How to choose a book in a library


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How to choose a book in a library

  1. 1. How to Choose a Book in a Library
  2. 2. Every person in the world knows what a book is. Books are made to give knowledge and different information for every reader. If you want to know or learn a certain thing or subject, you should read book. In school, students are given different types of books to help them on their study. Teachers in school also use books to teach their students new things. You can buy books in some book store. If you want to buy interesting books, you should see the bestmuch time Most people are spending too selling books online. If you know how to they finish reading books definitely understand the book before read properly, you will because that you will read andother words that they don’t understand you can quickly finish it. they read. You can also go into a library if you want to read books. There are times that when you are already in the library, you spend too much time standing and thinking what kind of book you will choose. In order for you to choose a book quickly, read the
  3. 3. Here are some Tips on How to choose a Book in a Library
  4. 4. Stay calm When you are already in the library and you are in front of the book shelf. You will sure be confused on choosing the book that you want. You definitely read a lot of interesting books in the past that’s why you are having a hard time choosing. All you need to do is stay calm and don’t panic. Choose the book that you really like most. You don’t need to borrow multiple books in an instant, besides; you can’t finish reading lots of book in one day especially if you have other things to do. You can still return to the library and borrow other books that
  5. 5. Read something new When you go into a library and you don’t know what book to choose, you can bring a friend with you. In that way, your friend can help you to choose a book that will suit you especially if your friend knows you very well and it knows what you like. You can also ask the librarian the type of book or the genre that you are looking for. It will be easier for you to choose a book if the library has the list of the entire book. For example, you are looking for funny books, check in the list all the funny books. You can also see in the list the entire book
  6. 6. Look with the librarian You can also take the librarian with you when you are choosing a book. For example, you can ask the librarian where the funny books are, then take the librarian with you and ask him/her if he/she has something to recommend to you. If the librarian recommends something, pick it and read the summary of the book. If you don’t like the book, return it and try another. You can also ask the library for the books that are most borrowed. The books that are usually borrowed are definitely interesting. The librarian will sure ask you what type of
  7. 7. Do a research in the internet As mentioned above, you can do a research of all the best selling books online. Before you plan to go into the library, you can do some research of all the interesting or good books using internet. There are some websites online wherein you can see all the summary of a book. Try to search for a website wherein the ending of the story or book is not included. If you are curious about a certain book, you can also check it online. You can also see some comments about a certain book, so you can tell if the book is interesting or not.
  8. 8. Try reading books that already become a movie If you also love watching movies, and you know that the movie already has a book. You also read the book of the movie, in that way you will sure know that the book is interesting because you already have an idea about it. Did you know that the movie “twilight” has also a book? There are some readers who like reading the book of a certain movie that watching it. Because sometimes; there are some scene in the book that doesn’t show in the movie. If you want to know all the things that happen in the movie, you should read its book.
  9. 9. Try reading the first two or three page When you are in the library and you don’t bring friends with you and you want to explore other books. All you need to do is stand in front of the shelf and pick a book that you think is interesting. There are some times that you can tell if the book is good by just looking at the title. To make sure that the book is really interesting like its title, you can read the first two or three page of the book. If it doesn’t interest you, you can try again and search for another.
  10. 10. If you already read lots of interesting books in the past, try to look for books that have the same author like the one that you already read. In that way, you will be sure that the book that you choose is interesting. If you are planning to buy a book, I recommend Peter Andrew Sacco because he is a good author and his books are very interesting.