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Digital Book World webcast with Jellybooks on 14th May 2013 about book discovery

Digital Book World webcast with Jellybooks on 14th May 2013 about book discovery

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  • At Jellybooks we focus on discovery and have developed our business model around it. Our goal is to delight users with new book discoveries. In the process we aim to create systems that allow publishers to promote books through targeted promotions without alienating the consumers. Such promotions should be perceived as relevant and appealing by the reader and the intelligent use of data makes this possible. In tackling the problem, we have assumed that there is not one, but many different forms of discovery and we focus on 5 in particular: serendipitous, social, distributed, data-driven and incentivised discovery.
  • Project Cranberry by Jellybooks was launched in March 2012 - almost exactly 1 year ago - with a focus on serendipitous discovery. Project Cranberry is an ongoing attempt by Jellybooks to recreate a fun and entertaining discovery experience online. Its goal is to entertain the avid reader for 2-5 minutes during a break and help them discover some new book and provide samples (first 10%) for later reading.
  • To make it fun and easy we focused entirely on book covers without any text or other elements to distract the user. The navigation elements were kept to an absolute minimum with 1+4 icons in the top navigation bar. The website is responsive, which means the layout and number of covers automatically adjusts to the user’s screen size on smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.
  • If a cover grabs the user’s attention, they can click on it to get 4 options: Sample the book for later (offline) reading on an ereader, smartphone or tablet. Share the sample with other online via Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or email (more than ½ the reader use email). Sign up to be notified when there is a special ½ price deal (bingo – we just identified a price-sensitive customer) Or buy the book now and we link your though to you local Amazon, iTunes or online book shop (ebook or physical).
  • In Summer of 2012, we followed up with Project Blueberry to support social discovery. With this release we created a set of social media tools and optimized them for reader engagement. They are designed to maximize the number of users who download or share a sample after seeing it featured on a social network. Our solution is based on fine-tuning HTML mark-up specific to each network so that we can display cover, title, author and synopsis alongside the link.
  • One such example are Twitter Cards, where cover, author and synoposis are displayed in expanded tweets or when a user replies to a tweet. This effect is based on the use of Twitter Cards. Similar tools exist for other social networks, but the rules differ form one network to the next and our sharing/download links have a set of optimized mark-up for each social network, so that auhtors, piblicist and others don’t have to worry about this.
  • Project Cherry is currently in beta and will launch at the London Bok Fair. It allows author, agents, publishers, reviewer or bloggers to use the Jellybooks sample system to place buttons and widgets on their own homepage, blog or website, so readers can discover books in context and download an ebook sample for later reading. All buttons and widgets make use of the same social mark-up system as normal sample links.
  • The user does not need to visit the website, but can download an ebook sample directly from the author’s, publisher’s or blogger’s website for later reading. All samples are DRM-free, can be freely shared and are supported by “Send to Kindle” (.mobi files), “Send to Readmill” (epUB files) and the Jellybooks “access and download form anywhere” cloud infrastructure.
  • Now to the most interesting part of today’s presentation, which is Project Elderberry. Project Elderberry is a cross-platform effort to collect, store, distribute and analyse data of how readers recommend and share books online. It is being supported by the UK’ Technology Strategy Board and is currently under development.
  • We still tend to think tend of books in the traditional form such as hardback, paperback, mass-market paperback or now ebook, but in so doing we still think of books as “packages”.
  • However, increasingly a book is just a URL for the product page on Amazon, be it a link to an information page about the book, a link to a sample file we can download (i.e. link) or a link to re-download an ebook we have previously purchased (for example on iTunes). In other words books are increasingly represented by an online URL and not the “container” or digital file.
  • Our goal is to understand online influence networks for books so that these can be targeted for promoting books without disrupting the natural flow of communication. Our aim is to target promotions, give-aways or special deals without them being perceived as intrusive or as spam. Publishing is extremely diverse, so targeting is crucial to an effective online discovery and marketing strategy.
  • So here is one of the approaches combing data-driven and incentivised discovery through which Jellybooks generates revenue.
  • Special Deal invites are sent out in the morning in time for breakfast. These are targeted based ona reader’s past online behaviour.
  • Recipients can download a sample for the featured sample and read it on their commute to work.
  • With 1 click, they join the deal (first-time users need to enter credit card details), but their credit card is not yet charged.
  • Users are encouraged to share the deal, because the deal will only be successful, if a minimum number of readers participates. There is 50% discount available, but only for buying as a group.
  • Users can monitor how sign-ups are progressing. When the 100% treshold is reached, the deal goes live and credit cards are charged.
  • New suers can still join “last chance to lock-in savings”), but their credit cards are charged immediately. There is no upper limit on participants, just a lower limit, which is title specific and set by the publisher.
  • Ebooks are sent to the participants once a deal is live and their creditc ard has been charged. Deals generally close before 6 p.m. which allows users to continue reading the book where they left off in the morning.
