New Domain Spaces and Your Business


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  • Introduction – David Mitnick Founder of DomainSkate
  • New domain space is important for businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Protecting your revenue and reputation online. Not just for the
  • Before, there were 22 top level domains – the oldies but goodies… biggest expansion of the Internet, ever.
  • If that did not hit home, largest expansion of the internet, ever.
  • Ability to identify clearly via your domain or url to your customers or audience.
  • Focus on connecting to the brand! Exciting ways to connect Marketing Brand Recognition Security Simpler digital footprint
  • Focus on the business of running a registry – selling domains, creating value in the space…
  • .NYC going live this fall, sunrise period (protected period for TM holders to register domains relective of their marks)– heavily touted by the mayor’s office and local officials.
  • First time see the url in different languages -
  • TALK ABOUT Multi-Stakeholder model – want to bring everyone into the fold, not just English speakers, make the web a more “internationalized” place.
  • Every Fortune 500 company opposed the new gtld plan b/c knew it would lead to more problems – and greater costs for brands and trademark holders. It’s about protecting your Name, Revenue, and Reputation
  • Lots of people out there, competitors, scammers, etc… that want to make a buck of your customers, which won’t make them happy Your responsibility to keep do what you can to protect your business.
  • Weworkonline.comFakeoakleys.yearasov.usConfusion, lost revenue, counterfeit sales
  • Phishing is a way of attempting (broadly) to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Spear Phishing is the same as Phishing. The difference is that the attack is targeted towards a specific person or group. Specific and targeted toward the “victim” Whaling is the same thing as Spear Phishing. The difference is that the specific target is high-value, such as company CEOs, CFOs, etc.Could be your customers, not just big business focused ANYMORE – SMBs are getting hit too.
  • In this scenario, a phony version of a legitimate Web site is created, with inaccurate, harmful, libelous, or scandalous information about the company and its employees, plans, products, or services. By the time the imposters are caught and shut down, a great deal of damage already may have been done. Besides creating public relations disasters for the target company, fraudulent mirror sites also have the potential to deflate or increase the value of a company's stock and positively or negatively impact its bottom line in other ways.
  • Is a central repository for the information related to the rights of trademark owners to be stored, authenticated and distributed.When a customer attempts to register a new domain and the domain matches up with a trademark in the TMCH, the customer receives a warning that it may be considered cybersquatting.Gives trademarks that are registered right to register name(s) before go on sale to public – can get domains that are helpful to your business, important to your brand.
  • When a trademark holder files a complaint, the registrar immediately freezes the domain. The “registrant” has 14 days to submit a response. If there is no reply the domain name is suspended. The domain name will not be deleted or transferred to the trademark owner - points to a mandatory URS placeholder pageQuick and dirty way to get rid of a domain
  • Though many journalists and politicians present the new internet (expanded) as the Internet going to hell in a handbasket – it’s not. Yes, it’s going to take more time and resources to police and keep-up, but it does not have to be drag on you or your business.
  • PLAY A LITTLE OFFENSE: If your small business has developed a valuable brand name, make sure you look at the list of new registries, or consult with someone who will do it for you. If your business relates to a niche area that might benefit from a domain in a new registry, it might be worth registering a few to see if those registries pan out and become “go-to” places in the future. Generic terms might lead to traffic, properly used in new registries.
  • PLAY A LITTLE DEFENSE: Your business might be hurt by someone who registers your trademark in a new registry. Identify relevant registries that have domain names that will be cheap to own and hold onto. Further, if you have a registered trademark, you can take advantage of early registry or “Sunrise Registration” periods that will allow you to get in early and protect your mark, via the TMCH. Get familiar with litigation alternatives like the UDRP complaint process that can save you money and time if you have to recover a cybersquatted domain.
  • Dedicated registries could provide ideal platforms for users to conduct trusted searches for areas that are automatically associated with that domain.
  • New Domain Spaces and Your Business

    1. 1. We protect online brand names and domains for small and midsized businesses. “Defender of the Domain” Tweet us: @DomainSkate
    2. 2. Discussion Roadmap 1. New Domains 2. Challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs 3. How to protect your brand online 4. Quick demo of – how we work (COO Howard Greenstein)
    3. 3. QUESTIONS FOR THE GROUP • How many of you work at a business you started? • Is your primary “storefront” or presence online? • Do you have a registered TM for your business? • Have you ever thought about online brand protection? (probably not)
    4. 4. New Domains/Registries • What the heck is a new “domain” or “registry and why should I care?
    5. 5. Your New Business Name In a New Registry? • Xi-fA
    6. 6. New Domains Will Come in Different Categories • Everything to the right of the Dot.
    7. 7. Right of the .DOT Now Open • Brands:
    8. 8. Right of the .DOT Now Open • Generics:
    9. 9. Right of The Dot Now Open • Cities:
    10. 10. • “The launch of the .nyc domain is one of the most anticipated arrivals for the city and the Internet at large. There is no shortage of New Yorkers ready to claim their exclusive .nyc identities online, and this is their chance to reserve their piece of this city’s valuable digital real estate.” Mayor Bill de Blasio(May 5, 2014)
    11. 11. Right of the Dot Now Open • IDN’s:
    12. 12. The right of the .DOT – it’s not for everyone • Application Fee is $185,000 + $2M (liquid) to support registry. Super Expensive! • Have technical ability to run registry • The dawn of “Donuts”: - 307 new domain apps - Raised over $200M
    13. 13. Who is Allowing/Doing This? • The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) • ICANN is charged with administering domain names/numbers onlinevia “multi-stakeholder model”
    14. 14. New gTLD Program Status: • 300 Added Online • 177 Applications Withdrawn • 4 Rejected (Amazon, Patagonia included) • 672 applications still waiting
    15. 15. Not all good news – more space = more problems… not just someone registering
    16. 16. Monitoring Your Name/Brand Is About Protecting Your Business, Because:
    17. 17. Cybersquatting
    18. 18. Phishing and Spear Phishing
    19. 19. Mirror Sites
    20. 20. Ways You Can Protect Yourself: • Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) • Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) • Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) – All are much cheaper than litigation
    21. 21. Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)
    22. 22. Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) • URS deals with CLEAR (i.e. identical) cases of infringement. – Immediate suspension of the domain – first URS case
    23. 23. UDRP – Domain Arbitration • Domain Name Arbitration mechanism – Not new, has been around since 1999 – Thousands of UDRPs have been filed/decided • Effective, focused way to get an infringing domain name, w/out litigation (no damages) – Example:;;
    24. 24. Takeaways For Entrepreneurs: • You can protect our business/revenue without busting your budget and spending thousands of $$$. You don’t need a lawyer for this.
    25. 25. Opportunities Abound! • For start-ups and small businesses looking for good domain names, new choices for domains are a tremendous opportunities: – new connections – new markets – new customers.
    26. 26. Play Some Offense!
    27. 27. Play a Little Defense!
    28. 28. Focus: “Search” is the key! • No way to know how search algorithms may be affected by the onslaught of new registries. • However, search WILL evolve, and may become more niche - search engines w/in registries could be an important way to search in future. .NYC or .CLUB, future of search?
    29. 29. Use code DOMSK8 for 2 months free! For members and friends of