jamaica / 6 Kingston Miami Dade, Florida Montego Bay Atlanta, Georgia Morant Bay Hartford, Connecticut Ocho Rios Oakland, California Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 49
    • 50 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Portmore St. Catherine Lakeland, Florida St. Ann Buffalo, New York Japan / 178 Akashi Vallejo, California Ami-Machi Spooner, Wisconsin Arita-Machi Alameda, California Asahikawa Bloomington / Normal, Illinois Ashikaga Springfield, Illinois Atsugi New Britain, Connecticut Bato-Machi Horseheads, New York Chiba City Houston, Texas Chino Longmont, Colorado Chitose Anchorage, Alaska Daisen (Nakayama) Temecula, California Daito-Cho Richmond, Indiana Echizen Montevallo, Alabama u Fujinomiya Santa Monica, California Fujisawa Miami Beach, Florida Fujiyoshida Colorado Springs, Colorado Fukui City New Brunswick, New Jersey Fukuoka Atlanta, Georgia Oakland, California Fukuyama Maui County, Hawaii Funabashi Hayward, California Futtsu Carlsbad, California Gero Ketchikan, Alaska Pensacola, Florida Gifu Cincinnati, Ohio Thunder Bay, Canada q Gotemba Beaverton, Oregon Gotsu Corona, California Hachijo Island Maui County, Hawaii Hadano Pasadena, Texas Hamamatsu Rochester, New York Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 50
    • 51 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Hanamaki Hot Springs, Arkansas Harima Lima, Ohio Higashiosaka Glendale, California Himeji Phoenix, Arizona Hino Redlands, California Hirara City Maui County, Hawaii Hiratsuka Lawrence, Kansas Hiroshima Glendale, California Hitachi Birmingham, Alabama u Hondo Encinitas, California Ibaraki City Minneapolis, Minnesota Ichihara Mobile, Alabama Ichikawa Gardena, California Port Townsend, Washington Ichikawadaimon Muscatine, Iowa Ikata Red Wing, Minnesota Imabari Lakeland, Florida Inasa-Cho Chehalis, Washington Isesaki Springfield, Missouri Isumi-shi Duluth, Minnesota Itoman City Redondo Beach, California u Iwamizawa Pocatello, Idaho Iwata Mountain View, California Izumi City Bloomington, Minnesota Izumo Santa Clara, California Kagoshima Perth, Australia q Miami, Florida Kaizuka Culver City, California Kakegawa Eugene, Oregon Kakegawa (Osuka) Corning, New York Kakuda Greenfield, Indiana Kameoka Stillwater, Oklahoma Kamisu Eureka, California Kanagawa Prefecture Maryland State, Maryland Kanazawa Buffalo, New York Kato Olympia, Washington Kawachinagano Carmel, Indiana Kawasaki Baltimore, Maryland Bowling Green, Kentucky Kiryu Columbus, Georgia Kishiwada South San Francisco, California Kitakyushu Norfolk, Virginia Tacoma, Washington Kobe Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Seattle, Washington Kochi Fresno, California Kofu Des Moines, Iowa Lodi, California Kuki Roseburg, Oregon Kumamoto San Antonio, Texas Kurashiki Kansas City, Missouri Kurobe Macon, Georgia Kurume Modesto, California Kyoto Boston, Massachusetts Maebashi City Birmingham, Alabama Matsue New Orleans, Louisiana Matsumoto Salt Lake City, Utah Matsuyama Sacramento, California Miasa-Omachi Mendocino, California Miharu-Machi Rice Lake, Wisconsin Misato Winona, Minnesota Mishima Pasadena, California Mito Anaheim, California Miyazu Delray Beach, Florida Mizuho Morgan Hill, California Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 51
    • 52 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Mure Elberton, Georgia Naganohara Livingston, Montana Nagaoka Fort Worth, Texas Nagaokakyo Arlington, Massachusetts Nagoya Los Angeles, California Nakajo-Niigata Carbondale, Illinois Namerikawa Schaumburg, Illinois Narashino Tuscaloosa, Alabama Nasukarasuyama Menomonie, Wisconsin Neyagawa Newport News, Virginia Nichinan Portsmouth, New Hampshire Nikaho Anacortes, Washington Nikko Rapid City, South Dakota Nishinomiya Spokane, Washington Nisshin Owensboro, Kentucky Numazu Goshen, Indiana Odawara Chula Vista, California Oiso Dayton, Ohio Racine, Wisconsin Oita City Austin, Texas Okayama San Jose, California Okazaki Newport Beach, California Okinawa City Lakewood, Washington Omihachiman Grand Rapids, Michigan Omuta Muskegon, Michigan Osaka Chicago, Illinois San Francisco, California Osakasayma City Ontario, Oregon Ota Burbank, California Lafayette, Indiana Otsu Lansing, Michigan Saitama City (Urawa) Richmond, Virginia Sakaide Sausalito, California Sapporo Portland, Oregon Saroma Palmer, Alaska Sasebo Albuquerque, New Mexico Sendai Dallas, Texas u Riverside, California Shimizu (Hokkaido) Chelsea, Michigan Shimizu (Shizuoka) Stockton, California Shimukappu Aspen, Colorado Shinagawa Portland, Maine Shingu Santa Cruz, California Shinhidaka Lexington, Kentucky Shizuoka Omaha, Nebraska Soka Carson, California Suwa St. Louis, Missouri Tacco-Machi Gilroy, California Tachikawa San Bernardino, California Tahara Georgetown, Kentucky Takamatsu St. Petersberg, Florida Takaoka Fort Wayne, Indiana Takayama Denver, Colorado Takeo Sebastopol, California Tamana Clarinda, Iowa Tamba (Kasuga) Auburn, Washington Tateyama Bellingham, Washington Toba Santa Barbara, California Tochigi-Shi Evansville, Indiana Tokai-Mura Idaho Falls, Idaho Tokyo New York City, New York Tome Vernon, Canada q Tome (Toyoma) Southlake, Texas Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 52
