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International Year of Small Island Developing States 2014 Small Islands Matter Newsletter June 2014
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International Year of Small Island Developing States 2014 Small Islands Matter Newsletter June 2014


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International Year of Small Island Developing States 2014 Small Islands Matter Newsletter June 2014 …

International Year of Small Island Developing States 2014 Small Islands Matter Newsletter June 2014
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  • 1. Small Island Matters June 2014 Contact Info: SIDS Unit, UNDESA, UNHQ, 26 th Floor, New York, NY 10017/Tel: 212-963-8813/Web: Ongoing Preparations for the 3rd International conference on SIDS    The Final Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) to be held from 23 – 27 June for the Third International Conference on SIDS, will seek to finalize the Outcome Document for the Conference in Samoa. H.E. Phillip Taula (left) and Her Excellency Karan Tan (right). Photo Credit: UNOHRLLS “The Commitment” The Bureau Members are: H.E Ms. Karan Tan of Singapore (Co- chair) H.E. Mr. Phillip Taula of New Zealand (Co-chair), H.E Mr. Milan Jaya Nyamrajsingh of Maruirius, H. E. Mrs. Yanerit Morgan of Mexico, H.E. Mr Ronald Jean Jumean of the Seychelles, H.E.Mr. Juan Manuel Gonzalez De Linares Palou of Spain, H.E. Mr. Ali’ioaiga Feturi Elisaia of Samoa, Ms. Kereeta Whyte of Barbados, Mrs. Elena Anca Jurcan of Romania, Mr. Katsuhiko Takashi of Japan, and Mr. Dmytro Kushneruk of Ukraine. Exciting SIDS News for June UNFCC to Award Fellowships to Young SIDS Professionals It was announced on World Environment Day, 5 June 2014 that the UNFCC Secretariat will support a new fellowship program for young professionals from SIDS in honour of the International Year of SIDS. The fellowships will be awarded to two individuals from SIDS and will last for a 5 month period. The chosen individuals will demonstrate an interest in climate adaptation and the role of youth and gender in SIDS. The selected fellows will contribute to the UNFCC’s work on adaptation, climate change, youth and gender at the headquarters in Bonn, Germany. The process is now open and the UNFCC will be accepting applications through 15 July 2014. The fellowships are being funded by the Government of Norway. Multi Stakeholder Partnership Dialogues The SIDS Conference in Samoa will feature six multi-stakeholder Partnership Dialogues. The cluster of issues of the dialogue and their schedule are as follows: 1. Sustainable economic development 1 September, 3-6pm 2. Climate change and disaster risk management 2 Sept, 10am-1pm 3. Social development, health and NCDs and youth and gender 2 Sept, 3-6pm 4. Sustainable Energy 3 Sept, 10am – 1pm 5. Oceans, seas, and biodiversity 3 Sept, 3-6pm 6. Water and sanitation, food security, and waste management 4 Sept, 10am – 1pm The multi-stakeholder Partnership Dialogues are expected to provide, inter alia, an opportunity for: a. Recognizing successful partnerships and initiatives b. Launching innovative and concrete partnerships and initiatives, In This issue:  Exciting SIDS News  Ongoing Preparations for the 3rd Conference on SIDS  Celebrations of the International Year on SIDS  Other SIDS News-Upcoming Events
  • 2. Small Island Matters June 2014 Contact Info: SIDS Unit, UNDESA, UNHQ, 26 th Floor, New York, NY 10017/Tel: 212-963-8813/Web: c. Interactive and focused discussions Stakeholders interested in presenting/launching a SIDS specific partnership at one of the Partnership Dialogues should register through the SIDS Partnerships Platform before 11 July 2014, for possible inclusion in the programme. Register here: menu=1516 More information on the Partnership Dialogues: menu=1540 SIDS Partnerships Platform: menu=1507 Celebrations of the International Year of SIDS around the Globe The International Year of SIDS is well underway with celebrations and local, national and regional events occurring all over the globe. SIDS are particularly vulnerable to a variety of developmental, economic, and environmental challenges, and the International Year of SIDS will continue to highlight these issues through events and celebrations around the world. International Day for Biological Diversity May 22nd was the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB). The day intends to increase understanding and awareness of the importance of biodiversity and the complexities surrounding it. IDB was first created in 1993 by the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly. Every year this day highlights a particular type of biodiversity (2013: Water and Biodiversity, 2012: Marine Diversity, 2011: Forest Biodiversity) but this year’s celebration highlighted Island Biodiversity in line with the SIDS International Year celebrations. World Environment Day Barbados Barbados hosted World Environment Day on June 5th . The Theme for this celebration is “Small Island Developing States and Climate Change.” Like many SIDS, Barbados is increasing their involvement in combating climate change and raising awareness for the particular vulnerabilities faced by SIDS. Barbados has pledged to increase the share of renewable energy across the island to 29 percent of all electricity consumption by 2029 potentially reducing CO2 emissions by 4.5 million tonnes. The World Environment Day celebrations took place over a five day period. The themes of the celebration focused on climate adaptation technologies, business, sustainable resource management, protected areas, schools and Barbadian local culture, as well as spotlighting challenges and opportunities facing Small Island Developing States around the world. World Oceans Day World Oceans Day 2014 took place on June 8th as it has since 2002. This particular celebration aims to bring people together from around the world to honour oceans. The festivities were coordinated by the World Ocean Network and The Ocean Project. The point of raising awareness was to help protect the world’s oceans and their future. World Oceans Day seeks to; change perspective, learn, change our ways, and celebrate. The Ocean Project recognizes that there is one world ocean that connects us all. On June 8th , supporters were encouraged to wear blue clothing to raise awareness for ocean conservation and protection. A list of additional events and activities can be found at High Level Political Forum – Island Voices Global Choices
