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Andrew Williams Jr.Profile.November 2013.Final.doc


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Andrew Williams Jr.Profile.November 2013.Final.doc

Andrew Williams Jr.Profile.November 2013.Final.doc

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Andrew Williams Jr., Founder of Personalized Advertising Representatives' eXport Trading Company ( and Wilcomnet, LLC employs new media and social media campaigns to effect real world change through strategic planning and collaborative teamwork, locally and globally 2013-2020. Developing and Managing Strategic Alliances Globally Wilcomnet, LLC has spent the past few years building an international network of CEOs, academics, celebrity humanitarians, technologists and activists to deliver local entrepreneurship, vocational training and economic development solutions for youth and adults through collaborative clean technology arts and technology sourced globally. Andrew Williams Jr. Research and Development Determine current needs and resources; goals and objectives; budget and timetable for the individual and overall operation. Surveys, studies, analyses, reports, etc. Information Management The development and application of corporate/non-profit/ entrepreneurial philosophy, marketing targets and opportunities; streamlined operational guidelines; and the coordination of all communications instruments, programs, and systems being used in English and other languages. Procurement Support Development, coordination and administration of procurement programs, impacting all aspects of marketing communications: operations, sales promotions, publicity and personal selling. Marketing Plans for Expanding Businesses Design, development and administration of multi-lingual, multi-cultural marketing programs to accomplish mission-critical and time-sensitive strategies, tactics and project-specific objectives. Project Management Review proposals, develop account requirements and procedures; coordinate tasks for multidimensional projects. Drafting, merging, and administration of editorial, legal and promotional documents from multiple authors/sources. Publicity & Public Relations The production and supervision of communications material, programs and campaigns; newsletters, magazines, newspapers, press and news releases; print and broadcast appearances; interviews; direct mail campaigns and programs; audio/video taping and duplication; photography; employee manuals, etc. Desktop Publishing and Manuscript Proofreading and Editing The production and supervision of communications material, programs and campaigns; newsletters, magazines, newspapers, press and news releases; print and broadcast appearances; interviews; direct mail campaigns and programs; photography, etc. Skype: Andrew.Williams.Jr * * +1-424-222-1997 * Twitter: AWilliamsJr
  • 2. ANDREW WILLIAMS JR. FACEBOOK ADMINISTRATOR Andrew Williams Jr. Ambassador Andrew Williams Jr. Andrew Williams Jr is now working through new media and social networks to promote "people’s diplomacy" and citizen journalism to advocate United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, Sustainable Development Goals in compliance with the UN Global Compact Conversations with Andrew Williams Jr Conversations with an international network of CEOs, academics and activists that impact the Millennium Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals for Africa, the Diaspora and the Earth Friends of the African Union Bermuda-Americas Bureau FAU Bermuda-Americas will work with the allied peoples of the African Diaspora in and through Bermuda who support Hershel Daniels, CEO, Friends of the African Union ( AJ Action Team - Unity in the Community World Vibe A voluntary committee of activists, artists and executives committed to the creation of a universal goodwill mascot named "AJ the Little Gombey" who represents "Unity in the Community World Vibe, Fighting With Peace and Not For It". Bermuda Cultural Ambassador AJ Gombey Unity in the Community World Vibe AJ Ambassadors aim to strengthen mutual understanding between various cultures in Bermuda and globally, to make a positive social impact AJ Island Bermuda Welcome to "AJ Island"...a unique place where ordinary people like you and I can do extraordinary things AJ Travel Center AJ Travel Center empowers eco-travel, trade and tourism to create unity in the community on a one world vibe by fighting with peace not for it to build cultural appreciation among all peoples The Friends of Los AnGeles ThiS iS A CreAtive enGine thAt drives innOvAtion and DeSirable trAnSfOrmAtiOn fr... AmeriCan... Yes We Are...BiG BuSineSs! "A GreAt teAm Of Spirited PeOple cAn AChieVe extraOrDinAry reSultS. nOw iS A fi...
