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Five Points Youth Foundation Clean Green 2020 Los Angeles Initiative.v1
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Five Points Youth Foundation Clean Green 2020 Los Angeles Initiative.v1


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Five Points Youth Foundation Clean Green 2020 Los Angeles Initiative.v1 …

Five Points Youth Foundation Clean Green 2020 Los Angeles Initiative.v1
Mobile: +1-424-222-1997
Skype: andrew.williams.jr

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  • 1. Clean Green L.A. 2020 Initiative Collaborators PV Jobs e7+ Architectural Studios 7_studio.asp Five Points Youth Foundation http://fivepointsyouthfounda Power of Green L.A. International Green Technology Institute http://www.greentechnologyi Clean Tech Institute Advanced Vehicle Technology Academy Vision Statement The Neighborhood Empowerment Economic Development (N.E.E.D.) goals: To identify gaps and opportunities for new business, incubators and urban interventions that can solve local needs. To help bring interactive technology, sustainable solutions (water, air, energy) and high end design in our urban places including green buildings and housing solutions. To facilitate innovative prototypes and incubators that can compete in the global market. Our mission is to sustain, cultivate and self-empower our children, youth, adults and serve those with the greatest need in an effort to inspire and transform change for a collective better future. We have formed, and are constantly growing sustainable relationships with agencies, organizations, groups and peoples throughout the global community to preserve cultures, promote education and encourage wealth creation models at the local level to impact neighborhoods, tribes, villages, towns and cities Located the nation’s entertainment capital Power of Green LA, a US subdivision of Power of Green International, supplies LA County with free Green curriculum for its schools, private education centers and non-profits along with providing free education on renewable technology and job training. With a central focus on inner city development, Power of Green is currently working in Leimert Park, a neighborhood in South Los Angeles, to apply its “village by village” methodology to the urban western world. As one of the first comprehensively planned communities in Southern California, Leimert Park was once recognized as a prototype for the “self-sufficient community” amongst urban planners. International Green Technology Institute and its partners are industry seasoned veterans of the various technologies needed to create and sustain the Green Technology Revolution. The Institute has established a Greentech Center for Excellence where workforce training as well as eco-entrepreneurial development will incubated at the Center. These training & innovation showcase centers will incorporate the technologies exhibited at the Audubon Center at Debs Park in Los Angeles, a net zero-energy, Platinum LEED certified building in downtown Los Angeles whose mission is educate students about living symbiotically between humanity and the natural environment. Clean Tech Institute is a leading research, consulting and training organization in emerging clean & renewable energy industry. Clean Tech Institute Research and Consulting Group is focusing on advanced renewable energy projects including Lithium Air Battery and Wireless Charging Systems for electric vehicles The mission of the Advanced Vehicle Technology Academy is to inspire, to empower and to equip students to succeed in schools by utilizing their full potential for their benefits and for the benefits of society at large. For information, please contact Andrew Williams Jr. 424-222-1997 1820 West Florence Avenue * Los Angeles, California 90047 * Phone: 323-752-1180 * Fax: 323-752-1197