How to get free publicity for your small business


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  • How to get free publicity for your small business

    1. 1. How to Get FreePublicity for Your SmallBusiness
    2. 2. Richard BransonDonald Trump
    3. 3. • Increased sales• Instant credibility• Helps build interest in your business• Helps ensure people recognize your name• It’s great because it is free or nearly free• Helps establish you and your business as an authority• Helps build traffic to your websiteBenefits ofPublicity
    4. 4. • Position yourself as an expert• Tie your business to current issues• Write articles for trade publications• Comment regularly by writing to the media• Participate at conferences• Blog and write a bookThe Media NeedsYou
    5. 5. • How did you start yourbusiness?• Why did you start yourbusiness?• What makes it special andunique?• What makes it interesting?What’s Your Story?You need an interesting story.
    6. 6. As part of yourmarketing plan,develop apublicitystrategy.…Write it down!Develop a Strategy
    7. 7. • Your news must:– Be new, unusual, sensational– Affect many people and be ofpublic interest• It must make interesting reading,viewing, and/or listening• It must be innovative, creative,beneficial, funny or extraordinaryNews Angle
    8. 8. 1. Do a customer service survey2. Create top 10 lists3. Develop an annual community award4. Piggyback on a great story in the media5. Write a story about some surprising facts about yourindustry6. Write a rags to riches story about yourself7. Sponsor a local community service project8. Disprove a well known myth9. Write a story about being the first10. Do some interesting research and publish the findings10 Ways to Get FreePublicity
    9. 9. • Write “For Immediate Release” orappropriate date on the top of the page• At the top of the release– Include a contact name– Phone & cell number– Email address– Website addressJEAN-PAUL, DELORIA & DELORIA 12345 Main StreetAny City, Province V5H 4H9Phone 123-456-7890Fax 123-456-7890PressReleaseContact: John StephensPhone: 123-456-7890FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE9 AM EDT, September 23, 1998HOW TO CUSTOMIZE THIS PRESS RELEASETO OPTIMIZE THE GRAY SHADING for your printer, click on the textarea, and choose Borders and Shading from the Format menu. Selecta new shade or pattern, and choose OK.TO CUSTOMIZE THIS TEMPLATE:Insert your company information in place of the sample text, andchange the header on page 2 (for multi-page stories).Choose File Save As. Choose Document Template in the Save Fileas Type: box.To create a new document, choose File New to re-open yourcustomized template as a document.TO DELETE A TEXTBOX, click on the border (the handles shouldbecome highlighted), and press Delete.-End-How to Write aPress Release
    10. 10. • Keep it to 1 page or less• Write it like a journalist wouldwrite it• Develop a great shortheadline– Five ways to avoidinvestment mistakes– Four skills everyentrepreneur should have– 10 things you shouldknow before buying ahome– 6 things you should askyour contractor– How to sell your home in30 days guaranteedContinued…
    11. 11. • The 1stparagraph mustsummarize the news story andinclude the who, what, where,when, and why• Thereafter write 3 or 4paragraphs to explain in moredetail• Include quotes from an"expert.“ This could be youHow to Write aPress Release
    12. 12. • Include statistics from a reliable source• Add a picture• Check spelling, dates, and details carefully• Keep it simple, write short sentences and avoid jargonHow to Write aPress Release
    13. 13. • Identify magazines,newspapers, TV, blogs yourcustomers read/watch• Choose media you would liketo get into– Start off with local media• Target journalists that writeabout your industryTarget the Media
    14. 14. • Check newspaper websites for media contacts• Collect names of editors, reporters, and columnists• TV and radio: collect numbers for news desks andprogram directors• Keep your list updatedBuild a Database ofContacts
    15. 15.
    16. 16. • Use the telephone to follow up• Ask if the release has been received and ifthere is any interest in it• Ask if they would like you to clarify anything• Ask if they require or would like to takephotographs• Encourage the reporter to contact you ifthey need anythingFollow Up
    17. 17. • Be well prepared• Have some statistics• Use examples that people can relate to• Set a time when you won’t be disturbed• Keep your answers simple, easy tounderstand, and to the point• Relax and be yourselfFollow Up Interview
    18. 18. • Remember nothing is off the record• Don’t bad mouth your competitors• Reporters are well trained to ask theright questions• Ask the reporter what angle they wantand if they’re writing an article ofinterest to a specific target marketThe Interview
    19. 19. • Develop relationships withpeople• Get back to reporters as soonas possible• Help them out when you can• If they like you they’ll regularlycontact youMake Friends WithThe Media
    20. 20. • Send them a list of questions• Relax and speak slowly andclearly• Ensure you’re in a quiet place• Repeat listeners questions iflive on radioRadio Interviews
    21. 21. • Send them a list ofquestions• Relax and speak slowlyand clearly• Don’t look at the camera• Dress appropriatelyTelevisionInterviews
    22. 22. • Put it on your website• Include a link on your Blog• Share it with clients• Put it in LinkedIn profileOnce You’ve GotPublicity…
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