    • 53 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Toyama Durham, North Carolina Toyohashi Toledo, Ohio Toyokawa Cupertino, California Tsuchiura Palo Alto, California Tsukuba Irvine, California Milpitas, California Tsukuba Science City (Yatabe) Cambridge, Massachusetts Tsuruoka New Brunswick, New Jersey Tsuruta Hood River, Oregon Tsuyama Santa Fe, New Mexico Urayasu Orlando, Florida Utsunomiya Tulsa, Oklahoma Wakayama Bakersfield, California Yachiyo City Tyler, Texas Yamagata Boulder, Colorado Yao Bellevue, Washington Yokkaichi Long Beach, California Yokohama San Diego, California Yotsukaido Livermore, California Jordan / 4 Al-Karak Birmingham, Alabama Amman Chicago, Illinois Miami, Florida l San Francisco, California u Kazakhstan / 1 Kyzylorda Arvada, Colorado Kenya / 11 Bura Newburyport, Massachusetts Eldoret Minneapolis, Minnesota Esabalu Amesbury, Massachusetts Kisumu Boulder, Colorado Roanoke, Virginia Marsabit Hinesville, Georgia Mombasa Long Beach, California Seattle, Washington Nairobi Denver, Colorado Raleigh, North Carolina u Thika Dixon, Illinois Kosovo / 1 Peja Johnston, Iowa Kyrgyzstan / 2 Bishkek Colorado Springs, Colorado Tokmok Rockford, Illinois Latvia / 2 Liepaja Bellevue, Washington Riga Dallas, Texas Lebanon / 2 Beirut Los Angeles, California Bekaa Valley Toledo, Ohio Lesotho / 1 Maseru Austin, Texas Liberia / 9 Bong County Maryland State, Maryland Buchanan Winston-Salem, North Carolina Gbarnga Baltimore, Maryland Gridley, California Greenville Greenville, Mississippi Maryland County Maryland State, Maryland Monrovia Dayton, Ohio Newark, New Jersey Paynesville Paynesville, Minnesota Lithuania / 6 Alytus Rochester, New York Druskininkai Moorhead, Minnesota Kaunas Los Angeles, California Klaipeda Cleveland, Ohio Siauliai Omaha, Nebraska Vilnius Chicago, Illinois Macedonia / 2 Kratovo Hartford, Vermont Skopje Tempe, Arizona Malawi / 1 Zomba Urbana, Illinois Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 53
    • 54 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Mali / 4 Bamako Rochester, New York Nana Kenieba Tonopah, Nevada Segou Richmond, Virginia Timbuktu Tempe, Arizona Malta / 1 Mosta Millbrae, California Mexico / 182 Abasolo Pharr, Texas Acambaro Laredo, Texas Acapulco Beverly Hills, California McAllen, Texas Aguascalientes Modesto, California Pharr, Texas Alamos Scottsdale, Arizona Apaseo El Alto Greenfield, California Atotonilco South San Francisco, California Boca del Rio Tampa, Florida Burgos Pharr, Texas Cabo San Lucas Newport Beach, California Caborca Prescott, Arizona Upland, California Cadereyta McAllen, Texas Campeche Daytona Beach, Florida Laredo, Texas Cananea Sierra Vista, Arizona Cancun Pharr, Texas Wichita, Kansas Cedral Chicago Heights, Illinois Cerralvo Laredo, Texas Chihuahua Albuquerque, New Mexico Pueblo, Colorado Cienega de Flores Laredo, Texas Ciudad Guadalupe McAllen, Texas Ciudad Guzmán Longmont, Colorado Ciudad Lerdo Las Cruces, New Mexico Ciudad Mante Boulder, Colorado Ciudad Valles Laredo, Texas Pharr, Texas Ciudad Victoria McAllen, Texas Coyoacan Arlington, Virginia Cozumel Miami Beach, Florida Cuautla Riverside, California Cuernavaca Denver, Colorado Laredo, Texas u Minneapolis, Minnesota Dolores Hidalgo Pharr, Texas El Fuerte Sinaloa Southlake, Texas Empalme Stockton, California Ensenada Parlier, California Redondo Beach, California Riverside, California Escobedo Laredo, Texas Garcia McAllen, Texas General Escobedo Pharr, Texas General Teran Laredo, Texas Guadalajara Albuquerque, New Mexico Kansas City, Missouri Lansing, Michigan Laredo, Texas u Portland, Oregon San Antonio, Texas Guadalupe Laredo, Texas Guanajuato Morgantown, West Virginia Guaymas Mesa, Arizona Hermosillo Irvine, California Phoenix, Arizona Hidalgo Goliad, Texas Hualahuises Pharr, Texas Huatabampo Gardena, California Irapuato McAllen, Texas Ixtapa McAllen, Texas Palm Desert, California Jerez de Garcia Salinas Laredo, Texas La Paz Redondo Beach, California Lampazos Laredo, Texas Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 54
