Bermuda Sounds of Sanctuary - AJ International Action Team Overview

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Bermuda Sounds of Sanctuary - AJ International Action Team Overview

Bermuda Sounds of Sanctuary - AJ International Action Team Overview

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  • 1. S.O.U.N.D.S. OF SANCTUARYUNITY IN THE COMMUNITY, WORLD VIBE – FIGHTING WITH PEACE, NOT FOR ITAJ Action TeamGLOBAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT GROUPFebruary 22, 2010 People, young and old, from all walks of life relate to the universal language of music and with your support we can unify our actions one rhythm at a time.
  • 2. AJ ACTION TEAM GLOBAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT GROUPAbout ParXTCOriginally founded as a California Limited Liability Company named Wilcomnet LLC in 2003, ParXTC hasbuilt a global brand for “andrewwilliamsjr” among CEOs by employing state-of-the-art social mediamarketing, digital marketing, distance learning, multi-lingual communications and sales methods,programs and platforms.We have mobilized a unique campaign called the “AJ Action Team” to support the creation of theSounds of Sanctuary Master Plan and to have it introduced into North America and Internationalmarkets through our virtual business identity support services for governments, non-profits, trusts,NGO’s, business entities high net-worth individuals, and sovereign funds, sourced, accessed anddeliverable worldwide.Our team will empower Spanish Town Entertainment to leverage strategic alliances with commoditiesbrokers, cross-border ventures, mergers and acquisition projects and venture capital opportunities andproviders worldwide.Our team members have the experience to provide asset management, insurance, real estate, mortgagebanking, hedge fund and related instruments, programs, platforms and solutions.We look forward to working together with the people of Bermuda to a “best practices” model projectthat will be an example to marginal-at-risk communities around the world.S.O.U.N.D.S. of Sanctuary – 2010 Master Plan 3
  • 3. AJ ACTION TEAM GLOBAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT GROUPProject OverviewThe AJ Action Team under the leadership of Andrew Williams Jr. Team that will co-ordinate aninternational group of achieved experts throughout a wide range of socio-economic, cultural,political and environmental fields to help create the S.O.U.N.D.S. of Sanctuary Master Plan.The aim is to reduce the impact of poverty while improving health, education, and theenvironment, by advancing local and international trade, youth entrepreneurship, minoritybusinesses, gender equity, and multinational partnership alliances and coalition building.These goals provide a focus for the efforts of FAAVM through other multilateral andmultinational organizations, governments, and other partners in the development communityon significant and measurable long term improvements.The AJ Action Team goals also establish yardsticks for measuring paramount and blueprintresults, not just for underprivileged communities but also for the richer and wealthiercommunities and government institutions that help fund development programs and for themultilateral institutions that work to implement these goals.The AJ Action Team goals for Bermuda are as follows: 1. Reduce poverty within disadvantaged and underprivileged communities across Bermuda. 2. Achieve national primary and basic educations by ensuring that boys and girls successfully complete primary and basic academic schooling. 3. Promote gender equity and empower women to eliminate gender disparities and inequities at all levels of education, civil societies, corporate sectors and governments. 4. Combat HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, street violence, youth delinquency societal challenges. 5. Develop a global partnership for development to expand local and national businesses and international trade market accessibilities. 6. Develop local, national and international corporate mechanisms and corporate industries. 7. Launching prospective research studies, exploring what form of education, science, cultural and communication will be needed in shaping Bermudan present and future generations.S.O.U.N.D.S. of Sanctuary – 2010 Master Plan 5
  • 4. AJ ACTION TEAM GLOBAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP 8. Advancing the transfer and sharing of knowledge, which relies primarily on research, training and scientific teaching activities. 9. Setting national standards by preparing and adopting national and international human rights, corporate, organizational instruments and statutory recommendations in the fields of education, science, culture, and human rights. 10. Sharing and exchanging specialized information. 11. Promoting human rights and peace. 12. To reduce civil and human rights violations within and amongst communities by enforcing national judicial principles and mechanisms through specific legislations. 13. Initiating and launching specific research studies in the fields of international justice. 14. Advancing and implementing civil and legal competence. 15. Maintaining and promoting a Bermuda that is fair and just for every citizen. 16. Monitoring the national and international justice systems and securing the rule of law. 17. Combating and eliminating inequities among disadvantaged communities. 18. Protect human rights, pluralist democracy, and the rule of law. 19. Promote civil rights awareness and encourage the development and protection of Bermudas multicultural identity and societal diversity. 20. Seek legal solutions to problems facing Bermudan societies, including discrimination against minorities, xenophobia, intolerance, and environmental protection. 21. Help consolidate and strengthen democratic stability in Bermuda by backing political, legislative, and constitutional reform.S.O.U.N.D.S. of Sanctuary – 2010 Master Plan 6
  • 5. AJ ACTION TEAM GLOBAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT GROUPApproachBackground information Socio-economic, political, environmental and humanitarian issues and challenges facing communities worldwide, with few exceptions, are well known through numerous expert studies done over recent decades. Actions on recommendations, however, have not been forthcoming.Key Criteria a. Avoid the mistakes that have been previously made, and apply lessons learned. b. Serve to develop stronger collaboration and establish sustainable mechanisms. c. Address minority socio-economic issues with practical proven solutions.Why the time is NOW? Bermuda is a small island state that is a perfect environment for championing human rights, justice and the rule of law, and socio economic and political order. PARXTC and FAAVM have established the AJ Action Team to enable a group of accomplished and achieved international experts originating from all parts of the world; to deliver long term sustainable solutions to the Government of Bermuda and Bermudian citizens.Why AJ Action Team? The AJ Action Team has been established as a Global Group of Experts (GGE) specifically addressing and establishing sustainable structures and mechanism to offer long term solutions, with the proven expertise to deliver direct-action socio-economic, political, cultural, humanitarian and environmental programs to assist in implementing the United Nations Millennium Development Goals – UNMDG 2015.Methods The socio-economic challenges of Bermudians have been identified by on-going reports and studies, consultation with individuals, government entities and other national and international related institutions specializing in socio-cultural and political issues. The creation and establishment of AJ Action Team clearly responds with proposed practical and sustainable solutions and long term tangible projects.S.O.U.N.D.S. of Sanctuary – 2010 Master Plan 7