  • 3. Small Island Matters June 2014 Contact Info: SIDS Unit, UNDESA, UNHQ, 26 th Floor, New York, NY 10017/Tel: 212-963-8813/Web: UN/World Bank High Level Dialogue Event Clockwise from top left: Mr. Pierre Laporte, Mr.Axel van Trotsenburg, Gyan Chandra Acharya, Mr. Nikhil Seth and Ms. Rachel Kyte /Photo Credit: World Bank/SIDS Flickr On 13 June 2014 Ambassadors and representatives of 25 Small Island Developing States (SIDS) took part in the High-Level Dialogue on Advancing Sustainable Development in SIDS, convened by the World Bank Group and UN at the World Bank headquarters in Washington DC. The event was titled “High Level Dialogue on Advancing Sustainable Development in Small Island Developing States.” This dialogue acted as a preparatory event for the 3rd International Conference on SIDS. The event included a Dialogue on Building Resilience and Inclusive Growth, a Luncheon: Development Agenda in SIDS and the World Bank Support, and a Dialogue on Emerging Challenges and Opportunities in SIDS. The Dialogue was jointly chaired by Mr. Pierre Laporte, Finance Minister of Seychelles and chair of the Small States Forum, together with World Bank Group Vice President Axel van Trotsenburg and Under- Secretary-General and High Representative Gyan Chandra Acharya (UN- OHRLLS) during the morning session; and World Bank Group Vice President Rachel Kyte together with UN-DESA Director Nikhil Seth in the afternoon session. Closing remarks were delivered by Minister Laporte and Ambassador Milan Meetarbhan, Permanent Representative of Mauritius to the UN and Member of the SIDS Conference Bureau. On July 1st the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) will hold a forum entitled Island Voices Global Choices. The ECOSOC Bureau will lead the Forum from 30 June – 11 July 2014 at the UNHQ in New York. The theme of the HLPF is “Achieving the Millennium Development Goals and Charting the Way for an Ambitious Post-2015 Development Agenda Including the Sustainable Development Goals.” The section of the Forum dealing with SIDS issues will include a Moderated Dialogue that will seek to answer the following questions; -How best to build the resilience of SIDS and meet their unique challenges in the post-2015 development agenda? -How can we encourage genuine and durable partnerships for sustainable development in SIDS? -How can we ensure effective implementation of the outcomes of the Samoa conference on SIDS? SIDS International Year Exhibition in Samoa The International Year Exhibition is being planned at the Samoa Conference in close consultation with International Year Champion countries. It will highlight the SIDS achievement and resiliency to SIDS-specific challenges. It will celebrate the rich and diverse cultural heritage of SIDS and will include a photo exhibit to highlight the uniqueness of SIDS, portraits and quotes of SIDS celebrities in music, literature and sports, images of world heritage sites based in SIDS, points of pride, and a variety of other exciting SIDS-related displays and posters. ISLANDS Project Conclusion of Phase I with Concrete Achievements DESA has implemented one of four aspects of the EU-funded ISLANDS Project under the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) which began in 2011 with the intention of developing an analytical framework for monitoring progress and addressing the vulnerabilities and efforts to build resilience of SIDS. Through the ISLANDS Project and based on a series of technical, inter-agency and national consultations, the so-called Vulnerability Resilience Profile (VRP) has been developed. The VRP is a practical policy tool that encourages
  • 4. Small Island Matters June 2014 Contact Info: SIDS Unit, UNDESA, UNHQ, 26 th Floor, New York, NY 10017/Tel: 212-963-8813/Web: Upcoming Events    Please share your SIDS International Year events and activities with us! They will be featured in upcoming Newsletters as well as on the International Year website. Upcoming events include:  July 15 - SIDS & Disaster Risk Photo Exhibit (Geneva)  August 28 – 30 SIDS Pre-Conference Activities  September 1-4 Third International Conference on SIDS (Samoa)  Malama Honua Voyage Update participating SIDS to undertake baseline studies, conduct multi- stakeholder dialogues and then develop their own respective VPR. They are able to do this by following the five steps that make up the VRP; Step 1: Priority themes and major issues (concluded) Step 2: Selection of criteria Step 3: Selection of Indicators Step 4: Assessment and Rating Step 5: Justification and Mapping Other aspects of the ISLANDS Project include a regional facility for coral reefs and ecosystems and capacities for risk financing and the support of the development of national sustainable development strategies. The VRP is now moving into Step Two. More information can be found on the IOC website: ivites/islands/.