    • 55 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Lazaro Cardenas Laredo, Texas u Leon Laredo, Texas u San Diego, California Los Herreras Laredo, Texas Magdelena Temple City, California Manzanillo Flagstaff, Arizona San Pablo, California Matehuala Pharr, Texas Mazatlan Pharr, Texas Santa Monica, California Seattle, Washington Merida Erie, Pennsylvania New Orleans, Louisiana Sarasota, Florida Metepec Pharr, Texas Mexicali San Bernardino, California Mexico City Chicago, Illinois Los Angeles, California Mexticacan Laredo, Texas Moncolva Laredo, Texas Montemorelos Laredo, Texas Monterrey Dallas, Texas McAllen, Texas Orlando, Florida San Antonio, Texas Morelia Kansas City, Missouri Nuevo Casas Grandes Colorado Springs, Colorado Nuevo Laredo Laredo, Texas Oaxaca Palo Alto, California Ocotlan Corona, California Olathe, Kansas Ocuituco Pharr, Texas Pabellón de Arteaga Prairie View, Texas Pachuca Little Rock, Arkansas Papantla Laredo, Texas Parral Santa Fe, New Mexico Patzcuaro Naperville, Illinois Sonoma, California Petatlan Saint Peter, Minnesota Puebla Pueblo, Colorado Puerto Vallarta Highland Park, Illinois Santa Barbara, California Tacoma, Washington u Ramos Arizpe Pharr, Texas Reynosa McAllen, Texas Pharr, Texas Rio Bravo Pharr, Texas Rosarito Beach Gardena, California Glendale, California Salamanca Bryan / College Station, Texas Saltillo Austin, Texas Lansing, Michigan San Andres Tuxtla Pharr, Texas San Cristobal de las Casas Asheville, North Carolina San Felipe Hayward, California San Jose del Cabo Laguna Beach, California San Jose Iturbide Pharr, Texas San Luis de la Paz Pharr, Texas San Luis Potosi Pharr, Texas St. Louis, Missouri Tulsa, Oklahoma San Martin de Hidalgo Morgan Hill, California San Miguel de Allende Laredo, Texas Redlands, California St. Augustine, Florida Tyler, Texas San Nicolas de los Garza Kansas City, Missouri San Pedro de las Colonias Springfield, Illinois Santa Maria del Rio Pharr, Texas Santa Rosalia Union City, California Santiago de Queretaro Bakersfield, California Santiago Pinotepa Nacional Greenfield, California Soledad Burlington-Alamance, North Carolina State of Jalisco Maryland State, Maryland Tamazula de Gordiano Riverbank, California Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 55
    • 56 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Tampico Houston, Texas McAllen, Texas Taxco McAllen, Texas Tecate Gilroy, California Tehuacan Austin, Texas u Tepatitlan Laredo, Texas Tetela Del Volcan Pharr, Texas Tetlanohcan New Haven, Connecticut Teziutlan Pharr, Texas Tierra Blanca Pharr, Texas Tijuana San Diego, California Tizimin Evansville, Indiana Tlahuailo Laredo, Texas Tlalnepantla de Baz Wichita, Kansas Tlaquepaque Glendale, California Springfield, Missouri Toluca Fort Worth, Texas Tonala Laredo, Texas Torreon Fresno, California Laredo, Texas Tula Benicia, California Uruapan Culver City, California Valladolid Asheville, North Carolina Valparaiso Hanover Park, Illinois Veracruz Laredo, Texas u Pharr, Texas San Jose, California Tampa, Florida Veracruz/Boca del Rio Mobile, Alabama Villahermosa San Bernardino, California Xalapa Omaha, Nebraska Yecapixtla Pharr, Texas Zacualpan de Amilpas Pharr, Texas Zapopan Grand Rapids, Michigan Zihuatanejo McAllen, Texas Racine, Wisconsin Zuazua Bryan / College Station, Texas l u Moldova / 4 Balti Lakeland, Florida Chisinau Sacramento, California Rybnitsa Lakeland, Florida u Ungheni City Winston-Salem, North Carolina Mongolia / 3 Darkhan Irving, Texas Tsetserleg Bellingham, Washington Ulaanbaatar Denver, Colorado Montenegro / 2 Budva West Palm Beach, Florida Kotor Santa Barbara, California Morocco / 8 Agadir Miami, Florida l Oakland, California u Casablanca Chicago, Illinois Chaouen Issaquah, Washington El Hajeb Council Bluffs, Iowa El Jadida Tacoma, Washington Marrakech Scottsdale, Arizona Tiznit Somerville, Massachusetts Namibia / 1 Windhoek Richmond, Virginia Nepal / 1 Kathmandu Eugene, Oregon Netherlands / 4 Enschede Palo Alto, California Leidschendam-Voorburg Temecula, California Nijmegen Albany, New York Rotterdam Baltimore, Maryland New Zealand / 10 Auckland Los Angeles, California Christchurch Seattle, Washington Gisborne Palm Desert, California Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 56
    • 57 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Hamilton Sacramento, California Lower Hutt Laredo, Texas Tempe, Arizona Palmerston North Missoula, Montana Queenstown Aspen, Colorado Tauranga San Bernardino, California Upper Hutt Mesa, Arizona Nicaragua / 18 Bluefields Racine, Wisconsin u Esteli Stevens Point, Wisconsin Jalapa Boulder, Colorado u Jinotepe Santa Cruz, California Laguna de Perlas Montclair, New Jersey León New Haven, Connecticut Malpaisillo Pittsfield, Massachusetts Managua Miami, Florida l Matagalpa Gainesville, Florida Ocotal Hartford, Connecticut Posoltega Bloomington, Indiana Puerto Cabezas Burlington, Vermont Quilali South Haven, Michigan San Juan de Oriente Laurinburg, North Carolina Sacramento, California Somoto Merced, California Tipitapa Lansing, Michigan u Villa Carlos Fonseca Moscow, Idaho Niger / 1 Commune il Niamey Tamale, Ghana q Nigeria / 12 Asaba Stockton, California Benin City Oakland, California Ibadan Cleveland, Ohio Ile-Ife Oberlin, Ohio San Bernardino, California Lagos Atlanta, Georgia Highland Park, Illinois u Onitsha Compton, California Orlu Austin, Texas Osogbo Asheville, North Carolina Wilmington, Delaware Port Harcourt Kansas City, Missouri Norway / 11 Alesund Tacoma, Washington Bergen Seattle, Washington Flekkefjord Elbow Lake, Minnesota Førde La Crosse, Wisconsin Kongsberg Red Wing, Minnesota Moss Virginia Beach, Virginia Nordhordland Region Fergus Falls, Minnesota Stavanger Houston, Texas Sunndal Issaquah, Washington Tromso Anchorage, Alaska Trondheim Vallejo, California Pakistan / 3 Hyderabad Toledo, Ohio Karachi Houston, Texas Lahore Chicago, Illinois Palau / 1 Koror Gilroy, California l Palestinian Territories / 6 Bethlehem Burlington, Vermont Joplin, Missouri Sacramento, California Mas’ha Red Hook, New York Qalqilya Gainesville, Florida Ramallah Muscatine, Iowa Panama / 2 Panama City Fort Lauderdale, Florida Miami, Florida l Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 57
