A Partnership for Peace, the Magic Castle and and AJ Action Team welcome bermuda Ambassador AJ Gombey to Hollywood
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A Partnership for Peace, the Magic Castle and and AJ Action Team welcome bermuda Ambassador AJ Gombey to Hollywood



A Partnership for Peace, the Magic Castle and and AJ Action Team welcome bermuda Ambassador AJ Gombey to Hollywood ...

A Partnership for Peace, the Magic Castle and and AJ Action Team welcome bermuda Ambassador AJ Gombey to Hollywood
Andrew Williams Jr
Email: aj@trn.tv
Mobile: +1-424-222-1997
Skype: andrew.williams.jr



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  • Thanx for communicating this to me AndrewWilliam Jr, its useful to go thro' it.
    I always felt & wished to hear from you - if promotions/facilitations could be possible between you-all & with Asia's BestFairPractice's-TopGoverningSystem AAP-India (www.aamaadmiparty.org), awaiting to hear from you, thanx for acknowledging this, W'Regards/B'Wishes.
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    A Partnership for Peace, the Magic Castle and and AJ Action Team welcome bermuda Ambassador AJ Gombey to Hollywood A Partnership for Peace, the Magic Castle and and AJ Action Team welcome bermuda Ambassador AJ Gombey to Hollywood Document Transcript

    • MEDIA RELEASELos Angeles - July 9, 2012. (Photo Credits PA Edmead)Bermuda “Ambassador AJ” mascot welcomed to Los Angelesby United States International Peace Ambassador Donna J.Bennett and Lifetime Magic Castle Member Brett StevensThe AJ Action Team (AJAX) officially launched its newest mascot “Ambassador AJ” fromLos Angeles on July 9 as part of the global campaign for “unity in the community worldvibe,fighting with peace and not for it” to support United Nations Millennium Development Goals2015 in collaboration with A Partnership for Peace and other organizations locally and globally.Ambassador AJ is the brainchild of LA Futurist Andrew Williams Jr, (Ambassador Andrew)in his capacity as the local representative for KatKing Entertainment (Bermuda), Ambassador-Delegate for the International Academy of Humanitarian Works (Italy) and GoodwillAmbassador, Developing Undeveloped Countries for the International Human RightsCommission (Dubai).Ambassador AJ was welcomed to LA by AJAX members Donna J Bennett of A Partnershipfor Peace, Inc and by Celebrity Humanitarian TJ Gibson of Flatland Records.Ambassador AJ then attended the Operation Hope Internet Cafe Membership Appreciationevent as guest of Eric Clay, Area Vice President for the HOPE Centers, held at their 3721 S. LaBrea Avenue location in Los Angeles (http://operationhope.org). 1
    • Eric Clay graciously welcomed Ambassador Andrew as a 10+ year member of the OperationHope Internet Cafe, who also introduced attending and global members of AJAX such as AliciaHamilton CEO of The Revelation Network (http://trn.tv) and TJ Gibson(http://thetjgibson.com).The presentation was concluded with an acapella rendition by TJ Gibson of his new song"TheLite" written to commemorate the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and dedicatedas the theme song for the AJ Ambassadors of the Future program.Ambassador later joined TJ on stage at the newest Hollywood hotel “W” (Metro Purple Red LineHollywood & Vine Exit) where AJ joined TJ’on stage when he performed “The Lite” andintroduced AJ to his entertainment family and audience attending the weekly 9pm shows onTuesdays.Universal artist T.J. Gibson has provided our theme, “Future Leaders are the Light of the World”originally written for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals 2015 as a GoodwillAmbassador to the AJ Action Team AJ Ambassadors project.. with Donna J Bennetts APartnership For Peace (p4p) as our Goodwill Ambassadorhttp://trn.tv/ondemand/view/416/culturefest-mosaic-demo-1/ 2
    • BACKGROUNDAmbassador AJ is the diplomatic form of the original fantasy character named AJ the LittleGombey who is distinguished by his traditional dance costume of a peacock crown, apron andcape. The new form for Ambassador AJ, shows how AJ the Little Gombey adapts to theconventional attire of the business suit as he learns to succeed in the corporate world. He wears aBermuda Onion badge as a sign of his oath of office to promote global unity.No matter what outer form he takes, AJ represents an ancient mascot tradition that is thousandsof years old. AJ was inspired by the 400 year legacy of human settlement in Bermuda and wascreated to serve as the universal curator of an intercultural dialog about reconciliation. AJ wearsan infectious smile and encourages us all to look at life through the innocent eyes of our innerAfrican child. Although Ambassador AJ is “new” to the