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Africa Rising 2009 updated_annual_report Africa Rising 2009 updated_annual_report Document Transcript

  • MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR Dear Friends of Africa Rising, 2009 was a pivotal year in the growth of Africa Rising. We expanded to partner with a total of 14 grassroots African organizations and added the first US staff person, which greatly increased our capacity. Our focus continued to be on learning about the dreams and capabilities our partners currently possess as well as the challenges they face through visits, email communications, and building long-term relationships. Africa Rising exists because we believe in the globally transformative power of the grassroots African organizations we serve. This work includes bringing hope to women living with HIV/AIDS, reducing the number of children living on the streets, assisting caregivers of orphaned and vulnerable children, transforming a war-affected community, resettling internally displaced people, and the list goes on. The work our partners do every day has life changing results for individuals and communities including winning legal battles for women’s property rights, generating income for HIV positive parents, placing street children in permanent homes, publishing new African writers, providing excellent education to orphans, and again the list goes on. We also believe in the power of connecting people. We can do more together than we could ever do alone. One result of better connections is solving problems smarter, faster, and better on the individual, organizational, and community level. To this end Africa Rising is starting with our 14 unconnected partners and weaving a network that continually creates new possibilities and connections. Amber Dunn I hope you will read on to find out more about how Africa Rising is weaving a network to promote African Answers and Global Partnerships. Sincerely, Amber Dunn Executive Director Starting Point: Fragmented Network End Goal: Interwoven, Expanding Network
  • OUR APPROACH Africa Rising works for: African Answers: Solutions developed by Africans for challenges facing their communities Global Partnerships: A global community of change makers who work alongside Africans to see them thrive on their own terms We do this by: Building Relationships Extending Networks Facilitating Exchanges Enabling Growth
  • BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS- 2009 AFRICA RISING PARTNERS # Name # Name 1 Childreach Africa 8 Amani Children’s Home 2 Concerned Parents Assoc. 9 Center for Research, Education Enhancement, and Development in Africa 3 Millenium School 10 Women’s Emancipation and Development Agency 4 Shalom City 11 Kwani Trust 5 Beacon of Hope 12 National Community of Women Living with AIDS 6 Tumani Women’s Integration Program 13 African Leadership and Reconcilliation Ministires 7 African Economic Foundation 14 The Family Alliance for Development and Cooperation Tanzania Uganda Kenya 1 12 9 2 3 10 8 4 7 5 11 6 13 14
  • BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS  In 2009 Mary and Amber stayed in phone and email contact with our partners. They were available for consultation to staff, Board members, and founders of the different organizations.  In East Africa, Mary was able to spend time hands-on learning about the day to day work of our partners by participating in their activities. She lent capacity and needed skills through documentation for both Beacon of Hope and Kwani. She helped start a catalogued reference library for Kwani. She also worked on profile photos and stories TULIP girls to help in education for sponsorships. She made many other visits throughout the year.  Mary also took trips to WOMEDA, FADECO, and CREED to vet them before recommending them for partnership to the Africa Rising board. She recorded stories of beneficiaries who have received legal advice from WOMEDA and attended broadcasts about social issues by Radio FADECO.  Amber spent significant time with Catherine Piwang, the director of Childreach Africa on a US visit and with the founder of the African Economic Foundation, Dr. Philip Mwalali, who lives in North Carolina. Mary Muhara, African Rising East Africa Liaison Africa Rising maintains a close and dynamic relationship with each of our partners enabling us to stay connected to their needs and assets. These relationships are the foundation of everything we do with and for our partners. Mary in Kilisa Village with African Economic Foundation observing the biogas production plant Mary at a community event hosted by Radio FADECO
  • EXTENDING NETWORKS Africa Rising creates new possibilities and opens doors for mutually beneficial relationships for our partners. Our partners benefit from:  Exposure through Africa Rising’s website  Articles in national magazines about Africa Rising  Contacts through Africa Rising’s website that lead to introductions  Presentations to local groups, colleges, and churches in the US  Networking Meetings in East Africa The first annual Africa Rising Networking meeting was held in Nairobi, Kenya in July 2009. It was the first time our partner organizations met face to face. (Africa Rising Networking Meeting, left and below) Leaders from the African organizations learned from one another and shared their knowledge through interactions at the networking meeting. They shared valuable insights with one another and with Africa Rising about the benefits they were seeking from Africa Rising.
