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AJ island Bermuda mini tv series 2011
AJ island Bermuda mini tv series 2011
AJ island Bermuda mini tv series 2011
AJ island Bermuda mini tv series 2011
AJ island Bermuda mini tv series 2011
AJ island Bermuda mini tv series 2011
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AJ island Bermuda mini tv series 2011


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AJ island Bermuda mini tv series 2011 …

AJ island Bermuda mini tv series 2011
Andrew Williams Jr
Mobile: +1-424-222-1997
Skype: andrew.williams.jr

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  • 1. Introducing the Global Business Incubation Strategies of
  • 2. Presented byAJ ISLANDAJ Island is the proposed venue for a virtual-reality scenario motion picture (SMP)campaign to be based in Bermuda that will be driven by carbon-neutral policies andpractices that will help its stakeholders to fulfill the UN Millennium DevelopmentGoals of poverty elimination around the world.Like the Magic Kingdom in Disney World, AJ Island will embody the ethos of anentertainment industry studio sound stage that is also a theme park. But unlike theMagic Kingdom, AJ Island is dedicated to the twin concepts that "small is beautiful"and that "truth is stranger than fiction".At AJ Island, we will use a pristine, immersive, natural island setting to design aworld class "eco-studio" that will be the springboard for a range of SMPdocumentaries showing how Bermudas uniquely gifted social history can transformthe global discussion about sustainable development.KAT KING PRODUCTIONSKat King Productions (Kat King) is the local promoter of AJ Island, led by Duvall"Dagga" Spencer. Kat King uses iconic imaging, storytelling and folklore to capturethe imagination of the audience and then engages "appreciative inquiry" to createbridge the gap between creativity and problem-solving.
  • 3. AJ THE LITTLE GOMBEYKat King has created a community mascot named "AJ the Little Gombey" tosymbolize "unity in the community". This mascot uses Gombey culture to show howAfrican, European and Native American cultures can be combined to create anentirely new mode of expression that is universal in scope. "AJ Island" is named afterthis icon to set the stage for the emergence of AJ in a multimedia environment.THE AJ ACTION TEAMKat King has created an "AJ Action Team" to lead the "AJ Island" project. The AJAction Team is a group of entrepreneurs, humanitarians, civil rights activists, peaceambassadors, film makers, performers and artists who have come together to findworking solutions to some of the worlds social and economic problems usingcelebrity, technology, charity, social media and art, to progress the U.N. MillenniumDevelopment Goals 2015.The AJ Action Team is specifically set up to work in and from Bermuda as our centralhub to the world. Africa is the universally acknowledged priority in reversing poverty,but racial barriers inhibit the responsiveness of dominant institutions. We aim to usethe spiritual closure provided by the UN Recognized Middle Passage MonumentProject in international waters near Bermuda tobreak the racial stalemate and focus on solutions.WHY BERMUDA?The AJ Action Team brings a global perspective to the AJ Island Project. Thefollowing reasons have been agreed by team members as the basis for prioritizingthe Bermuda strategy: • The AJ Action team is looking at global solutions that work locally. Solutions that everyday people can see working for them. Bermuda is small enough for us to implement many of our groundbreaking ideas and broadcast them to the entire world. It’s mixed and diverse population mirrors many large urban populations like NY, London, Paris who are experiencing urban violence, social unrest and other social and civil issues amongst their populace. Bermuda is now beginning to experience the same sort of unrest. • Bermuda is one of the earliest established and longest surviving forms of English constitutional self government in the Western Hemisphere, having a 400 year parliamentary tradition (established in 1612) that survived the disruption of the 1707 Acts of Union in Great Britain, the American Revolution and the decolonization era. This means that what is achieved there is achieved under a system of government that many western governments understand and trust and cannot dismiss. • Bermuda was settled by English Adventurers to establish a foothold for a "Western Empire" that would compete for prestige with dominant European powers. Over time, Bermuda has evolved into a cosmopolitan island city state with the capacity to be a bastion of social reconciliation, peace building and creative capitalism for all peoples. • Bermuda is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom with a restrictive observer status at most levels of international diplomacy. This rare status