    • 58 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Paraguay / 2 Asuncion Miami Dade, Florida Santa Maria Hays, Kansas Peru / 15 Arequipa Maui County, Hawaii Arequipa Charlotte, North Carolina Caraz Mesa, Arizona Chimbote Pensacola, Florida Cusco Tempe, Arizona Ica Miami Beach, Florida Lima Austin, Texas Cleveland, Ohio Miami, Florida Miraflores Pensacola, Florida Pucallpa Miami Dade, Florida l San Isidro Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida Santiago de Surco Gastonia, North Carolina Trujillo Decatur, Georgia Salt Lake City, Utah u Philippines / 35 Bacarra City Maui County, Hawaii Bacolod Long Beach, California u Badoc Maui County, Hawaii Baguio Vallejo, California Bauang Lakewood, Washington Bolinao Mobile, Alabama Cabugao Maui County, Hawaii Cagayan de Oro Norfolk, Virginia Camiling Juneau, Alaska Cavite City San Diego, California Cebu City Chula Vista, California Seattle, Washington Dagupan Milpitas, California Davao Tacoma, Washington Iloilo Stockton, California La Carlota Carson, California Makati Los Angeles, California Manila Maui County, Hawaii Sacramento, California San Francisco, California Palo Palo Alto, California Pasay City Union City, California Pasig City South San Francisco, California Puerto Princesa Maui County, Hawaii Quezon City Kenosha, Wisconsin Maui County, Hawaii Salt Lake City, Utah Roxas San Bernardino, California San Juan Santa Barbara, California San Nicholas Maui County, Hawaii Santa & San Juan Maui County, Hawaii Sariaya Santa Clarita, California Sarrat Maui County, Hawaii Zambales Province Maui County, Hawaii Poland / 33 Bialystok Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Bielsko-Biala Grand Rapids, Michigan Bochnia Roselle, Illinois Bytow Winona, Minnesota Gdansk Cleveland, Ohio Gdynia Seattle, Washington Gorzow Wielkopolski Hazleton, Pennsylvania Gulcz Stevens Point, Wisconsin Jelenia Gora Tyler, Texas Katowice Mobile, Alabama Kraków Rochester, New York San Francisco, California u Lesnica Karnes City, Texas Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 58
    • 59 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Lodz Maryland State, Maryland Lomianki Columbia Heights, Minnesota Lomza Muscatine, Iowa Lublin Erie, Pennsylvania Lublin, Wisconsin Olsztyn Richmond, Virginia Opole Roanoke, Virginia Plock Fort Wayne, Indiana Poznan Toledo, Ohio Pultusk New Britain, Connecticut Rzeszow Buffalo, New York Gainesville, Florida u Strzelce Opolskie County Bandera, Texas Szczecin St. Louis, Missouri Torun Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wadowice Chicago Heights, Illinois Warsaw Chicago, Illinois Warsaw Province San Diego, California Wroclaw Charlotte, North Carolina Ziebice Brighton, Colorado Portugal / 9 Angra Do Heroismo Gilroy, California Aveiro Newark, New Jersey Cascais Sausalito, California Coimbra Cambridge, Massachusetts Santa Clara, California Faro Hayward, California Funchal Maui County, Hawaii Mangualde Hartford, Connecticut l Sao Miguel Island Maui County, Hawaii Romania / 8 Bistrita Columbus, Georgia Brasov Cleveland, Ohio Bucharest Atlanta, Georgia Cluj-Napoca Columbia, South Carolina Rockford, Illinois Constanta Mobile, Alabama Iaşi Athens, Georgia Pietroasa Brevard, North Carolina Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 59
    • 60 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Russia / 75 Arkhangelsk Portland, Maine Barnaul Flagstaff, Arizona Birobidjan Beaverton, Oregon Borovichi Binghamton, New York Chelyabinsk Columbia, South Carolina Cherepovets Montclair, New Jersey Dikson Dixon, Illinois Dubna La Crosse, Wisconsin Ekaterinburg San Jose, California Engels Edmond, Oklahoma Irkutsk Eugene, Oregon Izhevsk Salt Lake City, Utah Kaliningrad Norfolk, Virginia Kazan Bryan / College Station, Texas Khabarovsk Portland, Oregon Kislovodsk Muscatine, Iowa Konakovo Menomonie, Wisconsin Kostroma Durham, North Carolina Kotlas Waterville, Maine Krasnodar Tallahassee, Florida Leningrad Region Maryland State, Maryland Lermontov Osage, Iowa Lomonosov Anacortes, Washington Magadan Anchorage, Alaska Moscow Chicago, Illinois Santa Clara County, California Murmansk Jacksonville, Florida Nakhodka Bellingham, Washington Oakland, California Nizhnii Tagil Chattanooga, Tennessee Nizhny Novgorod Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Novorossiisk Gainesville, Florida Novosibirsk Minneapolis, Minnesota Orenburg Orlando, Florida Perm Louisville, Kentucky Petrozavodsk Duluth, Minnesota