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What's A Creative Tech PT2
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What's A Creative Tech PT2


Updated 2012 Presentation, more detail, new examples... still a WIP...

Updated 2012 Presentation, more detail, new examples... still a WIP...

Published in Technology
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  • 3. THE CREATIVE DEPARTMENT AGENCY Creative Heads Art Copy Design Content Direction WriterFriday, 11 January 13 3
  • 4. CREATIVE DEPARTMENT DIGITAL Creative Heads UX/AI Other Art Copy Design Content Direction WriterFriday, 11 January 13 4
  • 5. PRODUCTION CREATIVE AGENCY Heads Specialist Radio Television Designers Art-workersFriday, 11 January 13 5
  • 6. PRODUCTION DIGITAL Leads Interactive dev Front End Back End Team Team TestingFriday, 11 January 13 6
  • 7. THE FLOW THE AGE OF SILO Client Services Brief Brief Focused on the big campaign Limited Interaction Often receive campaign ideas ideas across, traditional from Traditional and are then channels, desire to do digital tasked with coming up with but often fed to digital (via Traditional Digital executions based on client services) with mixed diminished (leftover) budgets results. & timings. Print TV Radio Sites Banners Emails Development Team consisting of digital specialists little project interaction with traditional counterparts. Studio exclusively concerned with Studio Development pre-digital disciplines. Linear “waterfall” process - Complaints of lack of early stage or client involvement during planing / creative stages of project.Friday, 11 January 13 7
  • 8. THE FLOW THE LINES BETWEEN TRADITIONAL & DIGITAL BEGIN TO BLUR Interaction increases but silo’s (process & mindsets) remain Client Services Continuing to push for Increasingly thinking across new early project integration. touch-points, online video is now a staple as is Social Increased interaction with traditional counterparts Lack of digital production Traditional Brief Digital especially in the areas of social & video. knowledge continues to hinder progression, often results in frustration & missed Interestingly can also be opportunities. prone to limited digital Print Radio TV Outdoor Sites Mobile production knowledge. Banners Emails E-Com Search Social Apps Primary focus switches to higher end digital products Increasingly tasked with digital asset production as well which require higher levels of collaboration across the as remaining traditional disciplines. silo’s. Willingness to improve digital skill sets results in higher Studio Development Developers also increasingly strive for early project integration. Knowledge Share integration, waterfall processes becoming less effective. (often leading to wastage)Friday, 11 January 13 8
  • 9. THE FLOW THE SILOS WILL FALL (MAYBE) Digital will no longer be seen as a Agencies are increasingly moving towards separate function in terms of creativity, a model which looks something like least of all by clients & media Print Sites what’s demonstrated on the left, although distributors. many are still trying to figure out a Ideas process which adapts to the new realities “Digital Expertise will sit at the heart of Radio of the integrated landscape. Specialists Mobile our brand teams and enable us to offer greater creative ideas and solutions” http://www.marketingmag.com.au/blogs/ Brief Client Brief Services the-full-service-agency-is-dead-long-live- Andrea Kilbourne, Digital Director Bauer Media TV Outdoor the-full-service-agency-14668/ Execution “We haven’t got big, old-fashioned ad Budget should also be reorganised out of channel Banners Specialists silos and into new cross-platform teams organised Apps agencies who just do TV ads and have a around consumer segments, with experts on the separate digital silo” relevant media, channels and devices for that particular vertical. David Jones, Havas CEO, talking about Emails Social restructuring Euro RSCG Corinne Munchbach, E-Com Search “Target right audience, tell a relevant story, immersion across screens and measure impact” Product Design Peter Crofut, GoogleFriday, 11 January 13 9
  • 10. THE FLOW IN SHORT Every company needs 3 people types: Hustlers Hipsters Hackers Strategy Compensation Planning Storytelling Production Client Relationship Ideas Builders Business Solutions Makers Design Producers Culturally aware Rei Inamoto: Chief Creative Officer AKQA - Speaking at SXSW / CREATIVE WEEK NYC 2012Friday, 11 January 13 10
  • 11. THE FLOW IN SHORT And they need to mingle & interact as often as possible Hustler Hacker Hipster Completely vertical organisations do not allow creativity to flourish. Rei Inamoto: Chief Creative Officer AKQA - Speaking at SXSW / CREATIVE WEEK NYC 2012Friday, 11 January 13 11
  • 13. THE INDUSTRY SEEMS TO THINK SO Text Text Image Source - BBH Labs “Technology is a creative discipline, the agency is now armed with 50 technologists who are an integral part of the creative process,” Scott Prindle , Executive creative technology director, Crispin Porter + Bogusky SO IS THE TECHNOLOGIST SIMPLY A HIGHLY TECH SAVVY ART-DIRECTOR?Friday, 11 January 13 13
