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eLearning Africa 2009 Conference

eLearning Africa 2009 Conference

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  • 1. Under the Patronage of: Supported by: European Commission Republic of Senegal 4th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training An Annual Event for Developing eLearning Capacities in Africa eLearning Africa 2009 Le Méridien Président, Dakar, Senegal May 27 – 29, 2009 www.elearning-africa.com Platinum Sponsor: Gold Sponsors: Silver Sponsors: Sponsors: Learning Together Supporting African Participation: Official Carrier:
  • 2. eLearning Africa 2009 – LEARN, SHARE, NETWORK We are delighted to announce that eLearning Africa 2009, the fourth in the highly successful series of pan-African gatherings, will take place in Senegal. In May 2009, the Continent’s largest annual assembly of eLearning and education professionals from Africa and beyond will convene in the capital, Dakar. Moving to Senegal in 2009, eLearning Africa continues to build and expand a worldwide network for people involved in all aspects of technology-enhanced education and training in Africa, including management and policymaking. As with the previous conferences, eLearning Africa 2009 will be conducted in both English and French. The eLearning Africa website will keep you up-to-date with the latest information and developments, the themes, the local venue and other components of the event. Scope and Size education professionals and stakeholders can benchmark, eLearning Africa is the most comprehensive conference learn and share with colleagues from all over the world. on ICT for development, education and training on the By fostering international partnerships, eLearning Africa Continent. Its mission is to bring people together who are strengthens the Continent’s numerous educational actively engaged in education and in the implementation technology initiatives and projects. For the education of learning technologies in schools, universities, corporate industry, it has become the reference event for technology- training as well as in education in the public sector. enhanced learning in Africa. Participants are high-level decision-makers such as Ministers of Education, representatives from government Real-World Experiences agencies, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Moving from one country to another each year, the development agencies and international organisations, conference has built up support and interest in different senior executives from businesses, as well as practitioners parts of Africa. Allowing for a strong local input, it from all fields of education. has provided a window on what is happening on the ground in different regions. This is reflected in a rich and Networking Across the Globe diverse conference agenda that features best practices Participant figures for the annual event have grown using all types of technology and different approaches. significantly – from 832 at the debut event in 2006 in Contributions come from African governments and major Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to 1502 delegates at the third development organisations, from NGOs, universities, conference in Accra, Ghana in May 2008. Attendees come schools, as well as from the private sector. from more than 80 countries in Africa and the wider globe – a geographic and cultural richness that is unrivalled. The An Open Environment strong African involvement – 80 percent of the delegates Participants value the friendly and open atmosphere of come from the Continent – makes it a truly pan-African eLearning Africa that allows networking across sectors, event. as well as geographical and cultural borders. The conference brings together various interest groups such as A Growing Community practitioners, support agencies, suppliers and researchers eLearning Africa is continuously building a genuine to a single event. This presents the unique opportunity to community of practice linked to the event. It actively create a real picture of what is happening in the field in helps to build both networks and links that contribute Africa. to capacity-development for education in Africa. African SPECIAL FEATURES Pre-conference workshops, seminars and meetings of 3rd "Technical and Vocational Education and Training" major agencies, associations and initiatives (TVET) Summit, organised by UNESCO-UNEVOC Exhibition and demonstration areas for eLearning Networking sessions manufacturers, suppliers and service providers THE CONFERENCE The Call for Papers for eLearning Africa 2009 has resulted in more than 430 submissions from Africa and beyond. The complete eLearning Africa 2009 programme is available on the conference website. eLearning Africa 2009 will feature: nearly 300 speakers from approximately 50 countries 20 best practice demonstrations 4 plenary sessions 19 pre-conference events and 10 parallel conference strands with 60 sessions many other new features
  • 3. CONFERENCE STRUCTURE eLearning Africa features various types of sessions in order to create the most comprehensive and cohesive agenda possible. The conference agenda is divided into: Pre-Conference Workshops, Seminars and Meetings Jokko Sessions These are optional events taking place on Wednesday, In order to facilitate additional networking opportunities, May 27, 2009 that offer participants the opportunity to we are making space available during the conference gain practical knowledge and insight from leading experts for participants to set up Networking Sessions of their in a variety of specialised fields. own on a specific topic. We have entitled these sessions "Jokko Sessions", as Jokko is a word in the Wolof language Plenary Sessions which means networking and mutual exchange by sitting face-to-face or via some other means of communication. Held during the conference, the plenary sessions feature Jokko is a good term for what will be highly interactive, internationally acknowledged eLearning experts. informal and informative sessions addressing some of the key interests and issues of concern to eLearning Africa Presentation Sessions 2009 participants. These sessions, organised around the main conference themes, offer leading practitioners the chance to present Speed Networking Sessions their