  • What is the minimum number for deal partcipants is not reached? Share more next time! The discount is the reward for sharing and promoting the deal!
  • And here is the quick summary of what Jellybooks is all about
  • Hanks for listening!
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    • 1. 3Book Discoveryin a digital worldMore books then ever arebeing published, yetnothing goes out of print.We live in a world ofabundance and infinitechoice.How do readers discoveronline what to read next?How do authors andpublishers find theiraudience in a digital world?Credit:Book installation by Alicia Martin
    • 2. Golden Age forBook Reading
    • 3. FiveFive Major Book Discovery PathsMajor Book Discovery PathsFiveFive Major Book Discovery PathsMajor Book Discovery Paths1. Serendipitous DiscoveryProject Cranberry3. Distributed DiscoveryProject Cherry2. Social DiscoveryProject Blueberry4. Data-driven DiscoveryProject Elderberry5. Incentivised DiscoveryProject Pineapple
    • 4. 1. Serendipitous Discovery1. Serendipitous Discoverythe delightthe delightof discoveringof discoveringa really great reada really great readwe weren’t looking forwe weren’t looking for
    • 5. Project CranberrySerendipitous Discoverylive
    • 6. Focus on Covers - images say more than a 1,000 wordsFocus on Covers - images say more than a 1,000 wordsebooks may need no dust jacket, but cover images make exploring easy & funebooks may need no dust jacket, but cover images make exploring easy & fun
    • 7. Entice readers to sample now & read later!Entice readers to sample now & read later!Just the essentials - title, author, cover, summary + 4 simple CTA buttonsJust the essentials - title, author, cover, summary + 4 simple CTA buttons
    • 8. 2.Social Discoveryfriendsfriendsdelightdelightwho know our tasteswho know our tastesrecommend us great readsrecommend us great reads
    • 9. Project BlueberrySocial Discoverylive
    • 10. Increasing engagement - TwitterIncreasing engagement - TwitterExpose more information than 140 charactersExpose more information than 140 charactersTwitter Cards:title, cover, synopsis & samplewith every tweet
    • 11. Open Graph:title, cover, synopsis & sample with every postIncreasing engagement - FacebookIncreasing engagement - FacebookShow the full meta-data set in each post, not just linkShow the full meta-data set in each post, not just link
    • 12. Increasing engagement - PinterestIncreasing engagement - PinterestStimulate users to click the sample linkStimulate users to click the sample linkCustom images:Sample button, title, cover, synopsiswith every book pin
    • 13. 3. Distributed Discoverysee a book?see a book?grab the sample!grab the sample!+ read the first 10% at leisure+ read the first 10% at leisure
    • 14. Project CherryDistributed Discoveryin beta
    • 15. Barbara BoydWidgets for book samplesWidgets for book samplesSo authors, agents, publishers & reviewers can embed on homepage, blog or websiteSo authors, agents, publishers & reviewers can embed on homepage, blog or website
    • 16. 4. Data-Driven Discoveryusing datausing datato help readersto help readerspick what to read nextpick what to read next= powered of personalized discovery= powered of personalized discovery
    • 17. Project ElderberryData-driven Discoverycoming soon
    • 18. We tend to think of books ashardback, paperback, ebook…
    • 19. …but
    • 20. Use Data to Reach an AudienceDeduce from link sharing:•Who is influencing a reader ?•Whom does a reader influence ?•How is this category/genre/subject specific•Where do people discover?•How do they transition from discovery tosampling, purchasing, sharing, quoting,reviewing, praising, flaming…
    • 21. Incentivised Discoveryand sweet dealsand sweet dealsused smart and targetedused smart and targetedpromotionspromotions
    • 22. Project PineappleIncentivised Discoverycoming soon
    • 23. Deal launchesdeal invitessent out at 6 select users only
    • 24. trybefore deciding= no riskSampledownload first 10% of featured titleRead on way to work
    • 25. join dealcredit card is not chargeduntil deal closes deal closes only whenminimum number ofusers join dealwithin 12 hours= group discount
    • 26. share preview + deal0 % 50% 100%discount has to be “earned”by sharing sample + deal with othersmonitor progress
    • 27. deal on:deal threshold reachedpurchased books are sent to personal cloud libraryonce0 % 50% 100% 150%
    • 28. share sweet deal with more friends!0 % 50% 100% 150%no upper limitevery purchase now instantly fulfilledDeadline = 6 on?∞
    • 29. post deal?download ebookscontinue reading on your way hometo Jellybooks or 3rdparty apps
    • 30. Deal expired?share morenext timeMinimum numbernot reachedby 6 p.m.?:(
    • 31. Jellybooks is like a candy store, where you can sample everything forfree, except the samples are ebooks you can download, and if youshare them with friends, you are rewarded with sweet deals, too
    • 32. end.