  • 4. enables Bermuda to operate as a strategic "outlier" of "super diplomacy" where individual integrity brings balance to the traditional pragmatics of comparative advantage. • Bermudas unique balance of natural, technological and human factors has enabled its people to enjoy one of the wealthiest per capita income economies in the world. This unique wealth profile can be leveraged into parallel markets for risk transfer, knowledge management and ecommerce solutions with a high degree of flexibility, agility and efficiency compared to its closest competitors. • Bermuda is still an undiscovered island for most people in the West, but there is a universal interest in the infamous "Bermuda triangle" that has been glamorized by Hollywood since the 1950s. This notoriety can be tapped into by entertainment industry players to create a "parallel universe" in popular imagination that facilitates new ideas about creativity and storytelling. The AJ Island project that can "suspend disbelief" while also inspiring the audience to attain far reaching goals such as the elimination of poverty.WHAT DO WE AIM TO ACHIEVE? • There are several goals that the AJ Action team wishes to achieve that will have far reaching effects globally. We have highlighted the role that TeleVillages and Domes can play to help the people of Haiti who need housing after the earthquake. However, many Bermudians also need alternative affordable housing. By setting up a special Dome village in Bermuda we hope to establish a hub from which we can deliver these domes to the people in Haiti and all over the world that need them urgently while at the same time providing Domes for homes for the people of Bermuda. Our current goal is to situate a model TeleVillage at Higgs Island in St Georges that will be an example for other island communities. • Our aim is not just to provide Domes but to teach people worldwide how they can live in greener way using solar power, waste management etc. The Domes can be used as learning centers, hospitals, nursery’s etc. They can also be used as media hubs and we intend to set up a Dome Televillage that will broadcast worldwide from Bermuda. Using our celebrity Icon (Chinese star) Ayi Jihu we shall attract the eyes of the worldwide media and other stars and celebrities to our domes and Bermuda. • The AJ Action Team intends to work with local heroes, artists, civil leaders and people to engage the youth and people of Bermuda through social media, music, film and dance. Helping to put Bermuda on the international map for more than its beaches and shorts, but for its culture, music, art and history. • The AJ Action Team would call our approach an "eco industry" model rather than an "eco tourism" model because the green technology at our disposal is needed by permanent/transient residents at the moment, more than tourists. We are also using the technology to introduce new self employment skills in both the physical and knowledge industries. We aim to show how these can and will work using Bermuda and therefore be able to take these working solutions global.HOW WILL WE ACHIEVE OUR GOALS?
  • 5. The AJ Action Team has a working relationship with Spanish Town Entertainment tocreate a master plan for Bermuda based on the legacy of "unity in the community"that originated with the Bermuda International CultureFest.In addition, we are partnering with a US based organization called "A Partnership forPeace" to focus on eco industry events year round, beginning with the July 2 4Festival of Hope, and spiking with the B2B Celebration For Peace Global AwardsCeremony to be held on October 31, 2010 2020, including a Mega dome seating atleast 500 guests.Commencing July 25th Ayi Jihu (China’s No.1 International R&B Star) FAAVMInternational Goodwill Ambassador and Sun Earth Energy Special Envoy will arrive inBermuda along with other members of the AJ Action team to spend time on theground working with the people, artists, business and government to start focusingthe eyes not just of the Western world but of the whole world on Bermuda.Ayi Jihu’s BBC interview has already started the ball rolling. (see with her press release/blog( the next prominent black voicechinese ayi jihu)This has already begun turning the eyes of the world towards Bermuda and theissues The AJ Action Team wish to highlight. Working with FAAVM, Ayi Jihu and usingsocial Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace where we have thecapacity to reach millions of people worldwide.