  • 14. MAYBE... IN THE FUTURE THIS MIGHT BE THE CASE. As technology becomes more ingrained into our everyday lives, it’s only right to expect the next generation of advertising practitioners to have more awareness of exciting opportunities that exist within creative applications of technology. BUT WHILST THAT TRANSITION TAKES PLACE...Friday, 11 January 13 14
  • 15. Agencies are placing technologists within their creative teams to order to help bridge the knowledge gap between, traditional & technical disciplines. SO WHAT DOES A CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIST DO?Friday, 11 January 13 15
  • 16. A CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIST THINKS The technologist within the team is someone who Digital understands both the business of advertising, marketing and branding & has a deeper knowledge of Traditional the current technologies available. Art Copy Is briefed to originate ideas to solve communication Idea problems for clients. Client Services Looks at ideas from angles which an AD, CW, might not, making their ideas better / flagging possible challenges. Technologist Speaking in plain english, turning computer language into a language that the clients (& client services) understand. Source : whatisacreativetechnologist.com / what is a creative technologist - www.slideshare.net/sermad1/creative-technologistFriday, 11 January 13 16
  • 17. A CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIST MAKES Write Code and make functional software. Digital Involved in strategic thinking for utilities & Traditional platforms. Art Copy Build prototypes, working demos. Prototype Client Services Enable Agile workflow (if applicable) Manage relationships with client IT if Technologist needed. (events etc). Bring new technologies into the creative process. Source : whatisacreativetechnologist.com / what is a creative technologist - www.slideshare.net/sermad1/creative-technologistFriday, 11 January 13 18
  • 18. A CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIST MAKES THE PHYSICAL DIGITAL http://www.adzag.co/2013/01/08/subaru-minicar-music- http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/sound-bottle-remixing- player-music-to-drive-safely-by/ everything-it-hears/ http://sametomorrow.com/blog/2012/11/15/projecteo- http://www.youtube.com/watch? instagram-projector/ feature=player_embedded&v=Kp9N2MiJK_gFriday, 11 January 13 19
  • 19. A CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIST HELPS MAKE EXPERIENCES http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mof-Dq3hvWs http://vimeo.com/52025659# http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2228326/nokia- https://www.creativereview.co.uk/cr-blog/2012/september/burberry- and-deadmau5-take-over-london-for-lumia-launch mixes-heritage-with-digital-high-tech-in-new-london-storeFriday, 11 January 13 20
  • 20. CONNECTING THE DOTS - WHERE DOES THE ROLE FIT Advising on new routes, possible Art Copy technologies, different new idea routes, Digital pitching demos, prototypes etc. Traditional Idea Technologist Client Working with creatives developers & client services to Flash UX Services maintain collaboration between parties throughout the lifespan of the idea, from a vision perspective. Leads Front End Back End Not afraid to get hands dirty, build code Team Team (to a production level) and test projects TestingFriday, 11 January 13 21
  • 21. A CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIST ENHANCES TRADITIONAL MEDIA http://mashable.com/2012/11/28/ipad-mini-print-ads/ http://www.adzag.co/2011/10/24/the-new-vw-beetle-jumps- off-a-billboard-in-this-cool-augmented-reality-campaign/ http://www.geek.com/articles/mobile/koreas-tesco-reinvents- http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/appsblog/2011/ grocery-shopping-with-qr-code-stores-20110628/ jun/22/shazam-funding-tv-taggingFriday, 11 January 13 22
  • 22. A CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIST TINKERS Milibanned Extension for Google Chrome. Centralizer Extension for Google Chrome Puts the YouTube homepage back into the centre of your browser window.Friday, 11 January 13 23
  • 23. A CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIST EDUCATES & SHARES KNOWLEDGE The role also requires he / she to be a filter on new trends in technology, sharing these with the right people in order to inspire and innovate. Exploring news ways of working and building relationships with stake holders & possible external partners Bringing in talkers, speakers, running workshops, putting new things into plain sellable english. Source : whatisacreativetechnologist.com / what is a creative technologist - www.slideshare.net/sermad1/creative-technologistFriday, 11 January 13 24
  • 24. CONNECTING THE DOTS - THE WIDER PICTURE Art Copy Digital Client Traditional Services PR Experimental Technologist Partners A creative technologists core purpose is to generate new ideas & executions with technology in un-expected ways, this often involves partnering with other areas of business both internally & externally to enhance any creative ideas.Friday, 11 January 13 25