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Libertine consultants

  1. 1. WebsiteWebsite Email IdEmail Id Call Us :- +27 (021) 949 2211 Website:- Email:-
  2. 2. About Libertine ConsultantsAbout Libertine Consultants Come to Libertine Consultants for FREE debt counselling from our qualified debt advisors on Debt Consolidation. Debt Consolidation with one lower affordable monthly payment. Debt Counselling in Cape Town. Debt Consolidation will help you get back on track with your Debt. Debt counselling [debt review] is a form of debt consolidation in that one payment is made for all creditors, but it is not a loan. The Company is a registered close corporation with registration number 2008/148827/23. We are also registered with the National Credit Regulator under registration number NCRDC592. There are two members of the company, namely Julie Duminy and Kim Armfield. Website:- Email:-
  3. 3. Our ServicesOur Services Libertine Consultants debt management team consist of the expert members skilled in their fields in the Western Cape.We provide following beneficial services to our clients like:- Debt ConsolidationDebt Consolidation Debt Management TeamDebt Management Team Debt CounsellingDebt Counselling Voluntary DistributionVoluntary Distribution SequestrationsSequestrations Website:- Email:-
  4. 4. Seeking Professional Assistance on DebtSeeking Professional Assistance on Debt ConsolidationConsolidation No one likes being in debt but when one finds himself in that situation, it is crucial to take the necessary corrective measures to ease the impending challenges to the situation. There are many ways to consider when faced with a debt issue. It is no longer important to consider why it happened but how to resolve the situation as amicably as possible to the involved parties. Consolidation option One of the best corrective measures to tackle a debt issue is to apply a structured debt consolidation plan. Website:- Email:-
  5. 5. The Important Role of Debt CounsellorsThe Important Role of Debt Counsellors Although many consumers who find themselves in debt may not want others to know of their problem, the best resolution is to seek out competent debt counsellors who are able to provide plausible solutions. Professional services A qualified and experienced debt counsellor can offer a host of relief to the debtor regardless of the debt size. A debt counsellor plays an important role in assisting the debtor in reducing, if not eliminate, the debt incurred. A debtor needs to seek a qualified, experienced and capable debt counsellor who is friendly and professional in recommending the best of debt resolution options. Website:- Email:-
  6. 6. Impactful Services from Professional DebtImpactful Services from Professional Debt ConsultantsConsultants It can be quite a scary experience when one is found to be in heavy debt without any qualified assistance. Hence, any debtor should consider hiring the professional assistance of qualified and experienced debt consultants who are trained and well versed with the legal issues and best measures in handling debt troubles. Various roles A debt consultant is a highly qualified professional who is familiar with finances, financial management, legal issues, debt conditions and consequences of debt woes. Website:- Email:-
  7. 7. Website:- Email:- Different Methods to Consolidate DebtsDifferent Methods to Consolidate Debts The fluctuating economy is causing a host of headaches and heartaches on consumers and business owners; many of whom are besieged with debt issues. Such parties must learn to identify the different available methods or measures in consolidating their debt to curb its increase. Variety of measures The simplest of measures in debt consolidation exercises is to consolidate all debts into one lump sum with a lower monthly repayment that is affordable. This would give the debtor a breathing space in handling a small repayment than to be swamped with multiple repayments and in huge amounts for which there are insufficient funds to cover.
  8. 8. Website:- Email:- An Important First Step towards DebtAn Important First Step towards Debt ResolutionResolution Debt review is also known as debt counseling which is a common action plan adopted by debtors through professional assistance. Debt review is an effective debt consolidation measure with an affordable monthly payment made to the creditors. Effective process Debtors who cannot handle their volume of debt can seek out professional debt consultants who would conduct a thorough debt review exercise on their behalf to ascertain the situation.
  9. 9. Website:- Email:- Consolidation LoansConsolidation Loans A good debt review offer campaigns against a consolidation loan as a plausible debt resolution option although it is one measure of reducing debt to current creditors quickly. Consumers in debt may want a ‘quick fix’ solution on their debt without incurring further embarrassment by taking out a consolidation loan which differs from debt consolidation methods. A consolidation loan would seem to be an attractive solution in settling existing debts but there is interest incurred. The consumer must realize and compute the actual amount of interests to be settled in a consolidation loan which may impute more debt to their account.
  10. 10. Website:- Email:- Various Aspects of Debt CounsellingVarious Aspects of Debt Counselling Consumers who are in debt should seek professional debt counseling as quickly as possible before their financial woes escalate to an insurmountable condition. There is a myriad of effective professional and quick debt clearance solutions in the market which consumers can consider to resolve their debt situation. Clearing debt Debtors need to have professional debt counsellors or debt consultants at their side to advice and act on their behalf in resolving their debt issues. Consumers in debt tend to be harassed by creditors to feel pressured. They may not be to act rationally where their may be unsound and unbenefical.
  11. 11. Website:- Email:- Counselling sessionsCounselling sessions Before a viable debt resolution can be formulated for action, it is recommended that the consumer personally consult with the debt consultant instead of doing it over the phone or on-line. Such a consultation should last approximately one hour (and remember that you are not charged for the consultation itself and charges only become relevant if you decide to sign up for debt counselling or any other debt product on the market). These debt counselling sessions are necessary and useful in evaluating the precise financial condition of the debtors as well as their mental condition. When the mentality and emotions of the debtor are stable, the debtor would be counselled on the best forms of resolving their debt.
  12. 12. Website:- Email:- Contact UsContact Us Libertine Consultants 7 Voortrekker Road Bellville, Western Cape, South Africa 7530 Call us:- +27 (21) 949 2211 Fax: 0866 90 66 24 / +27 (21) 949 1156 E-mail:-