United States, Bermudian Duvall Spencer created the character as a cultural historian for his son over 20 years ago. Duvall is a self-taught, visionary artist who uses his passion for woodcarving and storytelling to inspire excellence in team based environments. Duvall has experimented with a range of organizations and technologies over the past 20 years to enable social rehabilitation through the creative arts. His early interest in sculpting the physical iconography of Gombey dance was rewarded with a series of special commissions for the Cabinet Office, Government House and the Pequot Museum in Connecticut and is CEO of KatKing International.You can follow the journey on The Revelation Networks AJ Island channel(http://ajisland.trn.tv) AJ Island is named after a cultural icon named AJ the Little Gombey. AJthe Little Gombey represents worldwide unity and peace using storytelling, music, fashion anddance. AJ the Little Gombey combines traditional arts from Africa, Asia, Europe and theAmericas to achieve harmony and balance. AJ Island is an ecofriendly destination that is co-created in “zero-time” to promote “unity in the community worldvibe, fighting with peace andnot for it”. The destination is designed to accommodate a variety of technologies and artformsconnected with the environmentalist movement.As an AJ Ambassador you can play a big part in the expansion of this project. AJ the LittleGombey is not just a character; he embodies the spirit of love toward our fellow man. As youfind your way around our island home, we invite you to “feel the love” and to “make yourmark” using the cultural icons of your choosing. And always feel free to follow the Gombeydrum as you discover the rhythm of your own personal calling in life! 3
    • The AJ Action Team brings a global perspective to the AJ Island project. The followingreasons have been agreed by team members as the basis for prioritizing the Bermuda strategy: ● The AJ Action Team is looking at global solutions that work locally. Solutions that everyday people can see working for them. Bermuda is small enough for us to implement many of our groundbreaking ideas and broadcast them to the entire world. It’s mixed and diverse population mirrors many large urban populations like NY, London, Paris who are experiencing urban violence, social unrest and other social and civil issues amongst their populace. Bermuda is now beginning to experience the same sort of unrest. ● Bermuda is one of the earliest established and longest surviving forms of English constitutional self government in the Western Hemisphere, having a 400 year parliamentary tradition (established in 1612) that survived the disruption of the 1707 Acts of Union in Great Britain, the American Revolution and the decolonization era. This means that what is achieved there is achieved under a system of government that many western governments understand and trust and cannot dismiss. ● Bermuda was settled by English Adventurers to establish a foothold for a "Western Empire" that would compete for prestige with dominant European powers. Over time, Bermuda has evolved into a cosmopolitan island city state with the capacity to be a bastion of social reconciliation, peace building and creative capitalism for all peoples. ● Bermuda is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom with a restrictive observer status at most levels of international diplomacy. This rare status enables Bermuda to operate as a strategic "outlier" of "super diplomacy" where individual integrity brings balance to the traditional pragmatics of comparative advantage. ● Bermudas unique balance of natural, technological and human factors has enabled its people to enjoy one of the wealthiest per capita income economies in the world. This unique wealth profile can be leveraged into parallel markets for risk transfer, knowledge management and ecommerce solutions with a high degree of flexibility, agility and efficiency compared to its closest competitors. ● Bermuda is still an undiscovered island for most people in the West, but there is a universal interest in the infamous "Bermuda Triangle" that has been glamorized by Hollywood since the 1950s. This notoriety can be tapped into by entertainment industry players to create a "parallel universe" in popular imagination that facilitates new ideas about creativity and storytelling. The AJ Island project that can "suspend disbelief" while also inspiring the audience to attain far reaching goals such as the elimination of poverty.AJ Island is an ecofriendly destination that is co-created in “zero-time” to promote “unity in thecommunity worldvibe, fighting with peace and not for it”. The destination is designed toaccommodate a variety of technologies and artforms connected with the environmentalistmovement. But the essence of AJ Island is inspired by the legacy of the Bermuda CultureFest,a grassroots festival that evolved into a national event for the people of Bermuda in the 1990s. 4
