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Flip Your Instruction Presentation Transcript

  • 1. http:/ /steinman.me/fyi Flip Your Instruction Presented by Andrew Steinman
  • 2. http:/ /steinman.me/fyi
  • 3. About the Presenter • Educational Technology Consultant at Kent ISD • MSU Graduate (x2) • Amateur Cat Trainer andrewsteinman@kentisd.org
  • 4. Goals for Today • Learn about the flipped classroom model • Learn how to create instructional videos • Practice making a video
  • 5. Flip Your Instruction Goal 1: Learn about the flipped classroom model
  • 6. Introduction to Flipped Learning http://youtu.be/iQWvc6qhTds
  • 7. The Flipped Classroom in Kent • Click on each image to watch the video Also take a look at http://flippedhighschool.com
  • 8. Flipping Your Classroom When flipping your classroom, there should be one question that guides the transformation of your classroom: ! “Where in the learning cycle do my students most need me face-to-face?” *Quote from Jonathan Bergmann
  • 9. Flipped Classroom Benefits • Differentiation • Ability to talk to every kid, in every class, everyday • More time for engaging activities and assessment • No Gaps • No Place to Hide *Benefits identified by Jonathan Bergmann
  • 10. Flipped Classroom Myths • Flipped Learning Relies on Videos • Flipped Learning Relies on Homework • Flipped Learning Creates a Digital Divide • Flipped Learning Propagates Bad Teaching (Lectures) *Myths identified by Jonathan Bergmann
  • 11. Versions of the Flip Flipped Classroom 101 ! Flipped Classroom 102 ! Flipped Classroom 201
  • 12. Flipped Classroom 101 • Teacher creates online lesson • Students watch lesson at home • Students practice lesson material in class with teacher support
  • 13. Flipped Classroom 102 • Teacher creates online lesson • Students watch lesson in class • Student practice lesson material in class
  • 14. Flipped Classroom 201 • Teacher creates online lessons • Teacher sets up different stations in classroom for learning, practice, and assessment • Students move at their own pace for learning, practice, and assessment • Focuses on mastery learning
  • 15. Where do you start? Start with what is the most comfortable to you “You don't flip a class. You flip a lesson.” *Quote from Jonathan Bergmann
  • 16. 3 Key Elements for Success • Quality Instructional Videos • Engaging Class Activities • Robust Assessments P *Key elements identified by Jonathan Bergmann
  • 17. Flipped Lesson Ideas Think about a possible lesson that you could easily ‘flip’. Share your ‘flipped’ lesson idea with the person sitting next to you.
  • 18. Flip Your Instruction Goal 2: Learn how to create instructional videos
  • 19. Tips for Creating Videos • Keep it Short • Work With a Partner • Make it Entertaining • Add humor, annotations, zooms, and video clips • Don't Waste Your Students' Time • Picture in Picture • Audio is more important than video *Tips identified by Jonathan Bergmann
  • 20. Source of Instructional Videos With so many videos out there, do I need to make my own ‘flipped’ videos? ! The answer: Yes and No J
  • 21. Video Creation Tools: Computer 5min ree: F Snagit : 15min Free PC: $179 / Mac: $99
  • 22. Computer Tablet $70 $35 Cheaper Alternative
  • 23. Remote Desktop Tools $4.9 9 Free Remote Desktop $19 .99 Whiteboard $35 ? Doceri LogMeIn
  • 24. Video Creation Tools: iPad Free ShowMe Free Educreations $2.9 9 Explain Everything Free ScreenChomp Free Knowmia Teach
  • 25. Annotate Video: iPad Free Ubersense $4.9 9 Coach’s Eye
  • 26. Pencasting 95 9. 2 $1 Free Livescribe
 Smartpen Pencast Player 15% off
  • 27. Which Tool to Use? Think about a tool you could use to create ’flipped’ videos and discuss with the person next to you why you would use this tool.
  • 28. Flip Your Instruction Goal 3: Practice making a video
  • 29. Video Creation Time Using your new understanding of the flipped classroom model, along with your toolbox, practice creating a ‘flipped’ video that you could use with your students.
  • 30. Flip Your Instruction Goal 3.5: Miscellaneous
  • 31. Creating an Online Presence Edify
  • 32. Create Accountability Click here to see
 entire form
  • 33. Additional Resources
  • 34. It’s Not About the Videos Remember, the flipped classroom model is not about the videos. It’s about what is happening in the classroom. C
  • 35. Flipping Steps • Select a lesson to flip • Design your flipped lesson • Create a video or online learning module • Don’t flip out
  • 36. Andrew Steinman Educational Technology Consultant
 at the Kent ISD andrewsteinman@kentisd.org ! @steinman