Consolidation of Debt


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Come to Libertine Consultants for FREE debt counselling from our qualified debt advisors on Debt Consolidation.

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Consolidation of Debt

  1. 1. WebsiteWebsite Email IdEmail Id Website:- Email
  2. 2. About UsAbout Us Libertine Consultants is a highly professional and effective company. The Company is a registered close corporation with registration number 2008/148827/23. We are also registered with the National Credit Regulator under registration number NCRDC592. There are two members of the company, namely Julie Duminy and Kim Armfield. Julie Duminy is the head of Client Liaison. Julie was a Micro-Finance Agent with the Land Bank for a number of years and also held workshops to train and eductate people in budgeting and saving. Julie remained in the financial industry after leaving Land Bank and continued to market products to assist the financially overburdened. Website:- Email
  3. 3. Our ServicesOur Services Debt Consolidation Debt Counselling Business Rescue & Turnaround Debt Solutions Consolidation Loans Credit Clearance Website:- Email
  4. 4. Debt ConsolidationDebt Consolidation Debt Consolidation with one lower affordable monthly payment. Debt Counselling in Cape Town. Debt Consolidation will help you get back on track with your Debt. There is a plethora of debt solutions in the market to suit the different preferences of debtors although a lot of choices depend on the amount of debt and the debtors’ attitude. There is really no ‘quick fix’ to a debt problem as there are various factors at play that may suck the debtor into a deeper pit.A consolidation loan has a plethora of fees and costs from service charges and miscellaneous administration duties that rob the debtor of excess funds. Hence, a consolidation loan is not a viable solution to those who want to pay off their debt efficiently. Website:- Email
  5. 5. Debt CounsellingDebt Counselling Debt counselling [debt review] is a form of debt consolidation in that the Debt Counsellor will assess the Consumers application and determine whether or not the Consumer is over-indebted. Generally speaking, a Consumer is over-indebted if the amount that he has left, after deducting his expenses from his nett income, is insufficient to cover all the required monthly payments of creditors. The Debt Counsellor then draws a payment schedule in which he makes an offer to each Creditor. More specifically, the Debt Counsellor will take the amount that the Consumer will have available. Website:- Email Email
  6. 6. Business Rescue & TurnaroundBusiness Rescue & Turnaround Business rescue was introduced by Chapter 6 of the Companies Act, 71 of 2008, as an alternative to judicial management and liquidation of a company. It is a measure that should be adopted before the close corporation or company is factually insolvent, as any proposed business plan must in practice envisage the rescue and turnaround of the business. As it can be a costly exercise to rescue a business, it is more ideally suited for a company as opposed to a close corporation. It is furthermore our experience that in many cases, the owner of a business simply needs an objective viewpoint on how to re-assess the current business practices, expenses and employment contracts. Website:- Email
  7. 7. Debt SolutionsDebt Solutions The following is real life situations that we have encountered in our business, with a view to sharing with you situations to avoid, or encourage you, or to give you an insight into what we do. For reasons of privacy, we have not mentioned the real names of the individuals, but what Debt Solution helped them. May a Debt Counsellor Reduce Interest Rates? When a consumer is asked what their interest rate on a loan is, they very seldom know. What they know at the time of taking out the loan is that they want, or need, the funds and they barely glance at the quotation that is given them. Website:- Email
  8. 8. Consolidation LoansConsolidation Loans There are many consumers who want a 'quick fix' and who believe that a consolidation loan. A consolidation loan may well be attractive in that it settles existing loans in the first instance, the consumer does not realize that they are actually paying interest on interest. The consumer already has loans and accounts on which interest has accrued and taking a consolidation loan is financing all the interest that has already been paid, or has accrued, on all the other loans and accounts.The consumer is effectively throwing money away on further interest. Staying on the issue of interest, most (if not all) of these loans carry a high amount of interest, especially if the total value of the loan is high. The instalment that the consumer has to pay back very often is mostly interest, until the capital starts reducing. Website:- Email
  9. 9. Credit ClearanceCredit Clearance This is the clearing of court Judgments in order to rehabilitate your credit record or having adverse listings lifted from your account. A judgment is a court order that is granted (in your absence) after summons has been served on you and where you have not defended the action or made suitable arrangements. As it is a court order that has been granted by a court, it has to be set aside by the same court in order for it to be removed from the record of the credit bureau. Website:- Email
  10. 10. Contact UsContact Us Libertine Consultants 7 Voortrekker Road Bellville, Western Cape, South Africa 7530 Phone: +27 (021) 949 2211 f: 0866 90 66 24 / +27 (21) 949 1156 e: Website:- Email