    • The first national Bermuda CultureFest was held at an abandoned seaport for the BritishAdmiralty known as the Royal Naval Dockyard on the north-westernmost island in the chain which comprises Bermuda, called Ireland Island. This island is now the dominant hub for the cruise industry in Bermuda and houses major cultural attractions including shopping arcades, restaurants, museums, art galleries and recreational outlets. The Royal Naval Dockyard serves as the metaphorical blueprint for AJ Island, and provides the impetus for Ireland Island to be nicknamed AJ Island for team building purposes. There are real world consequences of the work ahead that include but transcend “online” social media. KatKing partners with Wilcommet LLC (ParXTC) through an AJ Action Team collaboration with Donna J. Bennett’s A Partnership for Peace (p4p) to attract a world class vendor support network to effect real world change on the Bermuda ecosphere and quality of life to demonstrate United Nations Millennium Development Goals small island nation solutions via Global Partnerships for Development These efforts began shortly after the devastating Haiti Earthquake of 2010, with the collaboration including technologists, social justice advocates and celebrity humanitarians like U.K. Shlepp Records Chinese R&B superstar, Ayi Jihu (http://ayijihu.com) that inspired Les Hamasaki’s http://greeni.tv to adapt a Bermuda Green Island Solar TeleVillage Proposal from their War on Hunger, Ignorance and Poverty (WHIP) Initiative. See http://acelebrationofwomen.org/?p=9520As we enter the latter half of 2012, the AJ Action Team and AJ Ambassadors will be focusingattention on the AJ Island project from environmentalists, humanitarians, technologists, socialjustice advocates and every day people from around the world to make an impact on this smallisland that can impact changes around the world to improve the environmental sustainability ofEarth and on Earth.For interviews or additional questions, please contact Andrew Williams, Jr at 424-222-1997 orby email at parxtc@gmail.com skype: Andrew.williams.jr http://andrewwilliamsjr.blogspot.com 5
    • REFERENCE MATERIALhttp://www.royalgazette.com/article/20120612/NEWS04/706129927Sen Ingham and the rest of the Tourism Board, together with researchers Tourism and LeisureEuropraxis, expressed confidence the Island can meet its ambitious goal of quadrupling incomefrom tourism to $1.4 billion by 2022.The Bermuda Department of Tourism - National Tourism Plan Presentation June 1 2012 —http://www.slideshare.net/andrewwilliamsjr/bermuda-master-plantownhall061112v3Bermuda Tourism Plan.. Part 1http://www.royalgazette.com/article/20120622/BUSINESS01/7062299362011 Bermuda Energy White Paper, A National Energy Transitionhttp://www.slideshare.net/andrewwilliamsjr/2011-bermuda-energy-white-paper-a-national-energy-transitionBermuda Department of Energyhttp://www.gov.bm/portal/server.pt?open=512&objID=728&mode=2&in_hi_userid=2&cached=trueBermuda Energy Act 2009http://www.slideshare.net/andrewwilliamsjr/bermuda-energy-act20092009 Bermuda Energy Green Paperhttp://www.slideshare.net/andrewwilliamsjr/2009-bermuda-energy-green-paperWHO WE AREAJ Island, AJ Action Team, AJ Ambassadorshttp://www.slideshare.net/andrewwilliamsjr/aj-island-bermuda-aj-ambassadors-aj-action-teamAJ Action Team 2012: http://trn.tv/ondemand/view/416/culturefest-mosaic-demo-1/http://thetjgibson.comAYI JIHU AJ ACTION TEAMhttp://acelebrationofwomen.org/?p=9520UN Goodwill Ambassador TJ Gibsonhttp://thetjgibson.com 6
    • AJ Island Channel on Trnhttp://ajisland.trn.tvAmbassdor Donna J. Bennett AP4Phttps://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Partnership-For-Peace-p4p/370956940218?sk=infoHere are the photos and background on the national Icon of Bermuda.http://gmb2012.wordpress.com/about/our-mascot/ AJ ON YOUTUBEhttps://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=navclient&gfns=1&q=aj+gombey+youtubeAJ ISLAND TV SERIEShttp://www.slideshare.net/andrewwilliamsjr/aj-island-bermuda-mini-tv-series-2011 AJ ACTION TEAM FRINGEONLINEhttp://fringeonline.org/about-fringeBERMUDA CULTUREFESThttp://bermudaculturefest.com/BACKGROUND REFERENCESAJ ACTION TEAM LEADERSHIP TEAMhttp://ajactionteam.org/?page_id=102AJ ACTION TEAM ABOUThttp://ajactionteam.org/?page_id=5AJ ISLANDhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/AJ-Island-Bermuda/305371346156555?sk=infoAJ Travel Centerhttp://ajtc.hitmktg.com/AJ Island Channel on The Revelation Networkhttp://trn.tv/fc/AJIsland/ 7