experience and findings, with some featuring case The speed networking sessions will give you an opportunity studies from diverse organisations and enterprises. to meet plenty of other eLearning Africa participants right There is also a series of thought-provoking Debates and when you need them – at the beginning of the conference! Discussions, Special Focus Sessions on various key issues, Join these highly interactive and fun sessions which put Practical Demonstrations to compare innovative services social networking really into practice, bring plenty of and products, Best Practice Showcases to highlight business cards and we promise to dramatically increase examples of excellent learning courseware. your eLearning network! WORKSHOPS PUBLICATIONS & CONFERENCE LANGUAGES The Pre-Conference events will take place on Wednesday, The extended overviews of the presentations will be May 27, 2009. Please note that these events are not published in the language they were submitted (English included when registering for the main conference and or French) in the eLearning Africa Book of Abstracts. The that you will need to register for these separately. Seating Book of Abstracts can be ordered prior to the conference is limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served or purchased on-site. The extended overviews of the basis; therefore, please register as soon as possible via our presentations and the presentation slides will be published website. in electronic format on the Conference CD-Rom and will be available to all participants upon registration. The conference languages are English and French. NETWORKING, SPECIAL & SOCIAL EVENTS BURSARIES A variety of networking, special and social events will ICWE has identified organisations willing to further take place alongside the conference. More information subsidise the participation of African nationals based in will be published on the eLearning Africa website in due Africa by making a number of bursaries available. We course. received an enormous number of applications, and those applicants, who were selected to be granted a bursary, have already been notified. WHO SHOULD ATTEND eLearning Africa will be of professional interest to: Deans, directors and researchers from universities Leaders of professional associations, expertise centres, and the higher education sector trade unions, chambers of commerce, local and regional Corporate training and development executives authorities, NGOs and continuing education centres Human Resources executives Publishers, instructional designers and content School principals and administrators, teachers and providers trainers eLearning specialists, multimedia and software Senior staff from government departments and designers, system integration specialists and end-user international development cooperation agencies support managers Programme managers and education administrators Training consultants and company representatives IT managers Performance and competence management Technology and service providers specialists
  • 4. WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND For anyone with a substantial interest in eLearning, this conference is of the highest significance. If you are in charge of, or involved in, eLearning strategy, implementation or management, eLearning Africa is a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge! Keep up with all the major issues, latest developments Understand what is important when producing and trends in eLearning eLearning materials and resources Encounter and benefit from the opinions and Follow the case studies presenting successful experience of acknowledged industry and education approaches, strategies and techniques leaders, as well as high level policy makers Hear from the experts how to build an effective Examine the key components of effective eLearning organisation applications Find out how to choose and use various technologies, Discuss critical success factors and innovative practices products and services with your peers EXHIBITORS AND SPONSORS WEBSITE – All the Latest Information The conference is accompa- Interested in finding out nied by an exhibition and more? Visit the eLearning demonstration area for Africa website, which will pro- eLearning manufacturers, vide you with all the latest in- suppliers and service provid- formation on the conference ers. The exhibition will serve and accompanying events in as a central meeting point English and French, including for the participants within the conference and offer an the programme, fees, newsletters, as well as the necessary excellent opportunity to meet with, and compare the of- forms to make it easy for you to register online. Constantly ferings of, the exhibiting companies and institutions. updated, the website allows you to follow developments as eLearning Africa 2009 takes shape! REGISTRATION FEES HOTEL ACCOMMODATION African Nationals Based in Africa We have negotiated preferential rates for conference (Not working for international organisations and global corporations) € 270 participants at conveniently located hotels. Detailed information on hotel accommodation will be sent to Other Participants € 590 you upon receipt of your completed registration form. African Students* € 100 Non-African Students* € 170 After you receive the booking form, please make the reservation as soon as possible, as rooms at reduced *Copy of Student ID required rates are limited and go on a first-come, first-served The fees include VAT, conference materials, a conference CD-ROM, coffee breaks and luncheons on May 28th and May 29th, 2009. Group rates are basis. available upon request. The above-mentioned fees do not include pre- conference events, accommodation, travel costs or the Book of Abstracts. ORGANISERS ICWE GmbH ICWE GmbH ICWE GmbH is an international conference organiser Leibnizstrasse 32 • 10625 Berlin • Germany with a focus on education and training. Tel: +49 (0)30 310 18 18-0 The company’s flagship event “ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN” Fax: +49 (0)30 324 98 33 is the world’s largest annual international eLearning www.icwe.net conference and has been convening since 1995: www.elearning-africa.com www.online-educa.com info@elearning-africa.com For more information, please visit www.elearning-africa.com