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Leimert Park Master Plan_rpt_cra_1-18-06
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Leimert Park Master Plan_rpt_cra_1-18-06


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Leimert Park Master Plan_rpt_cra_1-18-06 …

Leimert Park Master Plan_rpt_cra_1-18-06

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  • 1. Community Redevelopment Agency of the CITY OF LOS ANGELES~ ~~L~~,""","oo..d , DATE / JAN 1 9/2QGô FILE CODE / 4401 South Crenshaw Boulevard / Suite 201 T 323 290 2800 / F 323 295 4790 Los Angeles / California 90043 CRA File No. Council District: ~ Contact Person: AI Jenkins (213) 977-1795 Honorable Council of the City of Los Angeles John Ferraro Council Chamber 200 N. Spring Street Room 340, City Hall Los Angeles, CA. 90012 Attention: John White, Office of the City Clerk COUNCIL TRANSMITTAL: Transmitted herewith, is a Board Memorandum adopted by the Agency Board on December 15, 2005, for City Council review and approval in accordance with the "Community Redevelopment Agency Oversight Ordinance" entitled: VARIOUS ACTIONS RELATED TO: AUTHORIZATION TO AMEND THE FY06 BUDGET TO TRANSFER FUNDS FROM THE REDEVELOPMENT PLAN AMENDMENT OBJECTIVE (ST6650) TO A NEW OBJECTIVE (CR6000) FOR A MASTER PLAN FOR THE LEIMERT PARK VILLAGE AREA IN THE AMENDED CRENSHAW REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT AREA (COB) RECOMMENDATION That City Council approve(s) recommendation(s) on the attached Board Memorandum. ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW The recommended action does not constitute a "project" as defined by the California Environmental Quality Act "CEQA") FISCAL IMPACT STATEMENT There is no fiscal impact to the Citys General Fund, as a result of this action. () , Acting Chief Executive Officer cc: John White, Office of the City Clerk (Original & 7 Copies on 3-hole punch) Lisa Johnson, Nancy Duong, Office of the CAO Paul Smith, Ivania Sobalvarro, Office of the CLA Adriana Martinez, Office of the Mayor Neil Blumenkopf, Office of the City Attorney ~
  • 2. .". . ~ . THE COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES, CA MEMORANDUM 6 DATE: DECEMBER 15, 2005 CR6000 TO: AGENCY COMMISSIONERS FROM: RICHARD L. BENBOW, ACTING CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER RESPONSIBLE PARTIES: RICARDO NOGUERA, REGIONAL ADMINSTRATOR ALVIN JENKINS, PROJECT MANAGER SUBJECT: AUTHORIZATION TO AMEND THE FY06 BUDGET TO TRANSFER FUNDS FROM THE REDEVELOPMENT PLAN AMENDMENT OBJECTIVE (ST6650). TO A NEW OBJECTIVE (CR6000) FOR A MASTER PLAN FOR THE LEIMERT PARK VILLAGE AREA IN THE AMENDED CRENSHAW REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT AREA (CD8) SOUTH LOS ANGELES REGION RECOMMENDATIONS That the Agency, subject to City Council review and approval, authorize the Acting Chief Executive Officer or designee to amend the FY06 Budget to: 1. Create a new objective, Leimert Park Village Master Plan (CR6000), to support the preparation of a Master Plan for the Leimert Park Village area, and 2. Transfer $200,000 from the Redevelopment Plan Amendments objective (ST6650) to the Leimert Park Village Master Plan objective (CR6000) to support the preparation of this Master Plan. SUMMARY In Spring 2005, the Agency Board of Commissioners (Board), and subsequently the City Council, approved the South LA Regions undertaking the preparation of Redevelopment Plan Amendments for five (5) of the nine (9) project areas in the Region. Funds were also earmarked for preparation of the Redevelopment Plan Amendments. However, shortly thereafter, a request was made from Council District 8 to secure funding to support the preparation of a Master Plan for the Leimert Park Village area. Such Master Plan was originally part of the Regions proposal for FY06 funding but was not approved because the former Board did not feel it met a high level of priority compared to other requests for limited Agency resources. Based on subsequent communications between Agency staff and the Council District 8 office, it was decided to pursue use of a portion of the Redevelopment Plan Amendment funds to support the Master Plan effort. The
  • 3. , " . ..AUTHORIZATION 0 AMEND FY 06 BUDGET TO TRANSFER FUNDS 2replacement of the Plan Amendment funds would be sought in FY07 to fund theadditional work related to the Amendments.The Master Plan will address a range of area planning, land use, design, traffic andcirculation, and economic development considerations in recommending an approach tothe areas future development. In addition, the Plan will address more specific feasibilityopportunities at specific development sites that are expected to result from the study.Previous improvements implemented in the Leimert Park Village area include acommercial façade improvement program, as well as streetscape public improvements.The Master Plan will also serve as a guiding reference for the areas future development.It will identify ways to create a greater sense of place for the immediate area, preservethe existing cultural character and retail diversity, develop methodologies for futuredevelopment potential of the areas parking lots, and foster reinvestment opportunities inthe area.RE:Initial Action.SOURCE OF FUNDSCRA Special RevenuePROGRAM AND BUDGET IMPACTApproval of this action will amend the FY06 budget by creating a new work programobjective, Leimert Park Village Master Plan (CR6000), and transfer $200,000 to this newobjective from the Redevelopment Plan Amendment objective (ST6650). Completion ofthe original Scope of Work anticipated under Objective ST6650 will require additionalfunding in future years, or a reduction in the anticipated Scope of Work.ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEWThe proposed action does not constitute a "Project" as defined by the CaliforniaEnvironmental Quality Act (CEQA). The Master Plan will require environmental reviewpursuant to CEQA. At the time the Agency is requested to take an action on the MasterPlan in the future, the appropriate environmental document will also be brought to theBoard.There is no conflict of interest known to me, which exists with regard to any Agencyofficer or employee concerning this action.Attachment
  • 4. - :.;;. ;. . AAener ;~ ",.- . , , . . " ,c". .". ". - , ... J C h Am d d P . Redevelopment Coni ImAng.les Map Redovelcpmeni tiol rens aw en e rOJect. Plan ATTACHMENT "A":" ( Legend .- - Regional Center fl:U Highway Oriented Commercii I e Alternata lInd Use Is Residantiil o Alternate lInd Use Is Highway Oriented Commercii I .. Neighborhood Commercii I r...~ ......- Existing Redavelopment Proiaet :::::;:::::: Communit Commercial :-" ~ I. ._.1 Proposed Amended Project Boundary ~ Open Space ~dW ?i~ H e h M d Residential "/d%~~ ig rum Density . , . m ~ Medium Density Residential ~ ww Medium II Density Residential Map Is nut to scile ~, In.. u..:.._,nftft.:., ft_-,,- . . ~