Pskov Roanoke, Virginia Pyatigorsk Dubuque, Iowa Rostov Veliky Stevens Point, Wisconsin Rubtsovsk Grants Pass/Josephine County, Oregon Rybinsk Greater Tri-Cities, Tennessee Samara St. Louis, Missouri Saratov Dallas, Texas Sarov Los Alamos, New Mexico Serpukhov Richmond, Indiana Severodvinsk Portsmouth, New Hampshire Smolensk Colorado Springs, Colorado Snezhinsk Livermore, California Sochi Long Beach, California Northport, New York St. Petersburg Los Angeles, California St. Petersberg, Florida u Star City Nassau Bay, Texas Stavropol Des Moines, Iowa Syktyvkar Los Altos, California Tobolsk Council Bluffs, Iowa Tula Albany, New York Tver Buffalo, New York Tyumen Houston, Texas Ulyanovsk Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Velikiy Novgorod Rochester, New York Vladikavkaz Asheville, North Carolina Vladimir Bloomington / Normal, Illinois Sarasota, Florida Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 60
    • 61 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Vladivostok Juneau, Alaska San Diego, California Tacoma, Washington Volgograd Cleveland, Ohio Voronezh Charlotte, North Carolina Yaroslavl Burlington, Vermont Zavolzhie San Bernardino, California Zelengorsk Newburyport, Massachusetts Zelenograd Tulsa, Oklahoma Zheleznogorsk Blount County, Tennessee Zheleznovodsk Grinnell, Iowa Rwanda / 3 Kigali Oklahoma City, Oklahoma San Bernardino, California Muhanga Buffalo, New York Senegal / 6 Dakar Miami Dade, Florida Washington, District Of Columbia Goree Island St. Martinville, Louisiana Guediawaye Birmingham, Alabama Kaolack Memphis, Tennessee Saint-Louis St. Louis, Missouri Serbia / 1 Belgrade Chicago, Illinois Sierra Leone / 2 Freetown Kansas City, Missouri New Haven, Connecticut Sint Maarten / 1 Tallahassee, Florida Slovakia / 4 Bratislava Cleveland, Ohio Kosice Mobile, Alabama Nitra Naperville, Illinois Tisovec Shenandoah, Iowa Slovenia / 3 Ljubljana Cleveland, Ohio Maribor Pueblo, Colorado Piran Indianapolis, Indiana South Africa / 10 Buffalo City Municipality Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Durban Chicago, Illinois New Orleans, Louisiana George Tacoma, Washington Johannesburg New York City, New York King Shaka District Municipality Mobile, Alabama Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Bay Municipality Jacksonville, Florida Pietermaritzburg Hampton, Virginia Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality Washington, District Of Columbia uMhlathuze Milwaukee, Wisconsin South Korea / 46 Anyang Hampton, Virginia Asan Lansing, Michigan Bucheon Bakersfield, California Busan Chicago, Illinois Changwon City Jacksonville, Florida Cheonan Beaverton, Oregon Chinju Eugene, Oregon Chung Ju Pittsfield, Massachusetts Daegu Atlanta, Georgia Daejeon Seattle, Washington Gangnam-Gu Riverside, California Gangneung Chattanooga, Tennessee Gimhae Lakewood, Washington u Gimpo Glendale, California Goseong Glendale, California Goyang Maui County, Hawaii Gunsan Tacoma, Washington Gwacheon City Burlington-Alamance, North Carolina Gwangju San Antonio, Texas Gwangmyeong Austin, Texas Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 61
    • 62 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Gyeongsangnam Maryland State, Maryland Hanam City Little Rock, Arkansas Iksan City Culver City, California Inchon Anchorage, Alaska Burbank, California Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Jecheon Spokane, Washington Jeonju San Diego, California Jincheon Vallejo, California Nowon-gu Irvine, California u Osan City Killeen, Texas Paju Pasadena, California u Pyeongchang Auburn, Washington Pyongtaek Mobile, Alabama Seocho City Perth, Australia q Seocho-gu Irvine, California u Seongdong-Gu Marietta, Georgia Seoul San Francisco, California Washington, District Of Columbia Uijongbu Richmond, Virginia Uiwang City North Little Rock, Arkansas Ulsan Portland, Oregon Wanju-Gu County Carson, California Wonju Roanoke, Virginia Yangju City Henrico County, Virginia Yongsan-Gu Sacramento, California Spain / 33 Alburquerque Albuquerque, New Mexico Alcala de Henares San Diego, California Almonte Miami Beach, Florida Almuñécar Hendersonville, North Carolina Aranda de Duero Roseburg, Oregon Aviles St. Augustine, Florida Barcelona Boston, Massachusetts San Francisco, California u Ciudadella de Menorca St. Augustine, Florida El Puerto de Santa Maria Coral Gables, Florida Erthamadura Albany, New York Figueres St. Petersberg, Florida u Granada Coral Gables, Florida Huelva Houston, Texas Laredo Laredo, Texas Las Palmas de Gran Canaria San Antonio, Texas Macharaviaya Pensacola, Florida Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 62
