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Books Books Presentation Transcript

  • Do you spend your whole life reading books? If you do, you can be already classified as a books worm. People gain knowledge by means of hearing or seeing things around them. When an individual starts school, they develop their reading skills. When people already know how to read, they also start expanding their knowledge. People gain and expand their knowledge by reading books. Basically, reading books serves as food into a human’s brain. Do you like reading Books or Novels? Did you already read lots and different types of books or novels? Maybe you have an idea where to find books? Most people read books in the library because library has lots of varieties of books. They can borrow or choose the type of book that they like. You can also search the best selling books online to make sure that the book that you will
  • Here are some Types or Genres of Books and Novels that you can CHOOSE
  • Knowledge
  • Studies As I’ve mentioned on the introduction, people gain knowledge by reading books. If you are searching for an answer or if you want to learn about certain subject like about numbers, you definitely choose a book about math. When you enter school, your school definitely provides books for every subject that you have like, Math, English, and Science etc. People can expand their knowledge on a certain subject if they read a lot of books about it.
  • Profession When you start college, you will also be given books to help you on your studies. You will definitely choose your own course like, nursing, engineering etc. Example is book for nursing, you will definitely learn a lot about a human body. Even if you already graduated in college, you will surely still read books about your profession to expand your knowledge. If you graduated on a nursing course, will you read engineering books or other profession books? Of course not, you need to read a book that is related on your course or profession.
  • Health There are also a lot of books that focus on a human’s health, books for fitness, exercise, healthy foods etc. For example, you want to cook a healthy food; you can search in a cook book for the ingredients and the steps on how to make it. Basically, books about health are focus on how to make the human body strong and fit.
  • Biography Biography books contain a story about the life of a certain person, including all the things that a person does in order to solve a certain problem. Most book writers that became successful on their life write their own story and published it. Basically, Biography books are made to motivate people to achieve their dreams. If you are down and you don’t know what to do, you should read biography books especially if you feel like giving up.
  • Entertainment
  • Comedy Novels If you are bored in your life and you are sad, comedy novels can definitely help you with your problem. Comedy Novels contains scenes that are funny and will make a reader laugh. Just like the saying “laughter is the best medicine” People usually read Comedy novels to remove their stress and to forget their problems. Reading comedy novels can also turn you in a good mood.
  • Horror Novels Do you want a novel that is challenging? Maybe this type of novel will suit you well. Horror Novels contains scary scenes or story like, ghost, monster, vampires etc. Most reader loves reading horror novels to test their courage. Most kids have fear on ghost, monsters and vampires that is why they usually hate horror novels. Adults are usually the ones that read horror novels. So, do you have the courage to read horror novels?
  • Fiction Novels If you want a story that has characters that are unreal or unbelievable, you should read fiction novels. One good example of a fiction novel is Fairy tales. Fairy tales are most read by parents to their kids. Fiction novel can improve the imagination skills of a reader or listener. Parents read fairy tales on their kids before they go to sleep and until they fall asleep.
  • Non-Fiction Novels Non-Fiction novels contain scenes that are true. Biography novels are one good example of non-fiction, because they contain stories about a certain person. If you want to know the truth about a certain place or thing, you should History novels. Basically, Non-Fiction novels is the opposite of Fiction Novels, Non-fiction novels contains true stories while Fiction novels contain false or imaginary stories.
  • Mystery Novels Mystery novels also contain challenging stories and will make you think while you are reading. One good example of mystery novels is detective novels. In a detective novel, a detective will search for some clues in order to solve the case and catch the culprit. When you are reading a detective novel, you will definitely feel like you are the detective and you are the one that will solve the case. It is very challenging because you will definitely come up with a conclusion as you read. Great isn’t it? You will test your skills on solving a problem.
  • Drama Novels Drama Novels contains romance or love stories. Most drama novel readers are women. Basically, a Drama novel contains scene or story about two opposite gender or lovers. The trials that come into the lover’s life are also included in the story. Drama novels are made to touch every reader’s hearts or emotions and sometimes it makes the readers cry. Couples or lovers will definitely have a strong relationship if they read drama novels.
  • Usually, the novel or book that a reader chooses depends on their personality. Maybe you already know what type of novel or book you will choose after you see some of the types of books and novels. As I’ve mentioned on the introduction, you can go in a library if you want to read books. You can also ask your friends if they have the type of book or novel that you like. If you are searching for an Author that already wrote good books, I recommend Peter Andrew Sacco. You will definitely enjoy reading his books.
  • Additional Tips • Choose a comfortable place to read, you might want a peaceful place to read. • Bring your snacks if you are planning to spend your whole day reading. • If you are having a hard time choosing a book that will suits your interest, you can ask your friends if they can recommend you some good books. • You can also ask the librarian about all the most borrowed books. • When you are choosing a book in the library, you can read the first two page of the book. If it interests you, then grab it. If not, then look for another.