  • FACILITATING EXCHANGES  Africa Rising helps by building trust between individuals or organizations in the network that want to connect.  Misconceptions of Africans and their needs have led to frustrations in the past when our partners have interacted with Westerners. Africa Rising helps prevent these negative interactions.  To promote mutually beneficial relationships, Africa Rising has developed guidelines on cross-cultural visits, photography ethics, and exchanging money.  Africa Rising also facilitates learning exchanges among our partners to share successful strategies and to benefit others in overcoming challenges. A healing retreat organized by two Africa Rising partners Africa Rising promotes positive interactions for people connecting with African organizations.
  • ENABLING GROWTH Growth and areas for development are defined by our partners and their dreams. Each Africa Rising partner is introducing unique solutions to the challenges facing their communities. Through continued growth, they can serve more people through HIV advocacy, education, economic empowerment, legal advice, and many other serviced provided each day. Here are just a few examples of some of the dreams for growth held by Africa Rising partners: When people are better connected, they dream with greater courage, they share their assets with greater generosity, and they innovate with greater resourcefulness. –Jack Ricchiuto, Author and Network Weaver The main way Africa Rising enables growth is through connecting people. We are working to connect AEF Kilisa, Millennium School and other partners to people who will help them grow. We do this because we believe: A young boy in Kilisa collects mangoes from an abundant harvest. Villagers in Kilisa are dreaming of starting a fruit processing plant to generate income from their fruit trees. Students at Millennium School receive an excellent education, despite the challenges of cramped quarters. The staff of Millennium School is dreaming of expanding their classrooms and boarding facilities to enable more orphans to attend school.
  • FINANCIAL REPORT Statement of Financial Position 12/31/2009 Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents $ 35,555 Total Assets $ 35,555 Liabilities Grants Payable to African Organizations $ 9,588 Accured Payroll $ 1,113 Total Liabilities $ 10,700 Net Assets $ 24,855 Statement of Activities for Year Ending 12/31/2009 Revenue Contributions, gifts, grants, and similar amounts received $ 31,620 Gross Profit from sales of inventory $ 215 Total Support and Revenue $ 31,841 Expenses Personnel Expenses $ 19,538 Grants Paid to African Organizations $ 12,801 Operating Expenses $ 1,423 Program Expenses- Annual Gathering and Vetting $ 2,596 Fundraising Expenses $ 44 Software $ 558 Conferences and Prof. Development $ 765 Total Expenses $ 37,725 Change in Net Assets $ (5,884)
  • 2009 SPECIAL THANKS Staff Mary Muhara (East African Liaison) Amber Dunn (Executive Director, US) Board of Directors Jim Dobbins Amber Dunn Mamie Harris Christopher Kimono Elsa Mugyenzi Jenny Nicholson (Secretary) Bill Stevenson Gayle Thomas (Treasurer) Jim Thomas (Founder and President) Special Thanks: East Africa: Thank you to all the African leaders for your inspired service and for allowing us the privilege of working alongside you: Jane Wathome, Rosemary Njonjo & Judy Ilere - Beacon of Hope Mr & Mrs. Mureithi & Lorna Mpaayei , Mercy Mahianini- Tulip Pastor Faith Mugera - Nairobi Chapel IDP Program Phillip Mwalali,Tom Nzibe & Francis Koti - AEF/KVDC Valerie Todd & Rogasian Massue - Amani Children’s Home Sylvia Opinia & Antony Kerwegi - CPA Agnes Apea, Ivan Kintu, Patrick Oloya & Emmanuel Ametto - NACWOLA Margaret Musoke - Millennium School Catherine Piwang' – Childreach Jane and Clement Otai- CREED Africa Angela Wachuka & Wambui Thuku - Kwani Trust Ivan Kintu & Patrick Oloya- NACWOLA Peter Kariuki- Shalom City Juma Masisi- WOMEDA Sekiku Joseph- FADECO US: James Dillard & Nourish International iContact New Fangled Web Development And Thank You to our financial supporters who make our work possible!