    • 63 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Madrid Maui County, Hawaii New York City, New York Murcia Miami, Florida l Oviedo Tampa, Florida Port de la Selva Nashville, Tennessee u Santa Cruz de Tenerife San Antonio, Texas Santa Fe de la Vega (Granada) Santa Fe, New Mexico Seville Columbus, Ohio Kansas City, Missouri Tenerife (Canary Islands) Miami Dade, Florida Toledo Toledo, Ohio Tres Cantos Columbia, Maryland Valencia Dallas, Texas Valladolid Orlando, Florida Veracruz Miami Dade, Florida Vitoria-Gasteiz Anaheim, California St. Kitts and Nevis Islands / 1 Miami Dade, Florida l Swaziland / 1 Mbabane Fort Worth, Texas Sweden / 13 Åmål De Pere, Wisconsin Borgholm Rockford, Illinois Gothenburg Chicago, Illinois Helsingborg Alexandria, Virginia Kalmar Wilmington, Delaware Lidingo Alameda, California Linkoping Palo Alto, California Ronneby Greater Tri-Cities, Tennessee Solna Burbank, California Stockholm County Miami Dade, Florida Uppsala Minneapolis, Minnesota Växjö Duluth, Minnesota Vimmerby Moorhead, Minnesota Switzerland / 9 Basel Miami Beach, Florida Chur Olathe, Kansas Davos Aspen, Colorado Interlaken Scottsdale, Arizona Liestal Sacramento, California Lucerne Chicago, Illinois Saasfee Steamboat Springs, Colorado Sursee Highland, Illinois Zurich San Francisco, California Tajikistan / 1 Dushanbe Boulder, Colorado Tanzania / 8 Arusha Kansas City, Missouri Arusha Durham, North Carolina Bagamoyo Vallejo, California Dar es Salaam Lansing, Michigan u Morogoro Milwaukee, Wisconsin Moshi Delray Beach, Florida Moshi Kenosha, Wisconsin Tanga Toledo, Ohio Thailand / 3 Bangkok Washington, District Of Columbia Chiang Rai Union City, California Lanphun Orinda, California Trinidad and Tobago / 2 Couva Hartford, Connecticut l Port of Spain Atlanta, Georgia Turkey / 12 Adapazari Louisville, Kentucky Ankara Washington, District Of Columbia Antalya Kepez Muskegon, Michigan Antalya Kepez Austin, Texas Bursa Buffalo, New York Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 63
    • 64 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Istanbul Houston, Texas Izmir Long Beach, California u Tampa, Florida Kahramanmara Jackson, Mississippi Mugla Fort Lauderdale, Florida Nevsehir Santa Fe, New Mexico u Seferihisar Morgan Hill, California Turkmenistan / 1 Ashgabat Albuquerque, New Mexico Turks and Caicos Islands / 1 Miami Dade, Florida l Uganda / 2 Kasese Santa Cruz, California u Masindi Hartford, Connecticut u Ukraine / 23 Alushta Santa Cruz, California Bohodukhiv Boyertown, Pennsylvania Brovary Rockford, Illinois Chernivtsi Salt Lake City, Utah Chyhyryn Sebastopol, California Dolyna Prairie Village, Kansas Drohobych Buffalo, New York Muscatine, Iowa Gorlovka Pensacola, Florida Horlivka Buffalo, New York Ivano-Frankivsk Arlington, Virginia Kalush Grand Prairie, Texas Kaniv Sonoma, California Kharkiv Cincinnati, Ohio Khmelnytskyi Modesto, California Kyiv Chicago, Illinois Lviv Corning, New York Odessa Baltimore, Maryland Poltava Irondequoit, New York Smila Newton, Iowa Tysmenytsia Bandera, Texas Uzhgorod Corvallis, Oregon Vinnytsya Birmingham, Alabama United Arab Emirates / 1 Abu Dhabi Houston, Texas United Kingdom / 60 England/ 36 Alfreton Nitro, West Virginia Barnet Montclair, New Jersey Billericay Fishers, Indiana Birmingham Chicago, Illinois Burton upon Trent Elkhart, Indiana Canterbury Bloomington / Normal, Illinois Chester Lakewood, Colorado Cleveland Cleveland, Ohio Doncaster Wilmington, North Carolina Dover Huber Heights, Ohio Durham Durham, North Carolina Essex County Henrico County, Virginia Henley-on-Thames Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida Hertford Hartford, Connecticut Keighley Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Kingston-upon-Hull Raleigh, North Carolina Kinver Park Ridge, Illinois Leeds Louisville, Kentucky London New York City, New York London Borough of Hackney Austin, Texas u Merton Irving, Texas Newcastle-upon-Tyne Atlanta, Georgia Little Rock, Arkansas u Newmarket Lexington, Kentucky Norfolk County Norfolk, Virginia Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 64
    • 65 2 0 1 3 M e m b e r s h i p D i r e c t o r y b y C o u n t r y / R e g i o n Northhamptonshire County Indianapolis, Indiana Portsmouth Lakewood, Colorado Portsmouth, New Hampshire u Richmond upon Thames Richmond, Virginia Rustington Los Altos, California Salisbury Salisbury, Maryland Southampton Hampton, Virginia Suffolk Suffolk, Virginia Sunderland Washington, District Of Columbia Watford Wilmington, Delaware Whitby Anchorage, Alaska Northern Ireland / 12 Ballymena Morehead, Kentucky Belfast Nashville, Tennessee Borough of Ards Peoria, Arizona Carrickfergus Anderson, South Carolina Danville, Kentucky Craigavon q Ballina, Ireland LaGrange, Georgia Larne Clover, South Carolina Newry and Mourne Sioux Falls, South Dakota Southern Pines, North Carolina Newtownabbey Gilbert, Arizona North Down Borough Virginia Beach, Virginia Scotland / 11 Dunbar Martinez, California Dundee Alexandria, Virginia Dunfermline Sarasota, Florida Edinburgh San Diego, California Embo Maui County, Hawaii Forres Mount Dora, Florida Grampian Region Houston, Texas Newburgh Newburgh, Indiana Perth Perth, Australia q Prestwick Vandalia, Ohio Western Isles Anderson, South Carolina Wales / 1 Brecon Saline, Michigan Uruguay / 2 Maldonado Miami