  • 3. STRATEGIC ALLIANCES Professor Marcela Oliva, Architect Using latest digital fabrication and rapid prototype the students and paid interns from local talent service local needs as they compete in the global market to design and build Affordable Housing, Alternative Energy, Agriculture, Communications,, Water, Transportation, Solar and Electric Vehicle solutions. Les Hamasaki, CEO The Cleantech Institute is the first Approved and Eligible Training Provider by the State of California for the following training programs:  Certified Electric Vehicle Technician (CEVT) training program  Certified Photovoltaic Systems Specilalist (CPVS)  Certified Nanotech & Cleantech Professional (CNCP) . Hershel Daniels, CEO, McGraw Daniels Hargrove Engineering, LLC is the main engineering group chosen by McGraw Daniels, LLC [MDi] to lead the technical section of the Coalition to Erase the Digital Divide. The Coalition plans operations in 25 cities, 20 states and 5 Native American tribes with the goal of creating gigabyte pipes into to 100 million American homes by 2020 Dennis Matthews, CEO The LCE Black Box offers its Internet Pay-Per-View Live Streaming Services to clients wishing to reach large audiences in the quickest and most effective way. Our unique Pay Per View capabilities allow you to generate income on a revenue share basis. Ancillary income for your Producing, Marketing and Promotional dollars and efforts. Fabio Sipolino, CEO The purpose of Financial Polis is to recover the original capacity of men to share and exchange 's intelligence to solve problems. Financial History of Polis, Sipolino arrives to explain how people can interact via the New Technologies without knowing people can enter deeply communicate and exchange their knowledge to solve problems people. William N. Byers, CEO / A full service, professional video production company that help guide a client from concept to execution. Professional, Broadcast, or High Definition video. In addition to providing turnkey productions, Explorer Studios also provides professional on-location production services across the country and around the world. Tomas Pavon, CEO After so many years with internet at home and at work, the idea of this Project is to create a university news site, a university social network, with the purpose of uniting and combining several ideas and experiences from different people and universities among a population with more than 100.000 universities from all over the world. 1820 West Florence Avenue, Unit 148 * Los Angeles, California 90047 * USA Skype: Andrew.Williams.Jr * * +1-424-222-1997 * Twitter: AWilliamsJr
  • 4. WILCOMNET, LLC CURRENT PROJECTS International Coordinator for the Bermuda Sanctum Think Tank SANCTUM is creating greater social cohesion across Bermuda by promoting the values of unity in the community and fighting with peace, not for it. SANCTUM is conducting a combination of community-based programs, research, and unifying events that engage the community, incorporate all points of view, bring groups together, and will lead to improved social policy and decision making. Bermuda-CARICOM Urban Tech Fair Director The Urban Tech Fair is the brainchild of Software Developer, Publisher, and Blogger Jim Neusom, more commonly known as the Digital Drummer. UTF merges his community and small business advocacy, wealth of connections, and technology experience into purpose and outcome driven activity. Liaison with Jackson Hamiter Conversatons with Andrew Williams Jr and Catherine Francis Conversations with an international network of CEOs, academics and activists that impact the Millennium Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals for Africa, the Diaspora and the Earth Liaison with Catherine Francis Bridge the Tech Gap Los Angeles Area International Black Chamber of Commerce The Chamber is helping businesses go global. Get the “competitive edge” as part of our international chapter. The chamber is supporting local business through e-commerce, black meetings and tourism, advertisements, and B2B services and ventures to our international affiliates in Canada, Asia, Africa, The Caribbean, South America, Europe, and Asia-OceaniaAsia-Pacific Islands. Supporting Education, Health, Real Estate, Entertainment, Technology, multinational multimedia and Metropolitan Service Markets. Liaison with CEO Alicia Hamilton http/// / The Revelation Network’s global communications center provides individuals, ministries, churches, and organizations with the resources and technologies necessary to stay in touch, reach out and grow. Simon U. Ford Social Traffic USA Social Traffic is dedicated to helping companies drive more traffic to their sites using social media. Consultation, marketing plans, training videos, workbooks, implementation services, you name it - it is a single source for all your new media knowledge and inquiries. Liaison with Matt Fok, CEO is the first to marry virtual event platform, learning management system, email marketing campaign into a single application that is driven by a powerful marketing automation engine.