Dade, Florida Paysandu Muscatine, Iowa l Uzbekistan / 3 Bukhara Santa Fe, New Mexico Samarkand Olympia, Washington Tashkent Seattle, Washington Venezuela / 6 Caracas New Orleans, Louisiana Carora Milwaukee, Wisconsin Maracaibo New Orleans, Louisiana Margarita Island Fort Lauderdale, Florida Monagas Miami Dade, Florida l Puerto La Cruz Santa Cruz, California Vietnam / 4 Haiphong Seattle, Washington Ho Chi Minh City San Francisco, California Huế New Haven, Connecticut Vung Tau Ba Ria City Newport Beach, California u Zambia / 3 Kasama Clovis, New Mexico Livingston Santa Fe, New Mexico Lusaka Los Angeles, California Zimbabwe / 3 Gweru Birmingham, Alabama Harare Cincinnati, Ohio Mutare Portland, Oregon Friendship City u Global Member q Emeritus Status l SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 65
    • Executive Committee Chairman Mr. Tom Lisk Richmond, VA Vice Chair Mr. Bill Boerum Sonoma, CA Treasurer Mr. Norris Hermsmeyer Boulder, CO Secretary The Honorable Carol Robertson Lopez Santa Fe, NM At Large Mr. Stephen “Tim” Quigley San Jose, CA At Large/Young Professional Representative Mr. Carlos Reyes Arlington, VA Directors Mr. Leroy Allala Chicago, IL Dr. Carolyn G. Bishop Atlanta, GA Ms. Carol Burdette Anderson, SC Mr. Neal Burnham Fredericksburg, TX Mr. Christopher Dufour Arlington, VA The Honorable Gilbert (Gil) Garcia Santa Barbara, CA Ms. Angie Gomez Alhambra, CA Ms. Jeanne Goodvin Wichita, KS Mr. Ron Gossett Sarasota, FL The Honorable Tom LaBonge Los Angeles, CA Dr. William “Wes” Lites Louisville, KY Ms. Frances Lorenz Tacoma, WA Mr. David K. Miller Lancaster, NY Mr. Darrell Smith Los Angeles, CA Ms. Carla Walker Cincinnati, OH Ms. Paula K. West Phoenix, AZ State Coordinator Representative Ms. Louise Simon Schoene Buffalo, NY Youth Representative Mr. Nicholas Jaber Newport Beach, CA Chair Emeritus (Non-Voting Member) The Honorable Brad Cole Carbondale, IL 66 C o n t a c t s 2012 Sister Cities International Board of Directors 66 Global Envoys Global Envoys are highly distinguished volunteer leaders of Sister Cities International who represent the organization. There is no higher honor in the Sister Cities International network. The role of a Global Envoy is to represent Sister Cities International at events around the world and to serve as a diplomat and spokesperson for the organization. Nancy Huppert Rochester, NY Mary Palko Fort Worth, TX Thelma Press San Diego, CA Sharon Receveur Louisville, KY SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 66
    • Alabama Scotty Colson (205) 254-2317 Arizona Robert Greninger (928) 775-0044 (H) (928) 925-2115 (C) California (Northern) Brenda Brumfield Ross (707) 642-8015 California (Southern) Orange County and points South/East Kathleen Roche-Tansey (858) 481-6856 California (Southern) L.A. County and points North/West Pat Fallin (805) 245-9075 Colorado Christine Hall Chair, State Coordinators (970) 402-0433 Florida Pat Buchanan 801-425-6305 (C) Georgia Launa Kowalski (404) 414-0225 (O) Hawaii Steve Yoshida (808) 315-7777 Illinois (Northern) Susan Minott (847) 358-2848 Illinois (Southern) Josephine C. Wittenauer (618) 281-5384 Indiana Henry C. Cole (317) 573-2250 x2457 Iowa Ann Geiger (563) 289-3267 (H) (563) 508-3945 (C) Kentucky Kay Sargent (859) 258-3137 (O) Maryland Robert Agee (443)306-1036 Minnesota Dolores Puente Strand (763) 571-1709 Minnesota Gerry Wenner (651) 483-2905 Missouri Renee Franklin (314) 323-0950 (C) Nebraska Larry Uebner (402) 493-2535 (402) 490-5140 (C) New Jersey Jon Stauff New Mexico Carol Robertson Lopez (505) 471-9118 New York Louise Schoene (716) 481-7045 North Carolina David Van Pelt (336) 602-6213 Ohio Shari Spearman (937) 277-7277 South Carolina Jane Cahaly Vice Chair, State Coordinators (864) 261-8532 (H) (864) 314-2561 (C) Texas Mae Ferguson (817) 632-7104 Virginia Ruth Hodges Fraser (757) 385-8343 (O) (757) 523-1153 (H) (757) 642-1694 (C) Washington Barbara Sanchez (360) 671-8766 Wisconsin Alexander P. Durtka, Jr. (414) 225-6220 Wyoming Noah Miles (903) 216-7455 67 C o n t a c t s 67 State Coordinators Sister Cities International’s State Coordinators are a volunteer group of leaders in the sister cities network who provide expertise and assistance to members in their respective states. SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 67
    • James Amato Tony Anderson Martha Atherton Randy Avon Sherman Banks Mimi Barker Fred Blanton Carlo Capua Alan Chambers Henry Cole Mary Cort Michael Curd Rick Donohue Jody Edgerton Nancy Eidam Mary Jean Eisenhower Bill Evans Patricia Fallin Mae Ferguson Stelle Feuers Ann Galloway José Luis Garcia Roxi Goin Ron Gossett Glenn Gray Priscilla Harris Rob Heuermann Kevin Hill James Hromas Nancy Huppert Michael Hyatt Laverne Johnson Launa Kowalski Boubker Mazoz Sandra McCormick Georgiana McLeod William Mitchell Virginia Mueller Sue Myrick Richard Neuheisel Len Olender Mary Palko Thelma Press Avi Rabinovitch John Raeside Rodger Randle Sharon Receveur Shirley Rivens-Smith Kathleen Roche-Tansey Patricia Sanders Kay Sargent Sylvia Sass Raymond Schultz Michael Scorcio Ethelda Singer Brian Smith Charles Stokke Robert Swart Tom Tenhoeve Frank Tripiccio Jane Tublin Jim Turner Jean Van Buskirk Hans Vielberth Mark Walton Amanda Wash Paula West Charles Wheeler Linda Whitton Wylie Williams Jane Wood 68 H o n o r a r y B o a r d Honorary Board The Honorary Board is comprised of key individuals who have shown great leadership in Sister Cities International through the years. They are long-standing volunteers from the membership, former members of the Board of Directors, or former State Coordinators who, because of their outstanding support and involvement in the organization, were voted as Honorary Board members. As a self-governing body, the Honorary Board stands ready to assist Sister Cities International members with a wealth of institutional knowledge and experience. SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 68
    • Executive Staff Mary D. Kane President & CEO Taylor Woodruff Administrative Assistant Development Brian Sandler Development Manager External Affairs Meghan Schmidt Conference and Events Manager Megha Swamy Communications Manager Finance Yvette Brown Director of Finance and Administration Maya Houston Finance Coordinator Membership and Programs Adam Kaplan Director of Membership Nuole (Lula) Chen Program Manager Paul Rothman Membership Manager Aveen Karim Membership Coordinator Amena Zaman Program Assistant S i s t e r C i t i e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l S t a f f Sister Cities International Staff 69 SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 69
    • 70 Sister Cities International holds the distinct honor of having the President of the United States serve as its Honorary Chairperson. It was thus fitting that on the evening of January 17, 2013, the first-ever Sister Cities International Inaugural Gala kicked-off the 2013 Presidential Inaugural celebrations in Washington, D.C. Prior to the start of the Gala, an exclusive VIP reception set an upbeat mood for the start of a great evening. Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, European Union Ambassador to the U.S. João Vale de Almeida, other visiting dignitaries, and elected officials mingled with members of the nonprofit, diplomatic, and corporate worlds. The President’s own U.S. Marine Band provided the opening performance, and the Air Force Color Guard presented the colors as the band played the United States national anthem. The Inaugural Gala Host Committee’s Mae Ferguson, Mary Palko, and Tim Quigley welcomed the guests, and VIPs were joined by citizen diplomats and community leaders who showcased the thriving sister city network. Sister Cities International Chairman Thomas A. Lisk, Mayor Gray, Ambassador Almeida, and Mike E. Fox Sr. provided opening remarks. In a special address, Congressman Mike Honda (CA-17) praised the network’s citizen diplomats, calling them “some of the most giving people I’ve met.” He later added, “The energy in the room and spirit of the event showcased the commitment, passion, and strong principles of this network in its efforts to achieve peace and prosperity for all.” Sister Cities International thanks MGM Resorts International, Amazon Web Services LLC, Mike Hyatt, Mary Ellen & Mike E. Fox Sr., Deloitte LLP, the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, The Sister Cities Foundation, Mary Palko, Thelma Press, Sharon Receveur, and Ridgewells Catering for their generous support of the Inaugural Gala. Sister Cities International Inaugural Gala SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 70
    • Get Your Own Sister Cities International Gear! SiSi GeGe ster Citiesster Cities et our Owour OwYYYour OwnYet YYour Own s Internatnats Inter wnwn ional Geaional Geaar!ar! V pisitV to get your hands on new and exciting Sister Cities Inter to get your hands on new and exciting national merSister Cities Inter to get your hands on new and exciting chandise!national mer national e’ther om a range of items customizedChoose fr with our new logo. el, accessories, drinkwarAppar s something for everyone, even your kids and pets!e’ om a range of items customized with our new logo. el, accessories, drinkwar s something for everyone, even your kids and pets! om a range of items customized with our new logo. e:el, accessories, drinkwar s something for everyone, even your kids and pets!s something for everyone, even your kids and pets! SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:32 PM Page 71
    • SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:32 PM Page 72
    • SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:32 PM Page 73
    • I N T E R N A T I O N A L SisterCities 915 15th Street – 4th Floor Washington, DC 20005 P: 202.347.8630 F: 202.393.6524 Facebook: Sister Cities International Twitter: @SisterCitiesInt Youtube: Sister Cities International SCI_Member Dir 2013 karen_Layout 1 6/13/13 6:31 PM Page 2